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Travis @HedgesPictures The Darkest Timeline

Writer, Archivist, Actor, Librarian, Podcaster, Runner, Filmmaker, Board Gamer, and Cat Dad trying to make the world better through compassion and art.

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@Tykwinski I want to play it but I’m horribly offended the Phantom of the Opera isn’t in the game. @TableDesNuits Then it’s a great time to watch ANGUS on HBO Max ;-)What a great gif. @purplemonkeyemy Why are you growing ants? Is it because the zoo is closed? favorite movie of all-time, ANGUS, is on HBO Max. Go forth and view. You’re welcome.
Independence Day 2020've been thinking a lot about what makes me so uncomfortable about Hamilton now that did not four years ago when I first saw it.
Retweeted by TravisNEW PODCAST EPISODE ALERT: The documentary Miss Americana claims to show Taylor Swift in a new and unfiltered light… miles on the 4th. This race by @MedalChasers benefits @TeamRWB. Stay safe everyone! #running #4thofJuly
In light of the decision to go forward with an in-person Republican State Convention with over 6,000 attendees in c…
Retweeted by TravisFor years I've been gathering nuggets of writing wisdom and never knew what to do with them. I've spent the last mo… @MK_writes @purplemonkeyemy it time to rethink HAMILTON yet? and Wordplay -Worlds Not Quite Our Own -Romantic Angst -Cinematic Universe Tie-Ins -Bittersweetness -People… new Unsolved Mysteries is worth a watch. Have also confirmed that I hate stories without a resolution.
The ability to seat guests 6+ft apart & follow all health/safety guidelines should have been the deciding factor in…
Retweeted by Travis @purplemonkeyemy *venomous @ess_ell_zee anyone actually enjoy being an adult?
@purplemonkeyemy @purplemonkeyemy @purplemonkeyemy Board games are the cruelest gift to give an only child. Ironic I play so many now. I love ones that have solo variants! @purplemonkeyemy #this far this year I've taken over 550 photos of my cat.
Remember that TV show I'm binging that made me angry? I'm still angry at it. And I've watched a whole other season… @purplemonkeyemy @purplemonkeyemy @cmgeluk Stop I mean it! *likes tweet* @purplemonkeyemy @cmgeluk Jellicles cough and Jellicles spew Jellicles can and Jellicles do. @purplemonkeyemy @cmgeluk Oh well never was there ever a state so clever as magical mississippoleeses... @purplemonkeyemy @cmgeluk Let’s be fair, was the state ever put together? @raymondjlee
A missing piece of voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's legacy has been found, but at what cost? #MovieMonday #indiefilm @purplemonkeyemy @ForeverBren_x @Kel_Hammer Happiness just isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat.
#everymilematters 1.5 @CharityMiles for @GirlUp. Thx @HopeHummus for sponsoring me! #SpreadHope
Some of you have never had to call the Nintendo Power hotline and it shows. @purplemonkeyemy I have sent you two videos in two days how dare you not drop everything and watch them.Sigh. @purplemonkeyemyThis bloody room... #boardgames
IT'S GAME NIGHT! Mik and Starla Fitch from “Our Family Plays Games” shares best board game picks for you to play th…
Retweeted by Travis @purplemonkeyemy
@EmCaroline @CondeNast @bonappetit @EmCaroline @CondeNast @bonappetit What'd they do?Some of you have never gotten the same Happy Meal toy twice and it shows.
"Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn't." I think about this a lot. @stonemaiergames @Carolyn929 I'm thrilled to learn I'm not the only person who thought this. at the page proofs for the chapter of an #archives book @Dan_Linke and I wrote. Hitting SAA store shelves i… @purplemonkeyemy #amreading #blacklivesmatter
art schools won’t let you put fanart in your portfolios then proceed to show you 400 paintings from the jesus fandom
Retweeted by Travis @ehsleeta That’s why fresh eyes are so helpful! @purplemonkeyemy Furthermore, "they eat venomous snakes. She should keep it around if she’s that worried. They are… @purplemonkeyemy Herpetologist friend has confirmed Speckled Kingsnake. And adds that she is "super jealous". the signal for this project... #BlackLivesMatter @purplemonkeyemy Text me the video and I'll send it to my snake expert friend.
@HeartBoardGames in at 7pm central! #boardgames #escaperoom @purplemonkeyemy You just got schooled. @LpcProf I never get tired of the "cat watches" series...Making Dance World Revelations was a lot of fun, and these bloopers show it: #indiefilm #MovieMonday @purplemonkeyemy
New Podcast Episode Alert! BOOK REVIEW: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Travis reviews the first non-fiction sports book he… @purplemonkeyemy I read the first line as “17yo Me” and was very confused. @nkkdntn my 22nd best 5k this morning. This race, brought to you by @whovianrunningclub, raises money for the Sheridan S…
The smallest gestures can mean so much. It ain’t hard to be kind. Humanity.🌎❤️
Retweeted by Travis#morningmiles #everymilematters 2.1 @CharityMiles for @GirlUp. Thx @HopeHummus for sponsoring me! #SpreadHope @DaveWaldron I need one...for the archives...
@KristynJMiller Oooh, difficult.... Bioshock or Legend of Zelda Link to the Past. @ess_ell_zee I love how many levels those pearls work on. It's a necklace. It's a tie. It's fancy. It's fun. It's s… was today years old when I learned that Paul McCartney looked to Jud Fry in OKLAHOMA! for the name used in "Hey J… I sat in a $400 chair designed for gamers. I wanted to say "it's just a chair" but I now find myself sayi… are so beautiful when they are in bloom. The colors are so vivid that they look like fire.
I have long-held the theory that JK Rowling finished the final draft of book 7, had a stroke, came around, added th… @EOTaxProf It’s 3D! @purplemonkeyemy @blssfllybookish I read this as “Lesbians Knitting Cats” and worried I was unaware of an entire sub genre. @emilyhiggs24 I didn't realize the Green Lantern reboot was already happening.My boss described me as "impish" yesterday. I'm ok with it. reaction to discovering that I have, once again, forgotten to take off that second seal on the syrup bottle: @purplemonkeyemy @emilyhiggs24 Which makes you...
I....what....Parody accounts?...the Onion...? Nope. Reality. As if we needed more reason to love Ron Perlman.… @emilyhiggs24 @emilyhiggs24 @WidowHowlApp the She-Ra reboot. So well done. The final episode had me with my hands in the air screaming YESSSSSSS!!! @ryanzhelp @Tykwinski of three awards, DANCE WORLD REVELATIONS is essential summer viewing: #indiefilm #moviemonday @Tykwinski It’s loud enough.Can anyone identify this creature? Been at it for hours. May have to burn the building down. @purplemonkeyemy This has been my experience with the two of you as well.
New mask arrived today. +50% Resistance to Disease. shucks, @ThePlaylist:
Retweeted by Travis @playnyctophobia That whole show is one amazing piece of art.
New episode of the #podcast is up! @allisonchopin joins me for a more-serious-than-it-needs-to-be discussion of 80s… historians talk about 2020, will they begin each lesson with, "Previously, on LOST...."?Imagine trying to explain decorative plates to an alien.