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It is very pleasant to be a little drunk, on a little pony, in a little rain

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To anyone who belives in "unskilled" work: change 50 double duvet covers in an hour. Alone. Help a man with Alzhe…
Retweeted by HelenTips To Reduce Your Food Waste: Love Food Hate Waste x Jack Monroe
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@MsAnnieRam @TheCareReview ‘Tis true 😘This is an interesting read with important insight into the needs of unaccompanied young people @MsAnnieRam @TheCareReview You worked hard on this Annie and it shows & it’s an important read so self promote away 👍👏!“This is the first pantry in Glasgow. It costs £1 to register and £2.50 per membership which gets you £15 worth of…
Retweeted by HelenI've just signed the #CarolinesLaw petition to hold the media to account for their bullying! Please sign and share… the pressure Janice to give more info 😊! I didn’t listen to the full set (I will promise ) but touches of KD Lan… @JaniceForsyth that’s a stunning sound on @BBCRSAfternoons sorry I missed the name but very reminiscent of KD Lang 👏
What another brill benefit from Timpson’s 👏 @dundan0508 Wow, quite the dramatic pics C
Some shirts and blouses jumpers and cardigans @StMonicaMilton along with some brand new items. Our first donations…
Retweeted by Helen @Lorraine_McL Brilliant thanks
Donations are always welcome to On Bikes based at St Pauls Youth Forum. Even with bikes like this, we can strip the…
Retweeted by HelenOur environment is now being *safeguarded* by a minister who - Voted 14 times against measures to tackle climate ch…
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@amyrobyn I’m sure you’re already listening to, or been recommended Amy but if not , the completely wondrous… us settle a debate! Do you call this 👇 'Eggy Bread' or 'French Toast'? Hit ❤️ for Eggy Bread and RT for Frenc…
Retweeted by HelenDo reconsider the decision to close our programme then.
Retweeted by HelenGreat line up!
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People who are homeless or sleeping rough face a greater risk of hypothermia in cold weather. With the recent sever…
Retweeted by Helen @BootstrapCook @thismorning I recorded it and just watched it Jack. You are so very natural on it, with such enthus…
Me: Please stop. I've seen enough Trump memes now. The Internet:
Retweeted by Helen @Cparks1976 @TwoShotPod @GaryUsher_Chef @9rifter It was utterly brilliant and you all deserve all the good wishes you’re getting 👏Shameful that the Home Secretary @patel4witham would not even stay in the chamber for my Urgent Question. It says a…
Retweeted by HelenIsn’t this just lovely ? should probably mention that I'm back on @thismorning tomorrow cooking a brand new and very delicious recipe so i…
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A survey showed 70% of Glasgow’s coffee drinkers were keen to recycle their cup, but only 12% were able to do so pr…
Retweeted by HelenWe know everyone has a lot going on but your local postal workers face a fight to save their jobs and the services…
Retweeted by HelenThis ⁦@Cparks1976⁩ ⁦@TwoShotPod⁩ with ⁦@GaryUsher_Chef⁩ is simply brilliant, brutally honest and a must listen.Fasc… @amyrobyn No probs Amy, I hope it’s of use and that your pal finds something soon x
This is absolutely heartbreaking. If you are struggling, please talk to someone. If you see someone struggling, ple…
Retweeted by Helen @DrRLofthouse @MsAnnieRam Will do @MsAnnieRam Thanks Annie. @DrRLofthouse -are you looking for any particular angle/theme re mentoring ? @MsAnnieRam @Lorraine_McL Keep looking Annie! @Lorraine_McL for you’ve left this open as I have had a lot of enquires about donating guys . Not everyone can donate I fully fully und…
Retweeted by HelenJob Opportunity! (closes Monday 8am!) Manager @ Locavore Renfrew Street (Project Cafe) Following the recent news t…
Retweeted by Helen @amyrobyn I seem to remember that your friend was looking for a cafe job so just in case this appeals
@MsAnnieRam @Lorraine_McL @holaailie @Meg64 Sounds delicious
The Fife Coastal Path’s holding up well during winter @BootstrapCook That was beautiful Jack. I’m not familiar with that song, who originally sang it? Please keep this up👏
#LeavethelightonforScotland moving and dignified marking of the end of our EU membership and hope for when we…
Retweeted by Helen @JaniceForsyth Gorgeous pic @RedOnionGlasgow provided the perfect indulgence tonight for @Lorraine_McL and I , thanks to @Meg64 , delicious foo…
Cheers ⁦@Meg64⁩ for the birthday treat , ⁦@Lorraine_McL⁩ and I looking forward to a delicious meal, courtesy of you… you are at Parliament Square tonight and intending to burn an EU flag to show what a winner you are, please reme…
Retweeted by Helen @katetempest said it best ‘was that a pivotal historical moment we just went stumbling past’ #NotMyBrexit bit of hope on a bleak day from @scotgp, with the relaunch of #GreenYes. Green MEP @SkaKeller: "We will leave a l…
Retweeted by HelenLooking for yellow poloshirts. Two of our partner schools @BalornockPS and @ChirnsydePS wear yellow. We also have r…
Retweeted by HelenGlasgow 💚🇪🇺
Retweeted by HelenA message to Europe, this morning on the White Cliffs of Dover. Sound on.
