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Thankful in advance for everything that is unfolding for me.
Retweeted by FrancheskaFirst episode of #TheWoo had me laughing, crying, reflecting and celebrating with ppl that I’ve never met! @HeyFranHey @mayasworld 😭🤣🥺
Retweeted by FrancheskaRecorded a podcast with the one and only @HeyFranHey! You can tune in here by becoming a Patreon supporter 👉🏽…
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@JadeofallJades Wait. How am I just seeing this lmaoooo #1 albums in an 18 month span. 🐐
Retweeted by Francheska @MaybeMorque Ok! The literal Harlem soundtrack.The shit his music has gotten us through. This one hits different.Safe travels, Earl. May he be greeted home with love & affection. And may his memory be a blessing to us all.
Retweeted by Francheska safely 🕊 #DMX @ChantBap I would never. I have whole videos from back in the day with that same mixture. lol @TocarraElise I was just on the Sephora app reading the reviews.Skin care twitter, what face mask are you loving right now? @BrujaBanton It’s been so good. @Aye_Jovan Love ❤️
@wonderosa Not to LA 🌚 @mysterio_al Truly. @wonderosa I’m moving west in October ❤️ @BeeNasty_ Why did I see the “Jabria, are you smart” dude on the street 😂Another beautiful day in NY. @Moundefeated @aspencphoto @crissles @JadeofallJades This was me buying an All Clad set 😂 @crissles @JadeofallJades @JadeofallJades Cause the way you’ve given my electric stove low self-esteem... @MotherJones It’s y’all’s time to shine @crissles @JadeofallJadesIt be the Woo for me, she a little cutie to me! @HeyFranHey dope ass content! Go head Fran! Thank you!
Retweeted by FrancheskaI believe I am the 400th Paterson member 😍😍😍 @FriendZonePod
Retweeted by FrancheskaThe Friend Zone Podcast is now creating weekly content on @Patreon! Catch our 4 new spin-off shows: The Binge The…
Retweeted by FrancheskaFinally!!! @FriendZonePod is on Patreon and I’m kicking it with the bestie @HeyFranHey on her spinoff The Woo for a…
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The strength @HeyFranHey has is unmatched. I’ve always been a fan of you, but “The Woo” has amplified it. Thank you…
Retweeted by FrancheskaAnd I feel you with your partners wanting you to be close with their parents. Wooooo Chile. Relatable content. #YourPartnersAreYourMirrors
Retweeted by FrancheskaThis Patreon interview with @HeyFranHey and @mayasworld is so beautiful. Thank for being so vulnerable. #TheWoo
Retweeted by FrancheskaListen @HeyFranHey the woo is it!!!
Retweeted by Francheskathe woo got it @HeyFranHey
Retweeted by Francheska @wowiwrite Thank you for checking it out 🙏🏾 @BklynGee I figured y’all would enjoy that 😂 @KristiNicolexo Love to you ❤️❤️❤️ @wowiwrite I have so many bomb conversations on the way. @BgRs @mayasworld So excited about this series. @BklynGee Thank you for listening ❤️ @IndiaShawn I know 😩 @msislandlady (a life long sabbatical) @toughactofollow It’s like there ain’t enough rest in the world 🥴I took last week off and already need another vacation. @Maryamhasnaa That is perfect 😂*faints*
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Retweeted by Francheskaoh this is exciting!!! thrilled to support you guys in more ways!
Retweeted by FrancheskaMe on my way to Patreon
Retweeted by FrancheskaThe description of the spin off shows are so good. I’m already laughing and rolling my eyes at Dustin 😭…
Retweeted by FrancheskaWait. @FriendZonePod has a Patreon now??
Retweeted by FrancheskaNow THIS is how you do Patreon!
Retweeted by Francheskasign me up! so proud of y’all @FriendZonePod and excited for this new content🤍congratulations, @HeyFranHey
Retweeted by Francheska @iBen_jam_in @FriendZonePod This right here 😂 @iBen_jam_in I get them from LA 👀 @thelaurenstvns I came up with the idea to start a Patreon but everyone created their own concepts. I hired the des… 280th episode of #TheFriendZone is now live. Listen to, "But Then I Got High", on @SoundCloud:…
Retweeted by Francheska @LookAtDustin LOVE you! SO happy for you. I know what this means for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @FredieGilbert You see it!The setup for hosting the Reunion Shows 🔥
With my favs @FriendZonePod @crissles You have to worry about the cabs swerving, the buses, car doors opening, kids running with their balls 😭 @DDotOmen Anxiety through the roof.Riding your bike through NYC streets is just...Why this look like Donald Glover about to shoot a Lifetime movie based on @FriendZonePod though? 🙊 // @heyassante
Retweeted by FrancheskaREVOLT SALUTES THOSE WHO ARE YOUNG, BLACK & MAKING WAVES. This week we sat down w/ @HeyFranHey, Creator of Hey Fran…
Retweeted by Francheska @HeyFranHey music taste be giving chakras and crystals one second and Hennessy with Ramen noodles the next. I LOVE…
Retweeted by Francheskasomeone called taurus the "committed hedonist" and like that is the most accurate shit pretty sure it was @HeyFranHey
Retweeted by FrancheskaMa’am ⁦@HeyFranHey⁩ !!!!!! 😌🌻✨ “Aloneness is a remembering, a watering and then a blooming!” My God those were 7 mi…
Retweeted by Francheska“your relationship with your intuition? that’s the template. that’s the blueprint.” @HeyFranHey
Retweeted by FrancheskaBeautiful day 💕 @TripleTeaaa @FriendZonePod 😂
Grateful in advance.New month. New blessings.i’m now a jhene aiko fan. blame @HeyFranHey
Retweeted by Francheska @XavierDLeau We had such a good night 😂❤️
Got my blue light blocking glasses from @CalmOptics (per @HeyFranHey’s recommendation) and these things are WAY bet…
Retweeted by FrancheskaGod is good.
@FEEphifofum 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@HolaCarmitooo He’s literally just having a great night. lolFury is not gonna tweet anything nice ever again.
@KeemtheD Thank you 🥰 @ledarose_ @BET For sure :)
@ThatSoRami @robuststrategy I didn’t give them my address, though. That’s less of a strategy and more of a violation of privacy. @nadiandchill Like my actual mailbox at my home. @XavierDLeau lmao @shea_jordan Shea 😂 @SeeJackieGo People think that’s tin foil hat shit but that is so real. @kendullshort I literally just stood there in disbelief. @DDotOmen That is way too much.I liked an ad on IG last week and the catalog is now in my mailbox? @Honey_l3 Imagine looking like that, sounding like that and not being one of the biggest artists in the world. @yungseafx Listen! @keekers711 This made my day 🙌🏾 Congratulations!!!!!Got the job I wanted at the salary I wanted and all I heard the whole time during salary negotiations was…
Retweeted by Francheska @MarinadMami No one is touching those vocals. @girlaboutsong Whew! @_TAYdayEVERYday He is perfect. This industry is nuts.