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@hoffsbeefs Candyland-ass church @hoffsbeefs Didn’t see it, fill me inThis is kind of cool but I gotta agree w Martin Filler about the painting of Chartres cathedrals even more unsettling than painted statuary @gabrielroth I think it’s to alleviate crowding and discourage ppl from making local-express transfers at a busy sp…
@tmccormick Thanks, but this is a contemporary quoteyes, the word "holocaust" is being used in this context to refer to US urban planning in the 1950s-“small traditions” -“escape strangulation” -“a whole orphanage” -“How many of you came by bus today?” -"already drunk” (2/2)enchanting book haikus suggested by some of my "key phrases" linked to endnotes 52-63 in Chapter 2. In order (1/2):…
Here’s another shot (7 pm, Wednesday night, rainy day) weeks without a functioning subway system has subjected Paris to a kind of bicycle shock therapy
in more news of doomed brutalism, the iconic round bank of bellmead (outside waco) is slated for demolition. a disk…
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @KD5MDK @yfreemark no, just beyond the ring road. places like Montreuil and Pantin. @JeffSpeckAICP This is late career
Victor Gruen was a weird one @northandclark @markbyrnes525 Those eaves remind me an awful lot of another pizza place...Why do I think yes? Cheaper Airbnbs, improved transit, current residential trends for cool young Parisians, and the 2024 Olympics.@yfreemark and I have a bet: in five years, will hip tourists be staying and hanging out in the cooler suburbs of… @foxjust Seems like they’re needlessly depriving themselves of an hour of afternoon light in exchange for the sun coming up at 4:30so, so dumb
2020 is going to be the year people get into cloudspotting, i can feel it @JohnSurico hah yeah, i'll reach out when the time comes for sure! @JakeAnbinder quite right dear chapI'm going to London this fall to research *parking* and I couldn't be more excited
@MattZeitlin @DanielKayHertz @gabrielroth oh that guy who locked his account? @DanielKayHertz I read it in part because @MattZeitlin never stops talking about it and he was right @DanielKayHertz The Line of Beauty
@zachmortice Thanks Zach!
@BrooklynSpoke @butwhyevernot It has changed beyond recognition in just 2 years, really extraordinaryParis street; rainy day
Retweeted by Henry GrabarThe strikes are still on, so this is probably about twice as many riders as usual, but you can see why bike ridersh… street; rainy day housing production in the Paris region is now FOUR TIMES what it is in New York and London. Lots of lessons…
@ddblomquist Loads of housing built post-wwii! Just not until about 1947 I thinkCranes do not a building boom makeThis data should be cited in every article about gentrification/development in NYC @normcharlatan 😂What you can’t see in this video is de Blasio pulling from the other side about shtetl synagogue architecture the world's a "borderless counterterrorism battlefield," says @joshuakeating @schadenfraade The city we need
@GrahamDavidA this is a pro move, you’ll never go backI am taking my slippers on vacation years old
Extraordinary levels of Slatepitch emanating from this link, this Chernobyl of takes, please approach with caution
@JHWeissmann I am great company it’s trueMy "Parking Lot Not For Drug Sales" sign has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my sign
CityLab was founded in 2011. What’s changed and what hasn’t since then? To answer this question, we asked former…
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I'm sorry to share these, I have so many more saved, they are like a Chamber of Commerce brochure on acidAnd finally, this cryptic koan about Athens: "Here, more than elsewhere, the flamboyance of yesterday becomes the s… Hong Kong: "Here, helicopters and racehorses can be found on the roofs of skyscrapers."The inflight map also suggests "Paris is the odor of the city's wooden benches," and I have to hand it to the conte… PARIS: "In Cyrano de Bergerac's country, even if you don't speak the language, your nose can appreciate its mult… @alexschief The Van Halen riff resounds with promise, I'll give them thatOn São Paulo: -"When you are the economic brain of Brazil, everything has a price." ??? -"It has more Japanese res… on SF: -"Looking over the Pacific, you will feel invaded [?] by peace." -"Can you imagine the end of the wor… SF: "Brains in Silicon Valley are busy imagining a better world, a fully green world. All this would have seduce… Barcelona: "Gaudi City is an apt nickname for the metropolis." Ah yes, Gaudi City, that's what the locals say, most definitely.On Panama City: "Panama. The name resounds with promise." Does it?The one about New York begins with this mindnumbingly banal Robert de Niro quote, which I had hoped to never see ag… time you’re on a plane checking out the updated inflight map, I suggest clicking on the city icons for some demented blurbs @thecitywanderer i'm only trudging because i'm here early! i wasn't feeling the least bit moody. but when everything's made to be dare spotify play the goo goo dolls as i trudge alone through an international airport terminal on christmas
If you’re looking for some Xmas music you haven’t heard yet, try Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite
never speak to me or my son ever again
@anthonymobile I’m a little worried the Holland Tunnel traffic could buy and use all the honks between Chicago and LAwhen I am mayor drivers will get 10 honks a year. that’s it. use em wisely. @BenMathisLilley Glad the Slate office is open tomorrow so you can develop this takeLittlest sis then says “I’m cousin Greg” and later confesses she has never seen the showLittle sis says she’s Shiv and I’m Kendall — is this a common family dynamic?Handel’s librettist was a wild one
Retweeted by Henry Grabar @greg_shill @schmangee @jessiesingernyc Aw thanks Greg
Handel’s librettist was a wild one of teens skating in the Fulton oculus right now which feels like a pretty great use of the space on a Saturday night
@JHWeissmann Maybe the new cops will be *doing* the crimes? Somebody’s gotta keep this city’s reputation up.So, so frustrating to have these goons in charge of the subway
@foxandcity This was in fact a theory of interstate design in the hope drivers wouldn’t doze offOne fun thing about this project is the indication that NO ONE texts on the Jackie Robinson because it's basically… about how the jolly “sleigh bells” sound in so much holiday pop derives from a safety feature. Centuries a…
Retweeted by Henry GrabarThe Dexter Filkins Modi piece makes me wonder how 9/11 and the aftermath was perceived in India. Or maybe the effec…
Rush hour at Roosevelt Ave-Jackson Heights subway/bus station: 6 MetroCard vending machines not accepting bills, 20… @dankois Dan @JakeAnbinder would be a shame for it to go to wasteits crazy that you can make out Central Park on this map but not Montana
Retweeted by Henry GrabarNot me of course, not me. But you.
Watching impeachment at a swing state airport bar, my column:*robot voice* 🤖eight hours for what we will 🤖 great! the first-wave gentrifiers won’t let anyone else move into the nabe’m a single issue voter and will support the Dem who promises to lower the headlight beam angle on trucks and SUVs
Here’s some good news: Report for America will support 250 journalists in 2020, a fourfold expansion of the program was thinking of Moab earlier but then I heard the story of a teacher in a different small town who lost her apt t… @schadenfraade Moab, Utah is where I just was @evangoldin I think there’s a lot of touristy places that attract tourists but not pied a terreshard to overstate the dystopian housing market Airbnb has introduced in tourist-friendly small towns
A yearlong family pass to America’s National Parks costs:
A bike/ped bridge over the Colorado River. You truly love to see it.
I worked on this story for a year and he... just... he tweeted it out
This is from a speech Laurene Powell Jobs gave last month. And now the Atlantic lays off the whole @CityLab staff r… @schmangee Yesssss