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@taterpie Sometimes I don’t even make it off the couch @taterpie DittoI got tricked into reading a comic with Proteus in it 🤢still at it, and listen—everyone hates Skrulls, but the Inhumans get a pass?? They're tedious!!!! Lockjaw isn't eve…
@MorganJeske wanna make sure you see this!'s an archival stream of Little Dragon's live show broadcast today: is yet another "@illusclaire was right" tweet: I read the first couple issues of the classic Harbinger (Shoote… fuckin' Nakadai
Retweeted by d a v i d bWe’d like to encourage everyone to continue to #stayhomeandplay. This weekend, Lara Croft GO on mobile is free Marc…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @Biggletron it spells out STRESS on my temples and chin! @Biggletron I have a lot of new grey hairs!in cop TV show news, Elementary season 3 has a nice start, Brooklyn 99 is off to a shaky start but with good guests… the self care and crafting and cooking ISNT curing your anxiety
Retweeted by d a v i d bComic creators: Who received pencils down notice this week? DMs are open, everyone will have anonymity in reporting…
Retweeted by d a v i d bAlready almost at $15,000 which is just...I don't know what to say, really. I don't know how to convey what this su…
Retweeted by d a v i d bIf you liked Jurnee Smollett-Bell in Birds of Prey or Aldis Hodge in Invisible Man, you should check them out in Underground on Hulu tooPor algún motivo me he puesto Ikiru de fondo para currar y ya estoy llorando. Aquí dejo otra vez la masterclass.
Retweeted by d a v i d b @internetbf666 Some alien races are like “oh they just have a different morality,” including the trolls in the Nors… other news I'm still reading cosmic Marvel and I can't believe how racist everyone is toward the Skrulls. @RaynardFaux Sanjuro is way funnier than I ever expected it to be before I saw it, too.I don't know if Adam Warlock is in the movies or not, but if not, they should recast him with every movie, and get… @lurrel this is EXTREMELY good news!also a new Ari Lennox EP but I don't think it's legal to be horny during the shelter in placenew Jeezy AND Little Dragon out now...Fun Fact XXXII: If Tifa's in your party Rude will attack her less often than he attacks other party members. In fa…
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@emmartian I've been going back and looking at these as I beat the bosses in Sekiro...thank you for the collected version!first episode of Black Lightning s3 on Netflix says #AbolishICEthis is a blessing: you’re bored, I run a comic book website called Shelfdust where people write essays, features, annotations and a…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @lokulart the Always Sunny crew commit way more crimes and ruin more lives, but in a way I hate the Seinfeld crew more... @andrewjlavigne I love things like this! The sex stuff in Seinfeld is annoying because it's so retrograde, but Pet… @HowtoLoveComics these jokes are a weird highlight of watching the show for me, because I'm old enough to understan… @mercurialblonde hey, he almost packed one of the medium size rooms at SDCC! @HowtoLoveComics Oh no, I know the reference. I was around back then! It’s just very dated @Sarcasmorator True! the absolute nadir of the show for me is when Jerry/George gawk at a teen band justify it by s… was gonna post Kramer and Jerry’s best parts but I got distracted and was looking at clips from my fave comedy’s smug grin at the end of this joke about someone being annoying about their fiancé is another really good perf… @hoover_dam @CunninghamWhip The episode where she buys another woman a bra out of spite is another good example of this too thoughJason Alexander kills in this bit. George is so desperate for not just a discount, but to be seen as part of a club… @hoover_dam @CunninghamWhip I’m aware! @hoover_dam @CunninghamWhip This is true, but I think those instances end up being less frequent than Jerry’s relentless approach! @david_wolkin Twitter is much less funny, on average!They do a real good job of making Jerry into a really annoying dude. Jerry is capricious and cruel, George is burst…“She coughed while walking around my apartment naked and I got grossed out” lot of the attraction- and sex-related complaints on Seinfeld are absolutely bonkers in 2020. Jerry doesn’t like ladies who wear glasses?!
