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Jason Herbert @HerbertHistory Treasure Coast, FL

Dad. Ethnographer and environmental historian. PhD candidate at @umnhistory. Creator of #HATM Historians at the Movies #MorrisForum #NativeSouth

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@tedcruz Tell us about those fences. @5thBorderState @HannahPalsa @Patriot_Pat1 YES. @ashleyrattner I strangely feel like watching The Goonies now @Booker4KY Take that seat. He’s been sitting in it too long.8 year-old “chicken and pork are basically the same when it comes to meat.” That’s right, my child. They’re both vegetables.One of the things that gives me greatest delight as a dad is food. I especially love the simple things- buying thei… @LuAnnHomza Spain & Empire, that’s gonna be so much fun. @JMHardinBoston It is!#HATM this week is going to RULE! Sunday Dec 6 @ 8:00 PM EST #OldGuard #twitterstorians
Retweeted by Jason HerbertI’m getting really good at snarling at people without masks.This explains my writing for the last ten months. sometime in the future: “These are my two youngest sons, David Filoni Herbert and Jonathan Favreau Herbert.” @5thBorderState 1. The Patriot wasn’t 3 hours long 2. Midway is somehow even worse than Pearl Harbor. @5thBorderState I love y’all too much to do that. #HATM
Still making plans for the weekend? Join #HATM this Sunday night for THE OLD GUARD! Days to apply!!! WORKSHOP FOR GRAD STUDENTS on Spanish Borderlands
Retweeted by Jason Herbert @NilsHeadley @Howsito @cwbarr We’re laying the groundwork for it now @Howsito Looks like I’m a Baltimore detective.Do infrastructure historians write about the intersections of intersections? @profevanbennett You’ll never catch this fugitive. beast today. @CherryDank Fries and beer @EvanAxelbank I totally forgot about him @jarochophd That works.The Big Picture emerged as my favorite film podcast this year. OF DUTY: DOWNTON ABBEY a reminder that while Ahsoka Tano is still alive during @themandalorian, so is Quinlan Vos. So is… Ride- orchestral Christmas Time is Here- Vince Guaraldi Trio Christmas in Dixie- Alabama, I think this works. @LaurenWitzkeDE Wow. You just have no idea what you’re talking about. Really impressive.
@robgreeneII It’s going to HBO Max so you should be fine @MeghanKRoberts This is adorable. @tenfortea Oh heavens noJacksonville. @TerryMoran Oh I absolutely agree with you. @missoularedhead Oh no. I work in Florida 200-300 years ago. Modern politics is beyond my grasp.Tell me one of you is writing the history of McConnell.How fast can this happen is true, this is the most wholesome thing I have seen in weeks.
Retweeted by Jason HerbertThe Tribune posted a beautiful article about our dear friend Willie Johns who recently passed away. Our heads and…
Retweeted by Jason Herbert @KevinMKruse I thought about listing that but I found The Sopranos borderline unwatchable recently. Just couldn’t do it.Congrats to #LaFamilia legend @DerekLAnderson on completing his @universityofky degree and graduating this weekend…
Retweeted by Jason HerbertThe Matrix 4, Dune, Godzilla vs. Kong off of all @PennPress Books! Now's your chance to grab the fabulous titles in the America in the Nineteenth Cen…
Retweeted by Jason Herbert @BrianDeLay @PennPress Dammit Brian what are you doing to us @superdumb @IVMiles As much as I love the Traeger, Yoder is the tops. @loumoore12 Ain’t care. The entire #BBN just adopted the Rockets. @superdumb @IVMiles I love you guys. You’re family to me. But I worry that your mayonnaise affection will break us… @IVMiles No. It’s not even cheese. It is a lie. @IVMiles This is a trick question since pimento cheese is a cruel joke.Look, I know you’re shocked. I’m shocked. We’re shocked, right? not mincing words.
Retweeted by Jason HerbertUPDATE: he finished the first chapter and asked for a power drill once he completes the book. @DrCaitlinMGale @DrNerdLove I wasn’t expecting Flash Gordon to enter my day but there it is.Watching Mad Men was a challenge with all the smoking. Grew up with it everywhere. God I hate it. I’d have to bail… @DrCaitlinMGale @DrNerdLove I can totally hear this.
Message from my boys’ mom today: “8 year-old got bored of the usual reading options, so now he’s reading Lord of th… @prof_gabriele @DavidAstinWalsh @K_Guenther I’ve never seen those! @K_Guenther The loss of dexterity I think is the bigger issue. Fortunately most of the books I’m looking at are fro… @K_Guenther No, gloves are dangerous for the archive.Big thanks to the West Palm Beach Library got opening up the Florida Room for me today. Definitely needed access fo… plights of the enslaved and Indigenous were intertwined. Abolitionist Senator Joshua Giddings made this clear i…
Retweeted by Jason HerbertKentucky has reverted this half. No teamwork. #BBN @hourglass There are few things in the world that I loathe more than Duke basketball. @icpetrie @EmilySenefeld @deepwatermike WHOA. @hourglass Duke made a run to pull it close. I’m glad they lost. @icpetrie @EmilySenefeld @deepwatermike @KySportsRadio Shades of Archie Goodwin. Boston is better, though. @icpetrie @EmilySenefeld @deepwatermike I’m from Kentucky, she’s from Tennessee. Makes sense to me. @IVMiles Passing has been weak this season. Needs more discipline. @IVMiles I like what I see of Jackson so far. Naturally a guy just scored on him. @IVMiles I think the question really revolves around Askew at PG. People forget UK wouldn’t have won the title in ‘… @IVMiles I think he looked for himself too much Sunday. Good moves so far tonight @EvanAxelbank @WeBleedBlueNYC “Sled” @EvanAxelbank @WeBleedBlueNYC Your hat. In the Upper South we call that a toboggan. @EvanAxelbank @WeBleedBlueNYC That’s called a toboggan, Evan.Always enjoy playing a team like Kansas. One of the blue bloods. Great coach, great arena, good fans.Praying for better decision making tonight. Team looked so disorganized Sunday afternoon.KENTUCKY BASKETBALL IS LIFE #BBN State looks annoyed that Duke won’t quit. Won’t surprise me if the Blue Devils pull this out, maybe in overtime. @jelani9 This looks impossibly cool.A story about a historian and his orangutan on the run from Reviewer #2. Coming soon: The Ways In Which But LooseI see all y’all out there doing good things. Striving. Succeeding. Failing. Striving some more anyway. Inspiring. Keep it up. We got this. @e_b_bobadilla 1. Public speaking 2. Onions on pretty much everything 3. Cargo shorts (they’re so efficient)
@PhilipCardella Ok that’s hilarious @GrgChandler Ok that makes more sense. I’m completely in the dark on this thing.I’ve never done elf on a shelf either as a kid or as a parent. I’d never even heard of it til I was probably 32. Ki… @katecoriell @FederalDonuts @TommyDinics That looks amazing too! @katecoriell @FederalDonuts @srleccese Opera. @MartyOlliff NO @AllisonEMoss2 Hard pass. @MartyOlliff Garlic doesn’t make mayonnaise edible. @e_b_bobadilla I get that. It wasn’t til I helped my buddy took me for late night Cuban food in Miami that I fell f…’mon @Whataburger. After 2020, we deserve you in South Florida. Bring it home. Every time I see a tasty sandwich on Instagram someone ruins it with their Lies of Mayonnaise. @prof_gabriele Dammit Matt.