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Just outside of appropriate. 90 Day Fiancé super nerd. Ratchet tv is my jam. Anti-Trump. LGBTQ ally. Slytherin. American Historian. Animal lover. BLM. GO CUBS!!

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@Discovery why are you trying to kill off only black men on #SharkWeek? Will Smith, Shaq, Snoop, Mike Tyson....and… @SometimesBlond Oh coffee is a good idea! @melanie_msn_rn You are not 55!!!! 😳😱 @gohomejasmin And they are soooo Republican 😞I am effing starving but I don’t wanna eat dinner too early then be hungry later. If I have a snack I won’t be hung… @ProfessorGeorgy @TheTattooedProf I don’t get it? @OrangeRomeda3 You can’t be a ghost while nursing a rockin boner.I Hate paper straws.... Somebody had to say it!
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @boogedown619 I make bomb ass deviled eggs!!ladies, just a reminder that even if you are a shortlist candidate for the second most powerful executive office in…
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @boogedown619 @gohomejasmin Disney world! 🙌🏻 @MoparJade Girl you are gorgeous. Don’t even let this man get to you. He is just mad at himself for getting scammed by a meth addict. @ScottTBradshaw1 @MoparJade @ShampooDouglass Shame on you. What kind of weak ass man body shames a woman after bein…
@ScottTBradshaw1 @MoparJade Everyday? @IWedFred Seriously, looks super good though! season is full of crazy people! #loveafterlockup most romantic dinner Scott has had in many years was cold steak in the airport with the limo driver.… assholes are on Interstare 80 in IOWA complaining about traffic. There is no traffic issues on I-80 😂😂😂… @oucrimsongirl Oh there will be so many pics lol @auntielora1 @oucrimsongirl His hair is a major problem. Lol @oucrimsongirl One of these weekends I’m going to go hunt him down lol. He is literally an hour away. Plus his brother is kinda cute.Tyrice’s son is fine as hell! 😍 #loveafterlockup Gates and Dr. Fauci have a lot of explaining to do... Holy Shit! Q was right!
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @JoeySYM69 What did he say?? @eyeslikebadu @sdwyatt I think she’s too dumb to understand what using her actually means.I know we all know this already but I hope Scott figures out Lindsey is going to scam and use the hell out him.… @nola_creole 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Fox News is onto something here... he is NOT okay
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit LoopsTrump called the explosion in Beirut the result of an attack. He is the only man on earth to make this assessment.…
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit LoopsHow romantic. He seems so sensitive. Their connection has to be so emotional. #loveafterlockup #thickassandtitties
Yaaaaas 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 respect for one of the greatest songs ever made. #philcollins #InTheAirTonight did Shavel’s mom make the words lesson and blessing rhyme? #loveafterlockup @gavinthomas2015 I’m 43 and can’t find a man who won’t lie or cheat. @oucrimsongirl The Duggars @SassyCritic Your jewelry is gorgeous!! @boogedown619 I need an hour to eat and an hour to nap. @selfishlady It’s economic stimulusI’m so ready for some ratchet tv tonight with y’all! Best way to end a long work week is counting my blessings that… is the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act––one of the crowning achievements of our democracy. But once…
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How do people afford to have 10+ kids!? I can hardly afford my cat. #Derricos #tlc is just an awful person. Why would she even agree to take Erika to the doctor if she’s just going to be a gia… @oucrimsongirl This is really sweet, but Jess still sucks though lol.NY AG Letitia James just announced she will make a major national announcement tomorrow at 11:30. Here’s the release
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit LoopsErica’s story is breaking my heart. Her life is so sad. Her sister is horrible and so mean! She has no one and now…
@17HockeyStud Big brother starts tonight!?!? @javerysjourneys Omg 😢😢😢
@oucrimsongirl I still love that show :) @17HockeyStud I put Tim and melyza in there too @oucrimsongirl Ariola!!!! @90DayFiance Hope she didn’t have to fart. @oucrimsongirl I hate that. Super annoying.When Biden announces his running mate we're all going to be united and NOT say one damn thing negative about the pick, right? RIGHT?
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @Ayo48 Agreed. We have steak tartare here in the’s a completely normal thing to eat. @shaybaby105 She is a total enabler!Look at this chonker!! 😍😍😍 #90dayfiance @Tony_Bahama anyone else totally bored by Tim and Melyza? I mean she’s gorgeous but they are rather dull so far. #90dayfiance is it even possible that both of these unicorns exist at the same time on the same planet in the same dimension…
So totally and 103% completely true. @JohnYates327 She’s atrociousI am actually the one who spent hours researching and making this. Glad to have it shared but I would like a bit o…
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @melanie_msn_rn You would love it. The first season is all about Ed keeper. It’s a two season show on Netflix @melanie_msn_rn I love this show!! It is so fascinating. Have you watched mind hunters? @JtaranaJim @Deborah41331 Yes, agreed. He is very disrespectful but they also come at him like a herd of alligators!Ya know, if Libby’s family would just have a pleasant conversation with Andreai, rather than interigate him, they m… dinner with Andreeeeei is going to go off the rails and the Karen Squad hasen’t even landed in Moldova yet!! T… to hear Angela is healthy....I need her crazy ass and beautiful uterus on future seasons! #90dayfiance @TVTrashTalk1 @90DayFiance I’m honestly not too sure about that.Larissa. I think you are clinically MR. You brought all of this on yourself and are now trying to play the victim.… @TVTrashTalk1 @90DayFiance Nope. She is horrible and is getting a tase if her own medicine. @AmandaG74588367 U Next Tuesday. #90DaysFiance I hate you. I hate your tea. I hate your stupid glasses. I hate your stupid hair braids and I hate how you b… dosent Ass-way-lu just drop Kalani and the boys off and go by himself to see his family real quick? It’s not li… @eyeslikebadu hell this little one is a CUTiE!!!! ☺️🥰 #90DayFiance @AmandaG74588367 Here!!!!She's stirring the pot, that's for sure! #90DayFiance
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @90DayTherapy Gelatin and meat is just not okay. I don’t even like fruit in my jello! @90DayTherapy will cut a bitch!! #90DayFiance, Pole’s mom just called her own son a deadbeat. #90DayFiance @ItsJusMarie Exactly! LolDebbie is fucking savage 😂😂😂 #90DayFiance let me get this straight.... Ausuelu is spending $200 on Samoan gifts for his Samoan family... does that seem od…
@17HockeyStud Love that movieI’m so glad my mama is home safe so I can cuddle with her and watch her favorite show, #90DayFiance! I miss her whe… @zivvie Jess - no contest! @Stevessvt Cookie dough looks like he is fighting for his life @eatsandthecity That looks horrifying. Is that bologna strips in the top?? 🤢 @IAmFloridaBorn 43 @sanosbo1 @eyeslikebadu He has the posture of a knuckle dragging ape.I fully expect to see the guillotines come out before the end of the year.
Retweeted by Blessed be the Fruit Loops @Stevessvt looks like an absolute shit show tonight and I cannot wait for every ratchet second of it!! @ssmith10090 @oucrimsongirl @waiting_on_2022 Unless he is HIV positive with failing health there isn’t much that wo… @oucrimsongirl This poor girl. Wow. Glad she is safe and doing what she needs to do to protect herself and her littles.#90DayFiance lol #90DayFiance