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New Yorker in a number of senses | trying vainly 2 stick 2 food | I will give you $5 if you recognize my header photo | she/her

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I hung out with Haim on the last day both the band and I were in Manhattan before the pandemic hit; then checked in…
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @ianfroeb They’re nightmare people @_olabimpe lol happy to help :)“Gulab” has Persian roots and means “rose water”; as it entered the Latin vocabulary, over time and distance, it lo… the word “julep” (e.g. “mint julep” and the word “gulab” (e.g. “gulab jamun”) are the same word!“The market will regulate itself!” The market:
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @proseb4bros Happiest!Don’t Fall For The 'Cancel Culture' Scam - I’ve been waiting for ⁦@RottenInDenmark⁩ to weigh in on this.
Retweeted by Helen RosnerThis virality is super exciting for my not-on-twitter friend, so if you see this tweet show up on a meme account or…
For the rest of my life whenever anyone is handed a note in a film or in a major press conference, whether it is Ha…
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @mccanner YES @clusterx2 😍 @maureenjohnson On brand for u @tess_ashpool Same basic idea @SafyHallanFarah @ElectricLit PicsHey. If you're into copy editing, please reach out. My DMs are open and I'd love to hear from you. If you're into…
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @mkonnikova All are welcome at Helen’s LA County Goat Farm @mollypriddy @ElectricLit You’ve been radicalized so you’re moving to the west coast to study the blade @mollypriddy @ElectricLit No you made the same mistake I did at first! you picked C D and E for columns C D and E @Jesselansner !!!My friend’s daughter just entered his home workspace and wordlessly handed this note to him while he was on a confe… York taught me imagination and how to cry in public, but now that I have been radicalized, it’s time to move to… thread, the exquisite wisdom of @iSmashFizzle, my god @GeekMelange I think this is what people mean by “take a photo, it’ll last longer” 🙃 @GeekMelange There’s so much *emotion* that the lip brings out in this look, I love it on youone of my favorite summertime things is when you slice kernels of corn off the cob and they stick together to form…
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@juliabainbridge !!!!!
@laurenwilliams ♥️♥️♥️Proof that Twitter is not real life: In real life, I'm the EIC of Vox and the fucking boss. I don't tweet, so folks…
Retweeted by Helen RosnerFor like a century, corporate media decided who got “cancelled” & often the people didn’t even do anything wrong (S…
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@emilyvdw ♥️♥️♥️Are you actually being canceled or can you just not keep up?
Retweeted by Helen RosnerTony Furniture’s Frankenstein
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @fuggirls @thebestjasmine Aaaaaaaaahhhthis is a good day to read/reread this excellent piece
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @ArielDumas the best part is im not even sure which of the many things this is referring to @BrandyLJensen Why is Twitter Tumblr nowRead @irenethesupreme on immigrant-owned corner stores' efforts following George Floyd's death…
Retweeted by Helen Rosner“An ecotone may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of the two communities across a broad area, or it may ma…’ve been reading about frogs (long story) and came across this concept, which I offer freely to anyone in need of… SHIT CO-SIGN have no doubt that at least a few of the letter’s signers genuinely think they‘re standing up for open discourse… activists’ insidous self-positioning as victims of speech suppression is way more of a threat to discour… @Cumzilla420 Probably!!!Bingo would debate some random internet screambaby if & only if they agreed to a definition of terms first, maybe, maaa… that email did not find me well AT ALL
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @therealfitz @aussiastronomer @debcha @MaryRobinette @Astro_Cady @sammusmusic @heather_berlin @CoralSci my goodness @agnesbartonsabo I adore you 8 months ago, I got a handwritten letter through the mail on a blank piece of paper with one sentence: "File…
Retweeted by Helen RosnerI wrote about the clarifying power of reframing "tech vs. journalism" as "managers vs. employees" -- and how Twitte…
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@chasepurdy Omg @AlisonLeiby Oh hell yes I fuckin love a smoked trout dipI'm very mad this piece is proving to be evergreen!!!!!
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @AlisonLeiby tell me more about “fish dip”1/ There’s no reason to support the @Uber-@Postmates merger. Both companies’ business models are built on exploit…
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Retweeted by Helen RosnerI would watch/read/listen to/attend anything created by or even about Michaela Coel because she is the most exciti…
Retweeted by Helen RosnerIt’s kind of weird that we call it “speaking out” when so often it’s screaming at the top of one’s lungs until the… extraordinary bravery of speaking out against family, church, and power Today I am pleased to announce the formation of the Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling (…
Retweeted by Helen RosnerMY LATEST FOR @LATIMES FOOD: Enchiladas. South Carolina. Jalisco. Jealous husband. Cockfighting. A $40,000 Toyota T…
Retweeted by Helen RosnerHonestly fuck Kanye West and fuck jk Rowling... cancel rent, abolish cops, tell everyone to stay the fuck home, fre…
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Wow @tatyanacturner brings the hammer down on Atlas Restaurants in this richly reported story. Welcome to Baltimore!
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Retweeted by Helen RosnerThis is an *amazing* thread Welsh have a word for the unattainable yearning you feel for a place that no longer exists, or to which you can…
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @cejarvis omg @SafyHallanFarah Now I’m crying stop it @tkretchmar @J_Zuckerman Take off any veg (if there was any veg) and freeze tightly it in plastic wrap inside a zip… algo has made my timeline ENTIRELY @SafyHallanFarah and I am NOT madWe tracked a 4th of July BBQ from farm to plate and found a system that exposed thousands to the coronavirus. Accor…
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The Six Grandfathers, as they were:
Retweeted by Helen RosnerNot only was this a great rebuttal to gender essentialism/cisnormativity but if @Glamrou would’ve been my physics p…
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Retweeted by Helen Rosner @SeanLavery Noooootiny AND toony? ALL a little looney? in this economy????
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@lucaspeterson Thank you for writing this ♥️An excellent thread @jbouie Yesssss
@afrosypaella ♥️ @maureenjohnson @rebeccamakkai yes.Rachel's testimony is heartbreaking; I stand with her and support her. "Who are we making bigger right now?" is the…
Retweeted by Helen Rosner @EmilyGould Oh YES I’m obsessed with these @rebeccamakkai I regret this @rebeccamakkai Could be tighter @rachelkhong ♥️♥️♥️Update: I was fired for this post.
Retweeted by Helen Rosner“American animation, populated by sentient foodstuffs and puttied humanoids, has often been considered exempt from… @aetataureate I would be!!!For the other ~460 rank-and-file journalists who work here, which includes our great food journalists who bravely s…
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a letter from an incarcerated child.
Retweeted by Helen RosnerI wrote about falling ill with COVID-19 in March (which was profoundly awful) and why I'm not dining out right now,…
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