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American history lecturer by day. Part fearless reviewing team of by night. Lib Dem. Remainer. Views my own not UoL.

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Annoyed to discover Amour has closed a month early. On the plus side that means I have got a free afternoon for the… has apparently suggested UN should look at evidence wch would be sensible but I can’t actually find the… day when I wake up, look at what Lab & Tories are saying about an issue (in this case the tanker attacks),…
Good piece but it bears repeating that a key reason Tories are getting away with this is Corbyn/Lab inability to ef…
Is it me, or are show runs in NT Dorfman getting shorter? @Duracell_Hobbit @wheresrunnicles No I haven’t. @Duracell_Hobbit @wheresrunnicles Let’s make a plan :)
8 Labour MPs voted with the Government and 13 sat on their hands. Government majority was 11. Well done Labour. Slow đź‘Ź
Retweeted by Finn PollardReally liked Szell & the Clevelanders Forest Murmurs. Builds it to a glorious climax with electrifying trumpets just towards the end.Cooking music: Szell & Cleveland Orch in Wagner excerpts. Really liking the hard edged brass.
Baffled by the idea that the endorsement of Iain Duncan Smith is considered a boost for a Tory leadership contender…
Yet another vague promise from Corbyn to “evolve” his policy on Brexit. Worthless in my view. And even if he did ba… other news I don’t know who is responsible for sorting out the drainage at the entrances to the upper walkway un… Anna @NationalTheatre was disappointing. Both plot wise and approach wise (individual headsets) we have bee… agree on the second point. news that Melly Still's new staging of Captain Corelli's Mandolin is transferring to the West End. No idea ho… little piece on the miniature gem Drive-by Shooting at Aldeburgh Festival @snapemaltings -
Under the outrage is a deep sadness. The Good Friday Agreement, for my generation, was a miracle of a kind. A negot…
Retweeted by Finn PollardThink many Remainers did have a pretty good idea what leaving would mean but otherwise convincingly argued: happy to welcome Umunna to LDs or to argue we shld not stand a candidate in his seat in any GE because Brexit…
Hard to see where the confessions of Tory candidates goes next: bestiality, perhaps?
Retweeted by Finn PollardNotes from the Continued Labour Insanity, or, Pivoting to support a 2nd ref? - Don’t be silly!, or, what this strug… Haydn, Larcher & Beethoven from Paul Lewis @snapemaltings followed by brilliant mini-opera Drive-by-Shoot… @Clive__Webb Really sorry about this - do hope they will take steps to address it.
V good from @NewYorker on what the GOP has become under Trump: them explain precisely what is to be on the ballot, let Corbyn say it clearly & unequivocally, let them hammer… to Liverpool St for my Suffolk bound train hauntingly accompanied by Holst’s Somerset Rhapsody on @BBCRadio3 -… forward to heading off to @snapemaltings for the opening weekend of the Aldeburgh Festival. Always a highli…
Worth a read:"Now we are friends." "We are more than that ... we are brothers." They were prepared to kill each other on D-Day…
Retweeted by Finn PollardThere’s a good, often v good musical performance of Janacek’s Diary of One Who Disappeared @RoyalOperaHouse unfortu… suppose we haven’t yet reached the point where you might admit that Brexit is a key factor here and your decision… @Clive__Webb Really sorry to hear this. I wonder if it’s worth checking with the editors in case others are affected and going from there.
