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shan murphy @heyshanmurphy los angeles, ca

cartoonist, color designer, illustrator🌿for hire inhouse/freelance🌿opinions my own! (they/them)🌿work inquiries: rep’d by @stisal

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@Kekeflipnote one's around to help.
Retweeted by shan murphy @IllCaesarer @killswitchkatie what I love is Butch moved into my NH town the other day and i’m so excited @VecTron5 same! Been around since gamecube but didnt get into the tumblr fandom, but now that a lot of tumblr has m… @NadileeArt I deadass didnt know about the NL stuff, i was just livin in my animal crossing bubble LOLLL but now th… @bignosebug LOLLL WOW @alexisparade I love anchovy and his terrible hair and untamed brows @CuupiCake I feel like I missed that entirely! I was 19 when that came out, in my peak tumblr phase. Some of the ‘t… @killswitchkatie cranky villagers used to call me fat and ugly LOLhow it feels being an animal crossing fan for almost 2 decades and seeing bonkers discourse over it for the first t…
@4threset @bumbleslug @RianSyghi haven’t been involved in a fandom in many many years but making dumb animal crossing memes, comics and art has be… @Hug_bees OHHH LOVElmao #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch everybody! I’ll post it later~ @alexisparade BG RXJNJVRCTNIJR??????? @_tokwa_ which game! 👀I want to do this after i do work!!! Nothing mega obscure please redd got arrested for fake paintings and dressing up as Zipper is just part of his community service @RianSygh bee movie? I love jerry seinfeld bee @rattusRose @Dinolich he would eat the soapMy favorite thing is tiny, adorable jock villagers talking about their huge abs all day
Retweeted by shan murphy @alexisparade its like your chair has a giant bun too, just like u @riibrego what can i say, i feel like makin memes is my true calling. also ur a geniusI'm on my phone with no access to photoshop so I described this image I envisioned to my friends and @heyshanmurphy
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@stehpone WOW @Hug_bees Forever 12 @elliotfrogs galaxy braincant stop reading acnh as ‘animal crossing new hampshire’ @SamanthaCKing Oh hell yeah @BestCoast this is why i now have a rotating set of sweatpants LOLL @brushykb i wanna try it now!! Its amazing how much this is making me re-evaluate just making basic stuff from scratch instead of buying it! @Kate_Farina dont worry, i think itll fully kick in once bunny day passes! @Kate_Farina Now you gotta hype up for the sakura event!!! @Kate_Farina LOL i love u @slimyswampghost AW i’m so honored!!! Thank you!! @slimyswampghost (I love this btw LOL) @slimyswampghost shriveled up Meat from Vinesauce @charivoir011 💀💀💀 caught, called out, shamedMy favorite thing is tiny, adorable jock villagers talking about their huge abs all day Cat still has a sleeping baga little detail I love about the villagers is some of them have dumpster-tier interior decorating skills and some h… @TheFantasticIan @BreeLundberg Me too! It’s helped me re-establish a routine and I love it. I’m makin paths all morning @Grind3h babie @meyrude @daisygator @Kate_Farina AWWWW CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL @rattusRose hes just vibing
@TheFantasticIan walking condom @cherrizard I got it!!! @kaseywllms rocket and kid cat (my villager) are part of the same squad and i love it... @JazzPirate2 Time to riot @SteveWithaB its pretty privileged to basically tell me my voice and vote don’t matter over and over and I’m expect…
animal crossing subjecting everyone to 12 days of Egg Hell is the april fools joke of the decade @angimoto LOLL I JUST MOVED MY SHOP TODAY BC OF THIS BULLSHIT @florpughs SAME!!!! @amonns NO BUT HIS EGGS DOI can’t even escape him on deserted islands. I have had ENOUGH of this dudeme after catching two eggs in a row instead of fish @spookybri ❤️❤️❤️😪 @catgraffam Thank you Cat ❤️ @notstevely SHES MY FAVE VILLAGER @mecharichter NO YOU GOT,,, HIMstop bullying ugly villagers, except the bunny day rabbit, he can be launched into the ocean @kcgreenn i love better call saul soooo much @colorpulp YUMMM @MollyOstertag that is a small old man
@VViiNNG The Artist Is Present @ADHD_Alien @GamepIay ❤️❤️!! @jessdrawz so depressing @PatMichailidis yeah 10000% not a fan of people throwing around abusive relationship terms abt fake cartoon animals @raegeii @RianSygh thats right and you should say it @PuccaNoodles YEAH @mfisherdraws I’m so sorry megan ): ❤️ @MagnoliaPearl LOLL i feel u, its hard to not just tweet ‘the cartoon lion is not gaslighting you Heather’ and be done with it but alas @MagnoliaPearl YEP YEP i tweeted this yesterday but deleted it, you are braver than me @sawdustbear This is LITERALLY art @roopains He was one of my starter villagers :) @Sean8UrSon Complete chance, welcome to my horse island @pseudonymjones @ARMZAaron I LOVE YOUUUsince people are asking, heres the recipe I used! Some changes: I used a food processor to blend some of the banana… am quarantine animal crossing
Retweeted by shan murphy @catgraffam @chwistobeaw CUTE CUTE CUTE @rattusRose @faith_schaffer thats fair! I think vinny’s funny, I enjoy the dialogue while I work 😅 @faith_schaffer @rattusRose I also love his mgs2 and mgs3 playthroughs!!! I think he marathoned them @rattusRose @faith_schaffer I love the vinesauce ones 😌🙏🏻👉👉👉 #TransDayOfVisibility
Retweeted by shan murphyI made another banana cream pie last night! topped w chocolate and walnut dust is my next villager, i love her?? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @hamtarto MY GIRLLL @trenternet awww hello!!!!
Pokemon HeartGold did this and it was my favorite feature EVER @AnmalCrossingBb gamecube is my favorite! @TheFantasticIan mr nintendo please i want to groove along to 6 PM from the gamecube while catching beetles at sunsetMy dream animal crossing DLC is like, a radio app on your nookphone that lets you listen to any of the hourly music from all the games @TheFantasticIan @jessdrawz generally I had a really hard time getting used to the wii! the switch made motion cont… @TheFantasticIan @jessdrawz I dunno, really wasn’t into waving around the wiimote and pointing/clicking, but I was… @jessdrawz @TheFantasticIan I’m so excited to actually give Galaxy a chance because wii controls drove me bonkers,… @daxxglax ME TOO!! It was that and animal crossing!MARIO SUNSHINE REMASTER??? That game deserved a remaster YESTERDAY i’m so excited @mrpibmo fauna is my fave villager and shes all i want!! Other than that i accept all villagers, except moose. moose can die