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Whitney🎨Gardner @HeyWhitney Victoria 🇨🇦 British Columbia

cartoonist, author, anxious wizard. ✨Comics: FAKE BLOOD & BECOMING RBG ✨Novels: YOU'RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE & CHAOTIC GOOD✨ Rep'd by @btaylorbooks ✨ She/Her/Wiz

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you may say I leave glaring tangents in all my lineart because I'm lazy BUT I like to call them easter eggs for other illustrators
Retweeted by Whitney🎨GardnerThrilled to be included on this list of amazing comics! morning to me @masondeaver Ever since I've had books published I can't handle reading reviews for anyone. I just want us all to g… @masondeaver I blocked all of GR and never looked back.This entire thread just blew my mind wide the fuck open. Brilliant.
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @jessica_shea Every single time. @nilaffle Yeah just wanted to put it out there that I'm looking to team up with some peeps!Once more for the cartoonists in the back! @DaveScheidt @BrandonTSnider This is real? This isn't like an SNL skit or something?
@Katie_Masters29 I'll make sure you get an early sneak peekThinking writing is a forward-moving path laid with hard work instead of an all-direction hopscotch of improvisatio…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @theames Girl, how in the heck do I promo a vampire book when it's not Halloween anymore I'm dying.Hey MG graphic novel peeps, is it too late to pitch panels to SDCC? Anyone interested in teaming up? @quainiac It's an excellent gif. @quainiac I think it'll be fall 2020???? If all goes well? @CodyRoecker You got this @CodyRoecker Cody! You're too good. Take care of that sweet heart of yours today!❤I hear a lot about what artists contribute to comics, all the years of training and toil. What I don’t hear enough…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @BookishPaige_ Hey thank you! Feel free to shoot me a DM @CherryDingDong @HayleyCBee I got both of mine on super sale, I'm with you on the price. @TheRisingSand Oh my godddffffHow many Roots hoodies do I need before I'm officially a Canadian citizen? @masondeaver Yes good thanksme: Comics is tough. You have to look at your career path long-term and plan a sustainable way there. Always rest!…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @gildedspine You're gonna love it! @McInnesBruce Hey that’s one killer whale drawing! 🐳 He can be in my art club, it’s for anyone who likes drawing. W… @NotLikeFreddy 😘 @NotLikeFreddy You need to follow 9 more people
@HCMarks We all did.All non Feig Ghostbusters are now non canonical @charkosharko No, we just became pen-pals. 🖊️🖋️✒️✏️Please help me fuel my pen addiction:
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Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @BaylorGirl2003 @TXLA Bless you for this. 💕🦇
Dudes angry at Gillette for saying "maybe don't be shitty humans": You're telling on yourself, bro.
Retweeted by Whitney🎨GardnerI've been working all morning at my desk and haven't been startled by neighbors screaming at video games once! #blessed @ashposton @quainiac One of the characters in Space Camp is obsessed with podcasts so you can bet there will be references. @NovelTori Nah sticking with the cintiq for the heavy lifting. Maybe when Photoshop comes to the iPad I’ll change my tune. @NovelTori Just thumbed an entire graphic novel on one. Highly recommend @partlyhuman What does this even mean
It's sort of frustrating how AOC demonstrated the huge upside to getting left candidates into the legislature to re…
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I'm pretty sure it got too much water so I'm drying the roots a bit and will replant an inch or two deeper?Any cactus experts want to help me save my tall child? Blood by @HeyWhitney A totally enjoyable quick read. A humorous and creative story about not changing for ot…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨GardnerFACTS!!! yes it’s real, by my favorite deaf artist @chrisunkim
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @jaredschorr Ugh yes thisI feel like I'm the only person who hasn't "glowed up" in the past 10 years. No way am I inviting that comparison.…
New office now with WINDOW @Katie_Masters29 @mchlsllvn97 @irisvanooyen @MatthewTwomey8 @CarrKimelene @Teuta_Metra @garethlpowell
Book 2: Fake Blood by @HeyWhitney As someone who has lived in Transylvania (truth!) I loved this colorful YA grap…
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @jessamyn So glad you enjoyed it!This show is wild.
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @GlendaleLC @ForestofReading @VickiGrantYA @TheSJAMLibrary @LyndsyBaillie Ahh those are the perfect Chaotic Good gifts! @jp_jordan Apparently it's ah-sway-ge (soft g). But in my mind it's ah-saw-juh @jp_jordan Assuage.
I can’t finish my next GN fast enough.🚀 a sense, digital art IS worse than traditional art, because traditional artists never wake up to find that Adobe…
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@Katie_Masters29 I'll give you the heads up. @Katie_Masters29 He was my idol. @Katie_Masters29 She did it with watercolors and blew my mind. @Katie_Masters29 Honestly I just go to a girl and say do whatever you want. She hasn't let me down yet. @Katie_Masters29 I wouldn't say... Good. I really shouldn't have known this lol @laurenmagaziner @em_llojo Just don't look at the elephant. One bite at a time. @laurenmagaziner @em_llojo Break it down into 500 word sprints and take long breaks between ♥️alexandria ocasio-cortez arriving to capitol hill every morning
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @TweetsByTheTony @AOC @maddow You've done good palNot only could I forge my mom’s signature, but I could forge nearly all of my 8th grade teacher’s signatures too. @Shvartacus Obviously I’m Anchovies sitting by a fire for @Fizzygrrl life gives you lemons...
@JeremyWest Yeah beb.I tested for a Bowie book earlier last year. I didn't get it but I had a lot of fun doing the drawings. The first p… @DaveScheidt OMG NEED @kittycoffee @DaveScheidt AH YESSYES GOOD NOW PLS @GigawattConduit @loudlysilent I'm just packing to move, don't worry I'll take very good care of them.This isn't even half of it.Girls don't read comics, huh? 😘 is so pure guys @verykaitlynsage Honestly of a murderino takes it asap I'd be thrilled but I'd like to scare off the landlordI'm talking that really creepy Albert Fish episode that haunts me to this day.If I play My Favorite Murder out loud while the landlord shows my apartment do you think they'll wait the three day… @abbythecleric Maybe she finds the Shell of Silverstein that gives her a point of inspiration or a CHA bonus? @abbythecleric I find very specific magic items work. I gave my baking obsessed fighter a cookbook that allows her… @Bibliogato Take a fuckin break
@OliveJuiceLots @UtopiaMind My book Chaotic Good deals with this on page 158. 💖I will have made 375 dollars on the RBG book this year after paying taxes and the colorist. 🌈 is this feeling? Do I want to write a NA novel?
@garethwronski I mean I was once before. The question is will I don't again?Okay, Marie Kondo. What do I do with this bottle of swarm attractant tho? It brings me much joy* *bees
Please help me fuel my pen addiction: with @partlyhuman never disappoint. @JeremyWest I swear once some of the current stuff winds down I'm writing this pitch.Still can’t stop thinking about a gender-swapped The Sandlot comic.
Retweeted by Whitney🎨Gardner @champagnegina 🙌books deserve long multiple lives @IAmGoldenHolden I mean me too! But if I never paired down I'd never have room for new ones.
@SergeantSableye This is exactly my thought process. @NovelNovice Right?? I need the space for new shiny books!