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old man startin fresh

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@dxglan I’ll delete this outta respect for ur operation once u start manipulating peopleur not “investing” bro ur involved in a pyramid schemegonna go lay in my shower like a beached whale be back laterwatching the sun rise as another day begins without my permission. i am absolutely livid. my lawyers will be in touchif ur still up: to spit some ice cold game at these catfish accounts in my dms. gonna fly out whoever behind them idc @xdnuggetlol it’s out of my hands @1kgrizzy honestly feel better just knowing he’s on standby @1kgrizzy blessed af @1kgrizzy my bad @sorry2flex the goat @ohhyeahno my bad I’m just using twitter @ohhyeahno no I’m about to put my meat in a coma @bootymelons got the chopper on the ceilinganother Friday night for the books @theMvgick 🔥 @toonick_ lmao go eat cyndaquil ass @sluggski must’ve been smoking rock with Brock in Boulder City @amiracle217 I’m surprised so many ppl so far knew the original starters after all these years @DAQUANILLAS_ that water weakness come in handy against onyx for that boulder badgefuck a zodiac sign. did u pick bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander @lolYisus 🤝 @ChrisStanAcc together we will rise again like twin phoenixs my brother @notzuunk hey @sabpie_ all those numbers after her @ name but none of mine in her phone smh @ChrisStanAcc true passion flows within @FuckitupCz society decided to take something beautiful and make it ugly @amiracle217 @FilthyFranku_ I’m not banned lmfso this is on this account @amiracle217 @FilthyFranku_ the other 120k are on their way bro I swear @SmokeRuntz I’m a hack @SmokeRuntz LMFAO
@optiuh just not the type of guy I amI’m not a bartender at Applebee’s @SadVictordaS I did both @RellyCooper just stand up straight you’ll be fineRuss make music for mfs who hold their nose when they jump in the pool @steezups im post up in the corner in case somebody tags me in @postedinthecrib go hubie go @no9mi I saw these mfs on planet earth they’re a rare monkey that only lives in one small region in the Chinese mountains @BakeHatesItHere “what’s the point this is never gonna end” @BakeHatesItHere self reflection @no9mi been there @sxoxo been there @shzorber when the shot zoom out and u realize it’s two dudes but u already there so u might as well dance @j9qqa grand slampost nut clarity so strong I closed pornhub and started writing a bucket list @woonderwaffe nice. We’d be saving lives and creating jobsanother day alive without my consent @m444p_ depends on who u ask @Whyolent so? @lickyonmeblicky thank u @notchaselyons catch u on the flip side @ohhyeahno Righteous @mhrisc exactly. mfs can’t just be grateful @GRIM__97 I been on here for so long and gained and lost so many followers and accounts its easier to just not worr… @GRIM__97 idk what these mfs like anymore still love Em tho @trentnxon the world will never know @lickyonmeblicky nah I’mma prob start flying tho @condiegov I hope so I didn’t enjoy tweeting thisbout to pop an adderall and walk around my neighborhood like the terminator listening to JUICE WRLD @Kinnon_22 you can watch this video 1000 times and find some new detail in it to make u appreciate it all over againbringing this piece of history back from summer 16 @postedinthecrib u dropped it here @BakeHatesItHere I knew that already @_twheel_ I’ll live @bocxtop gonna google proletariat rn @Nor_rad Ppl really think I’m upset lmfao I was playing along @JoeGoldberg000 I knew I shouldn’t have asked @optiuh ur on thin ice
@TristanGHill oh u meant underground @PULPMMJ not yet @bocxtop I got no idea what any of this means but I still knew it was fire when I read it @xannabanana97 nobody successful gives away the secret to their wealth bc if it really worked for them they wouldn’… @Brace_YouSelf I’ll take it @bigracks LMAO @destinyisbright hi sleepy Fiona @SmokeRuntz LMFAO @optiuh kill it god kill it @thestarrphire @lickyonmeblicky you win @DakDeMarco that was quick @optiuh Lmfao I just had to double check before that man ur catching up to me @Jayd3o3 @dixiedamelio good work @lickyonmeblicky I hope it’s a joke if anyone else did this it would be a disasterLMFAOOOOOOOOO @goodbeanaltalt grand slam @pker_6 [redacted] @kiqzhxr No @stressedistress not their fault it was just my time to be humbled @stressedistress kids asked me why I wore the same thing everyday in class and I just pretended to be paying attent… @bexrzishere I never stood a chance @thestorysofarii yea tbh in smell doses it’s not that serious to me it’s just nasty when it’s on someone’s breath or hotboxed in a room @MrVito04 that’s just mouthwash i need to scrub my shit @stressedistress scrub everything out I want to start a new game @MrVito04 u got the wrong guy Chiefcigarettes don’t make u “edgy” they make u “smell like shit” @mcneemem strictly igneous my g @mcneemem I smoke rock @pepperonicowboi basically