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dev, devilry, design, denim & #devsWhoRun. @ToWebPerf/@JAMstackTORONTO curator. creator of @RapperTurnedDev. änrē/ônr. I need my 113 sq ft of space.

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I just heard an interview w/ 2 bikers from CA who are in SD for the bike rally. They're *relieved* at not having to… Watters is my shero. #goodTrouble. @TheRealNooshu got a quick min?? Sending a DM now.Are Boney M, Chic or The Trammps on twitter? 🔥 baby 🔥 @iamakulov @igrigorik What’s your call on this @tunetheweb? I sense @patmeenan @AndyDavies @SimmerVigor also have studied opinions.good morning DOMingo @kristoferbaxter Nice. Gatorade gel? How is it? @6Gems @Tia2You My parents are retired, life long educators. The vox populi is far removed from reality. It’s alrea… @aprilwensel @KeziyahL I post my runs under #devswhorun only to help those considering (re)starting, working toward… @aprilwensel @KeziyahL ✅. I started running, and grew to really enjoy it — not even realizing I lost lbs (back to H…
@jina We’re here rooting Jina! Btw, you’ve already beaten the median LH performance score: that’s 41. 🎉 compress away! 🗜 @CascadingDesign @jina Performance can be tough. The changes had some effect for sure, but new scores were actually… @shshaw I can only imagine the anxiety. I remember checking for the 1st time thinking — what will I see?! And that…'s excited for our upcoming episode on web performance with @kristoferbaxter and @_developit?
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀 @kylealden @WCHospital Ha. Dood, mine was like drive through convenient. 2 lines : scheduled test and not. No appt… @raymondsiu Thx Raymond. And I’m prob near top percentile of safety: mask + gloves upgrade. *Mostly* stay home, out… close this out: on my 1st test, I recall the med staff telling me my results would be avail online, so that I co…, I have a medical procedure next week I’m preparing for. I debated, but decided to test again knowing I’d be se… all we’re hearing about testing from our southern neighbor, I was so blown away at how fast my results came in… few weeks ago, I was unusually super exhausted (likely from a 20km run) also w/ upset stomach, 2 covid symptoms.… @rob_dodson @davatron5000⚠️ [SFWFH]: 18km this morning (didn’t want more) to cap my week at 60km in 6 days, which is on the higher side. But… morning DOM @TechGuySmartBuy Hey! Just read your review on the Brave 7 LE. Had a quick q?: you mentioned they use a Sony sensor…
💡🎥🎬 @shortdiv @BxBytesSteph Akaso v50x: A 🇨🇳 brand, with 🇩🇪 + 🇬🇧 on same product page. 🤷🏾‍♂️ @BxBytesSteph right? Just over $110 CAD. And it's still an actual action camera (which I plan to test on a few runs… to see this bit of research semi pay off: this GeauxPreaux (fake GoPro) actually worked using, Zoom, Hangouts… just crossed my mind this morning, and was digging in my head for grammatical rules. I'm going w/ hyphenation.… morning DOM
love that @chriscoyier has a 30 min talk, w/ 130 slides. That's how you drive on the autobahn. 🏎💨💨Completed a frontend audit of services on the `*` domain, ~265 live services in total. Reasons to…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀 @TheRealNooshu Ahhh. That’s the name of the DS. Ok. Makes more sense now. 😇 @colinbendell is this what I think it is? @TheRealNooshu Not Just a tad confused. Haven’t had breakfast yet so likely a pinch slow. 🙃 @thommaskelly @igrigorik Like a opt-in dark mode toggle? @DanShappir @yoavweiss High speeds AND @ 11? This isn’t cold fusion is it Yoav? Btw — I miss your talks and your da… @WdeB @tranhelen +1. Although I was on a 🛵 for 4-5 yrs. Getting my M permit was best thing ever. @thommaskelly @igrigorik But are you turning on save-data to ultimately save data or computing from JS? The latter… @BigBalli 1) latency > bandwidth. 2) the median amount of requests are up 300% in that same time period (per… @mikeherchel @DavidStinemetze @TheRealNooshu In the words of Tom Brady's wife: "[Pat Meeman] can't throw AND catc… Our new 'Bookmark & Compare' feature lets you generate side-by-side comparisons that let you not only spot r…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀Have 45 mins to spare Tuesday Aug 11th?? Join both @paulcalvano @txdeever in a mini #webperf workshop. I'll be ther… morning DOM (resource hint edition) @NoWaySheCodes If still looking ➡️ @frontvu @bria_sullivan Didn’t McDonald’s try to sell pizza for a few years?We are seemingly watching the next covid-19 tsunami 🌊 swelling in real time. This is a HS outside of Atlanta on day…
@remotesynth @jay_hoffmann @css Nice. Will totally check this out. My lone time in Oslo, I tweeted Håkon Wium Lie h… @Una @swyx @JoshWComeau Likely like resource hints then Una? can’t prefetch or preload everything under the sun.Yer boy is giving a talk as part of #id24 this year.
