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Helixx VR is a group of passionate #VR enthusiasts from across the globe, helping to make #VirtualReality the world’s reality. We Do everything for FREE

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good game well worth it at full price a bargain at 20% off you a Saint or a Sinner @Rage__Slash is playing the new VR @TheWalkingDead game check…
CR4F7OR Reviews Gun Club VR on PSVR also available on Steam SALE £11.99 @SteamVR @TheBinaryMill @oculus @CR4F70R 1: VR Operative Eden from HelixxVR reviews Espire1 VR Operative with a little help from CR4F70R. On SALE £19… @andybak The discord link is in the tweet @RagingBrockUK @CaptainGhostKey cool gif and reminds us that today is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners day on the channel @adviljones5 @CR4F70R maybe? @mcp_VR is live on Mixer playing some new games in #VirtualReality go join him and give so…
HelixxVR Beta - Sign up as a beta tester for a variety of VR games through HelixxVR. Please send us your details an… from HelixxVR reviews Moss - A VR Puzzle Platformer for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. £11.85 Was £24.99… from Helixx VR takes a Quick Look at Fruit Ninja VR Now £9.85 @shoptonet @HelixxVREden @FruitNinja #VRGamers like a millionaire today lets blow some money on #pokerstars VR and give someone a chance to win a Viveport… @_themodernmom_ How much is the pay? are meals and health care provided and do i get holiday entitlement. A full j… are live on Mixer playing #VirtualReality games 2 new demos change rangers and brain vs zombie by Joy Way Chec…
Eden from Helixx VR reviews Everybody's Golf VR - a PSVR exclusive golf game with PS Move and Dualshock controller… is playing shooty games on @THETAtv go check him out First time streaming on this c… @adviljones5 @CR4F70R Yes
CR4F70R Reviews QuiVR for the PSVR. Find out if the Playstation VR version of QuiVR stands well with its PC version… Attempts to get a high score with out passing out. BOXVR is on sale now £13.85 #PSVR #VRGamers #fitness @BamBam2108 @mcp_VR is LIVE on our @WatchMixer channel with @BladeAndSorcery (with a mod or two perhaps). Go watch some stabbi…
CR4F70R Reviews Ubisoft - Space Junkies for PSVR. Watch to find out if this title is Badass or just plain bad. Curr… and se7en are in VR playing banging tunes for your belated xmas party or your premature xmas party… is live on @WatchMixer the one and only @Rage__Slash playing some magical VR games. go…
🤓Waiting 🤓 you @dominickevans this made my night glad your back on TwitchLast chance to apply for HelixxVR Kids we will be auditioning next week. IF you want to learn to be a content crea… @weebceo @IndieWorldOrder @LabsSkull @SazdxHikari @LawmageA @pugfuglygames @_fakedev @timkrief @DuskTactics
@SproutSgt @Survios It's a great choice, take a look at our review. @Moon_Walkeer helloPoppadom, naan, onion bhaji #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words @SproutSgt @VRReady2 Take it easy and get well soon buddypuzzles puzzles and more puzzles its @TheGamateers playing viveport games over on @WatchMixer . check out the stre… live on mixer breaking out of prison in vr yet again i got caught with doing my assassinations.…
Se7en is Going to play Boiling Steel again because he enjoyed it so much check out the str… @APompliano Dont F*ck With Cats amazing showContinuing our Viveport Wednesday the super Awesome @mcp_VR is streaming some viveport games over on…
its happening right now over on Twitch the amazing Se7en is doing something very Virtual for @Viveport Wednesday. A… are Live on with @TheGamateers playing Table Top Gods by @tabletopgods with @Viveport Wednesday streams what will se7en play find out 9am EST this is a reason for a key. The most entertaining virtual DJ streamer. Plus if you don't give a key m… @xPenguTweets Bob
Se7en Records another Number 1 HIT Pepperoni Pineapple Pepperoni Pineapple.......Anchovies🎵🎶🎶Playing Instrumental S… Meets Donald Trump again to STOP WW3 If your Vince Vaughn you shake the presidents hand if your Se7en you sla… God of Pop @rickastley once said "I'm a person who tries not to have regrets." He Wrote the bestest song ever.… @RagingBrockUK YES YES YES with Salad CreamAfter saving the world from WW3 hitting Donald trump in the face with a Dildo(see previous tweet) Se7en has decide…
Se7en STOPS WW3 with Kim Jong-un & Barack Obama....Also two others. Part two coming soon 👀Stay tuned #VRGamers @Twitch Well as its a new year and in the past you have made it VERY clear you dont support VR streamers. how about…
