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Whew, every day on twitter for the past while has been like reliving trauma lately. Time to take a break for a whil… @rachelmillman Bucket looks like he just got some amazing news @cheryllynneaton Yeah. Agreed. I saw a grandstanding white guy talking about it and was like “what I miss??” @kharyrandolph @julianlytle Personally, I 100% believe it was the show @cheryllynneaton Has anyone named comics racists yet?In “The Concept of Love” by @Hideki_Naganuma, the sample “Understand the concept of love” was taken from a speech b…
Retweeted by d a v i d bYou don't owe anyone details of abuse. You're not letting anyone down if you don't want to talk about it. Putting y…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @julianlytle Not writing exactly but it’s in the liner notes of Goodie MOb’s Still Standing and the song Ras Kass did with the RZA @toriewink The gods ask too much of mortals sometimes! @toriewink Can't even come back in incognito or Appear Offline mode?! @Biggletron @RamonVillalobos I was gonna ask what the heck that person was in charge of but I just assumed they wer… @katiesaurusrex @aniburt Same 😭new volume of Bungo Stray Dogs tomorrow!!
@bigredrobot @ARTofCOOP this is gooooodcops faking this Shake Shack poisoning is like something you'd have to do as part of the insurance fraud missions in Saints RowSociety to parents:
Retweeted by d a v i d b @bigredrobot is this a humble brag??If you want to help build and support a better comics community, y’all need to stop giving Bl**ding C**l your stori…
Retweeted by d a v i d bCome draw me this afternoon!!! 4pm-6pm PST. 💖💕
Retweeted by d a v i d bI'm super excited to finally share that @RoBroSmo and I are working on “The Wash Day Diaries”, a graphic novel to b…
Retweeted by d a v i d bI'm moderating this... if I don't die of happiness first ❤️🔪
Retweeted by d a v i d b @RosieMarx I've been meaning to rewatch this, so this timing is great! I hope you have a good time.#BlackLivesMatter TCAF and its staff and volunteers support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Retweeted by d a v i d b @marissadraws this is a FAMILY SITEThey're quiet, during the show they stay rooted to the spot, and they leave when it's over
Retweeted by d a v i d bThis is fantastic news!! Thank you for supporting your team like this I constantly hear that fans didn’t realize h…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @matthewdube Hey, one warehouse has pipes and boxes, and the other warehouse has boxes and pipes! It's important to… @dhindes in yakuza zero you can win a chicken in a bowling tournament and have him manage your real estate.
Retweeted by d a v i d b @from_outta_town I would love to hear what went through that cashier's head after you left. Just a tornado of "Oh no!"Juneteenth and Father's Day this year gave me an emotional hangover this morningHi. You have 8 days before Tremors leaves Netflix.
Retweeted by d a v i d bI didn't realize how many movies Schumacher worked on that I enjoyed. I figured it was all Batman and blockbusters… @marissadraws how is that different than any other day?Oooh! Enjoy this interview !!!
Retweeted by d a v i d b @taterpie @BadAtGender Plus, at a certain point, you're probably gonna run out of moon! Like throwing snowballs whi… @taterpie @BadAtGender Oh, true. Maybe you can make a combined digger+trebuchet... This is why tweets like that are a problem!! @BadAtGender @taterpie Plus, would you even get better speeds and damage launching from the moon rather than droppi… @taterpie I made the mistake of thinking about this too hard and I have some questions about terminal velocity and… @david_wolkin the audacity of this is actually a strong himbo moveAmerican superhero shows shoot in warehouses full of undifferentiated pipes and boxes the way Japanese tokusatsu sh…, I figured this out. Wild Dog, who is a loving dad to his daughter, does it for him in the van on the ride o… @RonaldJWimberly @shannondrewthis I found out the Harvey Awards had gift bags the one time I went. The show ended,… @asher_elbein Yeah, it's an old fave! Though I don't remember if I finished the series. @DarkMaple Weird how that works, right?! @toughage Skip to season 5! Arrow kills a lot of people (like...a LOT) in the first four and there's no Wild Dog in sight.Watching all these shows (and especially this show) has me thinking that the type of fantasy I want from superhero… @geedeck ahaha, actually, yes, very much so. @toughage I've never read any Wild Dog comics but they did the whole design and everything. picks up a lot once Wild Dog shows up to be an Extremely Emotionally Intelligent Goon for the group. A Sensit… @cheryllynneaton Dang his line of reasoning is hilarious @kennybloggins I’m still reeling from that!We’re working on dismantling rotted structures right now, but—and this is true of state sponsored violence, comics,… don’t really care about that dude in particular. It’s more the phenomenon than the specific instance, the way we…’s different when it’s your friend, and i mean that in a sympathetic way. It’s not good—there’s just complex feel…’m thinking of it in light of current events, how people laughed off “filthy assistants” as an edgy bit, of how co… friend reminded me recently that last year, a longtime and well-connected comics dude was online talking about be… birthday to kris kristofferson, owner of the best moment in any marvel movie
Retweeted by d a v i d b @andykhouri @kennybloggins @KielPhegley @calebandrew This is fascinating, Andy. Thanks! I know my '90s Marvel lore… @taterpie Alan Davis!I don't even like Batman like that and yet, here we are.I don't know what it is, but my comfort reading during shelter in place has been Batman comics. Not even like, "the… @andykhouri @KielPhegley @kennybloggins @calebandrew This is interesting, because I never read Byrne's Superman! Is… addition to the games industry, I also challenge the comics industry to step up as well.
