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I was naughty and got whipped cream on my frap cause it’s a s’mores frap and I’m regretting it because I’m dying.Really glad they made the smart decision. Health and safety comes first! my social anxiety is now worse than ever!Yo how am I supposed to go back to Lush and talk to people after this? I mean we probably won’t have human contact… @spaghetti_parti It fried his brain just a bit more than it already was sadly. @Cathisrad Maybe we can do a fun night instead on what would be BlizzCon. Filled with games and shit. @MollyOstertag Ooo what they have that flavor in Yerba?! Is it good? @spaghetti_parti Summer is the worse! 😩Well at least I’m forced to stay inside on this disgustingly hot day. It’s only 11 and it’s already 90. @kateleth Oof I’m sorry
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There is no Corona Virus in America
Retweeted by Hellethil 🌻 @nemui_babyy She wasted so many masks some poor nurse or doctor could have used 😑 @spaghetti_parti I had to decide between that one or this one. I like both @spaghetti_parti put on normal people clothes and not just another pair of pajamas. But also these are loose fitting and could be pajamas. @momo_obrien @Realms_Apart Happy Birthday!!! grossest thing I saw today, was this video I saw on fb where they first brined a big turkey, and then shoved 2l… @supershayne Then you could be Courtney Freakin' Miller's mom, Karen Freakin' Miller.
My new clothes came today 🥰 I donated a ton (so far) and all I had left were mainly pajamas, and work clothes. @xBubblemonsterx @Jessicatter I love you guys! 💜💜 @MissRBaller Yea but is it the Smuckers strawberry or the kind with the chunks of strawberry in it? @Cathisrad Lmao that was so freaking hilarious 😂Sis what is you doing
Retweeted by Hellethil 🌻My clothes are here and the hub is broken 😩 dammit
I cant wait to add these designs to wear 😍 is thankfully eating right now. So I can relax a little, but she’s looking real scraggly.Sam gained weight, big surprise. But I got Delilah her medicine, got her food, got Sam a toy to make him run around… the vet with Sammy; just for a check up.I’m breaking out so baaaaad. What the freaking heck? And by breaking out bad I mean I have 4 pimples 2 of which are… do I almost throw up anytime I laugh really hard?Delilah didnt have a good day today T_T hoping she feels better after her medicine. She gets more tomorrow, so hopefully shell feel better. @LauraBaileyVO @cheyenneirl Anxiety can be real dumb, Im glad youre feeling better though.Man my turnip prices suck ass T_Twhen it’s time to go to the kitchen for another snack
Retweeted by Hellethil 🌻
@feliciaday A couple is 2, a few is 3-6 and several is 7+ at least that’s what I was taught growing up.Sam has a vet appointment tomorrow and I have to tell our normal vet about Delilah and that makes me sad.I have a migraine and I want to dieDelilah didn’t eat this morning and that made me panic but she’s eating lunch now so I feel a little better.Ugh it makes me gag even with shaping it 😩 damn my tiny mouthI now have to wear a nightguard to bed because my stress has caused me to grind my teeth 🙃 @MollyBOfficial Teal or turquoise! @LilPandaPunk Right! I wanna get snackies and drinks from the vending machines >:( I wanna sit in the flowers with… @Shuryou27 Congrats!! @cheyenneirl I think its fine, and theyll appreciate it. They know you mean well.But uh Im convinced that Im gonna get sick and die now cause I did the same thing yesterday but after touching a door.Todays anxiety attack brought to me by: touching a crosswalk and the immediately scratching my nose. I then proceed…
