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PWA developer, consultant, author, and immigrant. Architected Starbucks' PWA. Owner: My latest book:

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Me: decides to donate a little to a few political campaigns in a feeble attempt to have positive impact on the worl… is cool. Apparently I was #44,601. Shout-out to Divshot/ for being some of the earliest serious playe… @slightlylate It's not the most obvious value proposition. It simplifies some things and obfuscates others. One ni…
@johnwilander I do it 😅. I'm Swedish, but moved to US as s kid before I ever drank coffee. Seems like a logical wa…
@janl @hipsterbrown @jennwrites Good times, thanks all ❤️
@zoink 🤯I wish there was a social network where you could only argue about certain topics after having read a couple of books on the subject.
@xeenon Nice! We'll be camping at Priest Lake this weekend, not too far from there at all. @xeenon Oh nice! That's cool. Where at? @xeenon That's good to know! Thanks for the clarification 👍 @lukebaumgarten By trying to deface it, they inadvertently demonstrated the mural's value. Talk about a "self own". @lukebaumgarten To be clear, not that it needs validation. @lukebaumgarten In a weird, contrarian way it almost validates the art. It demonstrates its raison d'etre.This is just silly. Buy a car, but please let us keep it for you in our garage, but you can view it in live video w… @bgalbs I've forgotten how to be shocked by now... @voxpelli I don't see arguments from apple or Mozilla that it should be done in some more secure way. I just see c…
I wish you had picked a less alarming headline @stshank... 😅Context: much FUD around WebUSB. It requires you to physically plug something in, open a web site capable of talking to… matters: "WebUSB? That's adding something scary to the Web!" vs. "WebUSB! Now we have a safe way to…
Retweeted by Henrik JoretegMaking things simple is so damn hard. @dietrich @stshank Just commenting on this: @stshank just read your article. Nice work. Apple always does *just enough* to look like they're keeping up and an…
@Halluc1nator @PRONUNCEFAlLS For f*ck's sake @jaffathecake "coronacoaster" 👏👏👏
@tomayac @slightlylate @dluzar Special token! That'd be awesome. @slightlylate @tomayac @dluzar What's interesting is that certain features, such as Serial, open up entirely new cl… @tomayac Thanks, Thomas. @reillyeon It really would... 😁 Related, should I be concerned that web serial isn't listed here under 86?
@rob_dodson @Paul_Kinlan @_developit These days I try to only buy a stock if I can see myself wanting to hold it for 10+ years. @rob_dodson @Paul_Kinlan @_developit Having done both, only the long term strategy has ever really panned out for m… @rob_dodson @Paul_Kinlan @_developit It's been shown that we are so loss averse (roughly 2x more than desire to gai…
@davidbrunelle Markdown usually takes care of this for me... I frequently make lists all numbered with 1.'s 😅 @holtbt Yeah, it's been forever. Looking forward to more normal times again, at some point 😅 @holtbt You suck Brian!!** **Example ad hominem attack. Which is another silly way people respond to something tha…
@JeffDean I was wondering what that elephant track was in my front yard! @davidbrunelle #dadbodgoals @davidbrunelle Not to mention look on left is... weird.
@SkoroMitar Just be careful about creating infinite loops. Whatever action creator that you name needs to dispatch… @SkoroMitar Return an object with name of action creator and any arguments and redux-bundler will take care of sche…
@devongovett You awake yet? Lol 😁
@lillerik @slightlylate I just use crostini and vscode. @slightlylate My new personal machine is the Pixelbook Go, I quite like the changes to the screen dimensions/bezels… @slightlylate @jaffathecake Yep. "Polymer" was so intertwined with web components in original push that I remember…
@voxpelli @mikewest @yoavweiss @RickByers Chaos monkey is intentional breakage for intentional breakage's sake. Th… @voxpelli @mikewest @yoavweiss @RickByers Respectfully, I'm afraid I disagree. We're talking about something that i… @voxpelli @mikewest @yoavweiss @RickByers I get it. But something like changing the name or API or even removing it… @JonasKuske @jyasskin @RickByers /me sighs It's definitely on me. I'm just bummed I missed it. @jyasskin @RickByers My ignorance on this matter unfortunately has put me in a bit of a tight spot. Now I'll probab… @jyasskin @RickByers IMO there's a big difference between setting an expectation that it "might go away" versus mak… @N8Elliott Uh oh. Sorry dude! @jyasskin @RickByers Did I totally miss some giant warning? I totally understood from the disclaimers that it could… @RickByers I obviously misunderstood how it works, that's not anyone else's fault. But, had I known that I was *gua… @RickByers Otherwise it's feels a little like a punishment for being willing to use it at risk and provide feedback… @RickByers Got it. But yeah, that also kinda sucks 😕. It's already something that you have to renew periodically an…