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀My point is simple: for all who love to WFH, many do not, and are anxious for a return to normalcy. And if you don’… said her days are so full, that she has nearly little time to herself now, and can’t even take on more clients.… we all WFH, I had the most insightful convo w/ a therapist last week. Her practice went from 1 client to 2 dozen… morning DOM @tranhelen I’m adding the shocking sight of hallways during the 1st day school in Georgia. 💀… @tranhelen Yup. There sadly isn’t wholesale belief covid-19 is real + this: 🤦🏾‍♂️ some of the comments in this 🧵, and it’s as if ppl are afraid to [gulp] open a 2nd browser 😱 for tooling/de… @lauragift_ @passionpeopleNL @vuejsamsterdam @Frontend_Love Félicitations Gift!! As I like to say, and kindly quote… @argyleink I’m sure you saw this. Felt it was down your lane, pretty long thread. @karamalie @airnanan @MichaelRykov @sominemo @wongmjane Had to go back and double check something. So it seems the… great opportunity ! Toronto has an amazing #a11y community. Cc: @a11yTO
@dalmaer No more midnight snacks Dion. ⚠️: after an argument, your better half might quietly replace your tape w/… @stubbornella @ParissAthena Amazing. Curiosity is good though. Best done in the open. @ParissAthena Hello MafiaBoy 🇨🇦 aka Michael Calce. 15yr old caught a charge and sealed his career as an internation… a happy bday to the Command Line in Chief: @BarackObama 🎊 🎉 @rob_dodson 🚨 @chrisbiscardi @willjohnsonio The questions aren’t the problem : ppl are. A great q&a can be just as good as a talk… @ariel_n I’ve actually seen it. And sometimes, pitching the idea is worth trying. But since the 🇺🇸 ties healthcare…✨🙏🏾✨ 🇱🇧 @SaraSoueidan I came to check for this. ✨🙏🏾✨. Sending my best Sara, and happy you’re seemingly safe.I was out early, up earlier but just had breakfast now. Got soaked in the 🌧 for the 2nd run in a row. But ran in so… @kwuchu @JulianMoncadaNY Not sure I would call getting an MPC ONE settling 🙃. The incredible story is that MPC 2000… @kwuchu @JulianMoncadaNY About 10yrs ago, I launched and curated this night called “The MPC Changed My Life”. A fre… 30mins, I'll livestream on The goal today is to create a draft for a new conference tal…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀When @jeresig launched jQuery, I recall him saying that every inquiry could be coming from the next contributor, an… needs a NYC subdomain. Would be totally fitting. No city honks more. 📢📢📢 @hankchizljaw Many books don’t. Authors are calmly *chilling* in the Caribbean though. Not mad. @MonsieurPerf Thank you for sharing this! Here is a graph of the data, for those who dont like to numbers :)
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀 @MonsieurPerf @simonhearne I thought about this all night. Wondering what that 🔋 data is like in neighboring countr… those wondering what I’m talking about, here you go: both feel like that long Trump x Abe handshake, but slower. morning DOMWe started collecting data from the Battery Status API recently: I did a quick dive into th…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀 @patrickhulce @austinhutchison @____lighthouse Yay. Saving me a trip into the docs! Thanks Patrick. I was up on the…
@austinhutchison @____lighthouse In fact, after the 5.6.x --> 6 update, many had downgraded scores, some remained m… @austinhutchison @____lighthouse I certainly was ready for the shift in weights + scores to *mostly* change (was in…'ve been running into a bunch of sites of late, and @____lighthouse scores are so low, i'm wondering if there's a… @ChloeCondon "Listen to me - if we break quarantine we can all die" - RIPLEY. 🐛 @AndyDavies @chriswdmr @github @____lighthouse I gotta root for my past @towebperf guests Andy! 🙃🚨. Nice. @chriswdmr updates lighthouse-metrics with @github integration: get @____lighthouse scores right from your… caches in browsers have the potential to improve web performance for up to 20% of navigations! I wrote…
Retweeted by Henri Helvetica ✨👩🏾‍🚀✨ 🚀 @AmeliasBrain Totally. It’s actually by a graffiti artist I know: Elicsir. @john_ivanoff @tkadlec @mozilla @Pogue Thanks again for this John. Gave it a watch and the reinforced idea of the i… @SandraPersing YAY!The Million Dev Deploy. #jamstack @Netlify👏🏾 Long live pastel. a QUIC break to get a 🍩 before a meeting, but sending a less than subtle reminder. I even have gloves on. Also… @cherrykoda_ Thx for the kind words Shawna. Ya, I try to have conversations around the ideas, and not so much rolli… @Caneco @yglf_lt and a great story behind it! Just for that, I'll tell it that day! ;)This is sad and depressing.