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Skye Alexis✨ @HeavenlySkyes Norman, NE OKC, Downtown OKC

Wife of Superman. Mama to #KalReign. Work @foldedowl. Board @eastendokc. Dance with me @studio7okc. Love God, love people. She/her.

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Added a new skill set to my belt that will be extremely useful for @foldedowl. Stay tuned. hours. That is how long it takes for someone to go through the training to become a cop in Oklahoma. Please tel…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨This.
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @blane185 days away from changing my bio to "retired/former professional dancer and choreographer". Last class Saturday morning 😔. @theshelleyleigh @NuttleNews the hell...did he get out of hell?! Saw it first hand?! What?! LOLLLLLL the original Aladdin when Jafar calls Princess Jasmine "Pussy cat" 🤢🤢🤢 we return to restaurants & shops, I'd feel more comfortable/willing to spend $ there knowing they had used…
@SoleDreams Ohkayyyyy silver fox! Don't hurt'm KanKan! 😂*blink blink* @SoleDreams 😂😂😂 I'll take that. Glad this toddler hasn't aged me. @SoleDreams 30 clubbbbbb 💁🏾‍♀️😇 should local elected leaders be doing to dismantle systems of racism and inequity? #allpoliticsislocal
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @CarrieBlumert Wow, I was prepared to give a list but the allies who've commented already really said it all. The b… @DrRupaMarya @CarrieBlumert to be in my next music video? Shooting tomorrow (Friday 5pm) I’m partnering with Fancy’s Snow cones for thi…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @wuvva @jpokc DECEASED! I love this so much. BFF-ship confirmed. @bloom_benji I feel this way about missing my team and the energy @workflowokc @RedTentFacial I roll my eyes so far back in my head when this happens that I can see last week. Haaaaaaate that with a passion. @wuvva 😂💜 can our friendship bracelets be gold though? Or are we thinking matching tats? @iz_bop16 😂😂😂 girl when we figure it out our kids kids kids kids kids gone be set 💰💰💰I have a few girlfriends who have made lucrative side hustles thanks to their sewing skills during these times. If… level unlocked: Natural Hair Pandemic trim. #JustTheEnds ➰✂️ part.🆘🆘🆘 is. It always has been. It will continue if YOU don’t step up. from ally to accomplice 💯
2020 @HeavenlySkyes I have learned to never expect anything but disappointment from people like that . That way there si…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨Michael Brown Pamela Turner Laquan McDonald Walter Scott Freddie Gray Eric Garner Tamir Rice Sandra Bland Antonio…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @CocoLow17 😂😂😂😂😂 of course she is. lol that woman is busyyyy @CocoLow17 YESSSSSS 😂😂😂 @IdentifyDixie 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @CocoLow17 @bloom_benji @JHF_Center *gasp* I’m going to ask my MIL about this. She’s into everything in Tulsa. I wo… @bloom_benji Locally no 🙁you feel or why those words from family members are wrong, you still hold space for us. Feel the fear and speak up…'d about how my experiences & insights have changed people's views or empowered them to start a conversation at T… comment on your posts or in person about your views. You'd "rather not deal with the drama" bc you've gone too…, but I doubt it. You don't get to be silent about murder. You saw the video. You've seen all the videos. WHERE… I am angry at silence. The same people who constantly praise my son & husband, the same women in relationship… morning, I pray for my 5 brothers and father. Every night I thank God that my family members weren't killed…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @CrownAndJoke They’re really not tho. This administration has pulled back the curtain and shown us exactly who Amer… 3 is now streaming! This was a little heavier than usual - we talked about a being forloughed, cancelling…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨Being black is having a good day and then seeing another black person was killed for no reason. then you have to th…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @WHO_TF_IS_DREW I say this at the start of every summer since like 2014. It's just getting started.
@JessKelsey8 Step one: get you a toddler. That’s it. That’s all you gotta do 😂These are the words I’ve been looking for all day. 💯 @CocoLow17 @grownwomenpod life, amazing bosses, the end of my dance career @ Studio 7 and my legendary (allegedly) got folks pregnant ma… @AditiP07 Hell yeah, Dane!!! @andyokc They’re terrifying when you’re taking the trash out or chillin’ on the porch at night. @andyokc YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING MEOh good, the next plague is right on schedule.
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨I can't even fathom being a black man in America and trying not to be angry and bitter.
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @adocmartin I really hope they needed them. I can't STAND a thief, man. Sorry that happened. @OkiePlease @StephenAnfield SO READY! Even with a 4am (attempted) wake up from the toddler. Let’s do this! - I really just unplugged over the weekend and felt no guilt about it. Who am I?! @KaseyBoes 😂 my homeboy from high school had 3 girls, Summer, Spring and Autumn and they each had little wrist bands they wore all the time.
@bamapope5 @Mer_Bearr I wish I could retweet this. 😂😂😂 @DesiiDear Does it get better?? The first episode was just too much cheese for me @crystalb01 😂😂😂
@kane1981_ninja I’ve never even seen horns that long on an animal 🤯Finally got close on our bike ride. The front says super cracker the back says country boy sh*t. Didn’t spot any te…, nice! The always muddy “Super Cracker” truck with a lift kit and horns so big they have to take them off to par… @kerrymyers_ I’m so glad my child wasn’t born yet because I was most definitely screaming crying and dancing at 1am… @_nichole 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆“Client likes own FB post” 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 @EricaJoy 1. The people in the kitchen with me 2. The smell of someone else’s cooking 3. Praising someone else’s co… @kane1981_ninja So. Bizarre!Had the weirdest shopping experience @ Target earlier. My car side pick up order was delayed (?), which is ok bc I… know we're all home but reminder: MEMORIAL DAY IS A HOLIDAY. Even if we work from home, let us treat it as a day…
Retweeted by Skye Alexis✨ @KaseyBoes I relate to this on a cosmic level. Hope your 🤱🏾 journey is going better than ours did. Hang in there. O… @CrownAndJoke @theshelleyleigh @millardbruce If said person didn’t like them, you could resell them and make at lea… @CrownAndJoke @theshelleyleigh @millardbruce Mills said no sneaker head in this world would turn down the 13s comin… @theshelleyleigh @CrownAndJoke @millardbruce Lol Mills can answer any question you have. What’s the purpose? Style,… @CrownAndJoke I’ve been thinking about this ALL DAY. I had all the ingredients on the counter. Even started the ove…
@DougCarel A “little bit” country?! lol. It was accurate tho. Never heard that before. @stevelackmeyer I simply canNOT. @adocmartin @DougCarel Why did people choose to settle here?! They should have skipped this land. 😩🤧😑Our backyard is turning into a real playground and I’m so okay with that 💚 cotton or something in Norman and the number of bugs is FAR more than normal and it’s miserabl… @_amyblackburn Mills got it for me for Christmas off Amazon and it’s JUST now arriving 🥰Baby Yoda and baby Kal 🥰
Go Ashley! 💥💥💥 @CrownAndJoke Whaaaaat?! I am 😁😬 the laughter of ⁦@AkilahObviously⁩ every day is my morning coffee and her giggles at todays guest is just *… Pinhead and his cronies is something we have to worry about in 2020, TAKE. ME. NOW, LORD! @acfacci I got your back on the Moore/Norman hunt.If Facebooks acquisition of Giphy ruins my Twitter experience imma be soooo mad! @BKCuffie COOKIES?!I’m tall. MIND. IS. BLOWN! If you’re not watching @thegoodfight you’re depriving yourself of brilliant tv. This #trans sw… @maddiegreg_