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EU immigrant, slogging in the #NHS since 1992, now caught in the self destruction of what I used to call home. Mansplaining magnet 🦈

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interesting read/theory! (I think agreeing to disagree is something that can be problematic here, often seems when…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit #TeamSprout @Jennife10651535 @FionaPaterson6 It is!! @troovus @ElaineDyson1 @jameshirst91 @0Calamity @WPMTESE @Mxv021 @afclhoratio @LouiseRawAuthor @rose_marie @Jennife10651535 @FionaPaterson6 Off your own back or after having blood test?#SocialistSunday 2 @troovus @ElaineDyson1 @jameshirst91 @0Calamity @WPMTESE @Mxv021 @afclhoratio @LostAtS93990553 @Amicusc54803237 Star fish story @frauE_ausB @ElaineDyson1 @Hawkins2M @heardbarry @HeatherFromCPT @Helen_Eynon @helenmallam @hellsbells229 @Hepworthclare @syhawkes @UniteCommCam You get £200 a month??? How do you pay rent and bills? @agirlcalledlina @cam_sf Balance @JGErzgebirge IdiotIf Starmer had given £600,000 to flood victims across the country instead of mailing out a glossy fanzine, I would…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit #TeamSprout @Socialist_Chris Greta coming to Bristol 💪#SocialistSunday @FrauJodeldiplom @tinymattresses @Wintatron @Ahoberg1Ahoberg @Tpopularfront @irisstylosa @HWarlow Scary @TKMarx Tough. Sticks and stones... @PeteMcCats Ah, that makes sense. Pity you can't have a placement closer to home. Is there no financial support at… @TKMarx Neutralists @PeteMcCats So you are waiting for your registration as paramedic? And/ or working part time? @Steveeejg @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Cool, so acute stuff goes elsewhere? @PeteMcCats That is a raw deal, doing a job you don't enjoy without being paid. No plans to change career? @Steveeejg @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives What services are at the hospital? @TKMarx the point 🤣🤣 @PeteMcCats Cool job. Had a break? @PeteMcCats You are a student nurse? @dianne151052 @BenJolly9 @JamesEFoster I might get chickens @PeteMcCats How can you be made to work unpaid? @Mummydoc1 One of our nurses had "I am a fire cracker". @Elainejenning14 This was ground level. It is tiny fish in a rivulet on the beach a few weeks ago @Jennife10651535 @FionaPaterson6 What is the highest you found? I take.a handful of 2000U gels once in a while @Elainejenning14 North Wales 😁 @Steveeejg @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Wales would be at the forefront of the world. My trust has a b… am going to call them "middlist" now. Don't want to upset people. @Steveeejg @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives So you would expect Wales to generate enough resources to fund… @Steveeejg @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Increase national insurance in Wales only and spend in Wales? @u3akfd7f @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives It does, but there are also objective obstacles. Building and r… @Steveeejg @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives How so? @Lotx 🤣 @ChristoClifford Would they build them if people did not but them? Can you get home Insurance for them? @ChristoClifford @edwardpoole1975 Old people, kidney patients, people with diabetes, obesity.. @scousepie Corbyn destroyed the NHS @woofit79 Were they trying to recruit a GP from the EU? @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives I know that radiologists from Wrexham go to Welshpool. Might be worth ask… 👇 If you are AFD please drink your beer somewhere else. Feel discriminated? Well finally you know how it…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit #TeamSprout @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Just looked, it's Powys. Do you still have scans? @Lynnejb1 @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives How do you envisage cover of thinly populated areas? Brick and… @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Which trust runs Welshpool hospital? @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Wales is geographically very difficult to cover. I don't know what.the solutions are. @the_anke @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Medical desert @hawkins_carole @helen_a15 @KSzaban Of the sweet.potatoes? @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives Welsh pool? @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives I go for appointments to England and am glad that I don't have to travel to the capital @MMaureen01 @marie_kate2 Mine came yesterday. Free to a good home. Unopened @the_anke That would be my worry about returning. I did med school in Rostock and could ask the few people I still… @helen_a15 @KSzaban Sweet potato fries 😋😋😋 @JohnLowe56 @Jennife10651535 People should not amplify that shit @helen_a15 Onwards and upwards! Enjoy! @the_anke Can you farm out jobs to them? @Shazzyrm @ChristoClifford @Conservatives How far from you to Cardiff? @the_anke Ask one of them for.a recommendation? Do you have family and friends locally? @GrondinwhoopFre @Jpofgwynedd Clearly. Like bread @acgrayling Who did you vote for in the GE? @melb4886 Dunno, probably each company makes their own "law". I had saved up a lot and bought a cheap house, so didn't have to max out @melb4886 Wow, I knew I live in a cheap area, but... @melb4886 What is the median house price? @SwearalotFbpe @AndyPeacock999 What was that? @Iromg @novaramedia @AaronBastani Is openly taking sides really worse than pretend impartiality? @MarcusVanHalen Unfortunately not. Grim outside 🌬️💨The army jobs advertisements are quite high on the weird scale morning!
@rawlimark You were not offered an appointment to discuss a biopsy result when cancer was on the cards? @thekowalski1 @Zokko18 @AtticumFloreat na @crowmogh 😍 @crowmogh You are really selling it. Pic of yogini? @CFieldJen Spring chicken @CFieldJen That is young 😁 @CFieldJen I know, but you have a lot to process and I assume you are still quite young. @CFieldJen Maybe not the right one? @CFieldJen Do you have any talking therapy? @drchukovsky hug @FromGreenhills Never knew the name of this @Zokko18 @AtticumFloreat Context? @derek_rocholl @ThinkinUk @faizashaheen Mine arrived today, CBA to open @laureleccles Are you ok? Did your house guest come to stay? @TopBalcBoy @SamWhyte @MattTwoTees Window to be sure @jazi68 @labourleft @ToryFibs 😍Labour has at least 500 active Constituency Labour Parties Each CLP could set up a food bank collection point Eac…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit #TeamSprout @SamWhyte @MattTwoTees That might save you @TopBalcBoy @SamWhyte @MattTwoTees The two of us live decadent lives @SamWhyte @TopBalcBoy @MattTwoTees No @SamWhyte @MattTwoTees Weirdo! This is how you get a weak immune system @SamWhyte @MattTwoTees Why? Swirl with boiling water. Done @ThinkinUk @faizashaheen Incredible waste @SamWhyte @MattTwoTees Plug hole problem is slime tho, not the water coming through @faizashaheen I find the concept of large amounts of money being spent to campaign within labour quite disturbing @Melbouch013 @AdamRamsay East Germans, too 😁 @piratejenny3 @MichaelRosenYes @Joveeand Wow @StevenW69808657 Can't watch HIGNFY now, not for a while actually