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American history lecturer by day. Part fearless reviewing team of by night. Lib Dem. Remainer. Views my own not UoL.

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Hello @captheatres was a grey cashmere scarf by any chance found or handed in from Dress Circle after the opera last night?
@LisaIronTongue @ScottishOpera @edintfest @westedgeopera Many thanks for that - will look forward to reading. @LisaIronTongue @ScottishOpera @edintfest @westedgeopera Yes v fine production here - a spare set but made cleverly… I was going to be picky I might say that after the (spoilers) ensemble death scene the piece does struggle a lit… the most critical point about Breaking the Waves is it made me care about the protagonists #edintfestMazzoli’s Breaking the Waves is a magnificent new opera. Outstandingly performed by @ScottishOpera @edintfest & spe… Well, it’s difficult to imagine a way to make this situation worse Brexit: Ha-ha-haa
Retweeted by Finn PollardI really like the addition of a rumbling ominous electric guitar to the orchestration in Breaking the Waves #edintfestHalfway through Mazzoli’s Breaking the Waves which is pretty marvellous so far. Magnificent singing & playing. Movi… @larkingrumple Thanks for sending me that link - v interesting. His approach seemed to me to work well last night.If you’re in London or within striking distance try to catch this - one of the best shows I’ve seen this year:’s Harold in Italy is rather fun, though I can see why it isn’t often done. Tamestit a fine soloist (does so…
Wasn’t feeling at my best last night but it was still a real treat to hear Runnicles conduct opera again - wish he… @RichardBratby @edintfest Yes I can well imagine that. I’ve wondered whether it’s something where there would be sc… blog. I would love to see @edintfest do more with their archive - it would be fun, for instance, if prog note… @BayntonR Probably have to agree to disagree on this one! Hope you had a good time in Edinburgh generally and the L…
@Edinburgensis @MaestroDCR @theusherhall @wheresrunnicles For today at any rate!Jeremy Corbyn cancels Ghana trip to deal with domestic crisis, as the type of greenfly on his rhododendrons is part…
Retweeted by Finn PollardLooking forward to the return (at last) in opera at the EIF of @MaestroDCR @theusherhall this evening #edintfestNot sure what the selection criteria were for the British Council/EIF You Are Here strand but based on the two show… thoughts on Mythos @edintfest : @edintfest Looking forward to it :) @edintfest Thanks - sorry I hadn’t realised they were there - should have looked!Hello @edintfest - can you advise roughly what time the long 90 min interval in the Wagner on Sunday will be?
It was rather interesting to hear LSO/Rattle in such close proximity to BBCSO/Bychkov - latter wasn’t as well sold… LSO are certainly a well oiled unit under Rattle who play to a high standard. The interpretations are another m… @boytonbiker No. International.Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation not only has the silliest title of anything I’ve seen thi… @DavidCloke I don’t know that - must look into it!
There is great concern in the Department that the public might misunderstand the sheer vastness of…
Retweeted by Finn PollardHow typical - it seems Tony Robinson’s Odysseus the greatest hero of them all series which I remember from years ag… so also longed for a bit more poetry - Fry’s version never quite captures the mystery of the Gods or gets insid… over the three segments I often found myself thinking of other versions. Fry’s modernising touches are hit and… 3 Mythos is much the strongest. Fry inherits in it a much more focused drama than with either of the other two… of the omissions are odd - to dispose of the deaths of Achilles & Hector that quickly & omit the Agamemnon/Ach… act of Mythos 3: Men is the strongest segment thus far (I suspect Fry has been given a note to tighten things… overrun by nearly half an hour is certainly an achievement (& I think possibly a record in my experience) but I…
I’m going to reserve full commentary on Stephen Fry’s retelling of the Greek myths to the end of the trilogy tomorr… @edintfest policy of the free programme sheet for some events. Not least because it’s saving the Pollard Arc… clearly in a minority (& possibly alone) on this but Vogt didn’t carry me with him at QH in the Appassionata -…
A fine performance of The Kingdom from the Halle, Fest Chorus & a strong quartet of soloists @theusherhall but on a… one poll of course but interesting all the same: if the volume of tourist coaches parked up on Johnstone Terrace was this big last year...
@theusherhall @SCOmusic No question that overall it’s a powerful work that I would certainly be glad to hear again… on MacMillan’s 5th Symphony @theusherhall I was pretty completely gripped by the first two mvments (textua…’ve heard quite a bit of MacMillan today but so far the piece I’d definitely hear again would be the thoughtful it… thread: @jessicaduchen @RichardBratby Thanks - I shall try and take a look. @LisaIronTongue Thanks for the further info. Def didn’t see that one. Just been on the ROH database and now puzzlin… @RichardBratby Yes that makes sense. Don’t know the work you mention - must look into it.
