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@addyosmani BTW, bummed and distraught we never got to chat! @addyosmani @n8Schloss @fb_engineering ahhh. See, that's the difference b/w us Addy. My lack of disciplined would h… @mcmillanstu ya. I'm thinking of going into some more detailed, w/ greater safety measures. I mean, I've had no iss… 2TB ext ssd is just under $500. 😲What's really going on here? Are The Sopranos in the ext SSD HD business?My external back up HD is making that sound like it needs to be oiled/spray of WD40. 😖. Anyone out here own an ext… @g33konaut @WillKennard @igrigorik @jonoalderson cool! Need to ask smart ppl. Thanks Martin, and welcome to the East Coast! ;) @addyosmani @n8Schloss @fb_engineering Which brings me to my last point, a little surprised I didn't hear any menti… @addyosmani @n8Schloss Which is why this YEAR CLASS lib @fb_engineering uses was fascinating. See Eli Ganim speak o… @addyosmani furthering this adaptive loading around hardware, + what @n8Schloss was talking about: 2019 low end pho… @derSchepp @addyosmani @rponline oooff! Such crossroads! @g33konaut @WillKennard @igrigorik @jonoalderson Hello Googlers! I have a possibly loosely related q?: 🔸 a Googleb… @addyosmani the power of the Net Info API should be explored more IMHO (but support 😕). Although I do realize that… the adaptive loading talk from @addyosmani + Nate (last RT). Had a small moment of validation as I’ve been d… my flight home, I was rewatching a bunch of the #ChromeDevSummit talks (hello YouTube PREMIUM, offline vids,… @MylesBorins @cramforce Ha. You gents don’t recall when this 1st launched? Was thinking about it all last night. Might tweet about it.✨ Our talk on delivering the best UX for a user's hardware & network is up! We cover Adap…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @getify @tkadlec @perfnowconf Right? titles are so underrated!ℹ️ FYI: for those attending the @JAMstackTORONTO 04 meetup tonight, do recall you have until 4.03 pm to RSVP (you k… @getify I’m predicting this was the cost of the maxed out RAM and SSD. Soldered ram isn’t cheap + high volume SSDs… @swyx #devsWhoRun == couchCutting... and @shortdiv was 100% correct. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a long stretch away. So comfy, lik… morning DOMI could not be more excited with what we @imgix will be rolling out over the next few months! We have a new beta ou…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @benschwarz Short but delightful catchup. Safe travels and we speak soon again.Had a lot of fun giving my talk about @____lighthouse custom audits yesterday in @LDNWebPerf So nice meetup and fri…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @tracymiranda Link to conf? Thx ! @kosamari @jaffathecake @DasSurma @aerotwist This was such fun to watch. Awesome work btw Mariko! A total labor of 💕 @charlottemnurse @totechgivesback Interesting. Who were the newcomers?Felt cute, might delete later. (Thanks y’all who tuned into Chrome Dev Summit ... and let us do our nonsense 😛)
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @ayna_nufi @SlexAxton 😯. Prob DVORAK KB and left clicking for contextual menus too. 🔪 🔪 @brucel 🎂! @shortdiv 🙋🏾‍♂️ @tkadlec @perfnowconf DECK REVEAL. 🙌🏾. This is awesome + I love donuts. That’s like showing off new season unis. Lo… fun putting together one of my more technical talks in awhile. Can't wait until next week's @perfnowconf and…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @djirdehh @reactjs LET’S GO!🚀 Almost a year in the making! 🏠 I’m so happy to announce we’re releasing Part I of our fullstack @reactjs master…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️Web Workers are something a lot of webapps can benefit from. 🙏 Low end devices can take advantage of their other c…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @swyx @NoCodeConf Curious what happens when they fill up. @lavie_encode @AmiEzraScott @CodeNewbies Besides, the research shows that assistive tech/features (like captions) a… @lavie_encode @AmiEzraScott @CodeNewbies Hmm. This is super interesting as anything education related should be acc… @coffeecraftcode @CodeNewbies Many have different learning styles, just like instructors also have teaching styles.… @BekahHW @CodeNewbies very good point. Which is why I look for/inquire about dates, just like when researching - I… @webtw @HTTPArchive @reneesoffice @iAlbMedina WP certainly has its share of challenges. This is a thread dating fro… @CodeNewbies 😇😉 @CodeNewbies A1. Reputation. In the sea of courses out there, there’s nothing better than a course that ppl have co… @toddlibby You’re super welcome! Keep us posted. #devsWhoRun @toddlibby that's amazing! congrats! It's about taking your time. There's nothing wrong w/ slow + steady. a few tim… ran for the first time on a treadmill today. It was the first time I had run a long distance (½ mile) since high…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️ @missmatsuko for sure. but s/w has been part of pic fidelity, with a mix of h/w too. Like some s/w has h/w minimums… DELAYS! 🤦🏾‍♂️
