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No joke, but the competing Left Democratic Front of Kerala, India deserve to be part of the conversation. Dredd. Tough but fair. (This is a reworking of a Brian Bolland cover from 1984 that originally featured Reaga…'s a sign of my mental collapse but whenever I hear the word "praxis" all I can think of is that parody of Red Sc… @drvolts @benyt ?? Seth Rich was murdered in 2016.The vast majority of elected Republicans are not going to break with Trump. Which means even if he's not the nomine… Senate is going to be a key battleground for Democrats in the coming years and Adam Jentleson is doing the best…'s a parallel between how these institutions are acting and how the GOP is handling the violent Trumpists: in… smears weren't homophobic because he was singled out for being gay. They were homophobic because the people mak… @maiasz @AdamSerwer A particularly dumb firing. week alone, people were fired from the New York Times, the Niskanen Center, and Fox News for making conservati…
Retweeted by Jeet HeerI wonder if the @NiskanenCenter is thinking about the reputational loss from this stupid move. I'm someone who disa… only elected officials who are going to pay a price for Trump inciting a mob to attack congress are the Republi… is why, by the way, Democrats should have pushed for an impeachment immediately after the attack and pushed GO… @AppropriatingN2 Who was the president when America burned?This has been the pattern since 2015: Trump says or does something terrible (insults vet family, Access Hollywood t… @maxbsawicky You didn't miss much, tbh.I'm also grateful to Larry King for being the straightman that let @dannypudi shine here: watching this, I didn't have any strong feelings about Larry King one way or the other. Now, I mourn my fall… @AlexParkerDC @MichaelMcGough3 I'm surprised it's so low. It often felt like every movie had a King cameo. @t_lacy @bradleyrsimpson @DougHenwood Trust me, you don't want to know!She really nails the "I'm American" after the 2nd or 3rd try. @xpressivculture Sorel-curious? @lionel_trolling The point about a shared hostility towards Antifa & (especially) BLM is the tell. I'd add there is…'s interesting that the two major American champions of Georges Sorel were James Burnham (grand-father of the alt… smart thread (and also recommend the linked to article at the end). @wil_da_beast630 I just think it's a very specialized set of choices. @wil_da_beast630 75% of your categories contain black people. You might want to think about that. @IzzyDew It was a joke! @nataliesurely I've always been struck by that line -- pure ideology.Okay, I'll bite. What's a wristwatch? @naconanix @lionel_trolling Well, the Dems put a lot of faith and power in Mueller. @OnAsiaandMore @lionel_trolling Um, I've been saying this for 4 years. @lionel_trolling I think the mistake the Dems made was to see this only through prism of Russia and not Trump's lar… @sookyinlee There are places in North Etobicoke where you can get 3 samosas for a dollar (or at least there used to be.) @ganeshran Fusion.I've gone there and those are good samosas, although my mom always says if you pay more than a 40 cents a samosa, y…
Not sure how this would work. Q is not really a membership organization, but a cluster of violent & delusional idea… @lionel_trolling Kind of calls your Italiophilia into question. @emilynussbaum @sternbergh I do think that if we have have to have super-hero narratives (big if...) it is better f… everybody! What is it that we say? Personal news? I have personal news.
Retweeted by Jeet HeerA geophysicist? I was told that QAnon didn't include any PMC. @ben_towle I'd say Toth and @xaimeh are up there. @sternbergh I can't say. It's not my cup of tea (and in general MCU isn't my cup of tea). Just speculating based on little I saw. @douglaswolk Is this separate from the Marvel book? @sternbergh Again, a guess, but I suspect it'll turn out to be a failed form of self-therapy.
Retweeted by Jeet Heer @sternbergh My guess is that Wanda has used her magical powers to create an alternative reality where she and her (… is a pass, I guess. @Vinncent I feel like they're doing a good job destroying themselves.Bad news people, Ozymandias has gone QAnon. @AryehCW Wait, Ozymandias has gone Q? @OsitaNwanevu Cold War, I'd argue. @AdamSerwer Equally amazing how the impulse of American democracy towards conformism due to social pressure, someth… he has.
Retweeted by Jeet Heer @JamesSurowiecki Both factors. But there have been some non-lazy fascists (Milo) who have been deplatformed. So it's a powerful tool.Good stuff. @ryanlcooper @maximillian_alv That's the name that turns pathos into comedy gold.A rare chance to see ideology being created by editing in real time. on this anecdote, I feel like Robert Browning would have been an easy victim for a Bart Simpson phone prank. stuff. is something I was wrong about. I thought if Trump was deplatformed he'd find a way to get his message out thr… @xlorentzen The third option is a separate issue, no? @alex_shephard It's usually presented as him disguising himself as his wife. Although, who knows? @alex_shephard He fled the Union army disguised with her shawl.Biden will be quaking in his boots now. both Joe Biden and Josh Hawley citing Augustine, these are dark days for any American Pelagians. @dick_nixon I believe the kids call this "cringe," sir.I was planning to make a joke this week about how Fox will soon be arguing that Biden should be impeached for not d…"I'm not joking you. I never joke people. Joke people and you make enemies. That's what I always say." "You're rig… Right to Work criticizes Biden for firing employees without sufficient cause:
Retweeted by Jeet Heer @michaelbd "I'd tell her, too," said the count. "I'm not joking you. I never joke people. Joke people and you make… a wise centrist committed to preserving civility and norms, I'm ready to sanction the two extremes, both those w… @CoreyRobin @herr_naphta @AliceFromQueens This is a minority position among confederates, most of whom justified su… @MattBruenig @NiskanenCenter There's only one think tank that understands free speech.This sorry episode does illustrate the deep flaw of the entire Niskanen Center project. Fetishizing civility as the…
@atossaaraxia That's true but there are some truths best left unspoken.This is a completely ridiculous move on the part of Niskanen Center. The intent of Wilkinson's tweet was clearly ir… @herr_naphta @AliceFromQueens Nope, all the actual political leaders of the confederacy justified their action by s… @AliceFromQueens So we agree that when people say they believe in the constitution, we shouldn't take them at their… @AliceFromQueens Did the Confederates denounce the Bill of Rights or did they say they were defending the Constitut… out on a limb I'd say people who think Hollywood and the Democratic Party are run by Satan worshipping pedoph… @KerbyTsxventure It's all on tape dude @RonaldR06512437 It's all on tape dude. The whole world saw it.Sure, except for the time he incited a mob that killed a cop. leans heavily on the "P" in "WASP" @lionel_trolling Après moi, le déluge. @SWGoldman I take the point that there is a hard line between people definitely seen as not-white (Blacks, Asians,…"... a new birth of freedom, and that government of the normies, by the normies, for the normies, shall not perish from the earth." @SWGoldman Real estate covenants restricting Jewish ownership was pretty pervasive till post-WWII, along with conco… @attackerman Great news!When there is a full investigation of Jan. 6, this might turn out to be a key part of the story. @michaelbd The KHive is a mysterious force. I wish someone would analyze it.Good stuff. Purge the Trumpists right away. @KerryHowley @jtlevy That's what makes me cautiously optimistic -- that we're in for years of renewed congressional… @reldred79 @lionel_trolling Just as well since the one he composed was bad. "The Gift Outright" was a good substitute.This guy's parents literally hated the America of Eisenhower/JFK/LBJ so much they moved to fascist Spain, which the… @lionel_trolling Definitely the best inaugural poem ever. I mean Frost's was super-cringe. This one was good.The normies have won. @jennyschuessler @Clarkivist There's probably a good piece to be done about the challenges historians are going to…
Sad moment for Sean Wilentz, bittersweet for Arthur Schlesinger Jr.