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Secularism, Satanism, Socialism, Semiotics. Designer and technical writer. Teaching you CSS on 🌎 #a11y He/him or they/them.

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@brianleroux @jaffathecake They were addressed?? @jaffathecake It's a bit different to that. I've been able to write HTML for over a decade. Now there's an arbitrary roadblock in the way. @NikolaiSzabados @steamedhamer @paulwaugh I don't support them. That's why I did my bit and was responsible/careful… @jaffathecake I think that's one reason I don't like it, because it gives me syntax blindness. It's like reading en… @NikolaiSzabados @steamedhamer @paulwaugh The ones who refused to wear masks or distance and caused this nightmare? @MoranaH86 Fucking fuckwits. @jaffathecake Right, I guess I never know when I'm writing TypeScript, JavaScript, or a horrific chimera of the two.(you won't get another chance to vote) @jaffathecake Does that syntax work in JavaScript/React? I find it hard to find the right docs from a syntax point of view. @CodeMacabre @ScopicEngineer Haha love it"I just like saying "You should use Typescript" to them. I don't know if they should or not. I don't even know what…
Retweeted by Heydon @jaffathecake Thanks for the link. @jaffathecake How about this as a metaphor? I have a map which keeps telling me what a map is every 30 seconds and… @jaffathecake It's a sytemic issue. Another fallible layer of automation is not what I need to get things done in my short life LOL. @jaffathecake So the purpose of TypeScript here is to tell me what browsers can support, and is wrong. What if ther… @jaffathecake True, but I know that and I don't need TypeScript to tell me 😠 @jaffathecake Sure, but I can just... use [...document.body.children] and not worry about iterators when I'm using plain JS. @SteveALee I don't want strong typing in the first place 😄 @SudoCat429 Indeed! I actually enjoy writing JavaScript without it. @WickyNilliams The versioning thing makes takes learning TypeScript from a difficult to a near impossible task.TypeScript still sucks. Thanks to those who've been helping me grapple with it ❤️ changed the line from [...document.body.children] to Array.from(document.body.children) and now TypeScript doesn'… @StuRobson @hankchizljaw There'll be HTML6 soon, and I'll have to learn ANOTHER 5 or 6 tags. Where does it end? @WickyNilliams Much appreciated ❤️"Type 'HTMLCollection' must have a '[Symbol.iterator]()' method that returns an iterator" Why? Just let me use JavaScript, fuck. @WickyNilliams Hmm. Yeah, thanks. I'm seeing a lot of error messages today. @_EricTheViking I've used React for a while. It's the TypeScript that gets in the way. @_EricTheViking Yeah... I preferred using HTML to write HTML 😂 @hankchizljaw I have to tell it what a div is too. So enterprise. Much scalable. @WickyNilliams Okay, thanks! @_EricTheViking Well... the red lines have gone away! You legend. Why does that work though? @_EricTheViking Thanks. Where? @WickyNilliams This isn't my repo' and I think these may be installed already. It has a lot of engineers contributi… @WickyNilliams Yes.I've typed it like this export type ThingProps = { children: React.ReactChildren; }; We know that children in r… there a way to make TypeScript understand that my JSX is liable to contain HTML, and that this is PRETTY FUCKING EXPECTED?Do not reply or otherwise engage with this stuff. You are poisoning yourself and others when you do.This is bait for impressions, nothing more. Note the absurd and easily refutable claim, and the trollish misuse of… now there's a website explicitly saying that responding to a cookie banner will give consent on 3600 websites…
Retweeted by Heydon#WebDev #Stack "The tangled webs we weave" an interesting reflection on modern web development, how complex our sta…
Retweeted by Heydon @brucel I heard that new guidance and was like's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam
Retweeted by Heydon @Paceaux It exists. I have to type HTML elements inside this React application.
