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Race as a construct Spotify's backwards-typing glitch is creepy and annoying The guy she tells you not to worry about:
I really need this logo as merch... anyone have a connection there? millionaire grabbed me by the lapels and said, "Don't take my money away!"now usually the "I spent all day hearing from..." formulation is bullshit but in this case... probably true!"I spent all day talking to millionaires, so I don't want to tax them" @russ_owl It’s a two-for-one urban design interventionNYC folks: Have you moved in the past few months, and either got a break on or negotiated a better deal on a broker…
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @FischermanDan In New York, there's a little bit of the Rue de Rivoli all over town, if you squint your eyes just rightOne thing the pandemic has put in clear focus is how few public spaces offer shelter from the rain. Why not arcades… @amandakhurley It’s hard for people who have invested 50 hours to be straight about this but... noSecret to full enjoyment of a Sunday night Yanks-Red Sox slugfest that’s sure to last 4h30? Central time zone.
Found out that an esteemed investigative journalist had covered one of my subjects -- can't tell if I'm relieved or…“I think I’ve maybe always been a New Yorker, I just had to get here first”’s parking meters raked in $138.7 million in 2019. All told, private investors have earned $1.6 billion. Tha…
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @junethomas thank you for this @junethomas June why does the subway make you think of that?
For that grand slam, Rickie goes with "adios amigo," which I guess is a more WFAN-friendly call then his usual "se va, se va, y se fue!"Rickie telling Suzyn (and me) what it means to call someone a "verdugo" -- it means you're the real deal, an ace. M…, he's speaking in English, but his musical cadences are the same, as are his strike-out calls, etc @GormoExJourno apparently he's under the weather, but Covid-negativeoops, that's "Rickie." Just realized I'd never seen his name written down before.The Yankees awesome Spanish-language announcer Ricky Ricardo is doing the play-by-play in English tonight on WFAN -… the housing crisis became a public health crisis: @AutonomousUnion @Slate I think if you listen, you'll see that this episode is not the pro-landlord text you're mak… SEC's advice to college football players: Put on a mask, sit in the back of class, and shut up… @WritesMore if you're suggesting that the podcast from which that interview is excerpted is pro-landlord, try giving it a listen @hoffsbeefs i think it's a W?They say the middle initial enhances your prestige, and never has that been more true than for the good doctor here @anthonymobile @xander76 Sorry I was just generally pointing out how crooked it all is. Not a legal judgment.
A little concerned about the capacity of our court system to handle all the executives who need to go to jail when… like Congress has let you down? Imagine if they'd never tried to help at all. That's the story for Emily Sanch… @russ_owl really tough to choose! @russ_owl new avi @BenMathisLilley Hand-crafted, made-in-America tweets aren't cheap. I'll be speaking with the guys in Lamington abo… @AlexYablon Aaron Judge gets two home runs a game, after that they are outsWhat does it look like to get through a pandemic with no help from Washington? I asked an undocumented mom, for t… @rebexellent thanks for listening! the Northwest Side Housing Center is taking donations on her behalf -- see the d… pandemic history fact for NY apartment dwellers frustrated by aggressive radiator heat in the winter. The era w…
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really want a labyrinth nowOver and over again, tidbits keep coming out about how Trump's entire team just did not give a shit about people in…
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @DearSplenda at this point i would relish even the illusion of hope and fairnessDon’t get me wrong it was inspiring but now I’m coming downSo uncanny to hear Obama on the radio in the kitchen, and forget, just for a moment, how fucked we areWho’s ready for some (rotary) phone banking? @michael_hendrix @aaron_renn @nicolegelinas Yeah it is from Open Table originally @michael_hendrix @aaron_renn @nicolegelinas if this is open table data, i'd take it with a grain of salt -- most ou… no no you're confused THEY serve food, YOU keep people safe from drivers
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Sometimes, when you've hit a creative rough patch, and nothing seems to be going right, you've just gotta get back…
Retweeted by Henry GrabarI love this @awalkerinLA review of the Glendale garage food court. Seeing people adapt to this horrible situation m…
Of course the unmarked van into which the NYPD disappears protesters has a horrible driving record, via @Julcuba🚨🚨🚨 Designates Open-Air Dining Areas Along 101 Freeway Median
Retweeted by Henry Grabar"Can you believe he said that to my face, and my other face?"
Retweeted by Henry GrabarWhat is this a school for hot dogs metal @nickhasthoughts @JakeAnbinder Jake is not correct about thisWhich one of you took over the Citibike account @akgerber we like to keep it interesting here on top architect @thecitywanderer Lincoln ParkToday on Top Architect: Our contestant tries to design a facade with 400 cinderblocks and 20 bricks. here. This is a city park. Imagine thinking a lawn would look better. with the flowering prairie in the corner of Graceland Cemetery new under the sun the tune of "Five-Dollar Footlong": "hy-- hydroxy-- hydroxychloroquiiiiine." @Yankees @TMobile my b, bombers @russ_owl why you little—Seems to me the current violent crime waves in NYC and Chicago probably have more to do with 20 percent unemploymen…
@twjpdx23 I really hope that arcade on the left is not the FAR bonus public spaceIncredible example of Chicago zoning corruption and aldermanic prerogative — “I noticed this alley” lol amazing photos in this article about Hong Kong's massive rain tunnel system h/t @theoverheadwire
Retweeted by Henry GrabarIn this great piece on hygiene theater is a thorough dismantling of the NYC subway's overnight cleaning regime
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @MattZeitlin I worked on this for a year and you just... tweeted it out @bluebees Galaxy brain... you’re not wrong though @SaraMorrison It’s hard to get a reservation!Obviously come January New Yorkers will be dining in the West 4th St. subway mezzanine, so get your laughs in nowAdvantage: New York text is by @agb4equity from here: this 30th anniversary of the ADA, let us now praise the curb cut, an improvement that aimed to help people in wh… @stevevance too good
tfw the street space is being used well
Retweeted by Henry GrabarOo oo I know this one! @JRSterne Not sure the Sox can get by the Yankees but we could go 2 for 3 for sureSpotted on some storefront plywood here: "What do NY in 1977 and Chicago in 2020 have in common? Coming soon!" Is…
Really hits different to stand back and take it all in, sensitive question that probably should be asked off Twitter: What’s the difference between a Bryant jerse… is too cheap to drive in this country @byjoelanderson thanks Joel!
@JakeAnbinder Didionfor the afternoon crowd: i'm very proud of this episode. that's all! till the very end, post-credits, of this really terrific episode of @henrygrabar’s six-part series on the fu…
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @coinsigliere thank you so much! starting with the most boring subject imaginable was probably a good training program in the endButcher in the shadow of Wrigley says the baseball season was a bad idea -- this can't be good news for our superstar cities @schadenfraade Rio Grande corg IMO @Yankees @TMobile This you?