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@justin_klugh @TheDirtyInning @lizroscher @dj_mosfett We could not ask for more @justin_klugh @TheDirtyInning @lizroscher @dj_mosfett Babeball
Its a very @TheDirtyInning wedding! Congrats to @lizroscher and @dj_mosfett!! (@justin_klugh did the ceremony and m… am sorry that I have failed 29% of my children, that I failed to instill such key values in them and it has led t…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @JC_Esq @corbinasmith 😊 @SeanRMoorhead In bold strategy Fox-Disney films will now “reflect” and even “comment on” the world around them. On… @GaryBuh Be safe Gary, we need you out thereI have been enjoying the dang stinking shit out of these. Jon, espically, really is an all time podcast crank, a tr…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O)))I wrote about how Our Big Guy and his magical melting-plastic brain and how he comes to believe various dumb and un…
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Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @coreygriswold @treblaw holy shit lmao @treblaw @Hegelbon What am I doing with my life.
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @erikhane Vermont too @_vrmachado Haha i thought Sean navigating them was impressive too (and thank you!!) @FinalOverdrive @PissCastle This is the perfect Podcast Compliment @ryanaboyd Aw thanks pal @_vrmachado Thank you! Honestly, I was soooo bummed I hadn’t gotten a chance when I finally sat down with it. Amazing gameTruly feeling catastrophically bad about my output and abilities this week, and see a dm from @PissCastle on flyer… @dignified_n_old Oh wow!! @85mf To me tmac’s standard call is way too sterile anywaythe internet can be amazing at times
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@DVATW Hi David, big fan — long-standing question I have for you. When mother denies us sweets because we have not… @ekeog @aveyclub @jonbernhardt @alex_navarro @caveatnyc @NoCartridge Eke thank you so muchPatch Notes 1.16! A slow news week with me @aveyclub and @jonbernhardt that is DEFINITELY not POLITICAL… @oysterFAKE This looks fantastic!👀
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @extremelysquid BERNIE: Why did I get this weahd postcahd @Worf_Arts @RobbieHBK Lmao @GrahamSig “Did you just say ‘pet’” @BillionaireDad They’re so well considered in many ways, it forces you to fill in the blanks @aardvarkwizard @Mornacale Lmao @Hegelbon Swan Boy’s mom is a dalmatian for this exact reason. Always seemed fucked up to me
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @bransonreese THANK YOU @RobbieHBK Lmao @AndyyyFake Lmao @85mf So far there are no children of inter-species marriages, but the day will come @MichaelBaumann @wooddetective Absolutely correct @Ugarles @PodsidePete Lol @NKVDeezNuts I honestly was emotionally shocked at the end of that comic, and I hate that @Hegelbon we got this question with nitw
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @bombsfall The dreaded angus-mae ship rears it’s head again! @wooddetective @MichaelBaumann Are they different species? This is a real question @PissCastle Mr Ratburn is a trailblazer @NKVDeezNuts That comic haunts me @PodsidePete She loves Dudley Moore! It’s weird, but what can you do @Lubchansky “All those *clutches fist* hot rabbits I go to school with” @mkowzun Extremely good question. Same about cat pets @MichaelBaumann I had this thought too, but not about the generational bit. You’re right, that might be an old thingWatching Arthur with Tilly and thinking again about how none of the animals inter-marry between species, and how th… @JimmyDonofrio Lmao @pal_three Shaming my son, who has become too big for his britches, by showing him my drafts folder @MattGrumbrecht @Ad_Inifinitum That’s correct yes @JohnStolnis “Deep, OH my god” @Ad_Inifinitum Mr. Fluent @deathsocks Who is he...... @alex_navarro Hell yeahThis is TONIGHT, y’all. Come see some good as hell bands at @maxfishbar. $5 at the door. We’re on at 8.
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O)))“I’ll never forget the day Dashboard’s MTV Unplugged came out. Because it was also my 61st birthday.” -My new chara…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @wiseposter @leokitty lmaooooI'm not quite done listening yet, but @Hegelbon talking to the creators of Outer Wilds is good stuff. Also, play Ou…
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@investmntwanker You made the right call @SwitchGlitchmon Lol @aBIGsuit I will thanks! @leafy_romaine Thanks man, I appreciate it @aBIGsuit @FabiusMayland Lol research triangle brain @aBIGsuit You don’t know shit about me, and I’d appreciate the courtesy of not assuming, since I didn’t bother to d… @aBIGsuit That’s general you, not you specific. Really regretting not just sending wolverine_towel dot gif though so thanks! @aBIGsuit Lol crush the dreams. If some dumb fucking tweet keeps you from going to school, that’s not a very deeply held dream @aBIGsuit It’s a shit marketplace to teach and the degree hamstrings you with any other job. So yeah, I spent six y… @aBIGsuit I didn’t pay for the PhD and I do often blame myself, but I’m sure you do know better @ericd_ont Oh don’t be — it was a very noble thing to be and intellectual inquiry is wonderful, but the academy is… @ericd_ont @LLW902 @mosieOFFICIAL @reaghhan Good question! Literature history or philosophy. Also I could probably… @FugaziTruther Hahahah @ericd_ont Oh I’m very sorry for that, I didn’t intend it! You’re certainly not worthless PhD or not @pedrothedagger Thanks! And Yeah I so wish I was able to really commit to them! @pedrothedagger Laughing out loud @pedrothedagger They’re the bonds of competitive gaming: yes the returns are limited, but volatility is low! @pedrothedagger Oh well, I mean obviously I have a lot of eggs in the fortnite basket. But I’m diversifying into mo… @MLRudolph_ @lettucewrangler Lmao @MLRudolph_ *sighing sadly post-hyoid popularity* bruising often takes time to appear after death...but you probably already knew that @jameswheeler 😊 @MLRudolph_ That’s right!!!! @baxbooksdeux Hahahaha sadly no @dark_putout It’s so goodYOU (idiot): which karate kid is this? ME (wise): which three ninjas is this? @jameswheeler Close enough @PissCastle It’s good @2beers2trumpets It kicks so much ass @eatatmilliways I guess it depends on 1) how much it’ll cost you (ideally it will not) and 2) what you’re hoping to do with it @rudehunch @generic01857 Just push through or skip the first six episodes until they figure out they want to do ser… @generic01857 @rudehunch I don’t want to over stress this but the ending of justified is maybe the only perfect ending in all literature @rudehunch Hell yes now I have someone to obsessively talk justified withCharlie Manuel just knows how to coach hitters
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @GrahamSig *trying to figure out if this is an indictment of America or me or both* l...ol @Hegelbon *a year-ish from now when trump starts free-associating like "folks, what is prussia? what happened? wher…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @SpaceFlavours Lmao @manuel_mg Absolutely incredible book for how utterly angry it is @NutriaAtomica Lol my wife has also given in to “probably they killed him” so we’re on a good path*sees that the hyoid bone is part of the discourse today and pats the copy of 2666 I keep beside me at all times* o…