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dejan @heyDejan Melbourne, Victoria

i always buy the flowers myself. very much a leo. sometimes i write. melbourne auckland nyc ✨

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@latchkeyforever such a shame. recommend it now!time's ripe for a watch @paulkidd @buggeryacres GOOD! it's just such a joy. brilliant soundtrack, brilliant pacing, so funny, great acting… @oliviawilde keep making fucking incredible films please 😙 @soneall89 introduced to my housemates who had never seen and they were GLEEFULwatched BOOKSMART again last night for the 14th time. remains one of the greatest films of 2019 / all time.alternating between real housewives of new york and real housewives of cheshire is culture sharing 💋This is day 6 out of 14. He notes that he could forgive the quality for being low but they've been consistently dec…
Friend is in State-sanctioned hotel quarantine in NSW. They're not being fed enough and dietary requirements aren't… @nicheholas my leo brother 💛 @LouisPeitzman I still cringe thinking about Bethenny's charity relief dinner @mathewrodriguez we'll get there @LouisPeitzman @dogzaddy yes! and obviously Mexico @dogzaddy definitely#rhony gays and gals: I'm introducing the boyfriend into our favorite show by watching the first ep of season 12. t… @lyta_gold @_aloo_gobi @ the person in your class todayGoogle uses location data to show which places are complying with stay-at-home orders — and which aren’t have as they say “popped off” about landlords & property managers exploiting renters during the pandemic
Retweeted by dejan @macleanbrendan Hi! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @macleanbrendan's true. i'm rewatching Girlssimpler days"don't just flatten the curve, lower the bar" is the soundest piece of advice i've heard in the last few weeks. pus…
me: i'm finding this whole situation weirdly calming boyfriend: ... it's because you're having sex twice a dayRHONY premieres tonight for its 12th season. Here are a few of my favourite moments from one of the greatest gifts…
Retweeted by dejan @thajhb I love that! D and I did pancakes one time was trés cuteAbbotsford twitter where you at @JanineOFlynn @drhdickinson @paustinlucas I will drink TWO spiced rum cocktails while watching Survivor tonight, in… @JanineOFlynn @drhdickinson @paustinlucas IT IS TODAY!?!? i should know this i have your birth chart saved to my desktop @drhdickinson @JanineOFlynn @paustinlucas take 'prof' off your name immediatelythe gifs in this article are doing a lot for me are people who joined the public sector to help their fellow citizens going to deal with new roles as enforcers…
@macleanbrendan @hnrysmll this is why you keep me aroundhe deleted this but I think about it every single day, rip to the tweet
Retweeted by dejan @hnrysmll @macleanbrendan Onlyonlyfans @macleanbrendan Where's the miracle.... cure? @macleanbrendan Drugs Not Hugs!!! @macleanbrendan hibernate-iatake yourself home - troye sivan back to me - lindsay lohan we're officially entering an era of social distancing bops ladies!!
Retweeted by dejan @Brocklesnitch same all I do is make pasta or unclassified stirfrymy boyfriend makes a hot Sim going ✈️ woohoo brilliant reporting from @alnev via @TheSpinoffTV in NY reminiscing
@macleanbrendan ban fracking instead @onphileek @madd_sarah @AuroraMilroy now i'm confused and googling what donkeys look like @AuroraMilroy my theory stands @imjustinrandall yes I said you could join @Remember_Sarah i once got shamed by a blockbuster employee for attempting to rent out Catwoman, "um you realise yo… you seen the show? the kardashians, forever in sweatpants, literally never leave the home. business as usual @Most @NikkiBlonsky inject michelle pfeiffer's crabs directly into my veinsArnold Schwarzenegger's content is reminding me how I, for longer than I care to reveal, thought donkeys were made-… King Kong really think he was gonna date that lady?
Retweeted by dejanthanks to @BitchMedia i think i've just found the podcast that speaks directly to my triple leo heart… Adams needs to spend this time writing, directing, producing and starring in her one-woman quarantine film so s…
Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure - The Chronicle of Higher Education…
Retweeted by dejanhow did i miss this? #dragrace "I would actually love to host my own version – with bio queens and trans women.” friend has been working on an app to tell you how busy places are to assist with social distancing. Could have br…
Retweeted by dejan @AuroraMilroy you're so right @radamridwan you are doing the lorde's work 💛I haven't taken a photo of myself in so long what a shame @paulkidd double dare youFuck this headline @7NewsAustralia as you correctly mention in the second line "but people are being reminded to… @_aloo_gobi Omg not him risking his lil life by sleeping in those hanging sheets @chrismacheras i haven't seen a tub of yummi's in weeks!
Did the coronavirus write this
Retweeted by dejanAll of us when the second this ends.
Retweeted by dejan @troyesivan kevin murphy realness @RottenInDenmark hey siri play i forgot that you existed by taylor swiftwonder what the data is like for re-tests. Will an initial negative result deter someone from seeking a second test… @charli_xcx the perfect album @meakoopa oreos, a vegan's best kept secretin some unsurprising news: the rich remain fucking unbearable under crisis @macleanbrendan ok Zoe KravitzDelete or Accept? made me a survivor fan and by survivor I mean Parvati @paulkidd staying humble 😇thinking of starting an alt but just to tweet all my most narcissistic thoughts @carolineplz @macleanbrendan doesHouse party is a good app if you want to crash @heyDejan catching up with his dad (who is hot by the way).
Retweeted by dejan @paulkidd should've told him you were a lawyer so he could remember all the broken dreams he had for me @paulkidd a vision into my future. you made him blush by the of quarantine @La_Pfeiffer we need more!For reference, the net worth of the average American is $97,300. This is like a normal person giving away $3.70.
Retweeted by dejanright now I am obviously watching Miss Baltimore Crabswhen will Michelle Pfeiffer have her resurgence
This op-ed in @MetroMagNZ on "why shouldn't landlords take a financial hit?" is absolutely worth the click… @rymillar $10 you will end up regretting this tweet.ain't so bad
@macleanbrendan @MilkmanNick @nanamchiak omg @itsjustolmos I would neverhow do I mute the content that comes into my feed that you all like @pastpunditry @pastpresentpod @yourewrongabout the entire podcast is absolute gold. enjoy!
Retweeted by dejan"who's Duo Lipo?" my straight housemate @mariahmocarey Ur my boyfriend from my future nostalgiamy boyfriend shaved his hair and dyed it blonde just before all of this am I dating nostradamus?Gaga really listened to that Dua leak and was like going lol ✈️ back to the studio