@LBeattie92 @_SophieCrawley Which rights? @Gr3gfletcher @jaffathecake Nobody's calling anyone a philanderer or anything, calm down. @antonkmyrberg @uxharvest @ilithya_net Maybe you're not insecure 😁 @heydonworks *covers your laptop in squiggly red crayon lines* ~~~~~
Retweeted by Heydon @MicheBarks Yes, but I don't think they realise that. They seem to be taking it very, very seriously.Working with TypeScript is like working with a small child. "What is an HTML element?" "Difficult to explain in j… @aral Ooh, that's neat! @StuRobson So it'll JUST sell personal data to mortage lenders and nothing else. Welp. @yodelingsnake Glad to hear it! Big news?Hello loves — when you post pics of strange/biased photo crops, please alt text them. Otherwise all i hear is "imag…
Retweeted by Heydon @bedekelly Actually, I'm not sure now. It was shared by an internal designer there, though. @veikkoeeva @jaffathecake What @bedekelly It's from Behance's design team. It does look like a bad personal side project, though. @jaffathecake Also center-justified text 🤮🤮🤮 It's such a massive wankfest I don't know where to start. @enkle1n Thanks, just a routine test as she is a key worker. Don't worry! courier who just picked up my wife's COVID test wasn't wearing a mask. Of all the people... *sigh*That would be Keynes, 1944 director of the British Eugenics Society...? Ok then, sure.
Retweeted by Heydon @GarethFW @SteveALee Oh my!Exactly this. Or just "the fuckery" for short., it seems like deregulating banks allowed them to behave like casinos, causing he 2008 crash (after which they…
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Starve to Death to Help Out
Retweeted by Heydon @jaffathecake @NHSEnglandSW Shittest Threads reboot. @USamsara Yikes! Didn't know he was dead, actually. Great drummer. @muditameta He is an excellent drummer. @muditameta Yeah, I heard. Just watched a documentary about them.Neither of us are very good at Photoshop. saying I don't like Rush, someone is now showing me videos of Rush concerts to prove that some people like Rush. @USamsara Rush fans at a Rush gig? Wild. @BasementShaxx @tomhfh @JMPSimor @USamsara Do you expect me to watch this? I just watched a whole Classic Albums documentary about them, which was way too much already 😂 @amberweinberg Amazing premise for an album. I can't get past the helium vocals, to be honest. @USamsara I don't care about him that much. His band sucks. @daszz @JoaoTMDias Fairly certain not agreeing with her views is a component of "she's full of shit" LOL @MikScarlet And they're the same people who go around calling people 'snowflakes' too. @daszz @JoaoTMDias And hello to the mute button! @Scott_Matter Honourable mention: Voivoid! @Scott_Matter Devin Townsend is my favorite Canadian prog rocker FWIW @stilkov Why are you sharing this with me? @cbirdsong Is it about trees?Waiting for Boris to turn up to the Cobra meeting @JoaoTMDias No apology needed ☮️ @JoaoTMDias It's also fine to point out the shitty politics. I like Dave Lombardo's drumming, but if anyone asked m… @JoaoTMDias Why are you explaining this to me? I already don't like their music, I'm just reporting that their tast… @jedrek Glad someone's going to the meetings, because Boris Johnson certainly isn't. @JoaoTMDias Ayn Rand is full of shit.What's stopping you from coding like this? have never liked Rush's music, but TIL they were massive Ayn Rand fans... including a sleeve note dedicating one… @will___jenkins @ilithya_net LOL. The buttons are a bit small, maybeUh, this generative art project by @heydonworks is very cool 😎 //
Retweeted by Heydon @chhopsky @KawaUsf @LBK423 @bascule Came here to say this, thank you.Every day, I grow more and more disgusted with this callous, hypocritical government. This, when Johnson is bleatin…
Retweeted by Heydon @uxharvest @ilithya_net "I wish I'd made this but I didn't. I'll say something mean and unhelpful, that'll make me feel better."
@ilithya_net Thank you 🙂 @cobra_winfrey That means a lot, given your eminent skillz in this area, cheers. @g_farrell1 @Smutchings @Wikipedia It's not my OWN definition, fuckwit. And who do you think I'm doing propaganda for? @hankchizljaw I'm so chuffed with that!