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I was a baby in France 😂 wtf is wrong with Trump?
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioHold tf up Trump not you coming at my city
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioYou know Trump be on Twitter too much he argue just like a stan account
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioSex with emotions and all the feelings tied into it >>>>>>
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioSo rich people are smart because they know how to cheat the system and hoard their wealth but poor people are “aski…
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio😂😂😂😭 really on some shit it can’t be real
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioAmerican Horror Story: America
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioI’ll take this over Jemele Hill and the strippers she posted saying “get to the polls”“A low point in American political discourse” indeed it was. #Debate2020Trump didn’t denounce White supremacists. He told them to “stand back and stand by.” This wasn’t an accident.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioThey gotta put the next candidates through a decathlon Im sicc of these old bitches
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioBruhhhh when they turn up when they see you and tell you don’t leave ! really don’t take medicine for aches/pain, it’s herbs or essential oils and I’m gucci😂“Stand back and stand by” is a threat.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioSeen a state trooper folllowing behind a fellow darkskin man in traffic....that man was sitting straight up & STIFF…
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioGeezus shouldn’t be this old
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioTrump called the Central Park 5 super predators
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioLMFAOOO YEOOO
I ain’t got no kids
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioLordt if I had a barrel and a private plane swear Khloe’s had so many different faces that I just assumed this was her💀
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio @detroitplair Thank you! Growing is a journey I didn’t know existed lolThis is my first time hearing a white person actually say they don’t season their food because it’s too spicy 🥴🥴🥴😭😭… these are the things that make us, what do y’all say...? “Aggressive” she lost the game of life FOR SUREEE! ya hands before sex
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioThis is probably why I always gag😭😂ppl said I was an asshole for thinking it @Fredericoo11 She is tho . And you corny for opening this app and using it to stir the pot Vs black women . Especially in a time like this .
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio @SensatoMillions @BlackRightsSlut @koresoteiras @Fredericoo11 😂😭😭😭this thread caught me all the way off guard lmaoooo @AnnieDreaXO My face the entire video
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio24 hours of self care challenge 💆🏾‍♀️🥺💓🙏🏾
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioThis felt so good to watch. Lol, with age comes wisdom. I’m learning to care for myself intricately & learning to care for others just as d… @DevoniJacob @nakira_lauren 😭tell sis her tits are perfect please! Don’t make me get Breyonna!!I’m fckn crying I would never !! 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 @DevoniJacob You got such great tits mannn love to see them! 😂😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio @brownngem @ShernitaSOfly @misssuber @ashleysflavin For cheese steaks? Jim’s steaks, Dalessandro’s, Chubby’s, the f… @MorganAW__ Girl yessss it’s giving all the feels. 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioSYD - BODY @ShernitaSOfly @misssuber @ashleysflavin I appreciate y’all! 🙏🏾And would sit and wait until they found her! @ShernitaSOfly @misssuber @ashleysflavin I’m taking notes for when I come from Philly again mofo, TO THE PYNK. lucky if you never had to watch drugs change someone you love.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioDon’t put baby Brian in no more of y’all fckn songs if you gon be talking about what he was doing when he passed.Nobody: Me to Dev: Show us your tits!Lmao child keep sht like this in your family. be making magic baby in every sense of the word.I’m really about to go back to school 😂 I said I would neverI really just got the extreme ass urge to listen to “Buy U a Drank” I came outta nowhere like “I’m T PAAINNN, YOU KNOW MEEEE!”The Trump taxes thing upsets me because there are UNDOCUMENTED, IMMIGRANT workers who pay MORE in TAXES for service…
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioWishing peace on everyone who feeling outta place. You have purpose
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioWho put the fatty on marge y’all are sick named that dog what?!
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioNow she’s at the park every other day
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio😭😭😭😭THIS IS SO CUTE😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 to personal reasons i think everybody lying i don’t care
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioTell her she’s the coolest everyday 🥺😍😭 does “Christian” even mean?
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioCuz we bought it on the way over there.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio#NationalSonDay 😘😘. My Son/Sunshines
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio♥️🥺👉🏾👈🏾 you’re doing spirit work and you’re not eating well or resting well, you’re gonna have a hard time. Spiritual po…
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioJust wanted to show y’all how bad pisces are with texting. This is my sis, I’m March 4th she’s March 6th😭 you realize a lot of people are just projecting, you stop being phased.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioEverybody wanna talk, but ain’t got shit to say.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioChange the person in the mirror, and your world will change.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioAppreciate the depth of your dope.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioWhy is Kaylar like that 😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Geezus🔥, I be tryna put the people on😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭 you feel your ancestors get quiet, that means they doing some work for you. Let them work.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioY’all ever stare at yourselves in the mirror when you’re sipping tea? I be like “look at you, you sexy, healthy t… @KimKardashian
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioEvery time you get a negative thought ask yourself, "Is this something I want to manifest?" Be consciously aware of…
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioEve of Destruction x Satisfaction
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioThose weekends I used to stay in and watch food network with my mom were lit lolCtfu anybody gets naked on TV now
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...... Gingham and mahogany teakwood hit different no sza 🔥😭 school unreleased music: and I wanna be the cat thing about me:
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioEvery time you focus on the positive, you are bringing more light into your life and that light removes all darkness.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadioOne positive thing about zoom schooling is parents being able to see and hear what really goes on in a class.
Retweeted by #PSMGRadio @Big_Homie_Ive Praying only black Twitter sees this. Happy gday!💪🏾Some of y’all be trying to dress exactly like celebrities and be looking dumb. Find your own style
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