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Helen Bevan @helenbevan Coventry, England

Chief Transformation Officer @HorizonsNHS. Seeking ideas, learning & connections for large scale change in health & care. Regular #HBonmymind tweet. Own views.

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@Alsdorf_JAR @disruptandlearn @corp_rebels Thanks Joann. Twitter is a brilliant platform for sharing & it's easy wh… reflection on why we create "parent-child" relationships in organisations, based on the experience of… many people are stuck in hierarchical "parent-child" relationships at work. Even organisations that are big on s…
"Leaders who don't have time to read are leaders who don't make time to learn". Here's 20 new books that are due to… @dr_shibley Thanks Shibley :)A great learning opportunity for local teams of 3-6 people. Tuesday at 3pm, there's a free virtual session on "how to reverse government hierarchies". It's free to anyone w…
Board rounds are such a powerful way of making sure that people stay in hospital only as long as they need to & get… out what the @horizonsnhs team have been up to in Tweets of the Week, which is a curation of our best tweets f… thinking is that people who procrastinate have a time management problem. Emerging thinking is that procras… shows there's often a big gap between how much managers appreciate their team members (a lot) & how apprec… @redflag3rd Hi Eunice. Yes I recognise that as well. Every time I go out with an ambulance crew I am in awe of what… @SECAmbEm That's a lovely message Emma. You are a shining light for change. Helen :)
Chuffed to see tonight’s #OurNHSPeople tweetchat trending on Twitter Much respect to everyone who has taken part .…
Retweeted by Helen BevanUntil 2 years ago, I had little connection with ambulance services. Then I started work on #ProjectA, the ambulance… @liznyawade1 @horizonsnhs Hi Elizabeth. To switch the question back to you: do you think that education is enough?… @liznyawade1 @AntonyTiernan @Prerana_Issar @KhadirMeer @horizonsnhs Welcome Elizabeth. It's never too late :)A4: Every NHS organisation has to stand behind their people & show that racism, sexism & homophobia won't be tolera… tweetchat: we are now on question 3: What does your ambulance service do to support staff wellbeing?… the best part of my job is working with lots of people who lead change, seeing them grow, seeing them confident… Helen Bevan. I work with the @HorizonsNHS team. It's great to join this tweetchat on how to improve… the next 60 minutes I'm taking part in a tweetchat on how we improve the culture of safety & support for our am…
@lizsargeant Oh Liz, this made me smile! Helen :)People want to be treated like people. They don’t want to be treated like workers or employees or human resources o…
Researchers identified four kinds of mindset that enable leaders to perform their roles more effectively: growth ra…'s a list of 150 positive values from @jurgenappelo. Useful when thinking about our own values and/or those of…
In @horizonsnhs we're testing methods to "scale down" (redesign services to be personalised/individualised) & "scal…, we're moving to "the network effect", a new paradigm where value gets created/distributed outside traditi…
@HelenRay_CEO @davemorgan_NEAS @ADRoberts777 @ihbaines @__DanR__ @JTR_WAST @SashaJohnston_ @JaquiLindridge @BullardTracey Great to hang out with you and your fellow #NorfolkWaveneyLeaders Tracey. Helen :) @NicholasPryke @emmawakelin Great to meet you and fellow participants Nicholas. Helen :) @EEAST_THicks @emmawakelin Great to meet you Terry. Helen :)Side conversations about substantive issues are the sign of a sick organisation. They happen when people feel their… @GaynorBussell @LollyDaskal Hi Gaynor. The black cat is @RolfatWarwick, the Warwick University campus cat and…
Find out what the @horizonsnhs team has been doing lately in 'Tweets of the Week', which is a curation of our best… Finance UK @socfinuk has just published "Making change happen", how to enable change at scale, based on the… who feel cared for at work are more engaged & effective. Proven ways to show you care: be accepting, interes…
The MIT Sloan Management Review @mitsmr asked its contributing experts to identify the areas where leaders & organi… will like this @HughMcCaughey @LynneWinstanley @fechter_k. What a sensible way to describe a quality management… latest edition of the Horizons newsletter has been published! This edition includes: 💡Updates on the #S4CA. 💡…
Retweeted by Helen BevanRun this 7 minute #NHSAssembly podcast in your next team meeting or huddle. Listen to @prerana_issar's experience a…
Retweeted by Helen BevanI'm contributing to a day run by the New Local Government Network on 12th March on unleashing community power. Unbe…
If we want the kind of breakthrough, creative thinking that leads to world-changing ideas, we have to develop prese… Japanese concept of Ikigai is a formula for purpose, happiness & meaning in life. @tnvora has posted a review o… you a senior black, Asian or minority ethnic leader working in the NHS or providing NHS-funded services? The…
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @CQ_Net @karas01 @ihbaines @ZoeLord1 @KathrynPerera @BevMatthewsRN @SamRobertsNHS @Graymattrs @liz_mears Hi @CQ_Net
@trishgreenhalgh 80% of my work's done virtually now using various platforms inc Zoom, Microsoft Teams & WebEx. My…
How to create a culture of innovation, based on evidence: 1) foster organisational warmth; 2) tolerate high levels… I posted a new @HarvardBiz piece on why it's important to pronounce colleagues' names correctly in an inc… are too busy, overwhelmed & need more time. However, new technology/transformed processes may not be the panacea…