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@Lindabell15 I think you’ll enjoy thread @BootstrapCook you were brilliant on @thismorning so natural, enthusiastic & delivering budget tasty recipes #whatsnottolike @BootstrapCook @BookChav @kikkiK Cheers Jack, I’ll have a look and see if they still sell it ps just waiting to see you on @thismorning !
@BootstrapCook @BookChav Where’s it from Jack? That is rather coolPlease help get this to 50k tonight
Retweeted by Helen @louisa_compton Signed , I hope it has the desire effectA large part of my early life was spent in this area.. please help these kids if you can.. thanks x
Retweeted by HelenI’ve worked with Paul many times over the past decade and can tell you it’s a privilege. He’s a super-intelligent e…
Retweeted by HelenAnd Auld Lang Syne to finish. Scotland will be back. #leavealighton 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🕯🇪🇺
Retweeted by Helen @BootstrapCook That is brilliant Jack & I’m off tomorrow to so good timing! Good luck!Awkward thing. Hello.
Retweeted by HelenEvery man and boy should read - and then practice what we have just read- @WhiteRibbon_UK @WhiteRibbonScot
Retweeted by HelenMy wife and I never talk to our kids. We ask them to submit all communications anonymously through rigorous and dou…
Retweeted by HelenThis is a brilliant must read and if you’re looking to volunteer and REALLY make a difference then get in touch wit…
🕓4pm: Time to go to an after-school club, but participation or transport costs can stop children from attending.…
Retweeted by Helen @MarchtownGla @mccusker_drew What an awful experience for you both Drew but I echo what the marchtown folk have sai… @mccusker_drew is an utter badass and his courage and wisdom is humbling. It's not often one gets to witness genuin…
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Brexit in one short tweet. Thank you @13sarahmurphy
Retweeted by Helen👏this man & Im particularly loving the ‘the United States doesnt have an official language Jackass’ comment'll leave this here. Other refugee charities are available if you have Brexit 50ps needing a good home (but MOOL i…
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This is brilliant
This text was sent to us from a viewer when we were on air today:
Retweeted by HelenRT: Please sign this - @VictoriaLIVE have relentlessly sought justice for Grenfell, football abuse, and consistentl…
Retweeted by Helen @ThatKerryHudson Ha ha , I like your thinking . X @ThatKerryHudson Well you should be very proud of your firstborn ps excuse the lack of g & t can in the pic 😉To say I’m thoroughly enjoying this gem from ⁦⁦@ThatKerryHudson⁩ is an understatement & it’s got one of THE best bo…
@dundan0508 Popcorn slightly out of view!My favourite type of wine -the pre holiday airport wine
It's been 6 months since I joined the gym and no progress. I'm going there in person tomorrow to see what's really going on.
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We are in discussion for running sessions to educate young people on how to grow their own food, if you know any yo…
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This is knockout - warm, inspiring and it might just change your life.
Retweeted by HelenWhat a night! We have been completely overwhelmed in a good way. We have 1,100 new followers. We have loads of on…
Retweeted by Helen...Tumbleweed... Not a single book sold today... £0.00... We think think this maybe the first time ever... We k…
Retweeted by HelenWhoever did this gets a medal.
Retweeted by Helen @djonesbutchers Im sure/hope it’s been mentioned on here lots but @BBC6Music & also @jowhiley & @jamiecullum ‘s sho… @ThatKerryHudson That’s quite the fab pic Kerry, and as for the espresso glass , that’s a beaut. I’m loving reading…
👋Are you thinking about volunteering in 2020? This quote from Kenny, one of our longest-standing volunteers sums up…
Retweeted by HelenThinking of the rhyme that helps us remember how many days are in each month 30 days hath September, April, June a…
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reason number 1284734 I love Glasgow (yes, I know its not perfect — lemme have this) actual nice white lady at Cen…
Retweeted by Helen @AGlasgowGirl I think she was speaking (and hugging!) for all of us who watched that in awkwardness but admiration…
I know I ain’t just watch a crab jump out the pot and turn off the stove 😭
Retweeted by Heleni cannot believe I CANNOT BELIEVE I C A N N O T B E L I E V E that some of you out there spent $75 on a fucking can…
Retweeted by HelenOur fareshare delivery this week! Come in and get your shopping cheap - 50p an item!! 👉Sausages 👉Bacon 👉Cheese 👉Cr…
Retweeted by Helen @sheel9 @JoannaBlythman 👍 @hivestores is also a great place to buy books online and you can choose a local booksho… putting these jobless humans to some use
Retweeted by Helen @reece_dinsdale @fascinatorfun Beautiful. Are you doing some/all of Fife coastal path?
@weemo67 I am long overdue a PP & a P trip Maureen so I’ll let you know when I’m going ps our mutual friend’s doing well X @weemo67 Good luck Maureen, I’ll get the tickets bookedMarching in the rain for #indyref2 and to #banthebomb with @MarthaWardrop and @holaailie
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