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@TherapistMitski when do you work next ill make a return @willrobertz my SecreTea virginity @isabelleyoung05 twitter
@GIMMETHATBUSSY No but this is the funniest thing Nintendo has done in years I love itChris Pratt taking Mario from a deserving Italian actor 😡you cant make this stuff up folks @zachblackburn23 There must be simpler ways to acquire Taco Bell @taysute17 Shorts weather is 50s up wdym @falicia_assman you can try do you have to do to a human to get them to think asparagus is actually good @maddiebillet @_Yanathan i fractured my knee in 7th grade and needed crutches for a month and my options were have… added three off-campus stops to the SafeRide program after a student survey showed a high level of intere…
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@taysute17 yes ‼️shoutout to the peet’s employee who realized quickly I couldn’t hear a word she was saying and basically freestyled… @kenjaminbane This is the most "Jesse what the fuck are you talking about" thing I've seen in a whilealso- you can reach out to me! henry and i are working on this story together- you can email me at…
Retweeted by HenryIf you are interested in sharing your experiences regarding either the resolution or textbook accessibility in gene… all! Right now, the Hatchet is working on an article about an SA resolution which aims to make textbooks more… tweet imminent @emofarmgirl wait how is late september the 21st week of the year
Freshmen living on the Mount Vernon Campus said their dining plan makes budget easier, but they have concerns about…
Retweeted by Henrymy classes are now 2 for 2 today in terms of mentioning aaron sorkin @leavehimbeyonce what's great ab this is that it sounds like the easiest thing in the world to do but i'd still probably mess it upwhat should I make for dinner tonight before I give up and go to chipotle
are we having an earthquake or is funger hall just groovin rnSIX STUDENTS ARREST BEFORE EVEN CROSSING THE STREET TO THE DOORWAY.
Retweeted by Henrytag yourself which of 701s 4 jars of peanut butter are you @emofarmgirl but if I don’t like then I’m not supporting women 😪 men on the bird app have it rough 🙄🙄people sad about hamilton beating inside don't realize that losing to a polished 6 year old broadway musical that w… mascot throwing himself off the building on the jumbotron
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TW: sports, cleveland this is probably my favorite sports video of all time cause it's less than 10 minutes long y…
Went to Virginia’s a group of young people in suits in this Potbelly and I’ve never been more scaredcan the mcu take some years off soon so we don't have a 27 year old Tom Holland playing an 18 year old Peter Parker
I stand by this question my fellow 26.4%: we may be a minority, but we are correct, and the world will know soon enough. Raspberries fore…
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@zachblackburn23 @ishaa_trivedi i know you probably told someone important but i like to think you guys saw a poten… an argument @Akhorton181 A hard drive was sent directly to my door, a package from home was sent to package services, and an SD… sd card that was required for a class was stolen so i'm trying to not have things show up at E but it feels like that's just what happensdoes anyone know why both times i've ordered something online it's gone directly to my dorm and not packaging services? @taysute17 It’s a game to them, nothing moreAbsolutely disgusting to cheer on evictions of any kind, much less so when you consider the fact that poor people/P…
and so begins the nicki minaj to tucker carlson pipeline @leavehimbeyonce imagine living near actual martha's vineyard it's a fucking epidemic up thereDinners going great
2021 sucks so much, RIP.’s a member of Congress who praised the Bush administration “for balancing war with compassion” and “for droppin…
Retweeted by Henry @emofarmgirl bisexual people of color“AOC’s dress is hypocritical cause she’s at a rich people party” “AOC is a communist bartender who can’t lead” “A…
new contender for worst tweet of all timepeople be like "can't wait for the met gala" ok then why haven't you MET any GALs or guys and gone on A date? @notsameeha i do this too but shoutout to the apparent tornado in the SMPA lecture hall thats making fog come out of nowhere @_Yanathan staring into the sun later to ruin my eyesight enough to justify getting contactshow do my fellow glasses wearing folk manage to wear them with masks on I have never been able to figure this outMore than 70 GW community members, including students from ten residence halls, said apparent mold growth and water…
Retweeted by Henrythe town remains flooded
im glad this exists because americans have no object permanence and people act like youre making it up or exaggerat…
Retweeted by HenryGods strongest soldiers are the night shift Carvings workers bless their souls
how did I go from not knowing a soul who liked racing to following like 10 F1 people on Twitter
Just saw a motorcade - Joe, if you’re reading this I was the one in the brown shirt let’s link upHi GW! Right now, we are working on a story about freshmen living on the Vern and what their experience has been li…
Retweeted by HenryI'd like to think his sole qualification is being involved in another school with the name "washington" IS 9/10/21
Retweeted by Henry @zachblackburn23 @taysute17 this is common knowledge zachary @zachblackburn23 @taysute17 famous taylor swift ex robert downey jr
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I think all of GW needs a good nap and cry
Retweeted by Henryread this if you're hot @_Yanathan horseshoe theory fuckers are the worst and there's so goddamn many here @reganbakerr everyone! @gwhatchet is looking into reports of mold and facility issues in residence halls. If you’ve had any…
Retweeted by Henry @_Yanathan all seltzer welcomeno way
mold has always been a huge problem in gw dorms but having mass layoffs in the facilities division because of the p…
Retweeted by Henry @falicia_assman this is good but I almost want them to go weekly againHelpful article for anyone experiencing some COVID anxiety right now, try your best to stay positive folks @emofarmgirl also tbh if cases alone are the reason we go online - kinda makes you wonder why we're here at all. th… @emofarmgirl im worried too but i think part of this is GW students being more pessimistic ab this stuff since we l… @victoriafreire0 this is gw's dashboard needs her
Retweeted by Henry!!! There's this awful and damaging notion that celebrities =/= "normal people" and therefore don't have normal peo… y’all fuck with seltzerreunited with my love
i am going to fight gw otsApplications open tomorrow for the second-oldest continuously published newspaper in the District! All sections hir…
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@zachblackburn23 this is an ominous tweet zacharygw being taken down by mold in 2021 is like when the villain from the first season makes a twist comeback in the 3rdshang-chi kinda fucked ngl
Favorite thing about GW’s alumni banners all over campus is that like 75% can be boiled down to “rich person”“nfl” stands for “national football league.” so in a sense, whenever you say “nfl,” you’re saying “national football league”
Retweeted by Henrymaybe not the hottest take out there but why the fuck do people care so much about what john mulaney's doing. he's… is the FUNNIEST SHIT I’ve seen all week what is she SAYING
Retweeted by Henry @taysute17 Which one is joshThinking about him @franksonetra @zachblackburn23 Hi I’m a student life reporter for the hatchet, would you care to do an interview fo… @zachblackburn23 Vietnam flashbacks @lexiedeer the beautiful game