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Helen Bevan @helenbevan Coventry, England

Chief Transformation Officer @HorizonsNHS. Seeking ideas, inspiration, learning & connections for large scale change in health & care. All views are my own.

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Last week, I posted a Powerpoint slide I made of the REACH model for "coaching with compassion". The brilliant… @davegre @MarcusRashford Thanks David :)
If there's one thing we are learning from leadership roles & behaviours during #Covid19, it's the importance of the… @ElaineLawther That's lovely Elaine and very appropriate that we think about family, hard work, values and emotiona…'s lots of thinking going on about the kind of world we want as we emerge from the #Covid19 pandemic. The peop… mum, Beryl Bevan was a NHS Domestic Assistant for 30 years. This is my 30th year working for the NHS as well. I'…
Addressing the conundrum of Microsoft Teams: MS Teams is enabling remote work through virtual meetings & informatio…'s some important learning coming from the Upstream Collaborative established by @CollaborateCIC & @nesta_uk #covid19 response has seen many new & novel forms of teams & teaming. A recent article from @AmyCEdmondson & co…
Many health & care organisations have quality improvement (QI) teams that address quality issues. But what is the m…'Tweets of the Week' is a curation of the team's best tweets from the past 7 days. You can read the latest issue… @joanneclaudia @HorizonsNHS @Mersey_Care @AmyCEdmondson Hi Jo. We've been talking about it in our Horizons team mee…'s theory of "Jobs To Be Done" is big in other sectors but has huge potential in health & care. #JTBD is… Weds 8 July, virtual meeting for those who support the wellbeing of #OurNHSPeople & those in partner organisat… ❤️#justwearit. ❤️🌏
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@AnthonyLongbone @Rachel_A_ @WeStudentNurse @CheyneStn @HorizonsNHS @Sch4Change You are a joy to work with Tony. Helen :) @WarringtonICP You were brilliant. Please will you be my case study again?There are huge benefits to be had from working as and within a network(s) rather than within silos & hierarchies. T…
Retweeted by Helen BevanThese are tough times & it's easy as leaders to jump into advice-giving or instruction mode. This new book "Helping… @ParaConor Congratulations Conor. Helen :) @ParaMahdiyah Congratulations Mahdiyah. Helen:)
@Rachel_A_ @WeStudentNurse @CheyneStn Why thank you Rachel! HelenJune Holley @juneholley otherwise known as Network Weaver produces some really useful materials on system change &… @NGHRLovesy Hi Rachel. My life is so much easier compared to yours. I admire you so much :) @hayleylever @HarvardBiz Thanks Hayley :) @Melanie_E_Rees @HarvardBiz Thanks melanie. That's such a great reply :)
After 3+ months of virtual home working, I struggle, like so many others, as I feel constantly "wired". It's so har…
I learnt a new term today: "behavioural productivist": defined as someone who applies principles of energy, focus &…"The problem with the term “the new normal” is that it has the word “normal” in it." Amy Edmondson @AmyCEdmondson
I've popped back into #ICGRxLive virtual summit. It's still going strong after 7 hours. It's organised by a group o… @KellieOc Why thank you Kellie :) @ElianaAmani @icgrx Great to hear from you too Aisha :) @marinadpol You are spot on Marina :)I've been speaking today at the #ICGRxlive summit. It's taken the "Ground Rounds" method of clinical learning & mad… slide deck from the talk I gave this morning at the wonderful #ICGRxlive virtual forum on how we move forward t… may be endemic not just pandemic (ie, never goes away) so we must prepare for virtual working for the long… 11am (UK time) today I'm speaking at #ICGRxLive a virtual global summit for people who work in health & care, pa…
@CoopElaine Hi Elaine. I don't know you & I just saw your photos randomly on Twitter. I wanted to say what beautifu… an era of #Covid19 where our worlds have been turned upside down, we might crave certainty & the things it bring…
'Tweets of the Week' is a curation of the @HorizonsNHS team's best tweets from the past 7 days. Read the latest i…'re having to learn quickly as we shift from face to face learning sessions & conferences to virtual. Some princi… your team thinking about how you want things to change (or stay changed) beyond the initial #Covid19 response? S… to see the launch of the Health & Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network on #NHSVirtualPride Day 🏳️‍🌈 are still at an early stage in understanding the power & potential of social media as part of the mix in organis…
What is the role of psychological safety in enabling teams, organisations & networks to embrace diversity & inclusi… ways that we can encourage others to adopt safe behaviours (like wearing masks) during the #Covid19 pandemic,… do we support the wellbeing of LGBTQI+ colleagues during/beyond #Covid19? There's a brilliant session planned f…
@SaraDonetto Hi Sara. People think that high income/ so called "developed" countries are more sophisticated and hav… innovation is the process in which high income countries "borrow" innovations from lower income countries.… @TabisW @lizmuseums Thanks Tabitha. That's a lovely complement. Helen:)
