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Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitThis is utterly depraved in a way I can't even articulate
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitAnother look at the fire fight at Davis Love III’s SSI Home this morning. Amazing no one was injured. This video fr…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitWhat other football coaches are sending their players workout equipment right now? Is Nick Saban sending his guys a…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitDon't overpay to stop the run @PFF_Steve ($):
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitOne year ago, Carsen Edwards took over March Madness. 💧 Second 42-point game 💧 Most 3s in tournament history 💧 Bro…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitDerrick Henry’s senior year of high school
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @AsianDumplingL @FTFonFS1 @GregJennings I did. There’s no mention of afc exclusivity @HerbstreitPerc @sstewart5295 @DobieCrypto @RexChapman It’s the part where he’s told that he has to eat the fat and…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @hawkeyblog @AsianDumplingL @FTFonFS1 @GregJennings Irrelevant @AsianDumplingL @FTFonFS1 @GregJennings Why would Greg Jennings, who played his entire career in the NFC, purposefu… man has one wife, two sons, two daughters, two cats, two dogs, two chickens, four chicks, FIFTEEN GUNS, and on…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitTom Dempsey, the New Orleans Saints placekicker who set an NFL field goal record that stood for more than four deca…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @PFF And on the stat sheet that is 0/1. This is why context matters.
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @PFF Show some highlights from the winning team bumsTyrod's ready for his shot in LA ⚡️
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitCOVID-19 is bigger than football, but I’d be crushed if these 5 September SEC games were canceled
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @CologneBartolo @_babs2__ Drew in that tier? Yikes @cougarcy72 @RexChapman That’s besides the point. @AsianDumplingL @FTFonFS1 @GregJennings Granted I didn’t watch the video. But the prompt on screen says “win it all… make it simple, the Tall guy was stepping up for his friend that was sitting in the car, that they were trying to fight...
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit⚜️@SeanPayton would like @DrewBrees to call an audible 😂
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @FTFonFS1 @GregJennings Ummmm the saints?"Name the Finals that Michael Jordan would've won if he had lost Scottie Pippen. He couldn't get out of the 1st rou…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @RexChapman They're lucky to have real hospital garbs...
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @RexChapman This is a massive over exaggeration and is not representative of what hospital workers are doing at all @sstewart5295 @DobieCrypto @RexChapman Great outdoors I thinkFWIW - This is how far back doctors and nurses have to put the swab to test you for #COVID19. You might want to f…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitShit looks like sneezes and itchy eyes.
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @rivalsmike Dan is a clownNo because he rated him over Aaron Rodgers
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @HerbstreitPerc @Tilley_nate @LSU As an out-of-state student.... i would like to be refunded for whatever out-of-st…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit"Melo is wrong. ... Because the Pistons blew that pick, because they drafted Darko, they acquired Rasheed Wallace —…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitToday’s kids will never understand how big of a flex it was to know someone whose name was here⬇️
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @Tilley_nate @LSU At the very least... @HerbstreitPerc @LSU I’d like part of my parking pass and building usage fee refunded tbh
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @SportsLawLust There’s an awful lot of menace in this kids stuff arms. Definitely getting some instruction from home to inflict painSince @netflix and #Covid19 #Quarantine has made #TigerKing all the rage, I figured it was a good time to ask for n…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @SportsLawLust This is a bit ridiculous.Assault.
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitBae: “Come over” Me: “Nah I’m still on self-quarantine” Bae: “My parents aren’t home...” Me:
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @LSU What about refunds for not getting the same value of education we agreed to when we paid?I Agree Harrison @Shaq was an underrated passer - Glad you enjoyed some early 2000 Lakers Shaquille O'Neal was a…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit"You see him beat elite college tackles with ease" @PFF_Mike on K'Lavon Chaisson
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitThat's how Trequan be 😂
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @OTB_ESPN Shame on you for putting billy bob against bobby bouchergreat throwaway gag in the big lebowski
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitWHAT
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @PFF
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreitbitches get a hospital band and flex it like a Rolex
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitHere's a look at every Power Five school's top NFL Draft picks through the years, including #LSU's. From JaMarcus…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitThe most asked question in the NFL lately: Is it Brady or is it Bill? Well the facts are the facts, and…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom At no point were my feelings hurt. Just trying to have one… @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom “That’s usually what people say when they lose a debate” headassI’m such a “nah i got it” and suffer in silence ass person
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitA tablespoon of mac. I'd beat everybody ass
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreiti never did this if i was going to fail i was going to fail.
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @BarstoolOSU Brandon browner and delvin breaux to this...who would’ve thought 💰💰💰Marshon Lattimore is a dawg 😈💪
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitImagine Diddy playing records he still hasn't given you royalty payments on during IG live.
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @Ky1eLong catch me on madden @EASPORTS_MUT Kravunmoorehead ps4Can’t believe I had to make this pole but, who stronger
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom Marvin was 3x all pro. Fitz only once and has played 3 mor… Wow. No way the Patriots come back. #SuperBowlLI
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom Ahhh you’re a cardinals Stan. Done arguing with you cause you’re biased. @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom You really just said talent has nothing to do with being better than someone....Stained Glass Staircase, Kanagawa, Japan. See more pictures:
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitThe saints offense is looking scary 🤭
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom He’s still more talented than fitz. Having a good qb doesn… @JordanValenz24 @BookerWRLD2 @Mamba4Life248 @TrillTaysom Trash cans like hall of famer Kurt Warner, and carson PalmerWhen your boy gets murked in the gulag
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreitwe're going to have a conversation about this
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @KyleRidehalgh @MichaelVick @EAMaddenNFL @FS1 Game aint even worth gettin into this late tf? Lol
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitAbout to watch 🎮🐐 @MichaelVick Play Madden! #StayandPlay RT for a chance to win! 📺@FS1
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitYell or spit at anyone right now - much less in a grocery - and you get what you get...
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitIf you spit prepare to be hit 😡👊
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreitya lil hot girl summer gave the whole world an std
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitCardinal Stefan Wyszynski: "When the going is especially difficult, when darkness covers the earth, when the sun…
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitOnce the quarantine is over IM OUT TO THE STREETS
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitRobin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and Joe Piscopo group hug in 1984
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitIf New York Mayor de Blasio need ventilators, maybe he should talk to Governor Cuomo who is stockpiling them in case New York needs them
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitNo all time list should be this long.
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @Druski2Funny This dude really doesn’t miss.When A Good Athlete Hear People on the Sideline Braggin about Him😂😂😂
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It’s a shame Mike Evans retired after this game and wasn’t anywhere to be seen the last three times the Bucs played…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit“free the bro, he ain’t do nun wrong 💯“ The bro:
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @ChampionTwitch Pop it off“Man let’s go to practice”😂😂
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitI’m in Da Mode again 👀🔥
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Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitWhat the fuck is he about to do ????
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitDemario Davis: NFL's best LB in 2019
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitA young traveler seeks help. England, 1936. More photos:
Retweeted by Perc HerbstreitJanuary 31, 2020: - President Trump restricted travel with China. - Nancy Pelosi was still caught up with Impeach…
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Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit.@LouisianaGov says OLOL is adding 75 ICU beds, and BR General adding 34 ICU beds, 229 inpatient beds. Says stay-at…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @JoeBiden Let me be clear: No one should have to pay to listen to @JoeBiden rambling like a complete buffoon. Howev…
Retweeted by Perc Herbstreit @JoeBiden Cool story... No one pays for testing.
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