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Whitney🎨Gardner @HeyWhitney Victoria 🇨🇦 British Columbia

✨author, cartoonist & anxious wizard.✨Comics: FAKE BLOOD & BECOMING RBG ✨Novels: YOU'RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE & CHAOTIC GOOD ✨she/her/wiz✨ Rep'd by @btaylorbooks

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This is too accurate I hate it
TRUMP: I'm gonna cheat again RUSSIA: We're gonna help again GOP: We're gonna allow it again DEM PARTY: looking f…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @brainbliss Absolutely yes and it has to be something you do NOT see coming.Trying to get my head right for the next GN and looking for all your favorite alien movie recs....
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @IniquitousFish @Adaser My agent @btaylorbooks at @triadaus is wonderful.
@appifanie They look great!!! @sarahdvojack Blackberry Creek!! I've been waiting for someone to bring that up.Today Elmo got to see the sweater of one of Elmo's favorite people. Elmo loves you Mr. Rogers ❤
Retweeted by Whitney🎨GardnerTrying to get my head right for the next GN and looking for all your favorite alien movie recs.... @Katie_Masters29 @pandamoonpub This is so exciting!!!!! @jaredschorr She's pretty shy but a very good listener. @appifanie She started out very small! Patience my little green thumb! @thejumbles I love how they look but they really only work for tiny plants and cacti that hate water. Like, I love… at her little sons!!! only has @alex_segura helped me recently, but I've gotten so much comics advice and help from @TiniHoward,…
Listen, I just got to read an early copy of this book and you're going to want to add it to your TBR, then pre-orde… didn't realize just how much I was going to love #ChaoticGood by @HeyWhitney. From one bullied girl-nerd to anoth…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @aleonard_yqg I'm so glad you were able to connect with Cameron. She's really special to me. @nilaffle I think pro might be the place to start since my publishers like to do their own thing for the file handl… @liz_adventures So cute!!! @rachaelecarmen I had it last year and dreamed of it all winter. It finally came back last week. @Pop_Reader So proud of you. You deserve everything you've worked so hard for. @normajeanesays Thanks!! I want them to last forever.🧜🌊🍉Cheers babes🍉🌊🧜
@PhilzCoffee Ahh! Amazing. Thank you. Just bought some mint 🌿🌿🌿 @PhilzCoffee As a Canadian person who dreams of her last iced mint Philz (and who brings home beans) you have to te… you cheer for people you like instead of envy them the world gets better for you and for them and for everyone involved i promise
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @GwynethJones @HoCo_Library @hcpss_mhms @hcpsslibmed Thank you for including my very fall feeling book for summer reading! 🦇📚💕 @theycallmetater @kwamealexander @svetlania @EoinColfer @cblee_cblee Thank you for pointing this out to me!! 😍🤩😘I'm continually spoiled by librarians and I'm INTO IT. have a request of the parents and teachers telling their kids they can’t read graphic novels: Read some. You’ll s…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨GardnerI loved this hilarious graphic novel. Just ordered two copies for our middle school library! @HeyWhitney
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @LundLibrarian This is the best news ever! I hope your students enjoy it!
@astrangebohemia We gotta start changing that stigma! @GabbzOnFiyah @hereliesakiel Time to dive into some tutorials....SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK @lucasjmaxwell @Gingerhazing @fionastaples @goraina I LOVE THIS!!!!! Thank you so much for including my book.
I just found out FAKE BLOOD is going to be a prize for a summer reading program! I'm not going to say I wrote this… @GabbzOnFiyah @hereliesakiel Yeahhhhhhhhh i don't even know what I would do with the 3D stuff. I literally just nee… @hereliesakiel Ooh thanks for sharing this with me! I think pro maybe the way to go since I don't print my own work right now.
@hereliesakiel Okay so what do you mean by multi-page? Like you can edit across multiple pages at once? All I ever… I look into Clip Studio Paint PRO or EX for graphic novel work? Any features that you love/ are a must?Spotted the ever amazing @ms_lilyanderson in SFO!!
