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s.j. bagley @heksenhaus the bottom of new england.

.sjb. is an artist, philosopher, and critic what edits the journal THINKING HORROR, the zine SOFT TEETH, and listens to things. they/them. .∅.

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@ponsfordmcquain it just seems really... calculated? (if that makes sense?) @ponsfordmcquain i've got a big stack of the manga but haven't been able to bring myself to read them. @TJBreen i feel weirdly uncomfortable about having known this.(although is sort of funny that this is, like, the third time that thomas has done a fucking thing since getting on the court.) @pauljessup pelosi is going to call trump a name while eating her ice cream and... that's about it. @MightStephen 'has become' @JohnBoden1970 @slimyswampghost @JoshMalerman @ChadLutzke 1) i did not expect it to be so deeply sad. 2) it's shock… @ryanaircraft just a straight up shithole of a country. @JOHNVONDOOM i totally expected to hate this and ended up quite liking it.What stands out about Bolivia's recent victory over last years' far-Right coup is that workers didn't just "riot" (…
Retweeted by s.j. bagleywhat a shit country. @JohnBoden1970 @slimyswampghost @JoshMalerman @ChadLutzke watching it now!
THE OCEAN IS AN ENGINE. @Femme_Fhtagn sadly, i did not.No good cops.
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @ascannerburkely what a country. @slimyswampghost @JohnBoden1970 @JoshMalerman @ChadLutzke 'pumpkinhead' is such a great a brutal examination of cla… @heckadecimal just keep yr mask on. @JohnBoden1970 @JoshMalerman @ChadLutzke somehow, i've never seen that. @donmartinfeet i feel this. @MattMBartlett @paulGtremblay jesus fuck, matthew, that's too far even for me. @nadiabulkin what a shithead. @intelligentwat i really dug it! cute without being precious, great performances, and politically right on. @intelligentwat watched 'vampires vs. the bronx,' snuggled with the cat and dog.
@slimyswampghost is bad. @ethereallad and stanley sargent was gay and knew EXACTLY what that title sounded like (and was one of the many wa… strip number 3
Retweeted by s.j. bagleyfearing left-wing violence more than right-wing violence = being objectively right-wing
Retweeted by s.j. bagley(next album, composed of two short rhythmic pieces and two longer soundscape pieces, will be released on bandcamp… @slimyswampghost it's such a strange and great film and i've always been a little sad that they never made any sequel to it. @heckadecimal huh, @atothe_d jesus fucking christ @demonologian it's honestly incredible. @johnfosterfic i mean, it could be? (he's done that in a few of his works, so far.) i've only watched the first thr… @pietersender what @johnfosterfic eh, 'the haunting of hill house' has been around long enough that i no longer thing spoiler tags are needed. @Elytron_Frass so excited for this to be available, again! @ascannerburkely what noreading about arthropods is honestly one of the best things for my anxiety. @LCvonHessen heyyyyyynew in residence at the high library in the dark wood. @TheNuminous1 such a gobsmackingly beautiful film.
@doctopmary fuck, this is good.hello, it me. @farahrosesmith what movie was it?ugh, the notion of a ghost haunting themself is so good and i'm still annoyed at how badly fl*nagan whiffed it. @jenn_woodall THAT COAT @farahrosesmith i can think of few things as revolting as 'dude looks like a lady.'i've heard aerosmith twice, so far, and i am desperately trying to not let that ruin my day.'na na na na, na na na na na na.' -paul westerberg, 'dyslexic heart.' @MusclesQueen christ, what a bunch of dorks.i miss lincoln chafee and his whole IF YOU VOTE FOR ME, WE'LL MOVE TO THE METRIC SYSTEM! such innocent times.This only makes sense if you’ve whitewashed centuries of American history.
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @donmartinfeet i always draw a complete blank when i see his name. @JonathanRaab1 honestly, one of the things i really liked about it is that they don't really explain much, at all.finally watched 'hell house llc' and was pleasantly surprised. (now i just need to see 'ghostwatch' and 'noroi,' someday before i die.)
@HorrorPaperback @slimyswampghost @deandra_warrick don't tease me. @ryanaircraft el oh fuckin' el. @mysterybouffe lol, fuck 'em. @pietersender the challenger shuttle explosion. @ryanaircraft it's cool that he's a devout christian and is cool with his wife being possessed by demons. @gothqore 'apolitical' is a stance that defaults to the far right. @mysterybouffe oh shit, what happened? @JonathanRaab1 fuck, i need to see that, again. @farahrosesmith union busting shitheels. @ascannerburkely 'oculus?' @Meteornotes (HUGS) @deandra_warrick *one, even! @deandra_warrick hey, i recognise of these! @ascannerburkely you got this. @TJBreen equally heartwarming and heartbreaking. @TJBreen lol. @SSSpittingCobra oh, that's a rabbit hold, for sure. @luccatenjou oof, that's a rough day. (💜 and solidarity!) @mercurialblonde i sort of can't imagine him not stomping off, at this point? @heckadecimal john zorn, followed by jandek, then muslimgauze, then sun ra, then rapoon. @pietersender ah, yes, the whole 'we went into shelters which saved us so we should not do the same, today' argument. classic. @zachhazard what @farahrosesmith morality = 'natural principles' (which... can't exist without either the divine or evo. psych nonse…
landlords are fucking scum. @simonm223 what the shit @womensrites i loved 'revenge' so much. @wickedmilkhotel what a fucking baby. @flightofsand i found it a bad film with some really good performances. @prevnarthewise same. @robop_style 'stunts' is honestly of the greatest horror novels i can think if. delicate, dread filled, and perfectly autumnal. @robop_style i absolutely love grant's prose and i take a pure joy in pulling down one of his books and just reading random passages.Cephalotes clypeatus, one of the most beautiful, and most translucent, of the turtle ants. Paraguay.
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @jtpppg i'm working on an album in tribute to my cat, i made some fantastic tteokbokki, and my headache finally went away. @jtpppg personally, or in general?
ethics are great. morality is an awful idea. wasps are really cool. @donmartinfeet some punk show followed by a sleepover, probably. @getradified what a country. @MusclesQueen like warren simps with the added bonus of being aggressively pro cop.Still stress-photographing leafhoppers. Here's Balclutha rubrostriata, the red-streaked leafhopper, an old world s…
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @johnfosterfic this is nice. @disorganization just looking at this picture is making my heart race (and i do hope that yr birthday gives you a moment or two of peace!) @TJBreen yeah, well, if he was so good at predicting things how come he didn't predict his own MURDER? CHECKMATE, ATHEISTS.