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s.j. bagley @heksenhaus the bottom of new england.

.sjb. is an artist, philosopher, and critic what edits the journal THINKING HORROR, the zine SOFT TEETH, and listens to things. they/them. .∅.

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New ep! We examine the political and libidinal economies of Disney through a discussion of the book Pinochet's regi…
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @getradified for me it was 'the last emperor.' @TJBreen i feel this in my abbot, choking, upon grass like flesh, lingers, a thickening gloom.
@Eerie_Allsorts @simonm223 lol @UndertowPubs @strantzas just watched that, tonight, and quite liked it. @Elytron_Frass i've never actually seen this! @xalexx @urooj_a_khan @impeachjad Republican meets republicans
Retweeted by s.j. bagleyThread that might cause dissonance for centrists who still think they're fighting the far right.
Retweeted by s.j. bagley
@pietersender correct. @thatstarover it's fucking willful madness.none of the ruling class (nor its aspirants) have yr interests at heart and they seek to simply bleed us all dry so…’s always a good time to repeal FOSTA-SESTA
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @_Sheehogue_ they're awful. @ascannerburkely it's also WILD that people don't realise that converge broke up shortly after 'halo in a haystack.' @ascannerburkely this may be the thing you've posted that i can least relate to. @artificialhell_ the internet is good.
Retweeted by s.j. bagleyassimilationist queers seeing centuries of queer art: no! assimilationist queers watching a vast, deeply homophobi…
Retweeted by s.j. bagley(it is kind of nice, though, to not be all JESUS, WHAT DID THAT SHITSTAIN DO NOW? five times a day.) @TheKaufmann honestly one of the most disgusting books i can think of (and it works.)i did not sleep, last night, and now i've got that weird sort of manic exhaustion enerfy and i'm trying to clean an… have one question and it is why are the liberals so graphically horny for politicians
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @MusclesQueen *a cop who put trans women in men's prisons. @PimpMyShoggoth i mean, it's gotten somewhat better over the last few years but, historically, it's been laughably bad. @PimpMyShoggoth i mean, the stokers are generally garbage and yr novel is good?...and it's all so deeply horrifying (and i deeply apologise to @nadiabulkin for not deferring to her expertise to begin with.)...core, a group of well armed people planning exactly that: a coup that they believed they would achieve through a… more comes out about the 1/6 riot, i see how wrong i was, and how right @nadiabulkin was, in regards to my initi… @prevnarthewise oofA gorgeous story about class, the roles women are supposed to take, and the hidden stories that wood remembers - Se…
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @jaymills WOOHOO, AMERICA @hryhoriyy it's wonderful. @doctopmary oh, i've never seen it! @P_M_Anderson naw, they deserve him. @bewildertrix (HUGS) @ctrlaltcassie hope it helps!so many of y'all stepped up to help my cat and here's another animal companion that could use some help. @getradified oh, i've never tried this and i do love a good root beer! @TheSinsOfCinema @RuthLSanderson honestly perfect. @Eerie_Allsorts i keep fantasising about driving to portland to sell some books at the green hand so i sort of feel this. @slimyswampghost ever read michael talbot's 'the bog?'gutted.
Please count this as my only contribution to society.
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @pan_con_chumpe @getradified classic democrats. @ascannerburkely (sad lol.) @SSSpittingCobra now that he's washed his hands of the q shit, he needs some new hateful conspiracy garbage. @magpiekilljoy his second best film (after 'martin.') @SSSpittingCobra oh wow, that shit will sell like hotcakes, down there.My teepublic has a 30% off coupon code going on until end of day Sunday! just enter "ssg30" and the deals (on thes…
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @_Sheehogue_ same. @strantzas what no. @DeathWoundZine oh, that dude was SUCH a piece of shit.bringing this one back today
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @MBeefmaster @owmypancreas @ponsfordmcquain @TJBreen lolPalestine is not celebrating today Venezuela is not celebrating today Iran is not celebrating today Syria is not ce…
Retweeted by s.j. bagleyCan we circle back on this
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @DeathWoundZine this is... wow. @JPBehrens who stole it from nazis.jackson < buchanan < trump.
@TheSinsOfCinema exactly. @slimyswampghost what you need to do is watch that, 'southland tales,' and 'the box' as a trilogy.MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is a shit reactionary politic, no matter which party is saying it. @MBeefmaster accurate. @birthdayletters it fucking enrages me.oats. @gothqore i mean, i always tell people i don't have social media (or a cellphone.) @donmartinfeet space in, like, space.
@NMamatas such innocent times. @TeanWitch @ExaltedFuneral @NecroticGnome @diogo_oldskull a+ creeps. @slimyswampghost the pessimism in 'day of the dead' is absolutely incredible.(also! 400k corpses and most people just sort of shrugging about it is peak fucking america.)if we continue to pretend that trumpism is an aberration and not an inevitability then we'll just end up with a wor…, it must be hard making music this year.
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @ascannerburkely yes. @luccatenjou oof, i can relate to this (i was blocked by a writer, last year, i've known and considered a friend f…'s really simple: if you think that addiction is a moral failing then you are a fucking asshole. @hasturpriestess i honestly had to force myself to read it slowly. @MightStephen it's a remarkable work. @robop_style well worth it (and it was a delight slowly read, to sort of... bathe in.) @pauljessup i remember when he first popped up with the whole bizarro crowd and found 'vacation' to be good and int… a sense of elliptical personal apocalypse that i honestly have difficulty comparing to anything else. w… jeremy c. schipp's 'the atrocities,' the other day, and i can't stop thinking about it. the way he delinea… @TJBreen the whole thing is just so... weird. @TJBreen fuck that dude and his weird hair. @TJBreen 50% plaid dress, 50% baldie with thousand yard stare. @jenn_woodall at night, they are a godsend when i'm doing detail work.Today is Popeye’s birthday so take a moment to consider how great Elzie Crisler Segar was
Retweeted by s.j. bagley @TJBreen i also love that there are a bunch that were... not american. @disorganization i honestly thought that was a young ben affleck when i was scrolling. @NMamatas huh. @slimyswampghost ugh, fucking shitheels. @majin_bourgeois literal lol. @TJBreen so good.
@simonm223 ugh, that shit is garbage (and too common.)