@supershayne It’s ok, I bet parallel me is still ridden with anxiety 😩 @Bakujin119 Yep but leave it to peta to be stupid about yet another thing. How about not support the game and compa… we’re PETA! We like to make stupid videos like this and also rescue animals from labs and factory farms and stea… @MissRBaller I had to do that to my cat the other day. She’s got long curly hair and doesn’t let me trim her hair around her booty.Every time I go to get my package, another truck shows up 😑Place; and then I was screaming and my screaming in my dream woke me up. It was a freaking bonkers ass dream that w… I messed it up and the map changed and it would throw me somewhere and it would be all ghosts and then I would… after I would “die” in my dream cause a giant hulk gorilla would kill me I would wake up in this room with a m… lot of it either took place in SF/NY with childhood friends and random characters or in my nonnies’s old home or… dreams were so damn intense it took me like 15 mins to feel like I was in the right body and timeline. Sounds wi… @zumboblackheart :( I hope you get a break soon.Took a bike ride and there were so many people out; so now Im paranoid Im gonna die.In my future dream kitchen, there's a coffee station with a bunch of fancy coffee things. I miss making coffee as a… can’t wait till my cold roller gets sent out. I just gotta buy a serum or a nice night time moisturizer to use it…
Yea wtf why aren’t I rich!? @lushcosmetics Ahhh I’m so excited we have a beard oil!!! Def buying my boyfriend a couple while he’s got this quarantine beard going on. @arcticfoxcolor Blue!I’m really sad that I can’t hug my friend goodbye before she moves to Seattle in a couple days. We didn’t even get… @OJessicaNigri My Diablo 3 monk; it’s just sitting in my linen closet pinned together, calling to me. But I ignore…
The one thing I hate about vegan/vegetarian food, is I have to eat leftovers within a day or I food poison myself 😩… @cheyenneirl :((((((( I’m sorry.I had a ton of these as a kid! Mainly animal ones; my favorite was about bats. is doing ok today :) I think she likes the stormy weather.
@kateleth It feels like it’s been so much longer @gigacake @aquariustrashbb It is Your Name!! Its really good! Be prepared to cry though. @zumboblackheart So cute!!! Congrats on the kitty!! ^_^ @emmyloo03 She's been hiding recently in places and sleeping all day, my biggest fear is finding her dead. So to he… haven’t been that scared in a while. But now to calm my anxiety I’m gonna look up animal cpr just Incase I ever have to use it.Heard a crash in the bedroom, panicked, found Delilah laying in the floor eyes all open. I screamed cause I thought…
@LilPandaPunk YAHAHA! can curl my hair again! It’s been 5 years since I could do this. I only did most of the bottom before I grew bore… @spaghetti_parti Noooooo 😞 @hatlebee I was gonna say it was pretty cute he wanted the bird feed. That’s so cool tbh I’d probably peak my head… @punkship Is this why it was trending? Oh my god. @ambrgrconqueso Ah fuck. I’m sorry, sorry. @hatlebee That’s so wild!!!! @patwmayhem Perhaps, but even in Minecraft I’m horrible at buildingJust realizing when I went to target none of the employees had masks on. I’m hoping the company isn’t forcing that.… is feeling a little better :3 she licked her bowl clean and took her meds. @kateleth This makes me want to redo mine! You made yours look so pretty!!!I’m sorry for this string of sad tweets :/ I don’t wanna make anyone sad. I just need to vent my dumb thoughtsI just feel really sad for her today. She doesn’t seem comfortable, she just wants to lay under the window or under… poor little Delilah had to have a lot of her fur shaved off yesterday. She just seems so sad today :/ but she’s… @quirkydetective I haven’t seen that one but I hear it’s really heckin sad.
Your Name and Silent Voice made me sob. I really wanna watch Weathering with You. @spaghetti_parti I remember in high school we had to study Martin Luther and I had nightmares about hovering over hell a few times.Taking a smol break from legos only to landscape my island 😅😭 @ImBridiculous got me a Pixel Glaceon pillow. She knows me so well. I love you. 😍 @feminist_th0t I’m fucking hilariousLmao I slept through a big ass earthquake I guessWhen you can’t sleep and then you get hungry. How dare you body, what the hell?If I have learned anything today from legos, it’s that one mistake will fuck an hours worth of time. 😩 I’m so frust…