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“You never know whose life you could change by sharing an opportunity,” says Hairston the founder and designer of Z…"6 Things you can do to become a better software developer" by @josemaord #DEVcommunity wish recruiters stopped asking "What is your expected salary" My response "I gauge how serious a comp is about hi…
Retweeted by HelenThe worst outcome of creating and sharing your work is that nobody cares but if someone does then you've succeeded.…
Retweeted by Helen your infra team not have enough women? Don’t worry - Amazon‘s got you covered.
Retweeted by Helen @SamueL_WonG_ @ronsoak ^" the early stages of bootstrapping, nothing happens unless YOU do it, so it’s incredibly important to conserv… and BI Are Coming Together, Gartner Says via @datanami"What Do You Find Difficult about SQL and Databases?" by @helenanders26 #DEVcommunity atoms that make up my body aren’t mine, it’s just my time to use them.
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@samjarman Truth! @samjarman Classy establishment right there @samjarman Just assumed you were at Dakotaone hand: always appreciate people posting their comp other hand: deeply annoying that every time it happens, it d…
Retweeted by HelenWine and vines 🥂🍷🚴🏻‍♂️ and wine tour: a wine tour interrupted by exercise, or a bike ride interrupted by drinks?
@jrhunt @deploytoprod You should be able to say ‘One more beer please’ in any language by nowReminder to folks building AWS services: AWS account IDs look like numbers, but they are not! They can start with…
Retweeted by HelenPlease join Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, at 11 am EST for his free webinar "17 Things…
Retweeted by Helen @_abhayshah Two of your favourite things, together at last @shunley42 Just added it to Development Plan form and have crossed my fingers. I'm sure there's budget for it somewhere 🤞🤑🤣How can I get this signed off on my Personal Development Plan? @nickytonline I'd like a badge for my Dev profile pleaseCareer achievement unlocked: recruiter email confusing Java and JavaScript received 🏅
@JoshForde This one? @CHBernasconiC It's Friday morning here. Completely forgot it was Valentines Day until I saw the florists powering… @_abhayshah @natacham26 Over here -> on you I'm already 5'4. Deal."An oldie but goodie.. What’s the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist? a BI Analyst and a Busine… Sims at 20: how a generation of young people grew up playing God to Use Storytelling Conventions to Create Better Visualizations by @dan_gastineau in @DataVizSociety Nation are offering a great opportunity for minority people in the tech industry who work in JavaScript! Apply h…
Retweeted by Helen @firefox I get it, folks want to play with new things. But as I see these things grow in popularity, with so many…
Retweeted by Helen🎊We’ll be live today kicking off Databases Deep Dive Season 2 at the top of the hour! Lots to cover today from our…
Retweeted by HelenCheck out some great posts on SQL, Career, Data Science, Leadership, Visualisation and some fun extras from all cor…
Retweeted by Helen"The Feed Algorithm 🤖" by @piannaf #DEVcommunity @ronsoak We need to share this in the analyst channel :D"Even though Excel is great, there are some areas that make a programming language like Python better for certain t… @OscarBaruffa 😻and using this ... to be right on time to meet up somewhere because there was no way to text/call "hey, I'm going to be a few m… looks like Linux sysadmin IT jobs and their data centre/office shifts just ended. They are going home ;) Hah!
