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Wife of Superman. Mama to #KalReign. Creative @foldedowl & @hootinstitute. Adult hiphop Mon@7p & Hiphop fitness Sat@10a. Love your neighbor. She/her.

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@_ashleysellers It was the delivery man, in the library with the candlestick! Lol while I would love to blame 45, I…✅ On the naughty list ........& Epstein didn’t kill himself.🎄 @shelleridge 😂😂😂😂😂 Much. Value. ⁦@garyvee⁩ 🙌🏾 Tuesday. I miss my Dad. He would have done this for me. To all the many, many millions of brothers out there…
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃 @eizusdoow That’s absolutely how it should be. Like, we match so you know these hims are mine 🥰
@AliciainOKC VERY! We only turned the heat on for like 5 minutes of the commute.Pray without ceasing. Without ceasing. With. Out. Ceasing.😂😂😂😂😂 by these two. this is Kal’s outfit for the day *Superman dresses Kal* *Walks in to our bedroom. Looks at me, now fully dres… it is! “This world is so fragile and cruel I’m glad I got you” album cover designed by @nazariograziano Drop…
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃 @amandaswilliams How much do you want for these?I just posted my review of “Thee chicken Sandwich to end all chicken sandwiches” on IG. Spoiler alert: just finished an hour and 23 minutes of cleaning and organizing by giving Kal three empty shoeboxes a hanger and…
@CrownAndJoke @VictoryFamily_ I love that! Church friends are such a gift. @CrownAndJoke @VictoryFamily_ I feel like I’ve found church for real people. Like really bring your whole self, and… day of serving @VictoryFamily_. I don’t really know how to describe how physically present God’s love is in t… @shelleridge 🤯🤯🤯 @__J3 Is it pronounced “Flourish?” @AditiP07 @ChelsiD7 @rchlwtrs I’m bringing 30 fat stacks to spend ($30) 😂😂😂 @AditiP07 @rchlwtrs Same questionThis lioness is an Enneagram type 9
This one’s for you @AlwaysAmyH 🦒 @sarahterrycobo Soooo kissable @Brianbyrne 😂😂😂 he thinks he’s a dinosaur @suzannehogan Say what?! That’s incredible! I was wondering what he was up to these days. If he’s taking proposals… Google “Boondocks characters” right now, and don’t spoil it for people when you see it. 😂
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃Kal L. Kal L Kalel Kal-El #SuperBaby #KalReign ❤️ #HouseOfL @suzannehogan Those words are so beautiful! Thank you! It’sa tough job. Let me know if you’re ever back in town 🥰
Saturday morning @studio7okc is the best sweatin’, 🍑 shakin’, singin’ session of the week! Who’s coming?! @AlwaysAmyH You said a worddddddd. Straight facts.Accidentally hit send on an email before spell-checking it and the attached docs 100 times so I'll be thinking abou… @AlwaysAmyH Why is this a thing?! @TaylorKetchum @adocmartin @CarneyAndCo Yusssssssss @adocmartin @CarneyAndCo THANK YOU! More important than my mug, I hope you love it. I find it useful in my job ever…'m 24 referrals away from a free mug! ☕️ If you are a marketing and data nerd like me, sign up for The Daily Carna… @adocmartin Like a boss.🎶 Brown Skin Boy You’re our pride and joyyyy The best thing in all the world I’ll never change ya for anybody else… @Kristy_Starling He’s so silly 💕Every single week I google “X weeks sleep regression”. 😫💤 #38weeks #8months #9months @jenkindesign what’s Mika song rn tho?🗣I WASNT TRYNA TALK TO PEOPLE RN This is hate. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard straight up venom. Must have missed this one… @GillianChandler Thank you! He’s so fun 🙏🏾🥰Kal’s new favorite sound to make 😂😂😂 #KalReign Am. Wrecked. 😭😭😭😭😭
@NathanPoppe @geoff_eaton I’m cackling 😂😂😂😂😂. This is exceptional tweeting.😂😂😂 @SwootHQ @ChelsiD7 OMG! LOL i swear swear swearrrrrrr that's never been there before 10 seconds ago. Thank you!Hey friend @SwootHQ! Is there a way to add pods to a queue? I want them to be able to run continuously so I can kee… @_ashleysellers Noted!Finally got so sick of people recommending oils for my allergies I set up an appointment at the allergy clinic. 😂 @abby_osteen I’m with you in prayer 🙏🏾. Sounds like your spirit is really heavy so just want you to know I see you.… @BiteElephants You are absolutely right. didn’t kill himself. Neither did Sandra Bland. @HollyLynJ 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈
@HollyLynJ Up to two weeks probably. By then it’s either handled or no longer relevant.Black people in general have a breadth of pop culture & creative knowledge that when targeted to marketing is unsur… wish I could physically run as much as my nose does. #Allergies 🤧 @CrownAndJoke I need a Pixar animation to come from this.
Whether they act because they feel the fire or see the light, makes no difference to me. Housing-first absolutely w…
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃 @tmfvaughan 💰💰💰 @HollyLynJ I just need to be reminded to go back to it later. @adocmartin come and get yawls president. @ me next time, fam.
The longer I look at this picture, the more my heart swells. Good, good, goooooood day, OK. @MoGXLD @OkAIDSCare The stigma around people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) is so high that people could lose their h… guy went to Twin Peaks and BoBo’s over the weekend with his AK47. Truly disturbing that #okleg made it possibl…
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃 @MoGXLD HIV & AIDS is an epidemic in Oklahoma. Unless you have her consent, sharing private health information is a… I see this I’m gonna scream, grab everyone I know and run, and call the police. @GovStitt is this what you envis…
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃Way to go, Oklahoma. other #HouseOfL finance news, we're appx $750 from not having to buy formula anymore!!!!!!!! of 9:25am our washer and dryer are PAIDDDD OFFFFF!!!!! 9 months in advance. No interest over hurr! @quoth_the_rave What is that trait in men and children?!?! 😂😂😂He doesn’t know how to close the kitchen cabinets. But I want him for a zillion eternities.
The sick boys are SLEEP. 🤯 For the first time in days I’m not taking care of anyone. 🙌🏾 Please Lord heal them so…
@alphoj This made me laugh. Thank you. @alphoj You definitely don’t @eizusdoow Meeee too. He’s happy and playful during the day but at night 😣Black girl magic♥️💜💙🧡💚 Instagram: turquoiseandsalt
Retweeted by 👻The Fab-BOO-lous Skye Alexis🎃Sick cuddle party night #3. Croup is crap. 🤒 knows it’s homecoming wknd!
@_ashleysellers @studio7okc $15 to drop in or we have five and 10 class punchcard passes! @_ashleysellers 😂😂😂 @Danielle__Reed Ohhhh lol...i broke the whole thing. Like the mirror and arm part. There's nothing to pop it into b… @AlwaysAmyH Dodge Avenger. 2012I KNOW you ate too much candy. 😏😂 💪🏾💧Come sweat with me! Hip hop fitness Every Saturday morning at 10am… @theshelleyleigh Hosting Thanksgiving and traveling for Christmas make months 11 and 12 our roughest but amazing. @ChelsiD7 😔 @Danielle__Reed Can you share a link to the one you got? 🙏🏾Budget talk this morning about this being our second most expensive month. Then I go out and promptly shattered the… @CandiceJanowiak I’m definitely a Friday from 10a-2p kinda woman.“I don’t need crib, I sleep right here Dada.” what are you supposed to be? Kid: “oh so you don’t know what a navy seal is???” *grabs handful of candy* Me:… @ChelsiD7 I made that 😝