So somebody out there is arranging to commission Kosky to give us a new staging of one of these lost Yiddish operet… suspect Barry Kosky wouldn’t thank me for saying this but that show of Yiddish operetta (which was funny & moving… glad I made it to Forget Me Not at the Lyceum. A wonderful uplifting performance of Yiddish operetta. Deserved a… is, he is clearly a more competent candidate than the leaders of either major party. But since we’ve stopped… to hear MacMillan’s All the Vales and Hills Along. Did feel it was a little in the shadow of Britten &… @LisaIronTongue Now you're making me wonder - did it start at ROH? Did I see it? If I did clearly didn't stick in m… @LisaIronTongue Have yet to see a good production of that.My thoughts on Eugene Onegin @edintfest : @edintfest @redfellterrier @queens_hall Thanks. That’ll learn me! :) @redfellterrier @queens_hall @edintfest Could well be - I was guessing!Scintillating singing from Lawrence Brownlee @queens_hall @edintfest ending with a virtuoso encore (Rossini I think… Dichterliebe from Lawrence Brownlee & Iain Burnside @queens_hall @edintfest this morning. Powerfully & f…
Late EIF note. I don’t think I’ll ever truly love the harpsichord but Mahan Esfahani is a remarkable performer on i… are a number of other Dem candidates who should be considering the same in their respective home states: @LisaIronTongue I think it is definitely a tricky work to bring off convincingly - not sure text bears close readin… the superfluous rain has given me an excellent subtitle for the blog & the stage hands desperately trying to… I’m glad tonight’s audience enjoyed EIF Onegin but as far as I was concerned that applause was really rather o… should add it’s lovely to hear Onegin played with dramatic momentum & romantic feeling - things lacking the only… @msannapicard What frustrates me is when he lets things still and focus on individuals I felt there was a lot of fe… @msannapicard Haven’t seen that. Thought Kosky started well but I went off it as it went on - I’m not convinced by…’s Eugene Onegin would be considerably improved if the revolve was disabled & he grasped that less in movement… me overall with the feeling that with this & last year’s Midsummer plays about Scotland at the EIF are moving… glad to have seen EIF Red Dust Road. Loses its way a bit in the second half but before then I felt it showe… to make a govt of national unity work there’s got to be at least some mutual trust & if both sides can’t ac… do consider Corbyn unfit to be PM because of his record as Opposition Leader. But Lab might start to persuade me… about trust this morning. Clearly Corbyn supporters distrust LDs over coalition & many LDs distrust Corbyn… thoughts on Angela Hewitt’s magnificent Well Tempered Clavier @edintfest :’s quite clear Corbynistas (on Twitter at least) cannot forget LDs in coalition (though that argument did not pla… which I would add that I think it is underestimated how much anger & dislike of Corbyn fuelled perfs of other op… to watch Corbynistas complain the other opposition parties are playing politics while pretending, ludicrous… does Corbyn’s current position even have the support of all his MPs - because Stephen Kinnock’s remarks to Guar…
Swinson, Lucas et al should respond to Corbyn by first asking whether he has his own party united behind strategy (… I suggest that the pressure being applied by LDs, Greens and others is having an effect. It’ll be quite amusi… await Corbyn making it clear that he will act to discipline any MPs who support a Tory Brexit. Or is working with… a week and a half to go but on the basis of the concerts I’ve attended since I arrived last Friday this is de… news: @edintfest @theusherhall @HewittJSB Absolutely agree. A marvellous pair of concerts.That was simply a majestic performance from Angela Hewitt @theusherhall @edintfest - rightly receiving a standing o… 2 of the Well Tempered Clavier @theusherhall @edintfest picking up where Part 1 left off. Outstanding pianism… thoughts on Roots @edintfest : an excellent idea: wild about Amber Wagner’s QH recital this morning. A powerful voice but lacking in dynamic & textual subtlety &…
Magnificent Mahler 4 from Bychkov, Gansch & @BBCSO @theusherhall @edintfest superbly shaped, characterful well blen… compelling playing from Meta4 in Fanny Hensel (Mendelssohn)’s String Quartet. Often surprising piece wch o… see the second of Robert Schenkkan’s LBJ plays is opening on Broadway. When is somebody going to bring these to L… thoughts on The Secret River @edintfest @NationalTheatre :
Angela Hewitt’s Book 1 of the Well Tempered Clavier @edintfest @theusherhall was just wonderful. Amazing how Bach j… credit that late night EIF Hewitt Goldberg Variations with making me see there was something in Bach. Pleased to… way into the @edintfest @theusherhall Bach marathon. Mesmerising, moving playing from Angela Hewitt. If yo…