Retweeted by HelenHow to Nail Every Presentation, According to TED's Top Speaking Coach
Retweeted by Helen"Your work lies at the mercy of stakeholders as to whether they want to act on your recommendations. " Why I’m Lea…"The archetype of the modern shooter continues to influence all, a quarter of a century later" How Doom changed PC…🔥 Hot off the press: “Monthly Data News - Issue #6” Check out some great posts on SQL, Career, Data Science, Lead…
@bcnzer "...Our NFT's, though they have no monetary value, are digital assets" Such a pity 🤑I found the DevOps
Retweeted by Helen @jeremy_daly You had me at Bahamas😻 Looks not so tropical where you are today @srhtcn @jeremy_daly Bought to you by ... the city so windy we had this sign made. The turboprop will be great 👍 @jeremy_daly I see your turboprop and raise you a 12-seater Cessna. Welcome to New Zealand."It's not just for engineers and scientists, and this isn't another 'SQL is dead, learn this instead' " "Data Anal… #Azure content to earn Digital Badgers ... I kinda love this 🦡 @maxcell @chrisbiscardi 😻 want!"Why I hate coding challenges in the hiring process" by neoan #DEVcommunity"Before calling in a recruiter and writing a list of requirements, think about what you want from an Analyst. Hopef… @rchrdbyd Are you up against motorbikes? Just walk. Steady pace, don't rush, just let them weave around you and… belong here. In tech. In this space. In this community. ❤️
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A technologist’s serenity prayer: Grant me the wisdom to know the difference between a technology problem and a p…
Retweeted by HelenTech writers in my network: A YouTube subscriber asked if I know of any good sources/platforms to find remote tech…
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Retweeted by Helen @hellomisspotter @samjarman Me too! It was meant to be a PGDip but ended up being a PGCertHey friends, I know you might be tired of me saying this, but I'm still looking for part-time work! Due to my disab…
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This post is a list of things to think about as you put together an onboarding program that allows your new teammat…
Retweeted by HelenHow online communities and #tidytuesday took my R skills to the next level via @scottjdavies01
Retweeted by HelenOnboarding is such an important process when bringing someone new to the team and @helenanders26 touches on really…
Retweeted by HelenHave you had a particularly good onboarding experience? What made you feel supported and ready to tackle your new… to hire your first data analyst? This important role may be seem like a daunting one to hire for - luckily…
Retweeted by HelenDiscuss! { author: @helenanders26 } #DEVCommunity
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@OscarBaruffa Yikes ... is that your 'too read' list that you never quite get to the end of?Tell me your stories ... "What do you have to Google? Every. Single. Time." by @helenanders26 #DEVcommunity
I want to hear from people who love their jobs: What do you do and what makes it awesome? Let's end this week on a positive note 🙌
Retweeted by Helen"What are your favorite portfolio sites for devs?" by @mocasalter #DEVcommunity"Technical debt so bad I quit my job" by @excid3 #DEVcommunity is looking for Senior Data Engineers. If you have friends in Melbourne looking for a change check it out"What to do if my current workplace doesn't allow me to do what I want in my free time?" by @theslothdev"2020 Wellness Theme & Goals // Healthy Life in Tech" by @AmrutaRanade #DEVcommunity @chyn_km They are valued when the person that used to do that thing leaves and doesn't train anyone upNo engineer has ever sued a company because of constructive post-interview feedback. So why don't employers do it?… @SoftwarePragmat That's a fairly restrained response from a DBA to be fair"A visualisation project doesn’t succeed by accident. Behind every one is a developer who has mastered the data, th… @ronsoak Indentation is a thing 🔥I love this SQL style guide. How do you format your queries?"Hair is decade-defining — it’s hard to think of the 1930s without finger waves, the 1960s without beehives, the 19… no matter how much you try, you're not going to be truly happy until you start getting back to what…
Retweeted by Helen"What do you wish you knew about Developer Relations?" by @mary_grace #DEVcommunity
"99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate a virtual traffic jam in Google Maps."…"Whenever I transition to a new opportunity, I think about how to start well. How can I ramp up as effectively as p…"Do you have a million users and a billion transactions? ... It’s easy to assume this stuff is critical to running… quote from my boss I'm getting tattooed on my forehead in reverse so I can read it every time I see myself in the…
Retweeted by Helen @Diabb6 @shunley42 I'd expect them to explain how they would approach the situation. Just because you don't have t… there is a process you run regularly and it’s not documented. Put that at the top of your to-do list @ellochelsea That sounds very therapeutic 😊In the tech world it’s far too easy to blend work with life, and life with work. Learn to disconnect with a hobby.… y'all I would ❤️ your help with something! What's a YouTube channel you both 1️⃣ learn from and 2️⃣ absolutel…
Retweeted by Helen @shunley42 Yikes @StephanieHopeNZ Libraries, computer labs, buses, trains and shops are not places for eating 😡
@monica__roman @shunley42 @BecomingDataSci That’s a good one!