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Snow. @axmbxa @pieandnoncepub lol, cats are scammers.
AD (No obligation to share on this platform) 👉🏽 @Most_WantedWine’s allowed me to get creative… @ReddskinUK @Writers_Muse @tinukebernard @heyisthatme @Kitschnoir YES! And @kazvaremadeit @tinukebernard @Nomipalony @heyisthatme Yay! 😂 @ar_mu hither and take a gander at my new Christmas cards... along with extra magic ✨ @itsshabs @axmbxa @LushLtd Sent money to the dark side. It seems they’ve come back to Twitter to apologise 👀 @CigaretteCalpol 😂😂😂😂So @LushLtd is really cancelled then.
@ar_mu @imcountingufoz Mate! 😂😂😂 @ar_mu @imcountingufoz Definitely! Dancing babies and a woman who... anyways, never mind. I’d still watch it 🥴 @axmbxa Where is my holiday? Waiting for me while I count my pennies. 3.11.2020 😬 #LevelUp’s Priti when you need her?
Me looking for clothes in both the men’s and women’s section of @ASOS because I wear what I want.👇🏽
@WinnySharpe What I did with the last... 🥺 @JustJoshClarke @Squallmuzza @scribblingninja In video 😇Twitterverse can you tag anyone you know that can subtitle 4K footage pls. (30-45 mins) of footage per week. Name a… need to start framing some covers yanna 👀 @MissMSunshine_ @ELLEUK Oh my 😍🔥 @kerryjeanlister @rcantelo @livethreesixty_ Is this what happens when you answer questions? @CharlotteWilden 😵 @livethreesixty_ Quality Street.My line of Christmas Cards dropping 1st December 😊 #DragRace #Rupaul #MariahCarey #Lambs #CardiB
@James_Melt 😂 you really dislike Black people, you just don’t want to say itI’M OBSESSED 😭 Karol, Nicki, Cardi, or Rihanna? 😂 #refaceapp Hotmail mute the words “Black Friday” in my emails? @IAmLadySpud Atëras. I feel like I should be a mini two seater sofa that has changeable covers 🤔 @MissMSunshine_ @lorrainemking @nicolelampert @negar_yazdani @ES_Entrepreneur @janetcoyle2 @JennySnapVision @heyisthatme 🥺
HELLO! Get me (fun well-paid) jobs I’ll give you money. @toomuchmother Maybe because I don’t look like the “popular” influencers? 😭🤷🏽‍♀️ @ByVictoria__ 😂👌🏽’m not usually David Attenborough, but when I am... 28/11/2020 #FontaineLovebirds @thatkat @jamieklingler @braintree_ @SabrinaSpectre @MikeyMcC1984 @anngav @McNultypup I had to make this one I’m af… @jamieklingler @thatkat @braintree_ @SabrinaSpectre @MikeyMcC1984 @anngav @McNultypup @thatkat @braintree_ @SabrinaSpectre @MikeyMcC1984 @anngav Art imitates life, life imitates art. - Dominic West. @thatkat @braintree_ @SabrinaSpectre @MikeyMcC1984 @anngav He did a whole BIG ASS series called The Affair, which b… @axmbxa 😂 @axmbxa Ghettaux.
@CharlotteWilden It was a gift from a friend in America, but I’m sure they’ll be Etsy versions 🤟🏽 @CharlotteWilden @thatkat Thank you!!!!Nope. @HarmanHelen Le cry. #ContentCreators be like @influencersitw @AjaSaysHello Thank you @__nca @OMGgemma @AjaSaysHello Ridiculous @AjaSaysHello I was waiting for you to address this. @VinayPatel Vinay, early 2000’s? You don’t have a chance mate. Ziggy’s shoes got a lot of attention... (gifted by) @KickersUK @MissMSunshine_ EXACTLY HOW I LIKE IT! 😂Allow me to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. (It’s an ad that I didn’t need to share on Twiwwer, but it’s so Chri… @PurpleRamblings I like my coffee... message to the few who want to see me fail... #DopeFriday #sequins #hunny
@TypefaceC 🥰 @axmbxa That’s how birds keep their babies warm 🥺New level, three have hatched so far! 26/11/20 #FontaineLovebirds @anneodeke 😂 @TypefaceC 😂 @SocialFactorHQ 🤣IMAGINE, I AM WORKING WITH A BRAND THAT WAS ON MY VISION BOARD! @FrankiCookney 22 😑 @BenInLDN . @ReddskinUK 😂😂😂😂 I had to eat a lamb burger (no bread) and chunky chips for breakfast. There was nothing else I could eat @tinukebernard I think I’m just mad that more time was spent on the story than in feed. And thank you! I’m battling… have a Christmas Ad running over on IG- I kinda wish the full version was on my feed and not within my IG story.…’s that time of the month when only condiments and dairy free cheese can be found in my fridge.I literally had to stop myself from signing off “on it like vomit” in a work email. @MissMSunshine_ “No one appeared to be crying or in any state of distress.” She said no one appeared to be wet and… @NaeSimon Content creator here- lots of examples of work can be seen here 👉🏽 👉🏽… @__nca @NaeSimon @ChantayyJayy Could be! Thanks x
@LesBeMums Say what now?! @jonsaba My thoughts.We have two babies! #FontaineLovebirds 26/11/2020 @WrittenMirror @CERobbAuthor @nerdyOme @MuseMarumo @Karaimeh_307 @GirlRunningLate @MGMasonCreative Thank you 🌈😘 @Merckdes @JohnJef91638461 @aj_sunstar @Shameka_xox0 @heartbreakkid_4 @SkyNews 🤣😂 @tinukebernard Thank you! X @JohnJef91638461 @aj_sunstar @Merckdes @Shameka_xox0 @heartbreakkid_4 @SkyNews “Coloured”. @JohnJef91638461 @heartbreakkid_4 @SkyNews This information came out before you were made aware that Black lives should matter 😂🤣 @tinukebernard Yo! I’ve been creating content online for about 10+ years
@CharlotteWilden @axmbxa Diary, We thought we had 5 eggs, but we can only see three eggs and a baby. I’d name it Cedric if we’d be abl… guess I should start a thread featuring my new Lovebird grandchildren. @DrJazzTehara Le gasp.whEt? @joyhaharvey ExactlyMy 6 year old just told me that his 11 year old brother has a gaming account called “Deeze nuts, because he likes n… @HonestlyHolly23 ! @HonestlyHolly23 As I walk back into the hall 😑 @HonestlyHolly23 But they’re so naughty 😭