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@everythinngoes @papermagazine @Line_Reader This is an unprovoked attackWe love to see it!! 👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥 is more emotional intelligence in this child than a grown man. Man I hope things get easier for kids ☹️😭 @JamillaTweets Sending love xx @bronzebygold @emma_a_paterson @SharLovegrove @epwa66 @natalie350 @BibiBakareyusuf @mireillecharper @MerkyBooks excited to be introducing ✨BAE – a community for Black agents and editors✨ We will be providing advice and men…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not here @zoyarsheikh YESS YOU DID IT!! 🔥👏🏼 @RayReadsaLot I only read well written fic. I’m a snob and I know it but I can’t read bad writing!!I’m going to speak it into existence - I will write a feature about BTS in some which way this year. I will. I must… @RayReadsaLot Yeah we probably read dif things ! And yes I have so many downloaded. They are somehow easier to ge though than books!Boris cut his hair, he doesn’t look as crazy now. Also someone tells Boris there is no going back to “normal” and… @RayReadsaLot Are we the same person?!👀 @RayReadsaLot I love downloading them! And I love re reading good fics. Isn’t fanfic just the most wonderful thing ever!!!!Honestly seeing others thrive makes me so happy. Mashallah to you all!! 👏🏼 @ikramthe1st Mashallah!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @sadiamaqsood Also to add to it I’m asthmatic and travelling without insurance makes me too anxious. I just want to… @davidowenauthor Thanks haha! I wonder if I could achieve this with non-fanfic. I want to disclaimer that it was BT… @RayReadsaLot I dislike fics shorter than 100k, like what's the point!? Most the fics I end up being obsessed with… @davidowenauthor I didn't sleep and I'm a fast reader and I shipped the ship so yes I read it in 6 hours. I have an obsession, I know. @davidowenauthor As me how long it took? It took 6 hours. Did I sleep? No. Do I have regrets? No. @weinnister Trains or local parks it is! Lol or a virtual holiday 😂 health over everything though!We've had so many cool authors on our student-created #podcast Booklings Chat like @aishabushby @LondonBessie
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not here @Sarah_May1 @ninadouglas I don't drive but health before everything so trips to the local park will have to get me… @samatlounge Trains rather than planes might make that my slogan for the remainder of the year tbh! @ninadouglas Same... but also will we ever be able to travel confidently. Maybe like just a trip somewhere close. I…'m serious people. Can I go on holiday I run away to somewhere - will it ever be safe again? :( @chs_ms Don't leave without me. We must escape together. @chs_ms I just need like 12 hours away from this island. Please. I might do some research.Is cancel culture real?
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereYou guys. Do you reccomend I book a short trip to somewhere in Europe? Are people doing holidays? Is that a thing?… @Line_Reader Thanks 🥺 @AitchLove Replied xxI just read a fanfiction that is this many words long: 410,772.Wait the flower on LY album was the flow Jin had? I - why does BU throw me again and again. I have no idea what’s going on. @Nicola_Slawson Yayyyyy @Louiestowell The dedication, the petty was. I stan the Internet this Friday morning.Lols I get heartbroken over the most basic shit. Honestly.For transparency I would like to state that both @Line_Reader and me haven’t slept. At all. I think she’s lost it.…’m listening to @Line_Reader voicenote and - I sort of was passively listening - & my brain tuned back in when she… does nobody actually talk about where cancel culture started & how it’s not a real thing for these white people…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereCancel culture was a way for the Black community to boycott / hold power over a person when they didn’t have power…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not here @Louiestowell Louie. New profile pic.
