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My cover for Immortal Wonder Woman #2! 🌟 Available at your LCS in February 💖✨
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My cover for Immortal Wonder Woman #2! 🌟 Available at your LCS in February 💖✨ @coyotehackles omg
@jijidraws Kill, Kill, Kill @jpooch21 Yeah, I definitely think the people of VT and MA will likely come together and vote a dem in during the s… for all the politics tweets this past week y'all—I know a lot of you just follow me for the art and I promise… @beckycloonan @DCComics @michaelwconrad YESSSS BEECKKKYYYY!!!!!!!! <3Yessss I can finally share my variant cover for @DCComics Future State: IMMORTAL WONDER WOMAN issue 2! Written by m…
Retweeted by Jen BartelFYI, MA establishment refused to commit to filling Warren's potentially vacated seat with a democrat just 2 days ag… @littleblackchat That would be amazing!!! Really hope that happens 😭💖 @Philjimeneznyc Let's not forget how many Rs promised to be fair re: SCOTUS noms if they were faced with the same c… @Philjimeneznyc Yes, I mentioned that in the thread :< I know Baker has promised to fill her seat with a Dem but wi… appreciate those of you in VT and MA who are saying your governors would likely appoint independents or centrist… @samclifford Here's the thing: they don't want to fix it because the people in power still benefit from Jim Crow era lawsToday, white supremacists march through the streets of DC at the behest of the president. From December 14-January… we're being honest, this goes way beyond GA—only 8 Black people have ever successfully been elected as state sen… policy was put in place to *ensure* that only white candidates would be able to win statewide races. in 1968,… entire system has been built on racist policies that disenfranchise Black people. Any statewide election in GA… to know why Georgia even has these runoffs in the first place? It's because of a throwback law from the Jim Cr… @barachan LOL fuk @barachan For REAL. Like maybe having the oldest constitution in the world isn’t something to be proud of actually,… @mspennycrumb 💜💜💜Anyway please get involved and donate if you can—I cannot stress how much is riding on these two runoff races (tbh… @barachan 100% 😔 I’m realizing how many people don’t actually understand how our government works and it’s not even…’s only so much Biden is going to be able to do if he has to utilize executive orders—I think it would be naiv… get being angry about the unlikelihood of cabinet positions going to progressive candidates who helped Biden get… @Spydurman_ I definitely don’t think this is a risk worth taking when our absolute best case scenario is a tied senate.Same goes for Warren—Massachusetts also has a GOP governor too. Both of their votes will be needed if Biden has any… much as I’d love to see Bernie in a cabinet position (Sec. Labor!) I hope ppl understand that even if we manage…
I’m really not trying to be alarmist here but uh, if you think everything is fine with how the GOP is reacting to t…
retweeting this just to sprinkle sapphic energy on your feed
Retweeted by Jen Bartel @nephelomancer @kristaferanka Hahaha we gushed about you for a good long while!! 🤓💖
@mbrleigh I know he’s not a perfect candidate by any means but seeing someone get up there and thank essential and… @afwassel @f_francavilla CURSED IMAGEA quarter of a million people have died from covid in the US over the past 8 months while our grifter-in-chief refu… didn’t expect to get so emotional when I watched Biden’s Covid-19 Transition Team announcement but my god, we’ve… @f_francavilla This woman is like the 2nd gen evil Pokémon evolution of Tomi Larren. Unreal. @Philjimeneznyc Fox helped start the fire and spent the last 4 years stoking it, but they still have the ability to… @whatthe_shea @mariejavins Amazing 🙌🏼💖Please read this excellent thread about the massive vulnerabilities the incumbent republicans have in both these ru… @beling0210 @alchimique Wowwww 🤩💖 @charlestan !!! @imclosetocaring I haven't had a chance to really look at any comments yet but oof, will keep an eye out! (and thank you <3!!) @imclosetocaring Also just to be 100000% crystal clear: being hired to make some t-shirt art for a massive franchis… @imclosetocaring Wow this is wild, I'm not a "Finnrey" I just tweeted one time that it would be cool if Finn had a… @kristaferanka this flex 🔥 @AliciaMarieBODY 😍💖This shirt makes me kinda...happy ⚡️⚡️ Art is by the amazing @heyjenbartel 🤗
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Painful honest truths ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by Jen BartelBe with me ✨
Retweeted by Jen Bartel @CullyHamner Somebody needs to feed him his morning xanax and confiscate his phone lol @dentslashink 😩 it doesn’t have to BE like this!!!!!!!!! I was reading that AOC interview this morning and just fuming, sigh. @Dr3wz3rae This isn't about what type of gun owner you are, it's about how young people (typically college-aged) ar… @dentslashink This is SO frustrating because Georgia JUST PROVED that it has a highly effective group of progressiv… @Winter_Skirts Yes, being grateful is not partisan behaviorAlright y'all, it's official: both races will be going into runoffs in January. If you live in GA, you can request… @Philjimeneznyc Get that pen ready Joe!!!!!Georgia and Arizona both historically have had some of the harshest and most established voter suppression laws—spe… if you consider what voter demographic is more likely to have a gun license vs. a student ID, well, need I say… kinds of laws might seem innocuous, but they have been proven to disproportionately disenfranchise Black vote… this is *despite* extremely aggressive voter suppression laws (voter ID, voter roll purges, poll closures—GA ac… @cheryllynneaton @Nonvieta 🙌🏼💜 @afwassel 💛 @USATODAY Nope, delete and start the whole thread over from this tweet. She said *Black women* are the backbone of… little bit helps! Raising awareness is huge—I know my thread is long but pls encourage folks who might not be… @GlitterNGoth Yeeep 😩 @kortizart Omg there’s definitely a person wearing a full fur suit in the background in this clip lmao—amazing covid protection 😂💪🏼So.. the next 2 months is our tiny window of opportunity to support the incredible organizers in GA and help them g… 2019-2020 alone, McConnell blocked over 350 bills from being passed in the senate, including legislation on clim… @ArtofNickRobles God yes this is the one @yuriboats @DamianWassel .....if I bring a couple dozen donuts + some coffee travelers to my local USPS is that som… @cheryllynneaton 10000000% @MarkBrooksArt OMG 😂 for real though...... maybe we should bring shared comic artist studios back and just make sure it’s based in GA lol. @MarkBrooksArt Wtf!! I guess you guys are just adopting me now then 😂 @MarkBrooksArt 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @MarkBrooksArt Legit wondering if I can move to Georgia before the voter registration cutoff so I can participate LOL 😂 @afwassel Lol I should be drawing instead tbh 😂 but I just remember being a teenager and in my early 20’s and not u… @VSodenkamp Look, it’s possible, but I have hope that progressives in the party will do their damndest to hold his…
@AmazonChique Thank you for this thread, I didn’t know all of the details surrounding this and I found the clarific… just.. if I could have had part of my student loan debt forgiven or if minimum wage was $15 when I was working re… not 1, but 2 senate seats go into runoff races is like the equivalent of us getting KO’d in the final boss f… say all this because I know many of you who follow me on here are either currently in college or are recent grads… last time we had control of both the house and the senate was during the first 2 years of the Obama presidency—… @MarkBrooksArt Thank you to you and Lisa for your votes!!!!! 💪🏼🔥A lot of progress like this can be made via executive order right away (assuming SCOTUS doesn’t block everything no… friends! Please make sure to request your ballot for the runoffs ASAP—early voting starts on December 14. 🗳… @erikaishii WELCOME! Come join us!!!lol @Taijuey @mbrleigh He's already selected 3 co-chairs who have been advising him throughout his campaign!! Vivek Mur… @NaomiRomeroArt shepherdsssss ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;!!!!!!!! @afwassel Yes! People can feel relieved and happy right now while also still being focused on all the work that nee… @kjr0313 @coyotehackles @BobbyMiller3 Well then he'll just get a very effective bird's eye view 😂 @shutupdougan Stay safe Jim!!lol Trump is apparently out golfing right now and when they drive him back he's going to have to see the HUMONGOUS… @afwassel We might actually be getting some extra time on the clock, we gotta make sure it doesn't get wasted!!!Celebrate today, (get some sleep!) but December 7th is the deadline to get eligible GA voters registered for the ru… may have one final lifeline here to ensure that Biden can actually follow through on the campaign promises he ma… the fate of the senate likely hinging on 2 runoffs in GA, it's gonna be paramount that immense pressure is put… 1: ✅ Thank you to all the organizers in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and every other state that co…