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@nataliesurely Can a declining empire suffer from psychosomatic symptoms? @JohnDotParsons @lionel_trolling Yes! @zezezebe Um, lots of people are circulating this not as satire but as a real tweet.Didn't this guy wear blackface once?'s a screenshot of a Trump tweet about Giuliani going around. it's fake. Don't circulate! There's enough bad t… @joshtpm Fake tweet is circulating. You didn't miss anything. @ChrisMommsen @mattyglesias Right. It'll be some time before we find out. @mattyglesias I would honestly wait till after the election when we have better information about actual votes befo… @JamesSurowiecki More Evangelicals is the big difference @lionel_trolling You could ask Shakespeare the same question!
@lionel_trolling Fanny and Alexander! Nothing else is even close.John Murray Cuddihy's The Ordeal of Civility is in disrepute right now (because it's been appropriated by some very… @thegarance We're going to need a complete and total shut down of heterosexual men until we figure out what's happening.For the record, my account has been hacked since 2012. I disavow every past and future tweet.The comedy never ends. is the second most embarrassing thing ever to happen to the Daily Mail, a newspaper that was once ardently pro… @AndrewLiptak Has this been delayed because of the movie? Looking forward to it. @michelledean There are things to argue with in Raising Kane but it's filled with brilliant criticism and the react… @RavenOnthill I think that's true but there are many ways the book (and later sequels) invert Campbell. @nathanmwilliams Right but I think anyone who understands Dune will know the ending is tragic and so DM feels ... I… @DMartinCampbell I've already started into Dune Messiah, so maybe? I think Herberts ideas are always interesting bu… @PeteHuntBKK See follow up tweets.I might go back and re-read the Dune sequels, which I don't have fond memories of. But I read those as a teenager w… @beyerstein It's even funnier if you know Jon personally. Trust me.So I re-read Dune thinking I could write something about the new adaptation, which now won't be out for another yea… @evefairbanks @AdamSerwer @abrahamjoseph I think we have a winner.I have mixed feelings about Borat but this Giuliani thing is like manna from heaven. @abrahamjoseph I prefer "person of Jewishness" @notjessewalker Yet the strange thing is that Jacobinghazi, like Bruenighazi, continues to shape political alliance…;dr: Amy Barret isn't really interested in learning the original intent behind the Reconstruction amendments beca… story: Rudy Giuliani is an advisor to Trump on cybersecurity. right As with McCarthyism, it's the mainstream that opened the door to wider conspiracy theories. @FERALROBOTS Yeah, Rubin is underplayed -- and given a fictional romance with an undercover cop.7. Some more thoughts on The Trial of the Chicago 7, which is pretty decent as entertainment but not good history. In real life, Abbie Hoffman did a lot of trolling by attacking his namesake Judge Julius Hoffman. Abbie said the… As I've said before, the most striking thing is the actual court transcripts of Chicgo 7 trial are much, much fu… Having said that, the main way Sorkin deals with 1960s radicals is to sanitize and Sorkinism them. The Yippies c… But it's that tension between Sorkin's politics and the politics of the Chicago 7 defendants (not to mention Bob… Sorkin is the most 1990s sensibility imaginable, a real distillation of a kind of Clintonian politics that ideal… Speaking of Sacha Baron Cohen, I'll confess that I was partly wrong in anticipating the worst from Sorkin's Chic…, reading Geoffrey Wolff's "Duke of Deception" and his brothers "This Boy's Life" back to back is a great readin… @AdamSerwer As far as I can tell, every election since 1972 has had articles arguing "are Jews becoming Republican… @ddayen It's incredible -- Hoffman got in so many funny lines about his namesake, none of which make the movie. @JackRNewhouse It's to the New York Times article where this was quoted from.This exchange between radical pacifist David Dellinger and Judge Julius Hoffman actually happened. It's way more po… @PGourevitch @joshtpm Yeah, Cohen's performance really makes Hoffman sympathetic -- and Hayden comes off as a colde… thing I can't get over is the actual transcripts of the Chicago 7 trial are way wilder and funnier and more poi… @joshtpm @PGourevitch Yes, sadly. Died in 2016. @dbessner I think I've blocked that out. Also some anti-Arab stuff. It was the 1980s. Very racist period -- I was there! @MattZeitlin @dbessner All time travel stories are about the Oedipus Complex. You see this most clearly in Robert Heinlein's wok. @dbessner The movie where a white guy invents rock and roll? @TByrne75 Yeah, I think that's right.This is not the first time DHS has targeted media critical of them on twitter; they brag internally about the traff…
Retweeted by Jeet HeerOne thing that surprised me about the Sorkin Chicago 7 movie is that Abbie Hoffman came across as more sympathetic… @evankindley By any memes necessary.We are so lost. Can’t even get the simple things right.
Retweeted by Jeet Heer @DamonLinker Yes, her piece contradicts itself. That's a problem. Even here "in some instances" indicates a desires… @DamonLinker Lepore: "In the end, the strongest argument against either criminal trials or a truth tribunal, should… final gift from someone who has already given us so much. @DamonLinker And yet you praised Jill Lepore's argument that this stuff shouldn't be investigated by congress, by s… is an argument for Biden. billionaire is a policy failure., guys, if I ever to anything mortifyingly embarrassing that is being mocked far and wide I don't want any cont…
@michelledean Some real opportunities for alliteration here. @MattBruenig @ebruenig Is this about Toobin? @AryehCW This is why he's so admired.Worth remembering what Trump used limited liability companies for in the past. @jpohhhh @gcvollrath New Age is older than thatLiterally true going back more than century. just Comey but nearly every Republican nominee and holdover Obama had was a disaster. Rod Rosenstein, Robert Ga…'s decision to appoint Republican James Comey as FBI director ended up helping to elect Trump and giving the G… @kenklippenstein @ryanpriest Gates wrote an entire book condemning Obama. That's not a good outcome. @notjessewalker The new civil war is getting serious. @shallowbrigade @MKupperman Where did I say "just"?As the old saying goes, "if the bum doesn't fit comfortably, then the fix was in definitely." @kenklippenstein Not just Comey. All of Obama's Republican appointments or holdovers were disasters @MKupperman @shallowbrigade I love to be told that I don't understand the point that is exactly the point I made. @shallowbrigade Not my job. @mattyglesias If the GOP had moderate economic policies they could, like the British Tories, dominate politics. Tha… @MineEchoChamber Right, and there's a division of labor between ordinary people (who can laugh at ridiculousness )… @shallowbrigade Is that what I'm saying? @mattyglesias Dems got lucky that Trump was too lazy to follow through on most of this stuff and outsourced his policies to regular GOP.Laugher in a socially absurd situation can be punishment but it can also be the path to reconciliation: a way of ma…'s kind of amazing to see the overlap between people who are opposed to cancel culture, PC etc and those trying t… is an interesting point -- and perhaps illustrates the principle that in the absence of a system of justice yo… @ScottGenzink There's also mockery of the more powerful when they are shown to be doing something ridiculous. If yo… @Scaachi I wouldn't say this article is the best proof you are a disgusting pervert. @ScottGenzink Mockery can have an element of social sanction but not necessarily so --its often about the shock of… is perhaps the best conspiracy theory of the Trump era. think the main thing with Covid is that it has prevented any of the various anti-Biden smears from circulating ou…'s some conflation between punishment and mockery going on. There's plenty of human behavior which should not… @_benpike_ it's a good litmus test, yes.Last Thursday my old family friend Alastair Brown, documentary filmmaker & bon vivant, was felled by a cancer that… is in fact one of the deepest divides on twitter, which transcends the political divide & is more fundamental.… @gabrielwinant I feel like there should be something on migration/transnationalism @KateAronoff Did you win the lottery?Rudy Giuliani sees himself as a good person to judge other people's parenting. @nhmeems @Vetarnias Kael is an interesting test case for me because I often disagree with her judgements (I mean sh… @nhmeems @Vetarnias Kael was more dismissive of Goodfellas than she should have been but she did catch it's energy and momentum, it's "lift" @Anarchae0logist Yes, a classic.