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ATTN boardgame community:I did something but really didn’t tell anybody about it and nobody said anything or joined… @cgsunit Well I would have said that about most other games but not that one. Not my idea of a match.Can’t wait for 2028 so I can back the Fresco Ultra Ridiculous Super Large Box KS @LetimanGames Occasion?Today’s the day I respond to @takeyourchits with this GIF! @benny275 The Christmas Card list gets smaller every day @kjrevia Is that double entendre ?Her: So do you have any hobbies? Me: I like to play board games Her: That’s cool! My friends and I play Cards Ag… @sumfatkid Oh you’re cool too CandyMan @sumfatkid I have time off for GenCon approved for the next 3 yearsPeople who live in glass houses... A) ...shouldn’t throw stones B) ...shouldn’t walk around naked C) ...spend a l…
@laurastead if this week wasn’t shitty enough, I think the laptop is officially dead 🙁 Luckily I backed everything up on my… @takeyourchits @GamingRulesVids Mixed...sad to see people lose their jobs through no fault of their own but happy I wasn’t one of themThe Gaming RV plan is on hold...for now #SurvivedThePurge @buttonshy I thought that’s why they still made cargo pants @FriedmanCassie Congrats and good luck @buttonshy Don’t they already come in a case? @IanZangDesign I know I have said “The President” when speaking of Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump but never in conjunction @IanZangDesign I probably have not used the title with the last name of any US president in conversation since I was a childEveryone in the office this morning
Found out a friend from HS took her life this past weekend. You don’t need to send condolences just promise to loo… @Maho42 @kjrevia @jdbullock @QuicheGames @kjrevia @jdbullock @Maho42 Maho & Jordo buddy cop movie coming to Oxygen channel this fall @QuicheGames Note to self: do not make tin a resource in any of our games @takeyourchits glad Ignacy listened to me 😉
@InsertStrawHere Who the hell let’s donuts get to be a day old??Picked out my Halloween costume @dnlnwmn @mdriddlen @dnlnwmn @mdriddlen More like the sequel to Sister Sister @DanielSolis Tell your artists about concerns or changes as soon as you have them. If the sketch looks wrong, point…
Retweeted by Hexagram 63-Anthony @QuicheGames @WDavidMac @woot I’d prefer if it were... Mr & Mrs & Mrs & Miss & Professor & Colonel @QuicheGames Did you bring enough for everyone Caryl?Damn Miami you had me scared there for a minute @KatieAidley Wouldn’t that make better socks? @danielskjoldp @RMBLees I’m playing Gandhi right now @teoismatt @gmtgames @bc_mansfield @Volko26 Definitely not counterfeit but there is what appears like mold on some… @InsertStrawHere cracked open #Gandhi from @gmtgames some issues with components (that they will take care of) but that…
@Philosocopter Donut @425suzanne I’m not coordinated enough to knit or crochet 🙁 @perfectbebop @MattMorganMDP You can flick with your toes @evergreenburrow Donuts are definitely the one desert I can’t say no to @TheDragonTable @PatrickLeder @takeyourchits @CBJ_Paul @GeekJockBlog What’s the score of the Sox game, Paul? @Boardgame_girl1 Thanks Jess...hope your feeling better @joedarts317 Thanks Joe...if it happens look for the RV Board Game Adventure KS on Wednesday lol @teoismatt @overthehillier
@5games4doomsday @asgergranerud Sargon human ranger...he is the only character who ever survived @GamingRulesVids ThanksSo on Monday I find out if I get laid off or TGIF!! @beardedrogue @PatrickLeder Hold my beer @toits out there in my circles own a copy of Yinzi I can borrow? I could probably use a couple of them. Thanks @boardsalive @mdriddlen @Linsaebear @Philosocopter @GTGamesLLC Batman @MuppetMindset Coming Out Day to all of our LGBTQ friends. @GamingRulesVids @critshappen @GamingRulesVids That’s because there is already enough cardboard things in the box @takeyourchits
@WatchItPlayed This is even funnier if you have seen the episodeAlways great to see people with a lot of money giving a lot of money to other people who have a lot of money. Amirite? @MercuryGamesInc @suzieboozieb @GamingRulesVids Appreciate the update @Boardgame_girl1 @HeavyCardboard @takeyourchits @gamesandbourbon 40 Oz of coffee and 3-4 cigarettesUm....can someone tell me how Missing Persons is not just Love Letter? @SouthArcadiaThem: You don’t need A, B, & C to be happy Also them: Hey look at my A, B, & C!!!!!Want to wish a very happy birthday to one of my favorite people I’ve met through gaming, @MajMalfunction Many more brother!! @GamingRulesVids @GirlsPlay_Games Take your canvas bags Take your canvas bags Take your canvas bags to the superma… @MercuryGamesInc @suzieboozieb @GamingRulesVids I’m sure he is fine but his Twitter account went dark so naturally… @MercuryGamesInc @suzieboozieb @GamingRulesVids Alban Viard has appeared to have gone MIA on here and I figured you… @MattMorganMDP Year end at work basically rules me out...but as soon as the company is doing well enough that I can…
@TRKnight Glad to hear you’re on the mend @rccgames You keep doing what you’re doing @425suzanne @boardgamerpinup @NintendoCanada Thanks for this post...I thought the l was another t Reminded me to schedule my eye exam @MattMorganMDP You do a heck of a job with it Matt, you should be proud of it @TabletopPolish When consumers are willing to pay more for the same products they pay less for now @trickybluemage He got away lucky @425suzanne Yeah like the ones they give serial killers as their last meal or something @Boardgame_girl1 @425suzanne I like them all fairly equally...except them fake ass chocolate chip ones some companies put in there @425suzanne We don’t have the vortex ones...we get the round ones with horizontal raised ridges and the raised suga… @suzieboozieb @GamingRulesVids Hmmm maybe @MercuryGamesInc can help with the mystery @GamingRulesVids @GamingRulesVids The account is there...just says Tweets Aren’t Loading Right Now so there just may be a technical… @brettspiel @teoismatt @OnBoardGames Maybe... it this is definitely not an auction...the Taj Majal “auction” IMO is… @teoismatt @OnBoardGames Maybe those aren’t actually auctions either @slicker_drips @BoardAndDice At least you didn’t have to reroll 100ft of cassette tape back onto the spool @teoismatt @OnBoardGames In an auction where bids are open (ie the card played before you) you need to bid higher.… @teoismatt @OnBoardGames Blind bids are examples of sealed bid auctions. The closest thing to a trick taking game t… @teoismatt @OnBoardGames Example? @slicker_drips @BoardAndDice I got it!