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Ayer Cut ANTIFA @HellaNarez The burbs, France

He/Him. Culture War Conscientious Objector; Propagandist of the Grimdark Lifestyle; Unqualified Socialist; more information on my bisexuality @HellaBothered.

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@Yascha_Mounk @TheAtlantic hey what's upif you get it you get it, you know?been thinking about rorschach #1, as you do, and eventually landed back on the closing narration of the vision #1,… know what's a good comic about trying to square Watchmen and what it says about the existing power structures d… know there is a television show that's about how superheroes got co-opted by a white supremacist power structur…
it literally ends on a Kieron Gillen self-insert getting killed by the legacy he left in the field of games crit, b… I didn't talk about the other fascinating feature running in Cinema Purgatorio, which is Kieron Gillen's "Modded… @Joshy206 chester bennington has no business going as hard as he does on this and yetlost my mind at the william tell overture/koth theme mashup and not gonna recoverda da du hast holy shit neil you can't keep that stuff in your vaultyou just missed the full house guitar over the orchestral breakdown from welcome to the black parade it's that kind of setoh no neil is playing stuff from the vault good die young; the best, they take down a god with them rest in violence this is the last we see of jaylen, let it be known she died a hero for there is no greater death than taking a god with youMEATBALLS AND PEANUTS ON THE MENU GANG!!!! HOTDOGFINGERS WILL KILL A GOD TONIGHTlook the nut has had many controversial opinions but I do not care for the baltimore crabs eitherI am at peace with my God, which is not a god, but it is the stacks I made, I love my stacks, I love to make em, I… @BluntTheKing It's okay, I made my stacksit is time to A S C E N D#blaseball: sometimes a celestial event owes you ten stacks
one time I watched this film 4 times in a week and it was dope every time's some more idiot takes I have on Moore: -Copyright law makes it so Century: 2009 could only characterize our… have said SO MUCH DUMB IDIOT CLOWN WORDS about comics and you go for the one thing about Alan Moore that's kind of undeniable?how is that not as close to the facts as it gets, how are you gonna call me a dumbass over that, and not my "heroes… is so fucking random, of all my controversial takes on comics, why call me a dumbass over "alan moore sure lik… some resistance weirdo called me a lonely dumbass for clowning on a formal technique that both Alan Moore and… levels of fucking stretching you have to do in order to make all fiction about validating your crusade against… I can't fucking believe that the Purple Bob of Movies looked at The Boys, saw a character be all gung-ho for do… at alluring al's single bit of calling anyone "sahib", 1963 kinda rulesAnd since this is from 1963 #1, and a very obvious parody of Stan's Soapbox, you should recognize it as One Game, p… I know I rag on Alan Moore but dude had some people on here nailed down in NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY-THREE some pasta for MASKED SINGER FRANCE SEASON TWO PREMIERElmao imagine not understanding the worldview of a show based on a Garth Ennis comic @RealGameQuoter I was talking on the purely formal tip, but really his whole career is making dark takes on pop-cultureGeoff Johns would never try that kind of too-clever-by-half trick, but that's the inspiration behind every single o… reading Cinema Purgatorio out of curiosity and look, Alan Moore on his bullshit is just as worthy a target to… don't think the five finger death punch covid truther vid is as bad as they say but it isany of y'all gamers wanna jackbox?