Unconscionable. My 15 year old nephew never read books EVER (like in his whole life) until about 2 weeks ago when h…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @rosiefreckle @jennycolgan Okay these look perfect! Thank you.Also feel free to rec your own books because of course you should.My mom isn't a big reader but she has to spend a lot of time in the airport today. Can anyone rec a light rom-com?…
@tracysaur @NightValeRadio 💕💕💕💕TAZ is life. 💕💕💕💕💕🧙🐉🗡️👗💕 @tracysaur @NightValeRadio Thank you so much for loving my sweet middle book child. This makes me so happy.
@kitrosewater I know!! I can't believe it. 💖 @TimesNewRachel 💖💖💖💖 @xreadingsolacex I'm dying 💀💀💀 @BenBlacker I'll be there! I make comics and novels for children, would love to participate.I'm floating. And I'm not even on the plane anymore.I couldn't stop laughing after, I thought they were gonna tell me to leave.Usually I just flat out say no because no one ever has. But he followed it up with: Like BONE? And I thought oka… I just checked off the best author bucket-list item ever at the airport. Customs officer asks me my job and I… @bibabruja guys! So, this is extremely hard for me to do & ask, but I need help saving my cat. Even 50 cents would help. I…
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Wow what a true gamer I am 👍 babes, I sold a very twilight-y vampire love story in 2016. It took 4 years but it happened. Write whatever b…
I finally got my hands on @HeyWhitney ‘s Fake Blood. I freaking love it!! Definitely my favorite book I have read t…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @timeladylane99 Ahh!!! This is wonderful. Your support means so much to me. Thank you 💖🦇📚 @Jennirrific @ATallOrder Isn't it STUNNING?!Today my new book ORDINARY GIRLS is out in the world. I do so love this weird little sister story, and am gobsmacke…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @kinoskii @partlyhuman I totally understand, I'm flirting with switching to CSP or Procreate right now too.Today is ORDINARY GIRLS day and I'm so exited for @ATallOrder and her beautiful book. Everything she writes is full… is my favorite song: @nicsigni Oh my gosh I really needed this today. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and tell your daughter she RULEZ. @partlyhuman @kinoskii There is a smoothing slider that I rely on a lot. Before we got the slider I used Lazy Nezum…
@jennylhowe Thank you! @ianxcarlos I feel a soul-level connection with the girl who does them now lolI've never been more ready for summer. @Colten_Hibbs Damn now I gotta set a GN in summer school because all my memories just came FLOODING back. @Colten_Hibbs Honestly I learned so much better in summer school because it felt like everyone was in the same boat…
Still bitter my child abuse didn't give me Matilda powers.
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @rchristiansenYA I'm in love with your pink hair btw @rchristiansenYA Lol I don't even know the English version I'm very bad and they should not allow me to live hereIt's taken two years but I've finally memorized all 13 provinces... am I a citizen yet?
Less than 3,000 people died on 9/11. In response we overhauled airport security, forced the FBI and CAA to talk to…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨GardnerOne thing I've improved at over 14 yrs of editing is giving targeted praise. When I was a baby editor, I thought ed…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @NoetheMatt @TLT16 @ALA_Booklist @libcomix I would love to get involved with this in any way I can! 🙏👋💪 @jaredschorr Oh my goodness I would LOVE it.
@BrendonZatirka Just do it already.Look at that lil ray of sunshine! @garethwronski Oh absolutely. @Pop_Reader She's playing Victoria I can't freaking believe itIM COMING FOR YOU BABE need this book in my ears ASAP is singing the SVU theme song in the shower so my job here is done. @ms_lilyanderson 1234!!!!!! gonna lean into the Kim Pine vibes for SDCC . @JoeGiani @chillenhaal Ugh. True.Not gonna lie, I really loved Math Heads. @travismcelroy I mean you don't know me... Yet. (Paneling for the first time ever so I'll take all your best tips)
sometimes it’s just you and your iced coffee against the world
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @RCMoskowitz I wish! Sadly no. I'll be in the NYC area in September though!!👀I know her👀 @rajanilarocca @SimonKIDS @btaylorbooks Oh my goodness thank you for sharing this with me. Look at her!!