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She/her. Nebula&Hugo-nommed queer desi geek/editor/writer. @clarionwest, work in Podcastle, Nightmare, Fireside. etc. Always hungry.

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Like I fucking love everything about Marcid: that accent, the flawless line delivery, but just... damn.… FINALLY finished Pirates of Leviathan, and can we talk about what a generous player @BDaveWalters is? Constantly… can now watch authors @aliettedb, @jhameia, @her_nibsen, @geekmelange, and @anyasy talk about cooking, coloniz…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽 @Sarah_Guan he's lucky he's cute, Sarah!!! SO LUCKY!!the fucking cat stole chicken curry off the stove and now he has masala farts!!!!
New essay day! New essay day! 😈👻 @sapphomancer @englishmace attention lol @tashadrinkstea @SciFiNow EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWe're teaming up with @SharangBiswas & @cysdavis to bring you Strange Lusts / Strange Loves: An Anthology of Erotic…
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Now that the Kickstarter has launched, we're excited to reveal our first few stretch goals for "Strange Lusts / Str…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽 @SharangBiswas HNNNGH. HE'S THE HUNKIEST / MY FAV. @SharangBiswas 😂anything to satiate those hungry, hungry gods...IT'S ALII-III-IIIVE!! And I'm in it!!
@JennaKassArt JUST LET ME GIVE YOU NECTAR, YOU TSUNDERE REAPER BITCH @JennaKassArt A Y U P @weredawgz switch, but I only play in docked mode with the controller because I need a large screenHow much Hades have I been playing? Well...
@Rati_Mehrotra @UncannyMagazine @FoxesandRoses @RachaelKJones @LabyrinthRat Severed head Mahabharata 👀👀👀
@alina_sichevaya death @itsneonyang IT SURE WAS THE END OF MINE
[SHRIEKS OF 'FINALLY'] I FOUND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PISS CHARON OFF HAHAHA @McFlyCahill90 @aliwilgus yessss the bow was my first favorite, but then the twin fists ended up being what got me… @AlyshondraM A VISION @JoEatsFood an absolute legend
nature is good y'all[heavy sigh of stress sliding away] cute That's it that's the tweet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Ten Excerpts from an Annotated Bibliography on the Cannibal Women of Ratnabar Island” is a deliciously dark…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽 @peripateticmeg 👀 I'd need to buy some more red clay, but yessss, I sure could @StinaLeicht They’re actually quite light! Polymer clay is lightweight :) @peripateticmeg art collaaaaaabAnd now a total tone switch from my last tweets: I made myself a macabre little Halloween present! Polymer clay, pa… fuck's sake, please, can we HOLD other cons (World Fantasy, I'm looking at you) to these standards from now? No… could go on, but honestly... @BrentCLambert and @Ellethevillain and all the rest of the @fiyahlitmag and… @IoriKusano and @laviecestmoi knocked it out of the park with #Fiyahconfringe. GOD it felt fuckin good to see US t… centering dominant voices at the expense of marginalized ones. The awards were efficient, professional,… was too wrung-out to do more than peek into #FIYAHcon, but what little I saw was EXEMPLARY. The panels were rich… appropriate #covid19-themed Durga Puja creativity from Kolkata, with the goddess slaying the virus! Sal…
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life with anxiety, exhibit #9483: my cat and I were equally freaked out by radiator hissing and @ninocipri had to soothe us bothis it normal for radiators to hiss QUITE so much????Bad brain (and body) day of the kind that has me turtled up in bed. Fortunately, I have a purring loaf parked on my…'m late to the party because *gestures at everything*, but. The @strangehorizons team has been tirelessly showing…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽it's not just that one panel, all the panels start with a foundation that BIPOC and other marginalized writers are…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽 @oh_theogony 😭♥️😭Look at this sweet perfect cozy potatoooooThe things this poor cat puts up with #oldmanbabycat Horror creators and fans...THIS IS OUR TIME!!!
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I am in awe of @Ellethevillain & of the immense drive, skill & vision of the #FIYAHCON2020 folks. I look forward to…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽 @fictograph @nilaffle @JohnPicacio @Paullewinart @gdbeeart GRAAAAAACE OMG YAAY!! @CodenameMinaLi ... does he still have both his handsIT IS TIME #auntieknowsbest #fiyahcon @pocttrpgs @cysdavis & I are co-editing a new anthology of sex-themed interactive fiction, to be published by…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽I just want to say, as #FIYAHCON2020 Fringe content comes to a close, that I’m really glad that @IoriKusano and…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽Other event organizers: "But it's just so hard to find panelists who aren't white dudes from the US, UK or maaaaybe…
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I was basically KO’d by a migraine during the announcement yesterday, SO! A belated list of things I love about DE…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽 @OWolfgangSmith Where did you find this picture of me @FondaJLee @Sarah_Guan This. 💯You all better pay attention. @Sarah_Guan is an editor who is changing the SFF landscape.
