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Directed by Robert B. Weide
Retweeted by æriesand 2020 will break them again
Retweeted by æriesEsok test, mlm ni baru nak bukak buku Buku :
Retweeted by æriesMy friends helping me solve my problem lol
Retweeted by ærieseven his girlfriend is confused
Retweeted by ærieswhen she seen her standing on them rocks wit no shoes on !?? she should’ve ran right then
Retweeted by ærieskylie said 3 words, WE made those 3 words into a craze for free and now kris jenner is selling those 3 words back t…
Retweeted by æriesif he is still alive, we all stan him.
Retweeted by æriesTipu 🙃
Retweeted by æriesso today before keluar aku nampak ada budak budak campak benda dari tingkat 2, aku biar jela aku igtkan sampah and…
Retweeted by æriesHe pokpok himself cos no one wantu manja w him ?!!!?? 🥺🥺
Retweeted by æriesLike seriously, cant I have just one good day?
Retweeted by ærieswhy the fuck did that guy slap that other guy😂😂😂
Retweeted by æriesThink your commutes bad ?
Retweeted by æriessampai bila sial korang nak gaduhkau apa lancau sial, you don’t agitate a suicidal personlek jap lagi bape tahun takdenya aku beli dblend, backwoods jeRiise and Shiine KL
Retweeted by æriesuuuu hang happy dok? @nur___akmal nanti tote bag budak perempuan satu loqstaq sama
Retweeted by æriesHe just want the money and not someone’s life.
Retweeted by ærieskite make tilaih @n4dds 🤪 @n4dds tipu tipu tipu
I’ve seen this video 100 times already and still laugh every time I see it
Retweeted by æriesservice hotline shouldn’t be chargeda whole day with you please?
Retweeted by æriesNot just malam minggu. It’s for every night!
Retweeted by æriesi would choose this over mcdonald burgers
Retweeted by æries💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by æriesi wanted to tell you "drive safe" but someone already told to you. it's okay . i just post here 😀
Retweeted by æriesMe patiently waiting for you to start a conversation;
Retweeted by æriesTakkan la boleh rasuk diri sendiri.
Retweeted by æriesaku macam wartawan berita
Retweeted by æriesWhen ur heartbroken but still the funny one in the group
Retweeted by ærieswhen it come to this two girl, depression is a joke.
Retweeted by æriesserabutfrom bad to worsedrama apa pulak mak aku tengok ni lahai 😭 best la sia @Asyrfrubyjane senang la hahaha @PAUWRENJES Bro..........
Retweeted by æriesRobert Pattinson for Dior
Retweeted by æriesA'udzubillahi minas shayton arrojim.
Retweeted by æriesskang ni bridge guitar aku tinggi nak mampus, should i grind it to make it lower or can it damage my strings?When you just prayed fajr and have school
Retweeted by æriesMaggi kari
Retweeted by æriesEveryone is talking about “Riise n Shiinee” by Kylie Jenner but what about “ᴶᴼʸʸʸʸᴱ ⁿ Pʳⁱⁱᵈᵉᵉ” by Kris Jenner
Retweeted by æriesGive him the fucking phone bitch
Retweeted by æriesRise and Shine but it’s in simlish @KylieJenner @EA
Retweeted by æriesweh ni student uia classmate kawan aku. dia memang sepupu khabib weh serious 😂😂😂
Retweeted by æriesPastu tak habis
Retweeted by æriesAnd I can’t understand why people still dera binatang especially kucing 🥺
Retweeted by æriesKemaren Surabaya 34’ C kalo ga salah, ini Semarang 36’ C. ☀️
Retweeted by æriesFirst time to China, feeling nervous yet excited but a bit pressured. We'll be there from 24/10 to 30/10. Hope to c…
Retweeted by æries🥰😊😭😇
Retweeted by æriesgeli bukan sebab pandang benda tu as “kotor” tapi geli sebab tak sedap tekak years ago two people had sex and now I have to go to work everyday.
Retweeted by æriesSo I saw this video on TikTok💀
Retweeted by æries22k on Telegram.. fella in that SG Nasi Lemak group or what
Retweeted by æriesCurious how this pakcik2 roti pakcik2 aiskrim isi minyak moto cenna?🤔
Retweeted by æries
Retweeted by æriesMy friend: are you okay? Me:
Retweeted by æriesCasey Neis-ass the hospital for an MRI. wish me luck!
Retweeted by æries @amirhakimmx ikim fm nate apathe transitions between them is pure gold 😂 shooo kyotttt little cousins singing senorita , sho cute i kennot😭
Retweeted by ærieshmmmm kenapa tak boleh register @hmmalaysiaShe said fuck this shit put on Astro World
Retweeted by æries
@PAUWRENJES bro wtf you look like my friend 😂 the fucking point of casting when you dont even read dms?how i wake up sleepy
Retweeted by ærieswe were just trying to play 😔 i guess were adults
Retweeted by æriesMy secret talent during exams 🤡
Retweeted by æriesNot gonna lie this kinda hit me
Retweeted by æriesCheating is not cool bro
Retweeted by æriesSS15 has EVERYTHING except available parking spots.
Retweeted by æriesStormi was like
Retweeted by æriesnigga missed the whole fire
Retweeted by æriesTomorrow midnight !! You ready ?
Retweeted by æriesLmao I had to share 😂 🤣🤣
Retweeted by æriesnigga got ptsd lmaooooo
Retweeted by æriesDo you think RM 1500 salary enough to survive in KL?
Retweeted by æriesNiggas: “what you gone cook for me?😍” Me:
Retweeted by æriesNi apa orang rabun nampak. Gambar blur je bukan tak nampak langsung. So jangan tunjuk 2 jari lepastu tanya ni berap…
Retweeted by æriesMy puberty truck had an accident
Retweeted by æriesBika perisa oxygen
Retweeted by æriesokay serious tak kelakar 😑
Retweeted by æriesSekejap dia nyanyi kota memujuk lpastu dia tukar jadi syair lagu jangan cakap saja. Rosak lagu ayah bal kau umar 🤣🤣
Retweeted by æriesLine up bands untuk album launch A. Limin “ADAM” dah finalised! Lock date 9/11 siap siap ok geng! Stay tuned for…
Retweeted by æriesPeople: Sambung Master sebab apa? Me: Gambar grad degree tak lawa.
Retweeted by æriesUnpopular opinion: schools should assign their best teachers to teach kelas hujung. All students deserve quality ed…
Retweeted by æriesPromoting feminism in a non-annoying way.
Retweeted by æriesme lepas kena reject :
Retweeted by æries