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i haven’t had the patience to really sit down and do my makeup since this pandemic started but i’m going to try today 🥺why are abc family shows like thtme vs my dogs separation anxietypls if u are not in my life n we don’t talk on a regular basis u do not know me! if you knew me 6 months ago u do n…
Retweeted by chloeif anyone needs me i’ll be getting some ribs removed
rent free. happy birthday legend
Retweeted by chloeDoes anyone need a binder??? I have two that I would like to give away and I keep forgetting to post about it. DM m…
Retweeted by chloethank u animal crossing for keeping us all afloat this year @spellxcaster sending hugs n love @thestorysomar bless @countryb1lly iconiclast year i was sent the same pair of doc martens twice and i returned one pair and got a refund so i basically got them for free @ickobel o i am type of thing happens to me a lot and idk why or how lolFOUR big bath and body works candles showed up on my doorstep today with my name and address on the package over th… @lil__benadryl ITS ON DISNEY+ @lil__benadryl I JUET LOOKED IT UO AND OMG BRENDA SONG WAS IN IT WOW ITS ALL COMING BSCK TO ME @lil__benadryl SO FUCKING GOOD I MISS ITis there a disney channel movie where taran killam plays a big pop star or was that a fever dream
Retweeted by chloe @vieraralyn 🥺🖤i am very bad at replyjng to compliments and i hate myself for itme age 14: man i wish i had that💔
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@fullofbugss i’m blushing @kikosdream i send u kissesCutest
Retweeted by chloe @skyeaxe stop i’m 🥺👉👈 @xNataliaRosex @SeeingSage ksksksks stop @antiiiangel i adore uidk what i’m doing in this
Retweeted by chloei’ve pretty much given up on wearing foundation and i feel so free @rosyghoul always felt connected to u as a taurus but now it’s strongerYou in his DMs but we sleep like this every night
Retweeted by chloe @sandiacontajin what does it feel like being the love of my life @PINNACL3S omg sh gimme kiss @bbloodflowrs we love u @PINNACL3S 🥺🖤 hi angelomg I’m in love
Retweeted by chloegoodnight from my undertiddy start rollerskating in my apartment my neighbors r about to hate me @PINNACL3S it’s rlly hard bc they get off on responses but also deserve to be shut down properly? i always struggle with that partnah i’ll keep telling reply guys when they’re being weird can we stop normalizing their creep ass behavior lol @Jebebediah well i took this picture along with some others that i’ve posted so? maybe that’s why but also this comment is weird lol @M0GWAI ily ur an angel @kikosdream serving u preschool teacher realness @adoredcherie omg the whole midsection this is why i love u🌚 @d3monlord27 @kikosdream 🥺💗me n @SeeingSage took some super cute pics together a couple weeks ago, subscribe to both of our onlyfans to see mo… @kikosdream oop @pobreciiita i watched the entire series last night hehe @smith_jameoo click the link @himynameisoat hi ✨i told kiko we could watch a movie like an hour ago but i’m still sitting on my kitchen floor scrolling through onl… yes
Retweeted by chloe @kikosdream how about tonight @kikosdream fax @kikosdream 🌚 @ghoulangel_ KSKSK I LOVE U SM @evildildos ilukinda dumb how many people have given me shit for watching tv constantly when it helps my anxiety smtook my acrylics off who wants to get fingerblasted
rlly love having a big empty parking garage to skate around inok no more treating myself this year lolME ME ME
Retweeted by chloeim crying because henry and pickle are best friends n like how does that even happengoodmorning !
If my girlfriend told me to act straight this is what I would wear too
Retweeted by chloefuck’ve been so lazy about my appearance but i am ready to try again“How did you know I’m a Taurus?”
Retweeted by chloethe key to a healthy relationship is for only one of you to have twitter
Retweeted by chloe @vieraralyn ilyi’m not emotionally stable enough to watch where the wild things are but i’m going to anyways
i want blue hair but also i don’tif you see a girl having a breakdown on the tl and later that day they post a thirst trap you are morally obligated to give it a like
Retweeted by chloe @iC4TGIRL this is a cry for helpyou don’t have to tell me if you ever think of me @sallivisalli14 omg that would b so perfect @cIassifiedrage friend hehenot me crying to landslide again @M0GWAI lets gooooo ! @kikosdream hulu :):) if u need a log in i got u @vuIpx so down 🥺 @kikosdream yAy plssomeone watch the kristen stewart movie with me dear god pleasei get so fucking nauseous every time i eat i’m over thisSo much of women asking for relationship advice amounts to “how do I make this man care that he hurt me” and it makes me pretty sad
Retweeted by chloejust spent an hour making this
Retweeted by chloe @dumbhouseplant @kikosdream exactly :/ i expect this from others sadly but coming from such a self empowered sex wo… @kikosdream whenever i see a sex worker body shaming i am so humiliated for them bc we all get body shamed no matte… @kikosdream yuppp lol @kikosdream especially from a sex worker?studio ghibli magazine covers
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