Music to get your toes tapping and your butt twerking. It can only be Se7en, Tribe and the best Virtual DJ set up o… coming soon apply now if you want to join. Made for Kids By Kids do you get if you put Metal Gear Solid & VR Together? What do you get if you put a cool VR Streamer on Helixx…
2020 or try these links Win & play with @Matteo311 before U can buy! #VR Battle Royale VBG Alpha play event this SAT 4pm PT, 7p…
Retweeted by Helixx vr @JoinUsInVR @matteo311 @cyberdreamvr Finally looks like we are getting a good BR game. @discordapp Partnership would be nice if its not too much trouble @Duckplague is back on Twitch with his #Autism Awareness streams. Not only is he funny, big hearted and a great fr…
The Legend Se7en has moved his Friday Party to Mixer. If you want banging tunes from the hy… lucky people @TheGamateers is now on our Mixer channel playing Battlewake by @Survios watch him raise the Joll… excellent streamer has just joined helixxvr the awesome @Rage__Slash you will find him playing the forest…
@jkamecki We'd certainly be interested in reviewing one if possible in the UK. We tried it out at #EGX2019 and woul… Se7en taking up cooking? Whats that smell coming from the kitchen? "Sniff Sniff" it smells like Boiling Steel!… @xPenguTweets can we join you? @FaultyMuppet @AnCapGamerr Happy coming into the world day @Martin76x @KenMarsigliaVo @MirowinVR well most of the time they are reviews keys or tester keys. We are happy to b… today se7en will jump into Boiling Steel by @MirowinVR Its his first time looking but we know its going to be… out another new streamer for helixxvr welcome to the team @mcp_VR. he is playing Zombie killing game Dead Ef… @Survios @recroom @readyplayerone @UbisoftVR It helps you have done an amazing job of making quality vr games and y…
🥊Pretty Ricky V's Se7en🥊All that training Se7en has done, Finally paid off.🥊It was a great fight.....@Survios… se7en tries out TerminalVR by Remanic released on steam Lets give it a try and see wh… posters are up in the vr room who's played these games? @Survios @recroom @readyplayerone @UbisoftVR giveaway Its Hype time We are Live over on @WatchMixer today our team member The Gamateers will be streaming Rec r…
Se7en Taking a nice stroll in the forest, then comes across these Dirty Perverts👀#theforest #VR #outdoorfun @Helixx_vr First stream as part of the @Helixx_vr stream team, so excited and hope to make some great memories here…
Retweeted by Helixx vrTrolling Tuesday........HelixxVr is on Mixer! A VR Channel showcasing Virtual Reality games.... Watch HelixxVr TheG… Ventures into the #forest to try build more real estate sell it to unsuspecting suckers & watch the local can…
Se7en is always giving his generosity to a good cause. #Recroom #gamingin2020 #VR #VRgamers in 2020 will see Vr grow even bigger and in March more people have melt downs because they wont be able to p… @King_Will_Power @RickandMorty That's the nicest named I been called today
After a hard day at work Se7en comes home and play's with his winky. 👀@RickandMorty #rickAndMorty #VRgamers #VR Room Is Really Something 👀 HelixxVR (Møøn_Walker) #VR #VRGamers #mixerstream are live. come check out Se7en and @djtrixdk in tribe making music #VirtualReality will Se7en be chatting about on today's DJ stream ? #VR #TribeXR #VRgamers know that guy
Rare Moment.........Se7en without HelixxVR shirt👀@recroom #RecRoom #VRGamers @Z_1620 get well soon buddy
BOXVR Watch out Anthony Joshua K/O 🥊 🥊🥊Se7en Is Training hard 👀@PerpGames @weareFitXR @anthonyfjoshua #VRGamers a little late because he is a lazy fatty but Se7en will do some exercise in VR and then play some games… #January its become a bit of a tradition for Se7en to do some exercise in VR to show off how you can keep fit.…
@WandsGame @CortopiaStudios @StashClub @SproutSgt @HelixxvrJonHappy New Year! Today we're giving away a FREE OCULUS QUEST + a free copy of Wands!! To enter: ☑️Retweet this ☑️Re…
Retweeted by Helixx vr @Atroarturo @Ubisoft @steamgames Great game forgot how good it was until the other day when I jumped back in.
From Se7en and the Team at Helixxvr #happynewyear2020 #Happy2020 #2020NewYear #heresto2020 RIGHT HERE 🎧 HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎧 #lurkforce #VR #VRgamers #HelixxVR #Giveaway #DJ #TribeXR @ozanozan @tribe_vr
Retweeted by Helixx vrIt can be hard for a lot of people the loneliness, isolation and feeling like you have no one to talk to. Who will… been a great year our biggest achievement in 2019 was becoming a Twitch Partner. What will 2020 hold? We are re…
#Borderlands2 #VR is on sale on #PSVR (50%) and #Steam (33%). What better time for you #VRGamers to check out…