@jensimmons Indeed. @httpJunkie @saltnburnem Interesting. Mind posting some?This is the debate manufacturers have tasked us to have about smartphones: pic quality - not the phone’s software,… @shortdiv MAJOR DIVYA. Would love to see you back in Toronto! @_munter_ @____lighthouse Because they’re twitter stickers! Ha. @AndyDavies ya Andy! We can have longer chats there. Good seeing you and @steveworkman nonetheless. Safe travels!Thank you #ChromeDevSummit. great talks, great insights and awesome environment. But the hallway track gets a 101…, I supposed devs who chimed in during the AirPod Pro page weight will be despondent to know that the MacBook P… @JayBox325 Didn’t check but that’s a bummer. I’ll assume they’ve at least worked out hiccups + the usb-c ecosystem… the new laptops are interesting. The new 13” feels so small. The 15” felt like what a 13” is like now - which I…’s an interesting size. I own a (still working) 17”, and loved it for the size but not as a portable. It’s mostly… The end of an era. Apple discontinues the famous 15" laptop, and quietly introduces a 16" version, their bigge… @Alfonzowords @mr_makalima Wow. Is there a link to this article? Can’t seem to find it via search. Thank you ! @natalyathree @btconf @marcthiele Marc is top shelf curator. Hope to make it out there to watch it all love one day… morning DOM @anniebombanie_ @HelloAlexDodd @firefox @googlechrome @FirefoxDevTools @FirefoxNightly Checking w/ the others is mo… @anniebombanie_ @HelloAlexDodd @firefox @googlechrome Is this FF stable you’re using? Have you tried… @amesimmons @bonniezzzhou 🇨🇦 💕
@towebperf So this basically means, as long as time zones work for you, we're more than happy to have you present a…🚨 #ChromeDevSummit I run the @towebperf meetup in #Toronto, and we're always looking for case studies/devs willing… @malchata @shubhie @hdjirdeh Love both. Been a fan. Houssein did that 0-100, real quick. 🙌🏾 #6gawd. @_britt_el @Brii_toe_knee Tons to say about this . Will come back w/ a few thoughts. @benschwarz @hdjirdeh @djirdehh 🛎 @djirdehh @hdjirdeh Watching the stream? @djirdehh @hdjirdeh Not mad at all. I mean, Obama retired. We need new leaders!What is going on here?!! @hdjirdeh giving up his hood pass?!? Where are the JORDANs and the crisp white tees?!! My… @steveworkman @LDNWebPerf @AndyDavies @hankchizljaw Ha! Too much content !Btw - The @LDNWebPerf meetup should be starting right about now - streaming live. Cc: @AndyDavies @steveworkman 👀… about that time, the IMG tag was proposed, not w/o contention. Folklore has it that there were fears of... les… #chromeDevSummit cc: @cwilso @robocell @frontstuff_io @JakeDohm @VueToronto @tailwindcss @adamwathan 😂 @charlottemnurse Details? @theobto Totally remembered that! 👋🏾 @frontstuff_io @JakeDohm @VueToronto @tailwindcss @robocell @adamwathan A SOLID DOOD.This is how OG @cwilso is: #chromeDevSummit love that Chris Wilson introduces himself as a simple dev rel. Oh, just happened to also work on NCSA Mosaic @… could not miss an opening talk w/ two of my faves: goat farmer @yoavweiss + OG @cwilso. #chromeDevSummit @theobto 🙌🏾. Dood. Did we not meet @ Fluent? I’m having clear flashbacks.Head of line blocking, IRL - Caltrain Train Station edition. #chromeDevSummit morning DOM (#ChromeDevSummit adaptive loading edition)Do you know what your marketing team is doing to your performance? It's not just tag managers. An unholy number of…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️Made sweaters for Chrome Dev Summit✨
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica 👨🏾‍🚀 in SNOWronto ❄️
So Chrome will now auto lazy load imgs in Lite mode. This is behind a 🚩 right? Can someone also point me to a LITE… @dalmaer wasn’t impressed with the @____lighthouse score. Someone remind him the www median perf score is 41! S… @LoukilAymen @____lighthouse @LDNWebPerf Ha. If you want them to give it some love - maybe. That could be part of your intro! 😇Hold on. I guess @____lighthouse has updated their logo. Edge, now Lighthouse. Designers are busy. #ChromeDevSummitAs @dalmaer speaks of @HTTPArchive... The Web Almanac #chromeDevSummitWell look at that: Safari + Chrome logos are side by side here. A coincidence, I’m sure of it ! 🔸 aside: how many… @evenstensberg @TheLexTimes @ChromiumDev @DasSurma 👋🏾 Consider tweets read! I’m around.