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Jesus is King. social media editor @theblaze. texas aggie.

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here are some helpful new year life hacks for you: @CalebJHull I mean I will get both but. I love my glock @CalebJHull GLOCKS ARE AMAZING SHUT UP @DaveWeasel also abbott has sucked @DaveWeasel i’ve always been conservative, but won’t say republican because I don’t agree with everything. like i’m anti capital punishment @DaveWeasel lockdowns, taxes? lockdowns number one, abortion is two. then a lot after they @DaveWeasel in the top 3, yes @DaveWeasel yeah but i’d prefer it not be. and I can at least hope the ones I vote for try to stop it @DaveWeasel lol no thank you I can’t kill babies @NuanceBro I literally bought a new gun and six boxes of ammo last weekend. I am not advocating against second amendment rights @ItsAllOhio clearly the abbreviated version @MattsIdeaShop *tap tap tap tap* s @DCVito owners* @DCVito and several of my friends who are small businesses wonders PERSONALLY had to let people go because of this… places this has actually been tried have failed massively. people lose their jobs and small businesses cease to…
@Danny99634068 I was in a bad spot after my divorce bc my ex committed fraud with my credit, so I had no choice at… @KyleKashuv I lived on frickin k and 11th last year and i’d be screwed right now @noahsmom7 driving to dallas now @JoeConchaTV @DLoesch lol no, joe. @DLoesch I wanted to say the best tweet ever twat but I know i’ll offend someone @DLoesch this is the best tweet ever sent @LeonHWolf @CalebJHull we agree there @oneforeachofya toxic masculinity is hot @LeonHWolf @CalebJHull you mean cause I complimented you like one time @CalebJHull @LeonHWolf ok but leon says that about every opinion I have @MatthewBetley lol @BudlightBandit9 @CalebJHull get a hobby bruh @Steel3Y fair enough @BarryHood18 I hate soccer. I love football. i’m ok with a violent sport but don’t understand when there’s nothing else going on. calm down. @RichardKacz boxing is a little different to me @pancakeliberty @CalebJHull well i’m a girl, so the most violent i’ve been thus far was throwing tiny rocks at a gi… @sethweathers YOU DIDNT ANSWER THE QUESTION @CalebJHull wtf howwhy do people like ufc? getting beaten in football is part of the game, but not the point. why is it fun to just wa… reported this as if it was the end of the world and an assassination attempt on Biden all day. What a disa…
Retweeted by Jessica O’Donnell @peekaso oh plenty of people do @peekaso you butt @a_suzette_e I have hip pains from my accident in 2016? so we can at least be in pain together @SomeBitchLKnows :( @ai4liberty don’t you dare @BcootsJ I just refinanced so I went from a 3 year payoff to 1 year. so I will! @pancakeliberty I did, but I worked in advertising where you make no money and was just so poor @NamesTim hahaha I hate you @LowEnergyCal1 we all do. girls do this too @colTom106 they really areI know i’m 32 because I am ridiculously excited about getting my car refinancedI hate to admit the baker mayfield book club commercial makes me laugh @JosephPMatron ((i’m drinking miller lite rn)I think this guy needs a snickers @BudlightBandit9 @CalebJHull dude. you don’t like his politics, so this is your response? you should probably go to… @CalebJHull 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @TbirdTr3y_10 @clnbrns he’s using the logical fallacy “appeal to authority” but I guess an econ major wouldn’t know that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Babe r u a restaurant open during covid ? Cuz you’ve got fine written all over u
Retweeted by Jessica O’Donnellany recommendations for firearm instructors in north houston? @JosephPMatron meh. i’m gonna watch it cause it’s the last football we have, but i’m not super excited like I would be for college @tchandler2 lol I don’t hate y’all. I just don’t like when people say a&m claims bama victories as our own @tchandler2 more like I got to see a team I hate lose and shut up the “sec is overrated” crowdim not ok @JohnFBarefield @JesseKellyDC he has less than 100 followers and I don’t like to pile on those people @Johnny_Joey @ehdomenech @JesseKellyDC it’s not. he’s very serious about this @BillHanage is there a “dudes posting Ls” account? or should we start it with this one?The The 8th headline paragraph
Retweeted by Jessica O’Donnell @Ob1Wan_K3nobi @JesseKellyDC they are 100% seriousI could go on, but surely you get the point know need to be a ~famous economist~ to understand $15 min wage will kill small businesses. just need to not be… guy is begging for a @JesseKellyDC Air Force joke walk into a bar with a vegan, a crossfit instructor, and an anti-vaxxer. Who’s going to talk first? Trick que…
Retweeted by Jessica O’Donnell @redsteeze 😬 @Boomieleaks no it’s realtwitter isn’t sending us their best @NicoleArbour if cnn wasn’t such a joke, it wouldn’t be so believable the aforementioned parody: @neontaster @benshapiro love that man @BarrettSallee @OldTakesExposed I said Aggies deserved more respect many times, and I do believe I was correct on that @yellowredsparks @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson that guy does not need more camera time @NamesTim always @Emass85 @KMays10 @spreadsheeticus @RocinanteX88 oh that’s true. only apartments have them now and they’re huge @neontaster mean and/or scandalous @JDingbah oh ok @TheRealBMinus @beyondreasdoubt lol it’s true @A_hint_of_love @RocinanteX88 yeah that’s just really silly @spreadsheeticus @RocinanteX88 oh most of them have tubs here... just abojt 10% haven’t, but I won’t get it even if I love the restwhy is jessica always the mean girl in movies @A_hint_of_love @RocinanteX88 well unless there’s another dude in there with you @A_hint_of_love @RocinanteX88 yeah they’re dumb. I think insecure dude bros think that but I don’t see how bathing can be gay @RocinanteX88 i’m looking for a house to buy and I will absolutely not buy one without a tub. this rental i’ve been… @beyondreasdoubt this guy is an aggie?!? damnit @redsteeze His account has looked like that for me this whole time. I don’t think anything changedif the price goes up to meet your pay going up, the things you couldn’t afford before will still be unaffordable.… @BriannaWu I think perpetual victimhood exists wherever you go tbf.ESPN’s 2007 ad slogan. My how things have changed.
Retweeted by Jessica O’Donnell @lyndseyfifield this is so beyond sick
this headline sucks