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽Anyway, if it seems like my Twitter is a vacuous bubble of cats and plants and domestic hygge nonsense that deliber… just want to be a weird little forest gnomish craftsperson and hide in my cozy burrow, surrounded by blankets, pl… have dropped the professional ball BADLY of late when it comes to promoting projects I’m a part of. I feel so gui…'s here! We can't wait to welcome you to the first ever #FIYAHCON this evening. The "gates" open at 5pm eastern…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽Author and artist L. D. Lewis (@ellethevillain) encourages writers to look beyond the Western-influenced literary c…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽It’s live! It’s live! And I have a spooky little reprint in it, alongside a star-studded TOC! 💀🌟, I'm spotlighting @her_nibsen, our 4th author for "Strange Lusts / Strange Loves: An Anthology of Erotic Inte…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽The first of my wildflowers bloomed today 💖 WHAT’S OUT TODAY @TorNightfire’s Come Join Us By The Fire season 2, featuring spooky and terrifying stories…
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It's such an honor to have worked on two of the books on this incredible list! Congratulations to @itsneonyang and…
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"Today he would become a god. His mother had told him so." So begins the epic journey of BLACK SUN. This book h…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽Cold days call for warm naps"Holy Serial Box, Batman!" I'm writing Batman for @serialboxpub! So thrilled to announce this incredible project…
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@McFlyCahill90 @Sarah_Guan I like that some part of you clearly wished for Auntie Chastisement, since you tagged Sarah yourself @McFlyCahill90 @Sarah_Guan M a r t y."welcome home." #criticalrolefanart 🐈 ✨ local wizard loves his friends a whole lot. (ft. the MT memorial librar…
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@tashadrinkstea Tabaxi rogue spotted @ninocipri @cxorlando It’s SUPER, SUPER basic — like I wouldn’t even call it 101 tbh, it’s like 80 or 90, maybe, be… @BBolander My calathea had the same issue. What fixed it was letting tap water sit overnight before watering it wit…
Love is scooping the litter box right after your cat took a noisy messy diarrhea shit so your partner doesn't get s… kalanchoe daigremontiana started out as a 2 inch cutting I got for $5, and it has, I shit you not, grown SEVEN… love this round fairy garden (some of the lil' decor items in there are ones I made out of polymer clay) two pots are quite literally BURSTING with health and it makes me so happy I have: Nibs wearing my old sleeveless hoodie while spooning our snoring cat.
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽Plant mom news that is literally only interesting to me: my greenovias are opening up so nicely! (They were tight l… replies to this are predictably full of well-meaning counter examples of immigrants achieving great things,… quote of the night from @her_nibsen: Get off your meat jello high horse!
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽Join authors @aliettedb, @jhameia, @her_nibsen, @geekmelange, and @anyasy for a fun panel about cooking, colonizati…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽TODAY 9AM CT Join @jhameia @aliettedb @her_nibsen @GeekMelange @anyasy for Asian Diaspora: How Colonization and Mig…
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me: "I have an appt today with the psychiatrist who lectured me about doing my hair and makeup every morning when I… tried to play chicken with my cat for occupation of the best sunbeam on the bed... this is what that got me @SoosheBot INTERESTING. It's definitely much more bitter than ajwain, but I don't know that I'd call it citrusy? An… snuggling with a cat butt (Can you spot his tail in this picture?)
Where all my Illinois desis at?!?! I need your opinions: would you say Malort tastes like a mixture of aniseed and ajowan/ajwain? @MattFnWallace Professional potato, that's meI actually fixed my hair and makeup for a panel AND I have fancy new adjustable lighting at my desk, so!! Selfie ti…
TONIGHT - @sl_huang, Hugo Award winning author will join @ballastbookco and chat about her new book BURNING ROSES!…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽The @CarlBrandon Society presents a new virtual panel -- Asian Diaspora: How Colonization and Migration Changes Cui…
Retweeted by 🎃⚰️Nibedita Sen, a spooky potato ☕️🖕🏽hey!! the hardest, angriest essay I've ever written is now up at @UncannyMagazine! It's about the nightmares of imm…
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