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Space, the final final final frontier unmastered.wav
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @extinctdaemon Don't forget about martini bar mnml and EDM
@extinctdaemon You ever read the Lucifer comics?
How do kitties sound so dang sad when they ask for something? @itsteensy It feels goodRental assistance is available!
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@wiswaz 73 million trash people.@RudyGiuliani ayy lil drip @buttcliff @drmathys_ Me vs you @drmathys_ Hieroglyphic Being vs Mutant Beat Dance Anti Pop Consortium vs Carnage the Executioner Legowelt vs The…’VE HAD AN AWAKENING Allow me to introduce my crystals. A thread:
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾I just asked this question to @MayorFrey and Chief Arradondo on a zoom forum and they both filibustered and avoided…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @KIAsouleater I'd posit that it's warm enough for retorts. @MultCoSO Please no not a word book!Throw a Thanksgiving dinner for your enemies and don't show up. @retsoor This is actually a good idea to me
@roxiqt Mine are, why else would I have them?Delicious
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @SecPompeo @USEAntiSemitism You can't outlaw boycott you dumb motherfucker but you could look in a mirror to find t…'ve all been there. thinking we were tenderly kissing our small paramour ben shapiro when suddenly, we see him up…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾I hear footsteps on the stairs. thinking quickly, i hurl my tiny lover ben shapiro into a baby carriage where he wr…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @robmstuart You poor fuckin baby @Pork_Chop_Hair @fro_vo One of my greatest joys is drawing out that "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapyyyyyyyyyyyy..." for… have an immense amount of disgust for this man, and this is hilarious.
@CicindelaKat Sometimes I am! @murderxbryan @VocabuLarry Diapers?twitter has ‘stories’ or fleets or whatever now; making me think of that Deleuze line about being forced to express…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @too_much_love Whatever late night network TV it was on also featured Everclear that week @too_much_love I did end up putting this whole show on and it's great. I taped part of this off TV in high school @too_much_love Haha well it's all downhill from there (I do love melancholy tho )It's OK to not do that. !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱It's OK to get high and watch Smashing Pumpkins - Starla live at the Metro Theatre Chicago 1993, if you want to. @ThePatanoiac Ciccon Youth - Into The Groove(y) Nirvana - Lake of Fire Flaming Lips - What A Wonderful World Jimi…
November, 2020
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾I'm ready to stop work now.All of my music is free now.
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾This is still the case, for now. to the 1 person whomst'd bought 1 item in October. I went ahead and donated $100 for us. this what you've all been hoping for? @Sneakyness @Iheartnoise Not yetYou better hope not.I hope this email never finds you. @atomly I once almost went with 'Songs to Eat Out Your Old Lady By’ for a release.You go to any good funerals lately?
Hell no I don't wanna be president but did you see that playlist?The aural equivalent of déjà vu is DÉJÀ ENTENDU—the unnerving feeling that you have heard something before.
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @donni Sorry @amuirin to get cancelled today, here’s my best effort: the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an extraordinary achievement…
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Live now!! Schmertronix 4: Autokinetic video from Shawna Lee today to you!
Fuck golf though.The fabled Death Star @errrlaab @too_much_love No one fam @errrlaab @too_much_love oh shi—I might just be the weirdest person who's inner thoughts I can hear most of.Sorry, meant to include this pic @errrlaab @too_much_love I'm just trying to absorb a little by standing,It was the vegetation.
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @errrlaab @too_much_love I'm just here for the esthetics of the discourse, this is way over my head. Carry on.I'm a(n aging) scrimpt kid but I overscrompt em :( @djgenderfluid Thanks you too @bpmf_us Tbh they could have leaned into it more @2naSalad Even when I was young I dug some Jethro Tull and it feels good to say it out loud @rarrrrrrarrrrrr Sounds like a good show @rarrrrrrarrrrrr I don't fuck with the devil's website but will recommend you Bardo PondThis bathwater is fuckin me up.This is not a joke, no matter how funny it is.I have come to accept that a flute can really take a band to the next level.Cool cool cool Bill and Melinda Gates funding an article trying to use "cultural competence" to set the stage for A…
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@juskewitch I rewatched CoM a couple nights ago, and yep @glorbis I got drunk and started live tweeting my watching of the first Trek movie last night. Fell asleep shortly… City Council just approved a nearly half million dollar increase of the MPD for additional personnel, 7…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @realDonaldTrump What in the fuck did you just say?It's Twitter time @TortugaMinor Happy birthday, and hell yeah.Luke I am your four fingers reverse bb yado @________Disney shit it's double reverse Luke Vader time is stupid but hope.Turn it up.Really upped my bird synthesis game today #chirpchirpmfMy dad just told me that there's more cases because they're doing more testing 😖 And they're going to a wedding tom…
Another case of journalists reporting for corporate interests and voyeurs rather than the city they claim to know.…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾This is unconscionable. These are the people that @MayorFrey and the city council and @GovTimWalz are passing the b…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @XanjaBass Good luck you deserve moreI wanna give y'all snacks.
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾Beautiful thread promised, I've spent some time going through the details of RA's Culture Recovery Fund, and wrote an article det…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾Deutsche Bank, which funded Auschwitz, Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and ISIS, wants you to consider your privilege
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @hell_doe Ya do gotta!"Gotta respect the hustle" has become my mantra when I'm cut off on the highway.I'm also impressed when cats steal people food. Gotta respect the hustle.I will always be impressed by contortionism, even of the headass variety. @peterswimm What is going on here.@ZabMustefa talks to @djRebekah, @DjEmpressNyc and @DJDaveClarke about fighting sexual harassment and assault in t…
Retweeted by h̾e̾c̾k̾a̾d̾e̾c̾i̾m̾a̾l̾ @TheDemix I can only imagine. :/