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The chillest stream so far just buildin talking about anime and shit
NΣΣT’S #MECHAMONDAY GUNPLA BUILD STREAM IS LIVE IN 10 MINUTES @MoonJoonYoung Truuu @SpriteFox @leafeonsalad YoCan we make this work? 🥺🥺
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Retweeted by NΣΣTT @whysotsunalley 😂😂😂 @jakemilliner You’re welcome @MoonJoonYoung Bro the builds some people so especially with custom paint jobs are nuts @PaperLOL Cool might have to check it out @gabelariza SAND INTENSIFIES guess this answers your question @gabelariza hahaSetting up for Gunpla stream ☺️ Live at 6pm MST @ldrethegiant SECRET TUNNEL @MoonJoonYoung It’s a fun hobby! @PaperLOL What game is this @OfficialG4tv @GenshinImpact If they make one of Razor or Ning I’m sold hahaAs soon as @GenshinImpact releases them character figures and statues tho👏💸 video will forever be funny asf 🤣
Retweeted by NΣΣT @sonicx161 I’m going to hell bro I laughed @TremiRodomi @jakemilliner This is fucking beautiful broIdeas
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Retweeted by NΣΣT @hhazelboyy @nos_junk_music @henologist I’m fuckin coppin this shit @officialpixelon Maybe earlier idk yet @officialpixelon 6 ish probs @simoncressmusic 😤😤😤😤 @gabelariza You will find out if you tune in to the stream 👀Today after months of procrastinating I will build a gunpla.I got a ring light and it makes me feel pretty
Retweeted by NΣΣTHow can anime be real if our eyes aren’t real
Retweeted by NΣΣTmy first pocket operator is here...
Retweeted by NΣΣT @be_rad_ly Ayyy, it’s this calculator man it nuts haha. I’m glad you dig it bro 😭 @88kusha Bro thank you, listening to it now it lowkey reminds me of Arctic Monkeys or sumSampled the Noragami OP on the PO-33 K.O! The NΣΣT pocket beat saga continues. Honestly this thing got me thinkin… morning, friendly reminder to not be this guy. should read this. like your cut Ehe
Retweeted by NΣΣT @NewnCry Depends how much you know! It’s a sampler tho so you can sample p much anything, there’s even a built in microphone!
I think we’re really on to something compression actually made this video 10x cooler imo @Bohkeh Bohkeh why it take you so long to notice me @tvguy__ It’s fun af dude still got a lot to learn but it’s nutty! @TheSenpaiDavidL YEEEEHere’s my first pocket beat sampling gunsmith cats on the PO-33 K.O! ...I’m actually in love with this thing. @MrChatchito Without your brain what would your hands do. Nothing. Hands are irrelevant only brain exists.Good morning have an idea for an online streaming service but only people who never leave their rooms can watch it. You only p… Kaiba has the same voice actor as Brock seriously took me 20 years after watching this video like wait a minute… alone... in my own... little chair
Retweeted by NΣΣTI like to feel and think that I don’t care most of the time but it gets to me sometimes
Retweeted by NΣΣT文化祭の準備期間はパンチラ天国!?
Retweeted by NΣΣTone day... I will work on something for nike. If the universe allows me.
Retweeted by NΣΣT @theF1G @JustSayuCos That FRS tho...i'm sorry but if you physically abuse a woman you deserve to rot in hell
Retweeted by NΣΣTwhy am i more attracted to anime characters than humans
Retweeted by NΣΣTElectro Hypostasis does not dream of 24/7 lofi beats to relax/study to @Rameowrez Looking through my shit tryna find AAAs 😂😂😂 first pocket operator is here... @rhythmLP @MoonJoonYoung I got it on a whim during prime day, I literally just got it and it works so I guess it’s a yes, but… @PaperLOL 𝓘’𝓶 𝓪 𝓼𝔀𝓪𝓷How can anime be real if our eyes aren’t real got a ring light and it makes me feel pretty
Is it safe to tweet or are the hackers still here
Retweeted by NΣΣT @officialpixelon sameP sure my account got hackedDope stream, wolf boss is actually hard af tho. Thanks for tuning in!Breath of the Waifus
Figured out how to share my DAW audio so I’m gonna stream music production for a while until Genshin tonight… @dnz_media Yesbeen making little loops based on some thoughts I’ve been having lately.
Retweeted by NΣΣT @BluFeelin I ALWAYS FORGETTrust nobody not even yourself
Retweeted by NΣΣTfalse im the real miles
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@Zeodyne Holy shitgoonin impact
Retweeted by NΣΣTcan we stop judging artists on the type of art they create and just appreciate the fact that all of them are insane…
Retweeted by NΣΣTHe’s enjoying candy corn with his pumpkin friends
Retweeted by NΣΣTTwitter users when their favorite artist posts art.
Retweeted by NΣΣT @39daph Edge @skydoki Skydoki!! 🎉🎉 @skydoki Happy birthday skydiving!!!I almost forgot about this but then my brother reminded me. Actually got some decent cards from the dollar store wh… much thought I have come to the conclusion that RGB LED lights are no longer cool. A decade from now we will… @seabaud 😧This is what I mentioned earlier on stream. This leaves me thinking that you could pretty much use any vst, would b…ΣΣTORIAL OBS Edition In this 2torial: OBS 26.0.2 has a new Noise Suppressor and it's really good. Also, if you di…
Retweeted by NΣΣTThinking how much of a stat boost this will give me for tuning in to the stream! The new reverb plugin was a big success 😤
BREATH OF THE WAIFUS is just a chubby little guy
Retweeted by NΣΣT @Empty4Space I gotchu famNΣΣTORIAL OBS Edition In this 2torial: OBS 26.0.2 has a new Noise Suppressor and it's really good. Also, if you di…
@eleviisa Thank you!!!