D-Day veteran Eric Chardin: “Brexit worries me. It would be an awful shame if what we’ve gone to so much trouble t…
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“stop banging on about Brexit” - the gall of the man. I mean the sheer gall of it: @BBCRadio3 And what a glorious encore!Judging by tonight’s Philharmonia concert on @BBCRadio3 I’d say things bode well for them with their new chief cond… 2019: A Day in the Night of America by Kevin Coyne. A bargain at a recent St Giles booksale. A brilliant jo… it seems Corbyn is really going to be allowed to carry on just as before despite the debacle of the Euro electio… under: Thornberry loyally falls back into line. in Washington: looks worrying:
@RobertWHil1 @Tonywauk Actually I liked that Gloriana. @eggsbened @Tonywauk I have liked some of his work very much - Lady Macbeth for ROH, Into the Woods years ago, The Hairy Ape.Massively enjoying the endless live commentary on someone getting off a helicopter. "And here we can now see the P…
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Ticciati got some lovely effects in Damnation of Faust at Glynde but I do feel that it could have done with just a… by the decision to put the devils dance in the Glynde Faust curtain call. Weird and ineffective. @RuthElleson Certainly think that applies to the piece. And I don’t think I’d say prod was disjointed - it all fits… for the Jones Faust parents are enjoying it, Dr M and I are less convinced. I feel just rather unengaged by it -… in a light but persistent drizzle in the Glynde supper interval surrounded by a lot of other people valiant… to discover from the Glynde programme that Melly Still’s My Brilliant Friend is belatedly transferring f… interesting thoughtful thread on the current political position: see what passes for @UKLabour normality these days has resumed: Corbyn & Co reverting to view that election debac…
Further disturbing stuff on the Electoral Commissions response to complaints related to E.U. citizens denied their… @NationalTheatre That should of course have been Young Vic. @NationalTheatre Show has some flaws - the opening Jamaica scenes drag, too much direct address of audience where a… Island @NationalTheatre is strongest in its evocation of the two central marriages. Is convincing about world… @BillBadger1976 Thanks for passing that on - would explain it. Hope they won’t lose the intimacy of the current space.The problem for Lab is I think there is mounting evidence that simply sorting out the Brexit policy (even if that c…
Corbyn's on 15% for best PM. Incredibly he's *still* behind May even after she's literally had to resign as PM beca…
Retweeted by Finn PollardAnd the Corbynistas cry: “It’s just a flesh wound!”: true, extraordinary. And I will be delighted because it suggests people are not buying the Corbyn line: it is still the right thing for Labour members/voters to switch to the Lib Dems:
Retweeted by Finn Pollardwhy would anyone vote for this fudge?
Retweeted by Finn PollardElsewhere I do wonder what’s going on at Hampstead. Jude closes tomorrow and currently nothing announced for the ma… news that Elliott’s Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is transferring to the Bridge. Missed opportunity for the NT.At one and the same time, both breathtakingly disingenuous and utterly delusional
Retweeted by Finn PollardHow many elections does @UKLabour have to lose before it stops pedalling this line “we’ll do a better Brexit than t… of course it also continues to let the Tory leadership contenders off the hook because Corbyn continues to argu… shouldn’t be surprised by Corbyn’s Labour any more & yet reaction to Euros does surprise me. Are they so arrogant…
This is stretching the definition of 'new'.
Retweeted by Finn Pollard @Limericking We’re finally hearing from Bob, Who’s carefully laid out his prob. “I can’t charge the Prez,” He duti…
Retweeted by Finn PollardThe Tories eleven (and counting) candidates for PM reveals not so much an embarrassment of riches as a richness of…
Retweeted by Finn PollardGetting? It started silly and at this not even halfway stage it is already ludicrous and setting its sights on star… other news it’s just wrong that while the endless Portillo railway series are all on DVD apart from the two Pali…’ll probably be drummed out of my profession for this but I’ve always thought Edmund Morris’s Dutch (the only one… just 4 years, Jeremy has TRANSFORMED Labour from a party that had lost an election with just 30% into a party th…
Retweeted by Finn PollardJust watched Michael Palin’s Confessions of a Train Spotter doc (his first travel one). Marvellous. Poetically narr… of the day, 29 May 2019
Retweeted by Finn PollardI see the Lab civil war has moved from Twitter to the Guardian comment pages...Great to get Lotte Lenya in Weill’s magnificent Pirate Jenny from @BBCRadio3 @PetrocTrelawny on my walk in. Can we… done. And spot on:
Terry Pratchett’s hat and scarf are on an empty chair in the front row of the @GoodOmensPrime world premiere, as pr…
Retweeted by Finn PollardGood piece: other point concerns rules. First this one seems to be open to interpretation. Second there seem clear double s… Corbynistas usual choice of denouncing people for having that different perspective is not I suggest the approa… isn’t that people siding with the latter in a dispute now between the Corbynistas and those individuals or group… suspect a big problem for Corbynistas is once they’ve formed a view of person (Campbell = Blairite + Iraq) or org… number of people Lab either thinks it can win an election without or arrogantly assumes will resume supporting… thread: are the BBC debates for the @LibDems leadership context BTW?
Retweeted by Finn PollardHa! thought expelling Campbell was a strategic error but it is being publicly shown to be so much more rapidly and cl… again well: dissection:! all the @UKLabour staff, MPs, peers and councillors who told me they were not voting @UKLabour fear not; as I be…
Retweeted by Finn PollardExcellent thread: striking and relevant nugget: