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Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @MsMcGyver lmao @EyeballTheater lol @Peach_bus @ComboBreakerFGC trulySaying goodbye to @ComboBreakerFGC by coming across a verse from The Book of Ragu @Southern_Philly “doh!”
I saw a wife falling off a cliff down at trader Vic’s / and her hair was perfecthot take: stephen king's On Writing, like all instructive texts has a lot of fucking bullshit but as writers we kno…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @Baaarrett @turtledovejones im so glad I faved @dizzyjosh colonel! I’m trying to tell people about the taste of Pepsi, but im too dummy thiccTired: blocking Wired: the crisp refreshing taste of Pepsi
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O)))Whenever pepsiman isn’t on screen, everyone should be asking “where’s pepsiman”Friend of the podcast @turtledovejones playing the most serious fighting game ever’s up now sorry!!!! The damn scheduler conspires against me daily @jonbernhardt @aveyclub Thanks as always to @nocartridge and @thirdsecond! Go sub to the patreon at very special patch notes while Trev is on the road — @jonbernhardt is joined by the inimitable @aveyclub to talk… @casualmonolith @willmenaker that’s what’s so crushing @casualmonolith @willmenaker nooooooooooo @verviticus honestly, I’m there for it haha @HPJoker @HPJoker she is having a crazy week with her cousin but is still her normal happy self overall! Very big, and a great big sister @cool_and_normal oh man, tune into the combobreaker streams they’re incredible @verviticus I really want to; I have it but I hear pathologic 2 is a remake which might be worth picking up instead
@SpeekyC horrible @larscasteen wonderful....... @larscasteen I would @ Culver’s but I worry they would just send a meme @ElBartoArmy I went to grad school with a guy who was in the band before Orchid -- very good guy, so I have an ende… @david_j_roth @jeffpaternostro Weird that you're sleeping on the Jerry Hairston, Jr. episode but you do you @lowlinedrive I'm not big on their burgers, which I understand is sacrilege, but their milkshakes are a destination spot @boring_as_heck *stretching and looking at my wall* now this steelers decal should be extremely high. No, higher than that. @david_j_roth @jeffpaternostro *maron voice* roth who are your guys @jeffpaternostro oh wow, that' least two phillies @ElBartoArmy forgot about city of caterpillar @MurderBryan lmao @Phrozen_ @justin_klugh that’s my question @justin_klugh also look at this funny image I’m too afraid to tweet @justin_klugh welcome to meThis comic is about Moby, if you think about it
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @BurlingtonCzar no it’s the game that is wrong @BadDogCity @PhatLovesYou oh no I’m an otaku @BadDogCity dbz fighterz and unistI’m gonna own myself harder by writing 10,000 words on why this makes me feel so bad despite being openly bad/unpracticed at fighting games @OurPaintstime yaWell I’ve been deeply owned, in fighting games. Check back later for when im owned worse @Hegelbon [Axl Rose voice] i'm the tuba man, baby... YOU'RE GONNA DIE!
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @BrianPickett that’s correct @whothewu lmaoOverheard @ combobreaker as a dude beat his friend at Skullgirls as Big Band: “Motherfucker! Motherfucker! I’m the tuba man — stay down.” @NoCartridge @actually3dots @Wet_Luzinski @dj_mosfett @justin_klugh @Wawa let’s get lubed and tubes
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @mattvbrady Extremely bold of him to do this on bin night @BT6453 that’s right! @SeanRMoorhead @plentyofalcoves but none as wise and kind as you Sean @thomasdkeiser very true @socialistbangrs lmao @FidrychDS trying to unpack, but gotta go @Hegelbon Ed: well it's great to be on the podcast Trev: Thanks for coming on! Me, listening in my basement by my…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @erikhane lmao @turnerwingo lmao that’s mental @philsandthrills oh no
Well sure the Krassensteins were clawing disingenuous climbers ready to cash in, but Ed followed me so it’s impossible to say if they’re bad @andymoney69 meanwhile they’re gone!!!! @andymoney69 lol compete wouldn’t let me write on this @Hegelbon Choose your fighter
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @Goodtweet_man lol @malloy_online @ggooooddddoogg I grant all rights to make my wide self wider @AudacityOfHoops lol undeniably @yarles_p the name coming backLol @curtofranklin lmao it’s so perfect @echos__myron so cold, so sticky @NKVDeezNuts sluuuuurp @Freedom4Quebec lmao @Whandall lmao @leokitty finally my return to form @thenearzone “I’m a crack shot I can take your eye out....well not from here of course”This is me at all times @sexualjumanji you wot m8, YOU WOT M8More than 20 years later and I still haven't related to a fictional character more than this adult man standing by…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O)))Everybody's going nuts for the new meme I invented, Kenmore Washing Machines Call Center Technician Joker
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @MrPaycho @bransonreese awww
@bransonreese i think a lot about how 2000 me would be absolutely horrified by 2019 me @smileyniv that’s right*Hegelbon at the Doctors* "Gee doc, I sure am nervous about these test results!" "Mr Strunk, itsv very serious...…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @Whandall lmao @NoCartridge @BAKKOOONN @Hegelbon source: The Dead Father by Barthelme (1975)
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @ADACTIVITY @NoCartridge @BAKKOOONN :[ @maxximenez lolAlso the podcast would literally be a telethon style “for just pennies a day you can buy me a second of peace”Having a vision of what it would be like to have 4 kids on this trip to my relatives: main difference I’d be tweeting “ahhhhhh” more @CurtisRemarc :( @Hegelbon i'm just hopeful we don't hear excerpts from the audiobook sampled in every fucking car & shoe commercial this year
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O)))Trying to imagine a situation where one believed in moby and feels devastated to find out his memoir sucks @Whooping_Jane lmao a classic @vectorpoem yeah agreedRyan Madson. Geoff Geary. Ken Griffey, Jr. A home run that landed in Fishtown. The latest episode of the…
Retweeted by Jonny SUNN O))) @SameSadEcho seduce area dads with these seventy tricks, you don’t actually need any tricks what are you doing