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Helen 侯-Sandí @helenhousandi San José, Costa Rica

OG and Director of Open Source Initiatives @10up. @WordPress Lead Developer. Collaborative pianist via @EastmanSchool and @VCU. she/her + NYC/VB + 🇺🇸🇨🇳🇨🇷

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@TheAmyCode I can't stop thinking about it @gregbarbosa Fairyfloss! @uxfra Can't be a snob when you don't have options! @uxfra ? @film_girl Of course I remember! 💖 The stickers are from Keyshorts and they're great but they have two issues: the… @evansolomon No it's just there to keep the iPad at a viewable angle. I guess I could?Today's quarantine lunch is an old favorite: couscous with goat cheese and Sriracha-seasoned shrimp @dharden I really need a ring light @notdetails Mine's not TOO bad on the flip side but I definitely have a lot crammed into a small space @schmitzoide I'm using Sidecar so I can type with my regular keyboard, I like the Smart Keyboard fine but it's real… @kwuchu I just saw this and actually snorted a distraction, show me your work-from-home setups! (Yes, I have a very strong aesthetic.) quarantine content we need and deserve cannot tell you how many friends have tried open relationships and come to this conclusion (people like to tell m…"three Asian American family members, including a 2-year-old and 6-year-old, were stabbed … The suspect indicated t…
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @Gurftastic Yes that is why I'm now on my Pixel! Which is a better phone in a lot of ways tbh but still. There are… @kwuchu I had a Teddy Riley playlist on all day Friday (yeah yeah VA I know) and can confirm it's a good vibe but only if you skip R. Kelly. @Gurftastic That's with it dried out...are these vcs just offering themselves as sacrifice for twitter entertainment as we try to get through coronavirus crisis? thank you
Retweeted by Helen 侯-SandíLike a modern-day library of Borges, all possible permutations of information have already been encoded in @dril tw…
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @thompsonize Asian groceries are pretty limited here, I can get frozen bao but they're so expensive I can't even en… those asking, I made the pork myself with a packaged rub but the bun and filling sauce recipe are from Woks of… TikTok is a thing and it's good! humor 5 the interest of being honest about process, here's one I overstuffed that came out ugly. Tastes great, though! you to @jackiehluo for the inspiration!Made char siu bao for the first time and they are pretty banging if I do say so myself @MeganCarolan My intention was to make an app like this although still just system level notifications. Not sure ho… @antpb I did but no dice :( I might take it apart and see if there's a loose connection or something, the screen glitch makes me wonder
@antpb Maybe it wasn't my fault then...RIP iPhone X, victim to my constant drops and a prolonged dunk in the water shortly after its second birthday.
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @TheROCFiles I just tested again to make sure I wasn't misremembering and yeah, PiP doesn't work on iOS even though… @TheROCFiles The audio keeps playing on my iOS devices but I have premium so it's a part of thatI have AirMessage and some iCloud syncing working on my Pixel so uh... maybe I won't even notice and I'll be glad t… days you make breakfasts that go viral, other days you have coffee, brownies, and ice cream.It me with my dad @sarcasmically This is the only thing I miss about commute-type driving @scottahenning @isosteph Wow dude a quote tweet is effectively a snitch tag @BearCherian My issue is that my family uses WeChat (Chinese), my husband's family uses WhatsApp, and the majority… @ZachInglis I just have to get used to it and figure out my iMessage situation, I think. It's also an XL so that's… @BearCherian The iMessage loss is rough. I still have an iPad and a Mac so I'll see stuff, and most things here run… @dknisely Yeah I do love the placement of the fingerprint sensorTell me your favorite thing about the Google Pixel so I feel better about this forced switch (I have a 3)Holy shit god bless whatever version of me was organized enough several years ago to physically write down the info… @coffeecraftcode The MacBook Air is actually reasonably priced at PriceSmart fwiw... I think close to US price cons… to kill my phone during the time of quarantine in a country where buying electronics is unreasonably expensive… @strebel I love disrespectful dunks so much
Trying to focus on the bright side of everybody being stuck at home want to be clear that I am impressed. Steph Curry on IG Live? Trevor Noah on The Daily Show? Now Desus and Mero?… is Dr. Fauci’s agent??? mean... hate it when you pour yourself a glass of cold water and it tastes like fridgeHaven’t buzzed my undercut in 3.5 weeks because I don’t have any time during the day to do it myself and 2 of my ba… @beaulebens Please don’t cut off your thumb again though, I think we can all agree now would be an especially bad time to do thatSeeing this pic is how I know gentrification has gone too far 😭
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @silverbell I’m nervous because I know that’s some stripped down franchise restaurant type ish 😆 tastes good thoooo… @gregibrown one of your friends coughs except it’s reality TV @BmorePP3 @DrHankMccoy06 18, would be 19 if I’d eaten the pickled pigs feet at your house that for some reason stic… @kwuchu How do y’all keep finding the worst possible things on god’s green internetWait I’m taller than Harry Potter? @Krogsgard Bro are you doing okay do you need less distancing @supernovia My dinner last night was brownies and ice cream, so. There’s a reason I don’t post every meal 😂 just th… @TheAmyCode They say you can use dry cooking sherry but I’ve never done it myself... or you can just do water soy s… @kraykray I love Bread Illustrated except that it’s a little weirdly formatted with ingredients on the title page s… @TheAmyCode This is why I buy my cooking wine in gallon jugs and oyster sauce in 5 pound tins :)Quarantine meal 6: linguine with a sausage and sun-dried tomato cream sauce @ZachInglis Same! It’s from a few weeks ago and I saw it then but I keep going back to it, it’s so goodFlawless hack @silverbell My 7yo read about how cheese is made today so we watched a video about it and now he’s insisting we mak… @stevegrunwell @10up 😊😊😊label: wontfix
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí
omg @doodlyroses just told me I have “textbook Hot Asian Girl handwriting” 😂🥰 #iykyk @ParissAthena No ma’am absolutely notCurrent stress relief activity: typesetting and foiling titles for my recipe pages (I like hand-writing the rest) is still the best slide I've ever made for a talk. anybody else get on music producer listening kicks? I run kind of heavy on 757 to begin with, but over the las…'s Friday. Avoid the bookings and dat Rona beloved
Retweeted by Helen 侯-SandíA+ form to think about how many people won’t care until one of their fave TV personalities dies from this
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @jeremyfelt o m gA lot of you probably have coronavirus bc one symptom is having no taste
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @techgirl1908 I’m with you, when I think of who has the songs I want to sing to myself in the car it’s Monica. *goe… I long for the days where I even thought there were two possibilities here trailer for TIGERTAIL is here! Please share it with anyone who needs an escape for two minutes today, especiall…
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandíwhen the self care and crafting and cooking ISNT curing your anxiety
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @lealea @chriswallace I’m not gonna tag 5 more people but I’ll fill in for your curiosity :) Chinese grocery cashie…
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Retweeted by Helen 侯-SandíBehind every successful woman is an unsuccessful man not wearing any pants:
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandíwhen rona’s over we gotta keep rocking masks in public to throw the cameras off
Retweeted by Helen 侯-SandíSwitching over made it painless to add testing in a lower PHP version (hence a new error being surfaced), next up i… let's tweet about tech instead, I switched a repo's automated tests from Travis to GH Actions, ran into a littl… @anildash Constantly dancing shapes and shadows of the dry season wind whipping through the palm tree and plants ou…
Retweeted by Helen 侯-Sandí @TheAmyCode I said “I don’t like that” out loudExactly 2 years ago I had a near-meltdown about continuing to live in the US and within a few months had pulled up… the book and then read this. Or read this and then the book. Just, read.