@mercurialblonde yeah, he's killing me with this one. Have you been watching the videos too?the new album is super duper fire, of course.We love "She never need a man, she what a man need/So I keep on falling for her daily" backed with "Never need a bi… feel like The Weeknd isn't a complex songwriter, but he has found a brute force approach to emotions and metaphor…
Four years of y’all quote tweeting that dude and you haven’t even hurt his feelings yet, huh?If you use Google Docs, good news: Our automated style-checking tool for web browsers, AP Lingofy, not only gives…
Retweeted by d a v i d bAndre 3000 verse on “walk it out” remix been on my mind lately, nigga told us to make our moms proud and take our t…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @TheYaoiReview I still can't pick a top five on this album, but the beginning of Heartless when that synth throb an…! Animation in the style of Yoji Shinkawa's work from @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN 's masterpiece Metal Gear series!
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Retweeted by d a v i d bDestiny had a lot of weed and Raiders-related names when I played it on the regular, but three days in a row I have…
Lot going on in this issue of Nova 🤔"Who has time? Who has time? But then if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time?" Snake, haven't you…
Retweeted by d a v i d b*Martin Luther look to camera*
Retweeted by d a v i d b“Mama can’t help yo jumpshot” 😂 @KylaPratt used to kill these @WNBA commercials
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The Weeknd's music perfectly captures that feeling when no one at the orgy remembered it's your birthday
Retweeted by d a v i d b @highway_62 @jeffparker Aaron Paul looks like he probably has a secretly good Popeye impression @samhumphries @McKelvie Not together!! Apart!“WASH YOUR HANDS!” 😒🧼
Retweeted by d a v i d bAlatreon, the Blazing Black Dragon, descends upon Monster Hunter World: Iceborne this May. First info on this terr…
Retweeted by d a v i d bEr. It's, um. It's possible the rarely-used iPad is still signed-in to the Vertigo account from the last time I di…
Retweeted by d a v i d b @calebandrew Same here. The groper phone call is an Olympic tier gagI feel like I’m pretty good at reading comics but Hiramoto is always putting out work that surprises me and forces… Hiramoto is a beast at making manga that looks like one thing but is actually that one thing taken to absurd… admit, this one was a surprise with every successive chapter. @ZackDavisson The one in Inuyashiki was so funny too. Straight up “a lot of idiots don’t like it but Gantz was so good!”Oku’s lurid new series Gigant dropped this week. I’m making my way thru it now but this caught my eye because he di… romita jrs cable was big as fuck lol. you couldnt really tell this motherfucker shit
Retweeted by d a v i d bBartender: I’m cutting you off. only water from now on Jesus: [sarcastically] oh no
Retweeted by d a v i d bNamorita is a super-rich, gym rat, princess college student. Where’s the movie, Marvel? Broad City with Nita and An… @mancandy666 Al Williamson inked the first couple! It’s strange to see @JOSHBOT Dork Norkem got me goodAnyway, Speedball is an icon forgot that these New Warriors were Jubilee, Angel, Beak, some of the Omega Gang, Chamber, and Stacy X (remember… @2Beardz it's this cat was Jubilee at the time, btw. Looking like a mix of Scandal or Cassandra Cain from DC Comics with that costume's great is that that went out in his weekly mailer, and when the comic actually came out, it was a team of lik…'d think the Warriors had gone full Red Army or something the way the shop owner was railing about how they'd be… of my favorite New Warriors memories is when the comic shop I used to go to before moving to the Bay put out a… @dennisculver I think my fave part is he just happens to be around when the team is formed and they all just grudgingly hit it off @dennisculver He’s so good is the only character that really screams ‘90s to me, outside of Nita’s workout gear. Everyone else is ju… character stuff is what’s clicking for me. They fight a villain who missed out on being Captain America, was ou… New Warriors is really interesting. Thrash’s berserker gimmick is very unconvincing nowadays, Nova is kinda t… Warriors-era Namorita really was just Namor with an Ariana Grande high ponytail, huh?no bias, this is probably the best catwoman redesign since darwyn cooke's.
Retweeted by d a v i d bLeon's Lampin' necklace in Curb is next level @abayer I have an old Logitech dongle that accepts separate headphone and mic jacks to make one USB device!someone has to answer for this and it is absolutely not gonna be meabsolutely furious to finally discover that the PS4 does not actually use some kind of magical plug or headphone fo…
Me: We need more romances in these troubled times! Me, seeing happy couples buying quarantine supplies together:
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Retweeted by d a v i d b @debaoki @debaoki I love Slam Dunk's eye catch segments as much as I love the ones from Ranma!Mary: oh no my period is late Joseph: oh no how late Mary: I dunno, what's the date Joseph: hmm according to the…
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