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Hexbits @HexbitsV2 Ontario, Canada

Ryan • • TSG • I also compose music • don’t take anything I do too seriously :)

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@cocksIayer @NonsenseHouse 👀ALL I KNOW IS PAIN
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Retweeted by Hexbits @PaintClown_ 3214never saying yes to this mf ever again 😤
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@HarryButAverage POGGY??? @HarryButAverage @100Thieves Fr lmaoo @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage am boy genius too 😳 @LonelyMailbox Grats man!my grandma after i grow a centimeter
Retweeted by Hexbits @AngryCanuck70 Probably still too arrogant to admit they’re sorry haha20,000 Retweets and I’ll leak the @100Thieves announcement set for 12 PM tomorrow. A lot of employees at our compan…
Retweeted by Hexbits @fandomhuub Used to be in one but not anymore lmao @Wr1terAlex @fandomhuub Wtf man
The #UbisoftForward announcement trailer for ‘FAR CRY 6’ has been officially released.
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Retweeted by Hexbits @MikeHeadly39 Aye by the way @mikeheadly41 is yours just lmk lmao @MikeHeadly39 No u 🥰 @GetGlizzed @optiuh ^^^ this
Retweeted by Hexbits @Froste @HarryButAverage 👀 @HarryButAverage Goodnight homie @ahodge_04 @Bubushka6 @liamwnl @FortniteGame How would that be bad though?
@Sweazyleaks yeah you don’t know anything lmao @Mlord7000 It’s actually fun asf, just stale without ppl to play with @Mlord7000 @RelikPhantom Nah this fall it is tho @oFabz What this say? @wawestlly @louisblase @ManaByte MCU looks like it’ll be going a lot further. 8 years and using their arguably best…
@NoahJ456 @MrRoflWaffles Hoi goys** @HaroldLStokes @Mark_Jarvis83 @DiscussingFilm It seems like they’re setting up their own new Gotham universe if the… @fordtaurusgurl @ZomaSpirit @LinneaTheCake
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@bratzdollgab @HarryButAverage LETS GOOOOOTaking accountability ❤️
Retweeted by HexbitsOh man
Retweeted by Hexbits @Mlord70001 You best clear your umbrals 😤 @Mlord7000
@Hantao First @ImInVertigo @Bankslvrd Why tf you talkin like Yoda @Mlord70001 I also did my first ever three raids last night let’s gooo @Mlord70001 Since I started playing again after not playing for a year I watched some 4 hour video on the storyline, how tf bungie??? @SamjaySJ @itsWaddles_ @Heather04956307 @Mlord70001
@getFANDOM jhb go
Retweeted by Hexbits @kanyea10 Who asked lol @Jonny35004728 @DestinyTheGame @AnasBen87 @DiscussingFilm @mr_nahh let’s gooo happy birthday king @HarryButAverage No, enjoy @HarryButAverage oh he hittin it
@axVEVO @TheChillestVill But like a whole ass 8 months?? @TheChillestVill Ships in Feb 2021 LMAOOO @InFucken @HotFreestyle @AntSoulo Love how you make these comedic tweets and get 5 likes tops @FortniteINTEL @SSBUNews wow comedian, plugging their other account 🙂 @TheChowderhead MP7 and SMG-11 @ITalkFortnite Gimmicky skins like Peely, Meowscles, Kit, and Ripley aren’t fun to use. Rather have a skin that looks cool or badass IMOYOOOO @Mlord7000 @Mako AYEEEEE @Mlord7000 I’m getting back into destiny, added you up 👀 to the man himself @Mlord7000 🔥 @PrinceDeego @EHXCELSV3 @shrugtal Oh damn aight I might have to play wraith now 😳 @PrinceDeego @EHXCELSV3 @shrugtal Why is it so special? Not tryna start an argument I just bought it when it first… @HarryButAverage fr @Mlord70001 It’s honestly fun asf rn @CrypticNo Yo you were the dude that jumped @WhosBreezyUK grandma wtf you doing man
This is seriously one of the greatest running gags in animation history!
Retweeted by Hexbits @Oreologist Blorange @NL_Slayma @Mlord70001 O
@SamjaySJ Do people not from Canada not realize that the sun doesn’t exist here?? @BadJokeBrandon @CamealAshley @Mlord70001 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Lucas7yoshi Damn you’re pretty creative and funny @frozenfroh I’d like to see that, similar to Blackjack from COD: BO3 @Oreologist @Classify Plus to get a government commercial license to release the vaccine which would take a good bit anywayspluto vs Australia
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@XTigerHyperX Are they not a separate pack similar to how they had the x force skins pack and an x force picks pack? @SiegeFNLeaks What? @WesleyB75235084 @Cluck3rrr @DonaldMustard Nope I already messaged her. And it’s ass not the bad word you said!! @Mlord7000 Lost what bitches? @WesleyB75235084 @Cluck3rrr @DonaldMustard I’m telling your mom you swore on twitter
@de_angs @emm_ell_dee @TheBookOfNick @nytimes Ignorant responses lmaopog fish @CBeauchamp12344 @CallofDuty True, Russia is the next one though @Ionilol @xandereh @jdncreate @TheSmithPlays @MrTLexify Yeah, Nova Scotia to BC @jdncreate @TheSmithPlays @MrTLexify Canada is massive man @virindisertus @Finn_Conway @stepheniscowboy I was thinking the Shire from lord of the rings 😂 @MikeHeadly39 Check dms @keepitdopeguy @ZONEPHYSlCS Destiny players 👋🏻 @mr_nahh @ComicBook Golden mushroom that has a 0.01% spawn rate and grants you 100 shield. @notchaselyons Honestly tho @Lucas7yoshi Map changes are alright ig, I like the fortilla, gameplay is sick, and the battle pass is the best in a while. @dannylp0305 I’m finally 14 today man LETS GO @NotMystxc @mr_nahh Maybe she into you hmmm 👀 @mr_nahh Yessir happy Canada Day @mr_nahh Canada day fire with the homies