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Diane Barker @Helikhana Portland, Oregon

Writer obsessed with tentacles, the dark side, & everything sassy. Making creepy comics & sometimes heartwarming ones. Bi. She/Her. #BLM

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This is perfect. What a masterful piece of #aerosol communication. This page takes all the complexity of this vit…
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Trump's feds are fucking rounding up Philly BLM organizers. This is fascism and it is terrifying.
Retweeted by Diane Barker🦇HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃 I'm having a Halloween sale in my store! 15% off of your order of $5 or more, plus FREE SHIPPING…
Retweeted by Diane Barker @breebird33 Same!#HadesGame as John Mulaney quotes part 2/?
Retweeted by Diane Barker @backthatelfup It's my absolute favourite!More presents!!! what @chalkyheart made me for my birthday!!! It's beautiful!! @korybing @andrealrosales Happy birthday to you too! @andrealrosales It was soooooo bad. @chalkyheart It's mah birthday!!!BLACK OWNED SEX TOYS BITCH IM HYPE
Retweeted by Diane Barker @amalthya Ooooooh. That one. @adampknave @chalkyheart No... no it hasn't. I have made a grave mistake picking this movie. Many regrets. MANY REG… @amalthya But now I know someone gets impaled by a shark!!! @amalthya Hey!! Spoilers!!Just so you know right now you can get up to 3 seasons of #Killjoys on @Vudu for just $14.99, I already owned S1 &…
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@adampknave There it is! @adampknave @adampknave Christian?? Auto correct what?? @adampknave Jesus Christian, Adam! Lol @JudgementScythe Right! I'm excited!Ooooh! Might have to make this happen tonight!! mails Plan B to women in Deep South states. Donate. You’ll feel better.
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Why is this so funny 😂
Retweeted by Diane Barker @GoFrankGo Well, I am supposed to be increasing my water consumption. I can work with it. :p @GoFrankGo *turns away sadly while taking out the vampire teeth* Damnit.. I was too late. @TheJenya Fuck.WHAT A THRILL! Trekker is #Kickstarter's FEATURED PROJECT of the day! Why, you might ask? Answers HERE:…
Retweeted by Diane Barker @adampknave @chalkyheart @adampknave -_- @adampknave Your fault. @adampknave FUCK YOU! @adampknave No! There was already a vote. You were there. Quarantine just made it hard to make official.Trying to get an appointment with the DMV for a name change and the next available is in December?? Damnit! Why can… @AfronautGriot @pianta_ @SwimmyCakes @KodoDrewThis If you wanna support Black artists participating in Blacktober w…
Retweeted by Diane Barker @AfronautGriot @pianta_ @SwimmyCakes @TheActualCel @KodoDrewThis support a real black artist and donate to my kofi
Retweeted by Diane Barker @AfronautGriot @pianta_ @SwimmyCakes @TheActualCel @KodoDrewThis If you want to support an actual black artist, hi!…
Retweeted by Diane Barker @AfronautGriot @pianta_ @SwimmyCakes @TheActualCel @KodoDrewThis Here 😁
Retweeted by Diane Barker @coolestegg_art @spottedcookie @damisketches1 @Schgain @PleaseN09087952 Thank you!!If you're in the Portland area and don't mind driving SE to pick these up near Milwaukie, give a shout! I have SO M…
Retweeted by Diane BarkerThis past weekend I opened a Black Owned Dollar store on the South Side of Chicago called Jae’s Mart. I stepped int…
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Retweeted by Diane Barker @chalkyheart She... she grew beaver teeth. What the actual fuck?? @chalkyheart @chalkyheart How are these zombeavers smarter than the entire fucking cast? @chalkyheart Okay but I kinda love the zombeavers human voices. @chalkyheart Yuuuuuuup @chalkyheart I am STILL not drunk enough for this movie. @chalkyheart Zombie beavers built... a roadblock. @chalkyheart Character in movie: "There's no way I'm drunk enough for this." Me: I agree! @chalkyheart Wtf this mom?? @chalkyheart @chalkyheart Omg... the animatronics on those beavers. This is gonna be baaaad. @chalkyheart Crawl...ers? Is that the sequel? How many sequels we getting? @chalkyheart Crawl was hilarious and certainly good for a drink and tweet night. But sorely lacking in it's conclus… @chalkyheart That one gator in the indestructible shower stall is gonna get a sequel. @chalkyheart Heeeey. That's it??? @chalkyheart Gators are gonna take the chopper out!! @chalkyheart This fucking movie.... @chalkyheart These are raver gators. They going nuts over those flares. Death roll is their dubstep drop. @chalkyheart "Daddy" is having a terrible day. (And should have been dead soooo long ago) @chalkyheart Oh shit. Dog is in the water!! I repeat the dog is in the water!! @chalkyheart There are 4000 gators in Brightrock. These are their stories. Dun dun! @chalkyheart Did the hurricane just shove them back in their house again? Is this Hades Gator? @chalkyheart The eye of the storm cliche. Eye of the Gator? @chalkyheart Are the gators gonna burst up through the floorboards?? Please burst up through the floorboards! Action Gators! @chalkyheart The Danger! Gators! Sign under the water is a nice touch. @chalkyheart Did that guy just cut into that gators neck with a damn shovel?? @chalkyheart Gators do not approve of white man percussion solos. Find some rhythm dude!! @chalkyheart Her Dad is really fucking obsessed with this swimming analogy shit. @chalkyheart So wait. She has to use swimming to save the day? @chalkyheart Now is not the time to measure your dick, dude!! #dandvwatchtv @chalkyheart Oh shit! That gator's a fucking cop! AGAB? @chalkyheart Legs of steel family over here? Can break a leg with the bone sticking right out and not bleed to death? @chalkyheart Gator family reunion!! @chalkyheart These gators must have drama degrees. Their profile shots are amazing! @chalkyheart Okay. So she just Cone of Shamed one of the gators. @chalkyheart "Apex predator" swimmer? Da fuq? #dandvwatchtv @chalkyheart I'm particularly fond of the "Surprise muthafucka!" moment the gator did for it's intro. I laughed sooooo hard. #dandvwatchtvThis.
Retweeted by Diane BarkerMy Vote! postcards are back in stock and ready to be ordered! They come in a pack of 5 for $10!…
Retweeted by Diane BarkerAn entire Beauty Supply Store created by two Black Women, Crown Beauty Supply is now on Miiriya! Your local beauty…
Retweeted by Diane BarkerThe original thread seems to be gone, but this is a good explanation of why you can't let racists, nazis, and so on…
Retweeted by Diane Barker @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @teh_evilbob @mchenrykeith @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @teh_evilbob @mchenrykeith @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @teh_evilbob @mchenrykeith @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @teh_evilbob @mchenrykeith @AidenCMcFarland @teh_evilbob @chalkyheart @mchenrykeith @chalkyheart @teh_evilbob @AidenCMcFarland @mchenrykeith @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @mchenrykeith @teh_evilbob @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @mchenrykeith @teh_evilbob @AidenCMcFarland @chalkyheart @mchenrykeith @teh_evilbob Still a lot of work. @backthatelfup I can't wait! @backthatelfup This sounds like an excellent movie night!! @backthatelfup Whaaaa??? @chalkyheart @mchenrykeith @teh_evilbob I'd like to keep you relatively sane. And a Tarot deck is a looooot of work.