@FaimaBakar Oh no sis I hope you are okay ☹️ sending love xxIs cancel culture real? @seramilano Yes! I read a few things on it but this article helped: @seramilano Oh, that's a good take! I find is frustrating that this comes down to people willing to have an opinion… replace references to “cancel” with “criticise” and the power dynamic becomes clear. “I can’t speak out now b…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not here @seramilano Oh hello! It's the night time club member! haha Yes - I don't have the energy for people who claim th… @griffski @bradmondonyc He is very endearing! He literally just makes me happy when he does the commentary on each video! ❤️Watching @bradmondonyc hairdresser reacts videos is my happy place kbye. @fatimafarha_ I am going to be so sad when one of them goes to the army ☹️ @fatimafarha_ I do this even when they perform sometimes. Lol Namjoon even does this and he's a part of BTS. LolsIt must be fun to be powerful and privileged and have to MAKE UP problems for yourself that don’t exist whilst the… @samatlounge 😮I just realised that @canongatebooks has the same logo as @BTS_twt and my mind just exploded. @fatimamoosa17 twitter won’t let me see your tweets it keeps saying it’s sensitive or something 🤷🏼‍♀️People without power can’t in itself “cancel” anyone. What they can do is take themselves out of the narrative /… likes of J K Rowling it Margaret Atwood bemoaning / shaming cancel culture shows that as White women with power… understanding of cancel culture is that it’s an act of self preservation and power for those made voiceless / la… think it’s important to acknowledge where the idea of cancelling something / someone comes from. It isn’t as it… culture was a way for the Black community to boycott / hold power over a person when they didn’t have power… does nobody actually talk about where cancel culture started & how it’s not a real thing for these white people… @samatlounge Of course it sold millions would there be any doubt?! RM (the leader) loves reading btw! I like your dream, I want it - jel! 😔 @MacyScheldberg @pibbXredvines @Lin_Manuel @K_Anye23 Oh, sure, sir. I’m Alexander Hamilton, I’m at your service, sir. @OT7wrecked @soobinlovbot @jazzbartlett
@YasminwithanE @aishabushby @seramilano I've been using tik tok as a form of escape too! I hide the app in the fold… @aishabushby @seramilano @YasminwithanE Got any fun plans for the night that is our day? I was going to get ahead o… @YasminwithanE @aishabushby @seramilano Oh hello, I see it's the usual crowd. I took a few days offline and now i'm… am always tired, and never sleeping.
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereHappy BTS ARMY Day everyone! @vantektl @Line_Reader 😭 @Line_Reader @Azhagiiii it was revenge for the drama, we can be even nowIM SCREAMING @Line_Reader @Azhagiiii @Line_Reader
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We're delighted to share details of our latest call-out. We are looking for original, new writing for children (9+…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereThe Good Literary Agency is currently hiring for three jobs: literary agent, assistant, and submissions coordinator
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereUnagented UK writers of colour: if you're not sure exactly what a literary agent does, why you need/how to approach…
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@ProfSunnySingh Haha it was fun to write! Something different! ❤️'From the Trump rally to Black Lives Matter, the world is finally waking up to the political power of K-Pop fans.'…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not here @issadailyshit @Lin_Manuel And the autonomy she has over the narrative - of here won especially - I wonder if that… @issadailyshit @Lin_Manuel When Eliza sings burn that got me too. But when Philip dies it’s heartbreaking. Eliza goes through so much. 😭 @Zehra_Zaidi @marymood @ProfSunnySingh @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed Who is Abdul? The man with no probelms who is looking for problems? @ProfSunnySingh @marymood @Zehra_Zaidi @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed Omg 😍 so pretty!!! @issadailyshit I’m still 😭😭😭😭😭 @marymood @ProfSunnySingh @Zehra_Zaidi @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed I wear a scarf I don’t know why I was making my… @marymood @ProfSunnySingh @Zehra_Zaidi @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed Seconded!!! @marymood @ProfSunnySingh @Zehra_Zaidi @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed Don’t know if I mentioned it but I chopped my h…’m listening to “It’s Quiet Uptown” from #Hamilton and I’m 😭😭 @ProfSunnySingh @marymood @Zehra_Zaidi @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed SAME! @marymood @Zehra_Zaidi @Abdulhamied_AA @AkeelaAhmed @ProfSunnySingh Men literally have to make up issues that’s how…
@kelechnekoff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Alright. I’ve been avoiding it but let’s do a list of UKYA books by UK PoC. 1. British PoC writers 2. First publi…
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What are some of your favourite freelancer communities? Eg on Slack/FB etc. I'm putting together a roundup for my n…
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereJust finished watching Hamilton on Disney+ and I remember why I was obsessed with it now. Thank you @Lin_Manuel. ❤️ is 😭😭😭 so good 😭😭😭 I love @Lin_Manuel’s brain for making thisWATCHING HAMILTON WITH MY SISTERS'I stuck my foot in the door': what it is like to be black in UK publishing. Great piece by ⁦@graceshutti⁩
Retweeted by mariam⁷ is not hereall I want is for every writer I admire to make a liveable wage doing their best work for stable publications, led…
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