For wakelock that's fine, because there's a polyfill, but for Web Serial, there isn't really a polyfill... @tomayac hey Thomas! question: how do origin trials work when there's a gap between successful and shipped. For exa… @saarsaar On Android, Google Calendar does this by default. @SkoroMitar Your pref="foo" and pref="bar" props in the example is just hardcoded state. You're manually filtering at the component level. @SkoroMitar Preferred ID doesn't need to be singular. What I'm saying is make selectPreferredItems a filtered array… this is already stupidly obvious to everyone already. But I personally needed this reminder recently... so I… a guy who develops systems for a living, my tendency is to want to come up with a way to fix it permanently. Wh… doesn't stop there of course... follow it up with voting for more funding for cleanup or whatever it is, but it… love the idea behind the old quote: "If not you, then who?" This idea that we shouldn't wait for someone else t…
@SkoroMitar There's nothing special about preferred IDs compared to any other state. Combine what you need in a selector as step one. @SkoroMitar I understand. But the point remains the same. You can write a selectPreferredItems that takes selectAll… is a banger of an article by @HenrikJoreteg It's like my gut feelings about FE devel…
Retweeted by Henrik Joreteg @SkoroMitar Where are you storing those preferences? That's state also. No need for multiple stores. So if it's in… @SkoroMitar The selectActiveItem selector takes the whole collection of items and the active item ID (wherever that… @SkoroMitar I often find myself writing selectors with names like: "selectActiveItem". The param you're wanting to… @N8Elliott @chyanne__ Nice!! Looking good!
@sindresorhus 😂 @benadam11 @benadam11 That's what I've noticed too.I think it's about time someone does a proper perf analysis of this technique as a way to add relatively simple gra… @brianleroux @raymondcamden I've heard a fair bit of praise for what we did at Starbucks when I was there. My othe…
I seriously question this is a "bug." I'd guess the only bug here is that they were caught 😁 "Oh no, I accidentall… @dahankzter Let's not lose the web too. It's the closest thing we've go. @dahankzter Sorry I missed that. I don't see how this changes my situation, though. @dahankzter Show me a better alternative and I'm there. I don't think one exists. @dahankzter You're going to have to spell it out for me, I'm sorry. What exactly are you referring to? What was the… @dahankzter Can you elaborate on this. I don't follow. What was lost and better? @dahankzter A browser is a runtime. A store is a store that gets to choose what they put on the shelf and how much… @dahankzter I have written about my thoughts on all this extensively. I have not reached these conclusions lightly… thoughts on the forces behind what's going on in browser-land these days, how "platform adjacency theory" help…
Retweeted by Henrik Joreteg @dahankzter If we let it waste away, who's going to give us a replacement? We have a better shot of evolving it, than replacing it. @dahankzter What other platform even comes close to offering that type of seamless distribution that isn't owned by anyone? @dahankzter Almost any device on the planet can tap a link and in seconds be thrown into the experience coded by an… @sw12 Thanks 😊I don't often say "required reading." But seriously.... please. read. this. piece. 🙏 So many truth bombs being d…
@sidhantpanda @bfgeek @webkit The browser takes ownership of safety of the user, no? They're called "user agents"… @alwillis @AlfonsoML @nekrtemplar @matthewcp @justinfagnani @webkit If you don't trust the app of course you don't… @alwillis @AlfonsoML @nekrtemplar @matthewcp @justinfagnani @webkit Both of these are only available after you expl…
@HenrikJoreteg @matthewcp @alwillis @justinfagnani @webkit Also if tou can trick users into allowing access to thei…
Retweeted by Henrik Joreteg @HenrikJoreteg @matthewcp @alwillis @justinfagnani @webkit What's interesting is that they weren't implementing Web…
Retweeted by Henrik Joreteg @daginge @othermaciej @webkit I'm in a position now where I'm actively encouraging my customers (granted they are n… @daginge @othermaciej @webkit I think there's a big difference between accusing individuals of being lazy. And call… @daginge @othermaciej @webkit Yeah, to be clear, I don't really feel there's some kind of malevolence. I understan… @matthewcp @alwillis @justinfagnani @webkit That's what I struggle with I see the complaining, but I don't see them proposing solutions.