@jon_bois I love this human machine to win at footballsupport the internet archive and also fuck chuck wendigprobably a fair time to remind folks that donating to the archive isn't the worst thing to do right now
Retweeted by Ayer Cut ANTIFAI would HOPE that you people know better than to attempt to say that I am wrong about anything, because I AM NEVER… I am guilty motherfucker I am deathfor the love of god please do not come at me because I am stone cold fucking truth, I am too fucking real for you t… it be known that my brand is so fucking toxic that all he had to do was quote-tweet me ONCE and here we are marvel ar, the only worthwhile thing you did was that sickass vid explaining the reference to morrison's new x-… also also: just because it's in narrative captions on the page doesn't mean it's meant to be taken as fact, if… of a napkin math here, but 91.5% of the book's central thesis remains unknown to us, can't really find fault w… I'm not saying it's not gonna Get Into It! it's BOUND to get into it; just, it's not gotten into it, and I don'… problem with the current comics discourse is that, as it is, just the work standing on its own, Rorschach #1 is… official "uwu i'm sad pwease like my content" rp twitter account woke: buy this goddamn champion skin if you wanna see some nipsimo riot should just fucking post porno of the league of legends characters, why are we pretending it's not about being horny @Joshy206 Sinestro is not Hal Jordan's bf Sinestro is Hal Jordan's dompeople hated the ghostbusters movie that was barely directed or written improv so they made a ghostbusters movies t… in love with the electric organ and choir version of the evangelion next episode preview theme Bernie won Iowa TO SAY I TOLD YOU SOOOOO (all right) DO BELIEVE I TOLD YOU SOOOO it's always been socialism or barbarism you dumb bitch this shit was so funny. I hate “remember when” posts but lmao every single second of this was psychotic. This b…
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as an Enjoyer of design it's gonna frustrate me to no end that the Future State Suicide Squad logo has a line in th… this has to get out, rot13, this is what I think happened in Strange Adventures #6 and the fact that no one is…'s so much Destiny 2 bullshit this seems OPTIMIZED forgod, context sensitive tabs with in-game hooks? that's: that good shitthis ps5 ux tour really convinced me to go for the all digital model, some of these features just do not make sense… feel like I have a completely different read on the last pages of Strange Adventures #6 and it might be one of th… heidecker is so much better at this than everyone else DC Future State looks dope, maybe Dan Didio knew what he was doing huh???it's only now that I realize how All-Star Batman & Robin is basically Frank Miller doing V for Vendettalmao all you had to do was ban the nazis and let people say that the Post is a fucking Murdoch rag instead this my readers/fans! keep engaging with the content! @KungFu_Grip spin the wheel make a deal WITH A GHOSTTERMS OF THE CONTRACT VERY GOOD! Royalties are top-class generous once the million sales threshold is passed, dont… not badmouth company as this is BREACH OF COTRACT and I will not pay you -you are a SUPPLIER so you need to giv… ALL ARTIST WORKING FOR MY DELUXE COMICS PUBLISHER: -don't expect to make a living from this!! maybe save up, may…
be the loudmouth you wish to see in the world, because holy shit the bullshitters will never shut upthere are people out there that are getting paid to write that Strange Adventures is somehow: -taking the side of A… I know I sound like an abrasive elitist asshole on a good day but let me tell you this: reading media critica… @Joshy206 @THE_Stefano_DLC NO NO NO WAIT NO FUCK the secret third alice: the bionic commando @Joshy206 @THE_Stefano_DLC okay okay but can we introduce the secret third alice, aka: the street fighter @Joshy206 @THE_Stefano_DLC umbrella created two clones, one became the resident evil, the other became the monster hunter @Joshy206 @THE_Stefano_DLC I feel like the arc as implied from the trailer is Mila becomes the Monster HunterBig expose on "The world's fastest-growing comics publisher" that has yet to publish a goddamn thing over on i09. C…
Retweeted by Ayer Cut ANTIFAimagine spending so long on the context of a comic that you forget about the comic itself, imagine missing the conn… reading the reviews of rorschach #1 I would like to announce that I am no longer jokerfied I am the clownhunter nowlook, "virtue signaling" is fake, but what I'm gonna posit right now is: what if it isn'tand really once again: I wish they'd take your Eisner awaysorry to subtweet but if you think chuds are gonna pick up rorschach #1 and read a validation of their conspiracy t… you're gonna review a comic review a fucking comic don't review the fucking interviewswho cares about the new dexter season it's not like they're gonna bring john lithgow backif you like watchmen on hbo, you're gonna love: a comic hinging on inside-baseball knowledge of the history of comicsoh yeah you can get into rorschach #1 easy, basically you need to read Watchmen, maybe watch The Parallax View, the… you working class? then why are you not racist, you gotta be racist!you can't fool me! if you're working class why isn't your face covered in grease and/or sootoh so you're working class? yeah right why is there no pencil behind your earremember: YOU CAN'T BE WORKING CLASS UNLESS YOU'RE WEARING A BLUE JUMPSUIT AT ALL TIMES're all dying and there's a sequel to the television show "dexter" in the works, can we notI love comics, I think they're neat, not everything has to be, or can be, a comic"this text should be in comics form" is how we get that shitty fucking comic book just reciting the apple terms of…