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@PuccaNoodles Her 🥺💖
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think we all could use a month offcorrection layers >>>>>
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @C_jayy321 the shower was Plan A, but it was also backed up 😭 @jacequilart thank you... thank youall this at 2AM, barely awake. what a night that was.Never felt more powerless than last night when, because the toilet was backed up, I had to climb the step stool ont… is really, really good
Retweeted by 👻 Boojihey #drawingwhileblack, I'm Biji! I'm a Black&Japanese illustrator in Portland, OR. I dig drawing original characte…
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @harpsonaTweets Ooo I'll be reading it soon too, thanks for sharing!!✨Hi!✨
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I haven't had a full night's sleep in weeks and I'm starting to feel it. Hopefully, hopefully, November will bring better sleep.Atticus and Weston @heybiji 's OCs #blacktober
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @troubledmn mysterious @ShannonTindle_1 Oh this is so good!!✨ this 3/4th headshot was made possible by contributions made to your biji ko-fi from viewers like you. thank you ✨…
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@InternetteThe This is sweet 💖💖💖 thank you! @bisoulovely OH MY GOSH I HAVE A NEED @InternetteThe It's not something I hold against the Japanese people making anime as much as it is just a yearning… @LongTaleAnimate Is it okay if I RT this? Totally cool if not! @LongTaleAnimate Oh... ouch...... I felt this. @koidoodles Are you me 😭 I would also just google and stare#blacktober I Love Lum ⚡️
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @kianamaiart EEEK SO CUTE @bisoulovely LOVEEE @slooshk That first sentence was real cryptid/alien speak until I understood the contextdid a line test with an .@heybiji illustration. wanted to see what it looked like
Retweeted by 👻 Boojihere is the process. original artwork from .@heybiji one of my fav artist :-p I would like to do more fan art in fu…
Retweeted by 👻 BoojiLike... really, isn't it essentially drawn cosplay? @EyesOnBrandon Patrick Bateman what you doinme: *baptized catholic* me: I will appropriate catholic imagery for my own personal horror aesthetic
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @marsoids I am ready to take one (1) stone to this bird @jjeatsdirt THEY MUST SEE IT BUT THEY BETTER NOT RESPOND!! @artofleena You coulda just left it at the compliment instead of you, yourself, making things "political" lol 😭 @artofleena I'm trying to explain to you, objectively, the answer to a question YOU posed. YOU are the one taking i… @artofleena @CapcomKelly @KaelanRamos Why even add the second part as a comment on my work though when you could ha… @pipasdefranilla I wasn't bothered by your comment. In this context I didn't take "burnt" as an insult since I thin… @artofleena I hope you understand. If not, I'm sure you can do further research if you are truly curious to why one… @artofleena In an ideal world, sure, you may have some ground. Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world, so w… @artofleena Thinking this as 1:1 is the fallacy in your thought process here. It would require equal ground to begi… we're in danger 😃 just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! really destroyed us. Rn,I need your help any amount would help us to be not evicted, for my mom and I, it…
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @bisoulovely I am so happy for and proud of you aaaaaaaaaaaa you are KILLING it 😍💖 these look sooooo lovely!!!
OH MY GOSHHH SEEING MY BABIES MOVE... IM GONNA CRY 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 THANK YOU @Jonzellapdav I AM SO GRATEFULHello, names Jonzell M.G 2D Animator located in CA - Showreel 4⃣ 2020! DM me for 💌Email Follow me for Updates on…
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @Jonzellapdav !!!!!!!!!! YOOO THIS IS SOOOOO COOL OMGGGGG???? I'm AWESTRUCK I've never seen my children animated an… @heyjenbartel Never unfollowed someone for not posting enough art! Tangentially I also don't unfollow artists for p… @explodikid 🥺 oh no I hope you heal soon!! I hope you're still taking it easy even if you can technically still work 😭😭I want braids but I cannot braid 😭 @Canibalwarlord's Up Guys?/古本新之輔、林原めぐみ 「爆れつハンター」OP(1995/10/03~1996/03/26、テレビ東京)
Retweeted by 👻 Boojirelationships should be 50/50; one cat throws up and the other eats it growling cat on tummy stuck in bed this isn't funnySomebody just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! updated the default support amount from $3 to $1 on my ko-fi! Thank you so so much for supporting me; especially…
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@Dallieart THEM robin planning to take his ahogeLafavel taking a little rest.... featuring @heybiji 's warlock, Robin #dnd #originalcharacter
Retweeted by 👻 Boojireposting with the tag! I still loooove how this turned out!! ✨#blacktober I Love Lum ⚡️ @nextofgin It's a device you use to adjust the color profiles on your display to make sure they're accurate colors!… @rin_tin_ben I got a used X-Rite ColorMunki off of ebay and tried it out yesterday and it was simple and great!! I'… Pet Shop of Horrors series made by @BryanFuller it would be like a spiritual successor to Hannibal @Dines_Visual lkMSKLG WWWHHHH WHHAAAT KLSDMGKL WHAT OMGOSH!! my babies these are my babies and they look ABSOLUTELY… and gomez....cara mia ❤️
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@bombiezass I would also like to know @dinoraye OMG JHGGGH @LPLPFKHP It's all yours!! 😴💤 @GhostGribht tbh not wearing makeup has done wonders for my skin!! also I'm constantly cycling through whatever ski… only wish i could surgically scrape off colin farrell's eyebrows and stitch them onto my facewearing no makeup for like a year has been greatSomebody just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! @childishgamzeno Really came for me with this tweet 😭
I'm okay btw, they were just EXTREMELY jarring. There were a lot and it sounded like they reloaded. I ended up doin… @Gingerhazing EEEE, wishing the very best for you!!!finding forgotten sketches underneath layers in a file is always fun 🔍
Retweeted by 👻 Boojisharing this treasure I found while reading
Retweeted by 👻 Boojiwhy draw new art when add excessive filters on old art do trick
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @dinoraye gonna do the same here 😭me slapping the old vhs filter on all my art as a coping mechanism to imagine having cool and cute animated black c…💫
Retweeted by 👻 Booji @BryanFuller A GOODIESince we’re all talking about saving the arts, reminder that basically all conventions and sales events were cancel…
Retweeted by 👻 Boojithose gunshots sounded real close. scared the hell outta me @bisoulovely Eeeeee!! Thank you for the opportunity!! 💫 @waewhimzTL asleep? 🌟GIVEAWAY🌟 We received the wrong colored hearts, but they fit perfectly in our Tiffany necklaces 😅 So I'…
Retweeted by 👻 BoojiThank you 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖 @RahulKohli13 I'm looking respectfully#PortfolioDay Hi, I'm Iranian concept artist and illustrator. I love to create dark and atmospheric environments!…
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Ned prepared us for middle school but didn't prepare us for fascism
Retweeted by 👻 BoojiThis is Black Animation History to me idc
Retweeted by 👻 BoojiHi again #PortfolioDay ✨ My name is Ana, I'm a 2D/3D artist from Brazil and I love to make stylized, cool and colo…
Retweeted by 👻 Boojithe lengths I will go through to avoid restarting my computer no matter how much it wants me to