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love to everyone who has lost a mom to death or to estrangement borne of cruelty, to everyone who wants to be a mom…
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @socialistdogmom Lizzie McGuire’s mom was cool#母の日
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @MagicRealismBot @AshleyM00863895 is this you? @RedheadfromMars Once I get home tomorrow I’m going to watch this! I’ve been looking forward to it @DaxEbaben I’m into itFiiiine, put it in the cart 😒
Retweeted by jaime 😾The worst part is I have to ride another 3 hours in the car with my father on Monday to go home. So I just need to… @IwriteOK This is hilarious but he’s such a gross awful person. It’s conflicting 😂You ever see a guy’s sunglasses and you know right away he’s a libertarian
Retweeted by jaime 😾Speechless
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @BossRVA This is so sad omg @theneverseenkid She’s giving me Morticia Addams vibes and I love it! Shame on her principalIt’ll probably always be Harold and Maude. It’s my all time favorite movie. I would if everyone would watch it. It’… @_Shockaholic I really enjoyed it! @BossRVA I guess it’s hard for me to grasp how big space is if it’s taking this long to fall to earth
@KillerCritics Whenever I see someone is watching a great movie for the first time I get excited for them and jealo… @LovelyZena You are so gorgeous all the time 😭❤️❤️❤️ @julinthesoop @AlbertDesu Aww! Happy birthday @AlbertDesu!This family get together is all evangelical conservatives and some are anti maskers. I am literally hiding in room… owner on CNN complaining that he's going to have to provide health benefits to his staff.
Retweeted by jaime 😾Alright this family gathering is giving me so much anxiety. We were supposed to have 4 people and now there are lik… am I supposed to be worried about this rocket hitting me or what? No one knows where it will land? How far away is it?Lemme get this bird’s email for possible collab
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @TracedThurman This game looks really cool! @LovelyZena Right?! I can’t believe it! 😭 @BreRVA The first time I saw the box I only saw the “unwoke eggs” and I thought it was eggs from sleeping chickens like it was a new trend 😂My mom brought these eggs from some lady who takes one of her art classes. So I guess these chickens don’t get lu… @finity I should have asked you to begin with! How do I vote early?Is this the new thing now? Post a sign about how folks dont want to work your low paying job 😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by jaime 😾I like how freebies is in quotes bc unemployment and stimulus checks aren’t “freebies”. It’s literally the money ci…
Retweeted by jaime 😾What day is the Virginia Dem primary? Is it also on a Saturday? @the_con_cept @subpop @BobsBurgersFOX It is my favorite sort of Christmas song @GaylyDreadful I want to play so bad! This looks cool @GaylyDreadful Ahhh!!! I want to play this @pementelm Good lord! 😂I wish I was watching Mothman documentaries2 ska themed tweets lining up? I have weird vibes @TweetwoodMac_ @scottEmovienerd @scottEmovienerd Rape or sexual assault. I don’t always pass them up but I have to be in the right mind frame @videocoven Love this! @ears_of_steam I have told everyone about this!Family trip is going well. I had an edible and am watching a serial killer documentaryMy Granny was cold on the boat 😂 I’m really glad we’re on a trip together. She’s 96 so I don’t know how many more t…
@bradmiska @Saw How many of the old ones do we need to have seen to see this one? Cos I’ve seen the first 3.'Unknown' Psychological Horror Anthology Series Headed to Amazon
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @FreddyInSpace A little of both but it does get overwhelming @danirat I canceled 2 in person doctors appointments this week so I feel you (also I’m agoraphobic). Just take your…’m so glad it’s cooler weather here by the lake! Also I got put in a queen bed so I don’t have to suffer in a twin… @peak37pt @GaylyDreadful Which of you has a twitch I can watch?! I don’t have a PlayStation and my PC is broken so… @gorycoryhorror The dog thing is really upsetting in the context of the film but I still like the John Wick movies.…
@annasm1th @GoadGatsby I’ve tried doing that to his tweets but I don’t think it worked @BreRVA And he’s a doctor. Wtf. Why is he horrible? @BreRVA I just heard this on the news and immediately thought of you and how you’d be mad too. I don’t like this at allNortham is lifting ALL the restrictions?! Did he lose his doctor brain when becoming Governor? This is so wrong. I… @HauntedMeg This looks so cool!seeing white women feel empowered by hand maid's tale is such a peculiar experience. baby *you* are gilead.