Retweeted by d a v i d b @BrianWithCheese Matrix was my first Supergirl, too! The dynamic she had with Superboy was a lot of fun as a kid. @jonbernhardt "Some of my best friends are black, like Orpheum!" "Tim, his name is Orpheus. And he's dead." "..." @clementeworks I have the utmost faith in you, my friend. Good luck @kennybloggins @calebandrew the Zod situation was completely untenable. I should probably look it up, but in my hea… @kennybloggins @calebandrew Nah, that would've been 2003, I think? @OtterSterling Yeah! The Hero Initiative just put out a video with him about this too. @kennybloggins @calebandrew Luthor's last line is something like "and there shall be...a crisis..." while he does t… @calebandrew It's funny to go back and see what was quietly stitched out of the universe on the way to Infinite Cri… @the_real_TFB a related note, I love Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines. Dave Stewart colored this cover. The DC Comics status quo… @andykhouri YES @hermanos Though speaking of Priest, Quantum & Woody had some similar feeling issues, but I think a lot of those we…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @ConroyForReal People say "YOLO!" is corny, but it's actually highly motivational! @jonbernhardt It does feel like a very Batman-y thing, probably due to Year One being the most obvious example of that kinda narration. @EmmaHouxbois Was that when he brought back thought balloons but wrote them weird?? @VitaminSteve It is INCREDIBLY distracting and also doubles the amount of text on the page on top of one of my favo… @kennybloggins Oh, that's a good question. To my memory, his were more about 4th wall breaking, though I think they…"I look at David and know that he's thinking this is a bad idea, that we'll never make it out alive." "Brothers is…'ve been reading Superman/Batman by Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness/Michael Turner/Probably Not Pat Lee over the past week… @nathanfairbairn @beckycloonan Haha, thank you 🙏🏾 I really appreciate both of y'all's work so I tried my best to li… @OtterSterling to be fair, Rick Ross has probably said "Rozay all day" a couple times just to see how it feels, but… good and being good is easy. You just have to want it more than you want the other thing.And that's partly why Ellis's apology rankles. I was a nobody and could still see the power afforded to me by my po… I'm not really big on socializing with people outside of friends, and even less big on people I never met askin… was a cog in the machine at Image. No hiring power or influence to speak of, outside of the magazine or panels we…'m glad that someone finally pointed out that the millenial discourse is suuuuuuper racially coded, and probably c… @ogbillybatson I wish we had 2K because I might get a clean win off you now"God was acting through you, Raylan, through your gun, to get my attention, to set me on a new course."
Retweeted by d a v i d bBanner year for people just saying anything on this siteBeing DAD is a work in progress. Bear with me, I am working hard at it. We will muscle through it together. Happy F…
Retweeted by d a v i d bNeon Genesis Evangelion teaches us the only psyop is the delusion that we can truly know and be known by another person
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@eugewarrock I think about the song with Big L and Big Daddy Kane all the time too. Two all-time trash talkers goin…"Mobb Deep already explained the meaning of shook" has a "cellar door" quality, where what he says and how he says… said "forget it, might as well fall down a nostalgia hole today and put on Soundbombin' 2," the one mixtape that… @eugewarrock I'd forgotten about it until another song on Big Picture played and I queued up the album. Ebonics cam… writing something as good as “A burglary is a jook, a wolf's a crook/Mobb Deep already explained the meaning of shook”Big L’s Ebonics still goes: