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@SorenMeidas @The_Berg1 @Meidas_RedPanda @AJayesuria @MeidasAli This is worse than clubbing... @SorenMeidas @The_Berg1 @Meidas_RedPanda @AJayesuria @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @The_Berg1 @Meidas_RedPanda @AJayesuria @MeidasAli Although....otters kill baby seals just for fun... @Meidas_RedPanda @SorenMeidas @The_Berg1 @AJayesuria @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @The_Berg1 @AJayesuria @Meidas_RedPanda @MeidasAli Awww, I’m so glad to have met you too 😊
@Meidas_RedPanda @SorenMeidas Been* @Meidas_RedPanda @SorenMeidas I’ve not Ben on here much the last few days. Been pretty busy @SorenMeidas @Meidas_RedPanda Likewise, my friend! @SorenMeidas @Meidas_RedPanda Oh brother, so sorry to hear that. Speedy recovery!
HORROR FICTION GIVEAWAY (AUTOGRAPHED) via @MikeClarkBooksYou mean other than the one he started against his own nation? @HSquared_13 @stevestred And yes, he is in there, lol @HSquared_13 @stevestred Have fun, folks @OffLimitsPress @LynneHansenArt and @KealanBurke are a couple of my favorites @tylerlyle Awww man, sorry to hear that. Speedy recovery!
Good morning America! You all seem thrilled about Biden’s moon rock. Its symbolism, of the scientific and explorato…
Retweeted by heykiddego @JoshuaMarsella Indeed. I will definitely be following his work @JoshuaMarsella Currently in the middle of far, I love it! @disneynine @VillimeyS I like the things that make people human @shanedkeene @VillimeyS I am so on board for this... @VillimeyS Also, don’t miss the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service @wolfclubband Do an online show like The Midnight did. I’d be there for it! @LibbityBoo @hugoandalice @VillimeyS BTW, also high on that list is Black Hole by Charles Burns, and just about anything by Richard Sala @VillimeyS BTW, I’d be ther for that 😂 @VillimeyS Right? My all time favorite graphic work. Just stunning @manylittlewords @Ross1982 Honestly, your name should be there too @VillimeyS Honestly, with Ito, a host could be naked, and I would be like “Tell me your thoughts on Uzumaki” 😂 @VillimeyS If it’s about Ito, I won’t even notice nose scratching 😂This book is fantastic! Interview Gemma, folks! @LeaderMcConnell Douche bag @VillimeyS @PRMcDonough Can I be your brother?😂
@stephanpastis I count 9Ito fans...check this out. that’s that.
Retweeted by heykiddegoGot me gooooood. That shit is fucked up! Pass it along!!
Retweeted by heykiddego @spookishmommy Do your worst 😂 @glee_writes Mom?
@sbmedinafiction Wickedly well-written @SorenMeidas @Meidas_RedPanda Nice!Brilliant!
Retweeted by heykiddego @JeffStrand @RonaldKelly4 And would they be detached first? Or is this like a cat-on-the-carpet kind of dragging? @HightowerLaurel Yep, but Anoka is next, so this is in the queueI'm at a loss of words. The gall of some people. Stealing the shower curtain is one thing. Turning it into a dre…
Retweeted by heykiddego @shanehawkk Uh, yes! @SorenMeidas She has truly lived a life of goodness. She is a true queen @SorenMeidas She is the absolute best @michaelrosenbum She crushed that @glee_writes I am the mittens @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Oooh, yes. We usually do homemade pasta in the winter. Soooo good. @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Alrighty folks, off to bed with me. I have an inauguration to watch! @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild It’s immune 😂 @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Salmon that recovered from covid @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Yessssss! @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Oops, that’s a local url @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild I’m not a huge salmon fan @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli That means you’re doing it right @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Agreed @HereToRebuild @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli I usually replace the frozen veggies with fresh chopped @HereToRebuild @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Bet @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Same! @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Should we make this a contest? I can try it too @HereToRebuild @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli Key lime pie. 🤤🤤🤤 My all-time favorite dessert @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli Woot! @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Croissants from scratch are hard. Takes a lot of patience @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli I welcome cooking failures. I learn so much from them @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas 😂😂😂 @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild I did one dinner during quarantine that took 4 hours to make. Not sitting, w… @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild They will be plenty crispy @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild The first thing my daughter made with ours was homemade chicken nuggets. They were delicious @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild We just got one a few weeks ago. It’s awesome @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Same 😍 @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild I have tried cooking all kinds of new things during quarantine @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Ali thinks the offal is awful @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Yep, but it is literally a side view of a bisected duck head, lol @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Oh man, they were so tasty. I was surprised that they came out looking like wishbones, lol. @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Duck brains @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Duck tongue is amazing! @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Venison is absolutely delicious. Another I really liked was turtle @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli I’ll date myself by saying I would probably do Beck’s Loser, or maybe RHCP’s If You Have To Ask 😂 @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Haven’t had cow ones, but I have had pig and duck blood cakes @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild @MeidasAli I would love to sit in a bar with all of you... @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild I’ve eaten just about everything, especially in trips to China. Duck brains are delicious. @HereToRebuild @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli Looooove Monty Python 😍 @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild If you ever encounter a black bear, just make lots of noise. Bang things, y… @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Let it be known, if we found ourselves in that situation and you passed, I w… @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Yeah, that is an ultimate nightmare scenario @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Yosemite is one of the most common places in CA to encounter black bears. Th… @MeidasAli @SorenMeidas @HereToRebuild Honestly, if you live where there are only black bears, it’s not that big of… @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Not my only bear encounter. Have met up with them 5-6 times now @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Yep. Camping with YMCA as a kid in Yosemite. Someone thought putting Cracker… @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Oh god, yeah, the thought of that messes me up too @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild And I say that as someone who has had a bear stand on their leg @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild When I was a Scout, we went to Mexico to build houses. We camped in a muddy… @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild I can only imagine @SorenMeidas @MeidasAli @HereToRebuild Yeah, she got lucky