@zoerichardsuk @NHSEngland @horizonsnhs @AQuA_NHS @ERPwend @RoyLilley @BrianwDolan Thanks Zoe. I'm enjoying the way… new study shows that more optimistic people tend to have a longer lifespan: “optimism may be an important psychos…
Dale Carnegie says that a person's name is the sweetest sound to them. Pronouncing someone's name correctly is part… out what the @horizonsnhs team has been up to in Tweets of the Week, which is a curation of our best tweets fr… Who would like to take part in a #twitter #transformationbookclub ? Where we share books, articles, res…
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @louisebrady17 @doctorcaldwell @JAMA_current @KateSlater2 @NikkiKF @BevMatthewsRN @DrDamara1 @jasonleitch @PaulJocelyn Hi Paul. You are absolutely right. The focus of this session will be on learning systems. We don't ch… we think about roles needed to support improvement in the future, the balance is shifting from programme manag…
Improving (clinical) team functioning in healthcare: a newly published systematic review of interventions. Principl… a limited period of time, @JAMA_current has removed the paywall to its excellent article on the practices that…
@charlie_psych @OnyeAjuju @JAMA_current Hi Charlie. I just tweeted the full article and the video. BW Helen :) @want_to_know @helenbevan @pauline_mh1 Here's a link to the video: cc: @DonnaZulman @StanfordMed
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @pauline_mh1 @helenbevan Here's a link to the full text, free for a limited time:
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @pauline_mh1 @JAMA_current Hi Pauline. I've sent you a direct messageNew article in @Jama_current: 5 practices to enhance clinician presence & meaningful connection with patients: 1) p…
@joannemohammed2 @BevMatthewsRN @martina_davies @Sch4Change @LouWaters_QI @DaniG4_ @lockley_leeanne @KathEvans2 @BloggersNurse @WeCYPnurses @CYPStNN @CYPNurseLeaders @CYPNAUK So inspiring Kath :) @okpedrodelgado @thisisnewpower @henrytimms Hi Pedro. This comes from @tnvora who is one of India's greatest social… all the people who tweet about knowledge, my favourites are probably @nancymdixon @DavidGurteen @hjarche &… @WHO @LordNigelCrisp @NursingNow2020 @ICNurses Announcement: To support the @WHO Year of the Nurse & Midwife, The L…
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @don_esson You're quick this evening Don! Best wishes Helen :)#HBonmymind Dec 7: Some great advice: Too often when we listen to other people, we're not really listening but work…
Most of our understanding of complexity is intellectual/theoretical (certainly a lot of the complexity discussions… @zoerichardsuk @NHSEngland @stratandbiz @BevMatthewsRN @LynneWinstanley @LeighAKendall @KathrynPerera @ZoeLord1 @LynneWinstanley So sorry to hear this Lynne. I can hear your frustration in your tweet. Take time to rest and get… @DanJHayes @NHSEngland @stratandbiz @BevMatthewsRN @LynneWinstanley @LeighAKendall @KathrynPerera @ZoeLord1 @cpicker_cp @Arbinger The challenge with mindsets is that you can't change them like you can a process. People have… @cpicker_cp @Arbinger Hi Caroline. You can only do what you currently have the power to do: start with yourself. Ch…'s a variety of techniques facilitators can use to get people to connect with each other & break down barriers… can learn as much from social movements as we can from traditional management approaches for change in complex o… Jan 5: A framework I'm using often at present is one from @arbinger which differentiates between an inw… @emmachallans @Arbinger Great point Emma :) @SonyaWallbank @LynneWinstanley @HarvardBiz @michaelw1237 @Emily_JR_Lawson Great responses Lynne and Sonya :) @ejohnhunt Thanks John. That's a great compliment. Helen :)2020: Year of The Nurse and Midwife - my blog featuring tweets by @WHO @NHSEngland @KensingtonRoyal @EmilyGoss23
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The post-holiday"funk" (feel sluggish & demotivated coming back to work after Christmas) is real. Here's two strate… majority [of meetings] could be conducted electronically without anybody needing to fly anywhere. We have to ch…
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Tweets of the Week is a curation of the @horizonsnhs team's best recent tweets. Here's the first edition for 2020:…'s worth checking out the 100+ @Wharton leadership Nano Tools which are "fast, effective leadership tools that yo… @doctorcaldwell @stephen_t_webb @pdbyrne @JohnLauner @AndrewElder @StephenMakin @wussydoc @j59dd @PresidentRCPE @doctorcaldwell @physiotutorium You have. It's just a different kind of power and you have to take it in a different way :) @SuzanneWarbyLee @gsqia @andreadgibbons Even applying for an award makes a team feel special and gets them to focus… @KathleenWinter Go for it, Kathleen! Helen :)
For colleagues in the NHS & wider care system: being shortlisted or even winning a national award is a wonderful bo… team at @GreaterGoodSC (Berkeley) identified the most provocative and influential findings from the science of… your 2020 resolution to build your facilitation skills or enable collaboration? Visit this brilliant site offeri… @Andi_Roberts And I would like to nominate this excellent toolkit from @theQCommunity as number 33! @Andi_Roberts I love your generous approach to sharing Andi, and the quality of your content. I will retweet this a…
Why can't a single person change the consciousness of an organisation, resulting in large scale cultural change? Wh… @YvonneOrmston @RolfatWarwick @horizonsnhs And you help me, Yvonne. People like me play our part as change agents,…