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sarah @heavenbrat 20 she/her

kindness is the sweetest tenderness 💌 second account @softlilheart ✨ the moons lover

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@nxcolelo he said i dont have basic hygiene and sent tweetis it okay if i romanticize how he looks at me cause my heart is in shambles btw @earringhoarder me too😌“my child is completely fine” your child is 20 and still sleeps with a stuffed animalpretty art stickers by rimzart on IG @diov1s i will KISS YOU @F4THERMARISOL love u so much @celesitial this is too specificthe right people will find u and when they do it’ll feel like sunshine even on the gloomiest daysthe right people and the right things always enter your life when you least expect it. right when you stop searchin…
Retweeted by sarahreminder @thering26 somehow knowing she actually dyed her hair makes it even better @fairienadia ilym🥺gonna miss how coffee tastes when ur aroundhi help pls buy my art I will give you free prints if you buy a sticker or two hello THIS IS a call for help (…
Retweeted by sarah @diov1s HELLO U R THE SUNguess my favorite color
Retweeted by sarah @fairienadia personally i think angels walk amongst ustwitter suspended me a while ago </3 not sure if i'll get it back anytime soon, but i'll be active on here in the m…
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reminder that u are never asking for too much. whether it be platonic or romantic connections, even with ur family… @ughkilluaa I LUV U ur so sweet my entire heart🥺🥺💓🤍✨one thing about me, im gonna write a letter for uif u miss me look at the moon @misslaurapaImer love u more👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩u mean so much to mewhen i was little i used to always b like “i wanna be happy when i grow up” and now everyday i find something to fe… @afabricbeneath this one yep(a poem) (about the unhealthy desire to enmesh with someone in the name of love)
Retweeted by sarah @j666dmaq i love YOUloveys to my heart think its so cool i exist at the same time as my favorite peoplewanna stay with U foreveri still hope life is treating u gently, and i always hope the best for u @theyngeI MY BABY i adore u!!!!🥺💓 @staygoldenangel she really is🥺 @justcaem ily👉🏻👈🏻
2021 hope u know that good things are gonna find u, and ur gonna get where u wanna be, where u are meant to be i promi… @bridgerton ah yes more yearning @theyngeI i love Uuuuu bebee i hope u are too u deserve it🥺🤍💓 @theyngeI HEY BBYbelly dancing alone in my room is very therapeutic no aunties looking at my every movegrowing together is my love languagemy lover flirting w me @rannakisswani its so sad what the hell):larry king hello???why wont my brain forget the embarrassing thing i did a week ago that lit rally lasted 5 seconds pls forget it @justcaem sexymy heart is so full of u @y8smine basically how it goes @planetmari_ worst thing someone can do, ull regret that shitim very proud of myself and how much ive worked on my boundaries, i can still care for those i cared abt and not fe… that ur small accomplishments are just as important as the big ones. especially on ur hard days - be gentle with yourself baby
Retweeted by sarahif u dont think of me when u see the moon then its not real @MindTendencies2 yupdiscuss love languages early in a connection. lay foundation down for how you wish to be loved, but also set the en…
Retweeted by sarah @leom0on i dont deserve YOU😡💓people that hate rats and snakes and spiders and hairless cats need to be eliminated from society
Retweeted by sarah @leom0on thats my bae @essenceofgaiaa @witchymamaa @regina_dzhura @blankaniev3s @rootedwithsoul @breathewchaos @aerialabigail
cant believe i have feelings again but then i can because im a hopeless romantic so theres thathand kisses it for me @Hebahilalaa i love you🥺i love my friends so much i just want them to always be happy and thriving and never have a bad day dudeidk who needs to hear this but ur kindness & soft heart will never be a fault when u have ur boundaries @softlylesbian LUV U SM🥺 @cyberliyah there u go again stealing my heartwhy do i HAVE to exist cant i just be a floating cloud and look pretty @amourr_cherrie i adore you angelI used to think this, but I realized a true sign of growth and maturity is being able to vocalize your feelings in…
Retweeted by sarahthe problem is i want a kiss after the first 3678 @AMAL1EN 🥺 @RazawAhmed <333 (“: @H0PEDIOR ily thank u hehehe @rannakisswani u? an angel!!!! @lopezem_ily THANK YOU🥺 @rannakisswani as u shudto be loved by u @ughkilluaa i love u🥺i use him as my hand and feet warmers @THENADINEHOSAM u r an angel!!! @y8smine do british ppl pronounce it “i run” @THENADINEHOSAM 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @marstheart thank u sm(“: @parisianbunnie stop. this is so sweet plspls @leom0on they like to watchthe answer is yes he is next questiontalking stages r boring are u obsessed with me yes or no @8RUJAA ): @riptuti yes @stacie_rana thats u<3 @funnyvalenttine i love u my luv!!! @redhotmullet ily🥺
i just think girls are so magical its insane @paincakes666 i rly said dat huh👉🏻👈🏻lets waste time together on the moon @softlylesbian thats U🥺