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @conspiracyriot I have been there. That sucks. One time when they asked me to make up a story about a picture I sa… @LovelyZena It’s has Christopher Lee! It’s called The Devil Rides Out in the USi love when i’m not awake
Retweeted by jaime 😾📣 ahem, we have an announcement! 📣 We are launching a podcast network to elevate even more voices in horror (pun i…
Retweeted by jaime 😾I made it here. Just me and my dad so far. It’s pretty. And thank god I have cell service and wifi. Being out in th… @LovelyZena It’s 68 but it’s a gem @LovelyZena Yesssss @scottEmovienerd @FreddyInSpace This is the best news of the day! @johnweakley OMFG I saw that too on mine and it cracked me up but also reminded me that I could be a mom of many ki… @ReelBrew I can’t wait to find people playing so I can watch 😆 @3StripeStrife I don’t know if it’s unfounded. Being around my family makes me anxious anyway. My dad is still mad… @rvacrb: around 110 complaints against RPD officers last year, with 80% of those complaints being “serious misconduct”
Retweeted by jaime 😾I did a tarot card pull to see what my family trip would be like and this was not what I wanted at all. I wanted a… hate this. Why can’t I just enjoy things? Do other people have this much anxiety when preparing for a family trip… am I going to talk to my dad about for 3 hours in the car tomorrow? @ReelBrew This is the struggle @WeAreHorrorZine JUST got off the phone with @Colette4rva to follow up on my request to meet with the cop who MURDERED my brother…
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @ReelBrew This definitely sounds like my senior year of high schoolPeople that have been waiting months to be vaccinated b/c the vaccination sites have not been accessible were able…
Retweeted by jaime 😾 @brofromanother A Serbian Film. It’s over the top evil and wrong and I can’t erase it from my brain.
TMac is sending out automated DMs if you comment on his FB posts. Trash. 🙄 I wonder how much he has to pay people to be in his campaign ads.Let’s go girls 🐢 @KillerCritics It’s such a beautiful movie.Yessss!!! @briasoboojie @izzythealpaca @carolineee1108 Oooooh! I love all of these theories! @scmwxo YES! This is what I think tooCruel Summer, on Freeform, is a tantalizing teen mystery-- well-written, well-acted, and a real mystery. I'm enjoying it immensely.
Retweeted by jaime 😾I am screaming! This is EXACTLY who I wanted to win! I’m so happy! #TheCircleNetflixChloe is so freaking adorable. And DeLeesa looks gorgeous omg #TheCircleNetflix @AndrewNBC12 I’m so sad! @vincentdonofrio @ManMadeMoon Yes! Thank you Vincent! Totally agree @FANGORIA How do you pick just one?! One Cut of the Dead has to be included. @Casey_Haunter I love it! @BossRVA So that’s why they did the fireworks? Cos it was the first? I don’t live near there anymore but I remember that sound!My room is too stuffy so I’m sleeping on the couch. I dislike the warm season @joshruben @_Shockaholic @80sHorrorDoc @theheadknight @LovelyZena @videocoven @ryanlarson @BobbyTorrez’s been 4 hours since I found out they took the zombie dong out of Army of the Dead and I’m still mad about it. T… @GaylyDreadful So I guess you’re not sleeping lol*screams in Romero* @KillerCritics @Shudder I’m going to the woods this weekend so obviously I need to watch this before I leaveCowards.
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