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@gg_frantic Preach. I don’t fw that average shit at my job, in esports, and everything.
@WildDZN Stay reppin @GUIG___ @CoachJoe__ I’m just awoke asf @nickVAL_ @Kweendav Cancel me!!! @nickVAL_ @Kweendav Yea i don’t even know anymore man. @camzIive cringe + ratio @shifty_val i’m only 17 sir! @CoachJoe__ I’ll do better for you next time @Kweendav where I live* @Kweendav Because I wear something that involves where at live? @steeFPS LOL. I just fw their colors, i quit sports after sophomore year @spookyaddison 😳 @iiKlemm fw the drip?🇺🇸 @bonerbob_ tysm!
@idkredd Definitely @notblasiann @Azirah__ @starzlul best hypeman ever @QTAstrx Embarrassing numbers right now but we’ll get there.Like look at the hat hair game @reizouu @TakeFlyteGG ayeeee @Parallax_ ❤️❤️
@SilverNyx_ @NottDylxn FL1X slander 😖 @CbassFN ❤️❤️❤️ @gg_frantic atta boy
@NotReduxx LETS GO REDUXX. AmenCan we talk about how @Scrounge_ decided to leave a discord group from 9 months ago?’s only the bots of the scene who care about this ghost guy lmao. Like go on with your day, let this guy think he… @NottDylxn @yoxics @camzIive @papercrowns Just cuz i don’t got numbers anymore doesn’t mean i lost all my big conne… @NottDylxn @camzIive @papercrowns get yo clout up and we’ll talkI’ve always wanted to start a podcast and we’re launching one soon with @heyFL1X . Working on branding right now wi…
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@alygeexo i’m eating aly @ConfusedFn Y’all far tho and i got two i workout with @Apidaez that’s Chiraq for ya @HitBox_Hiros @builtbygamers @SpringLane_ @Ghost_IWNGU Professional Valorant Player!!!!Day 1 at the gym tonight with this kid @OhSnaz that lowkey looks nice asf for a 2003 model
@Glorinsz @bumpaah @root7K @brawku @Justinovah I will never forget the time where the Caders Flyte Roster couldn't… @ciaolyx @CasperrFPS @shadeiol Vouch, insane editor @CubridFN @Nik0_Val yessir @Nik0_Val @CubridFN Overnight shipping is what most guys expect but sometimes you definitely don’t get that. 3 weeks and counting🤞 @NotCribazz That shit had me rolling man 🤣🤣 @SnaggyMo That shit had me rolling @sznyawn hbdI am going to need someone with a creative mind for a big project that @heyFL1X and I are working on.
Retweeted by FL1X @QTAstrx It's been in the back of the dome @crazees31 Actually smart @crazees31 Then I move out 💯 @CubridFN that is nothing homie 🤣🤣I love my parents to death but like at some point they gotta just let me have some fun for once. Way too overprotective @dreqf @NotCash_ @RobKnight__ Never said you don't @NotCash_ @RobKnight__ @dreqf the bakery🤣🤣
@iiKlemm oop @goodgamesense CS @pr0phie @ShahZaMk LOL @Glorinsz Their colors go hard @Caders_ what guy @CoedleTV @Glorinsz A trade school is like plumbing, carpentry, electrician, etc. Nothing to do with stock trading and stuff @bonerbob_ Cambodia! @TetraFN hey kelton ;) @WildDZN Yea we’re almost doneTF👕👀 @Karizmahkv @notblasiann @Awkua_ @KnightsGG @TealSeam Insane @w0rldw1de_na @KnightsGG you guys are nuts @480Wrap @TakeFlyteGG @TealSeam @KnightsGG @Awkua_ @w0rldw1de_na @ReformedVal @OkinFPS @Yoshii_TTV Move the boys to… Flyte takes the series 2-0 vs @TealSeam in the @KnightsGG Monthly Gauntlet, ending their run, and finishing th…
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THIS TF vs @KookyKoalas matchup is nuts Pull up and show the boys love ever think about how your pinky toe is touching your ring finger toe and it just pisses you off? RT to piss someone else offDay 2! We take on ex-ninja- I mean #TimeIn in day 2 of the Quarterfinals of the @KnightsGG Monthly Gauntlet! Stre…
Retweeted by FL1X @CrizFN Yep, wasted my whole high school gaming and nothing else. Started going out and found a friend group the la… @CrizFN yep @bonerbob_ we need a face reveal, body weight, and height from you first.
@Scythelmao_ Just eat better and be active. Walking running anything really. You can lost 13lbs really fast @G2Coop !!! @PuffinVAL ty <3Hit the 185lb mark today. Down 21lbs in 3 months. So happy rn
@notblasiann @Nik0_Val this deadass was us downtown today @CoachJoe__ @Ez_go_crazy @CoachJoe__ @Ez_go_crazy whos ezgocrazy and why am i blocked?Y’all have no idea how fun vanish was early 2020 with Max, FL1X, Zito, scythe, Sleezy, Bubzy, Bank, and all of the…
Retweeted by FL1X @m7rcy @TeamSerenity @qtironwolf_ @qtIronWoLF * @m7rcy @TeamSerenity @qtironwolf_ @vnshmax @notblasiann valkyrae> @quackzyy and Mustangs @OhReckz reckz to the top 💯💯 @RjPieces happy birthday RJ!! @TorseFPS !! @bonerbob_ BONERBOBHe’s my favorite notification 😍😍 @JoeSantin @idkredd top 3 artist for me @dankappleturner is mid @saloful under your parents name yea
@SyykoNT WWWWWThe best thing that’s happened to me in the last 6 month was a result of me stepping WAY out of my comfort zone. Yo…
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