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EU immigrant, slogging in the #NHS since 1992. Mansplaining magnet 🦈

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@frauE_ausB 🤣Good morning! @Pauldmears @CwmTafMorgannwg Welcome to the Welsh NHS. Don't forget the patients and HCPs . @TheMooreLab Thanks from another ex student @frauE_ausB poster from 1960
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Any computer boffins? help appreciated
Retweeted by Held der ArbeitThere’s been a shortage of good news about care homes - but this is lovely...
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @SamWhyte @drehklar @Hartplatzhelden i´ll ask for a roll of to quality German stuff in the next parcel. If Mercedes made loo paper...Any one local in @wrexham have access to bonded resin? Thanks in advance x
Retweeted by Held der ArbeitBlue sky thinking
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @SamWhyte @drehklar @Hartplatzhelden Maybe wrong brand of loo paper? @tashLDN @herdyshepherd1 Only just found this 🤣I have finally truly missed a payment to @merseyflow when I had my last cancer follow up scan, so I thought I bette… @drehklar @Hartplatzhelden So this is what white goods are for @SamWhyteDo the splits and I might be impressed @LouiseRawAuthor Shared a king size sunbed with the Donald @Dappercannon @KellConnery I think he wanted to stay for dinner @louanndavies Thanks! @frauE_ausB @BeckyWhin We are all coming!!! @louanndavies Recipe? @betabetic2 We should ask the guy @betabetic2 Phone charges by bed over night as also alarm clock 🤣 @irisstylosa She said very exhausted despite not doing very much, but ok. Right @frauE_ausB ? @irisstylosa 😘 @dianehain He has lost weight! @Whatapityonyou Even if I bake it?There was/is no shielding in Germany AFAIK🤣🤣 is the birthday of Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the anti-fascist Soviet sniper credited with 309 Nazi soldiers kills…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @MikkelsonsMads OMG, why in the middle of the night? @wrexham does anyone know a garage in the Llay area that used to be run by a chap called Graham. He’d be in his 70…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @MikkelsonsMads Somebody drilling in your house? @MikkelsonsMads Why????? @MikkelsonsMads It´s hard to be an extremist @humayunhussain How did you guess? 🤣 @MikkelsonsMads Going to bed at night 🤣I am 1/8th leftie on this. @BeckyWhin @frauE_ausB What do you know about the artist? @snigskitchen @drummergirl1971 @RajarshiRaycha2 @Keir_Starmer please look at this? Would appreciate your input, many thanks.
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @BeckyWhin @frauE_ausB ? @suziegeewizz If you´ve got it flaunt it 🤣 @Wer_ko_der_ko @zoeharcombe We are the restless dead @MsVerstaendnis2 ja, Pröhl hatte ich vergessen 🤣It is very likely that these heart scans were done in people who continued to have problems, not a random sample of… @MsVerstaendnis2 Ich auchExcellent thread from @pookleblinky about how YouTube propaganda videos can influence people, regardless of their p…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @Wer_ko_der_ko @zoeharcombe W are all dead @Christi65022481 If that is the one thing that helps your depression? @Christi65022481 For people to go to their 2nd home? @Christi65022481 Or at their caravan @LettySpoghetti I think the letter did not arrive in time @daisyfurryfool @kevthetiler @ShitChester @DowncastCynic @DowncastCynic Beauty. And drugs @DowncastCynic 😍😍😋 mine are poisonousOnly in Wales would someone knit a hat for a postbox
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @frauE_ausB @MadgeJesss @JohnSimpsonNews Busy man @scousepie Tory stance has now been officially adopted @drphiliplee1 Half an hour 🤣 @MrDavidGP @AliAlbrecht5 I think phone calls better at the moment @betabetic2 Wow 😍 @mellors_karen @rhymingmisfit @Allchanges @simpson_anton @AliAlbrecht5 @TheHarryHaz @melaniekmelvin @MikkelsonsMads @BenjyNtheMonkey As soon as I get a greenhouse 🤣 @betabetic2 Very pretty. Where from? @higgidy I would be really interested in follow up info on how the money got spent @Liz_ORiordan 😍 @crowmogh The leaves a mottled, but it doesn't seem to be too bothered @janbaker97 If they let you in would you go?Progress on the flowers of my green work children @hansmollman @kazzacoey We are @betabetic2 Tiling on top of those? @BenjyNtheMonkey Related to tomatoes13 July 1932 | German Jewish girl Lonny Krotoschiner was born in Berlin. In March 1943 she was deported to…
Retweeted by Held der ArbeitThis is not a Starmer bashing tweet but will someone who supports him please explain to me why he didn't at least c…
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @RosyPosy_kitteh @GeorgiaHCRfm 💪 @AliAlbrecht5 We are sending.appointment letters with short notice at the moment. They might have not seen it @MMaureen01 It was to be expected. No feels.Ballet on water
Retweeted by Held der ArbeitSo first clinic patient today did not attend 🤔 @DrLindaDykes 😍 @frauE_ausB Hugs. I can relate to all that. Hope they will ease you in gently @islam_et_media @Tonz1986 @UmarN91 God wanted mosquitoes @poorscousertom No @mhdksafa All the fake accounts be like "good morning!" 🤣Good morning! chin piercing makes an interesting outline under a stretchy mask @golwgymor @DrSdeGCat has puked on the vet bill. Had not realised that he cares about the money I spend on him 🤣 @JoannaCannon @CathyKirby65 ?Unemployed, but prevented from growing food on empty land.
Retweeted by Held der Arbeit @irisstylosa @SJIFreddyFan82 Happy birthday! @SebastienneL
Hey Twitter, I want your guidance for a good and appropriately priced punch bag/ball primarily for the garden (atm)…
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