Here's my social influence data via @gmacscotland. We are moving towards a future where every leader needs to do so… @Mathew94379832 @DrAmarShah @NHS_ELFT @karas01 @LynneWinstanley @goranhenriks @okpedrodelgado @mountfordjames
@PennyPereira1 Well said Penny :)One of the best aspects of the quality improvement movement is the generosity of sharing. Here are some outstanding… improvement & patient safety science has a big role in the next phase of #covid19 response as we seek to de… the next stage of #Covid19 response plays out, so many things are changing in our lives & in our work & may not… @WhoseShoes @AnnaGeyer_NP @NewPossibilitie @FWmaternity @jessiecunnett @helenh49 @AnnRemmers @BenashNaz
I appreciate the leadership that my colleagues @zarahmowhabuth & @KathrynPerera are demonstrating in this piece. We… the past, most articles we read about introverts vs extroverts at work were about the problems introverts faced…
'Tweets of the Week' is a curation of the @HorizonsNHS team's best tweets from the past 7 days. You can read the l…
@amandajoyoates Hi Amanda. I'm SO happy to see the resources we created in @horizonsNHS being used like this. I'm a big fan of your work :)For anyone in health and care with an interest in improvement, joining @theQcommunity is a must. It's about being p… 2015 there were 14,000 responses from frontline NHS staff to the crowdsourcing project my team did with… Portrait Gallery #Covid19 photo competition "#Holdstill: a portrait of our nation in 2020" ends 6pm today.…
I'm part of the weekly virtual meeting of the wellbeing support community for #OurNHSPeople. 250+ people taking par… @lizsargeant @WeAreCoCreative @karas01 @emmachallans @christinejoy1 @HelenBullers @SonyaWallbank @thirgreen
Retweeted by Helen BevanJust been reading this piece from Twitter friends in Denmark about how to make home working sustainably tolerable.… have been 23,000 direct interactions with this tweet since I posted it yesterday. That's suggesting to me tha… 4pm: weekly virtual meeting for those who support the wellbeing of #OurNHSPeople. Today's focus is on how Org…
I'm a big fan of Donella Meadows & her leverage points for large scale change. She was a system-thinking genius bef… @GillMarsh8 @judyrees Hi Gill. There is some breakout room capability on Teams but it is a lot more clunky than on… of us face a likely future of continued virtual working, with many hours each day in front of a screen at home… when we run big virtual sessions, we run them as "events", expecting people to listen for long periods & thei…
@buckinghamh @mancunianmedic @hormone_doc @HelenRSalisbury @helenamacarena @HelenBaimbridge @HelenStokesLam graphic drawn by one of the best psychologists on Twitter, @Haypsych on the benefits of psychological safety. Hay…'s a list of ten practical & impactful things that NHS Boards & senior leaders can do to ensure faster progress… leaders who have made a commitment to address inequality & promote racial justice in the workplace, we have to b… @OpenUniversity is offering 50 scholarships for unpaid carers to study with them for free. 15 places will be fo…
@profhbtm @C4LPT We are on the same page :)'Tweets of the Week' is a curation of the @HorizonsNHS team's best tweets from the past 7 days. You can read the… @SteveMac72 @eliistender10 @MarkPie28487233 @beingbrilliant Thank you Steve :)Please please help me get my lovely daughter, who is doing her MSc in HR, get as much info as possible for her Mot…
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @PeaPeaspot @QualityForum No you are not :)Now listening to Dr Lee from Taiwan. Since SARS, Taiwan has had a strong focus on public awareness & engagement. Th…'m in a @QualityForum global learning session on lessons from SARS/MERS in 4 countries for #Covid19 response. Dr T… when we're connecting virtually, we should set ourselves the goal of having some form of team building activit…
@Mountain_medica @LouWaters_QI @hesham_abdalla @seaty63 Resources and document added to our open Trello Board…
Retweeted by Helen BevanAs a manager, are you a multiplier or a diminisher? An infographic from @HBRAscend
Join us tomorrow 10th June for our #Caring4NHSPeople webinar from 4pm-5pm. The session will focus on the wellbeing…
Retweeted by Helen Bevan @WRES_team @yvonnecoghill1 @NHSEngland @DrHNaqvi I can't believe you're retiring Yvonne. You're a (metaphorical) gi… @BeckieBodgers @WeAreLSCFT @tingle_stephen What a lovely message Beckie. Helen :) @acserrao76 @andypbennett79 @helenlee321_lee @AimeeRobson4 @WeAreARMA @SueBrownSB @RoyalOsteoSoc @VersusArthritis today: Wednesday wellbeing virtual session. Topic: wellbeing of leaders & managers. Leaders in health & care…
The Health Services Research UK 2020 conference will be virtual: 1-3 July. There are many outstanding sessions & it… to all who added ideas on "what to stop" for the #NHSChangeChallenge, a platform to capture beneficial chan… you facilitate Open Space events or unconferences as face to face events, you can also run them virtually. Thank…
In the aftermath of the #Covid19 pandemic, how can we enable change to happen quickly & effectively in our organisa… @SarahBoydH @karas01 @BevMatthewsRN @liznyawade1 @mountfordjames @emmachallans @SethiSimon @KateSlater2 @RicWilky Hi Ric. I hope you will add this to the ideas platform: Helen :)