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Jonathan @🏡 @hieronymus Medford, MA USA

Liberal computer geek, hockey nut (and goalie), web 2.0 fanatic, dad of 2 and husband of 1. More

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4 of 5 stars to Charm City by Laura Lippman
@BiigGame @lakeyd3 Sure James, whatever you say.Solid hoppy and citrusy. Really enjoyed it - Drinking an Alter Ego by @TreeHouseBrewCo @ Untappd at Home — just earned the 'Photogenic Brew (Level 15)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Middle of the Road (Level 6)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Verified Adventure (Level 6)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'To Go Please (Level 2)' badge on @untappd! @lakeyd3 El Sarape in Braintree, hands downI needed to see this this morning.
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡So so sad 😭 @rhiannonnna watched this episode with @rhiannonnna last night. Excellent episode. Excellent series
Refreshing but maybe a tad too “sweet” for me - Drinking an One Hop Double Time: Nelson Sauvin by @nightshiftbeer @… just earned the 'Untappd at Home (Level 3)' badge on @untappd! hot to work in my office, so out typing away in the shade with the table out. Come by and sign! The table is…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡I think @AoDespair would be proud of your word choices
I'm from Massachusetts. My family has been in America for 8 generations. But you're welcome to take your melanin d…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡I’m crying here again’m crying here! Cc @Adriennee_02 @RebeccaRHelm
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @susantran @DeniseNBCBoston @MelodyNBCBoston You were actually closer than the name! They are closer relatives to raccoons than pandas🚨 The Lincoln Project slams Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, for censorship hypocrisy.
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡reminder: 100+ newspapers called for Bill Clinton’s resignation bc he was “unfit” to serve.....
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡OMG. Cc @revmem @rhiannonnna @Adriennee_02 can’t either @matociquala Nice. I need those cocktail glasses!
@revmem It’s only just begun100,000 lives lost 💔 Rest In Peace
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @whisperandmoan I’ll see what I can doCc @gabriellepia @rhiannonnna keep saying that Tinker is a reincarnation of Spenser, our black Lab mix who was around for over 13 years. Spens… risk of coronavirus when you go out isn't binary. Here's how to think about the risk and how to mitigate it, in…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡LOL, shall I 3D print this?
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Hello again to all my new followers! Here's a throwback if any of you have work meetings this week - the first time…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @HeartEyes4Brady Orange juice then coffee
Well, our pregnant #fostercat had 7(!) kittens last night and they are all adorable! Check back with us in about 8… @SteveKornacki - I heard because the Dems have a super majority here in Massachusetts in the legislature, he has to appoint a Democrat#TakeTrumpOffTwitter #TakeTrumpOffTwitter #TakeTrumpOffTwitter #TakeTrumpOffTwitter #TakeTrumpOffTwitter
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Both men took a knee. Only one has been called out by the President of the United States. #racism #Murdered
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡The @medfordlib reopens today for drop-off and pick-up of books. Full details at
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Shooting a late night show in the woods has been quite the challenge... but Sam has been bear-ing with it!
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Solid session ale - Drinking a Tornado by @TreeHouseBrewCo @ Untappd at Home — just earned the 'Verified Adventure (Level 5)' badge on @untappd!
No federalization of the supply chain. No national testing program. No national closure and reopening standards.…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡We saw you, America. Pulling into eternity at Anzio. Digging deep in frozen Belgium. Riding waves of forever, Atla…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Cc @Adriennee_02 @RebeccaRHelm @elizhargrave Then 16gb is enough. Video card might be a consideration but for those 2 specific applications, not so much @elizhargrave I’m a software developer and inveterate gamer and 16gb is plenty. You’re running 64bit Windows 10, right?
America was supposed to do better.
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Okay @kasie you made me cry, in both sadness and anger. @chile_pepper You too! Even Bruins fans? 😘HELENA BONHAM CARTER stars in this groundbreaking Cinema Quarantino Production DAS FONE HELL. At vast expense, film…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Sometimes when I do this... Bloody Mary is somehow appropriate for this long Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Miss yo… our newest #fosterkitty - Carmen Miranda. As you can tell we are about to have a few more #fosterkittens soon!…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Oh god this is funny.
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡I reached a lifetime climb of 20,000 floors and earned the Shooting Star badge today with Fitbit! #Fitstats
All up for reelection in November. All Trump lapdogs. All must go: Lindsey Graham Mitch McConnell Cornyn McSally…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡“Ann Sullivan, 91, Woodland Hills, Calif, animator for Disney films, including “The Little Mermaid”” Schoffstall, 41, volunteer youth football coach @Adriennee_02
Now this is a double IPA I can get behind! Smooth and delicious - Drinking a Haze by @TreeHouseBrewCo @ Untappd at…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @PreppyDude It's a little harder to take than Season one, but I think @rhiannonnna & I will get thru it..@realDonaldTrump will hate this video so don’t retweet it
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Not bad for an imperial IPA, as it’s not my favorite style - Drinking a Cachet by @TreeHouseBrewCo @ Untappd at Hom… for it 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Dear @realDonaldTrump Please see below. Thanks, Don Winslow *Via @rhholt
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡
Back in my #Gamedev days, say 30 years ago, this value was 0.60. Inflation hits everything I guess of my all time favorite beers. Bold but not overwhelming - Drinking a Green by @TreeHouseBrewCo @ Untappd at Ho… just earned the 'For the Can (Level 3)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Verified Adventure (Level 4)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'To Go Please' badge on @untappd! done with Lafayette in the Somewhat, by Sarah Vowell: I've read this before but I he...
The Republican Senate candidate in Oregon is a QAnon believer
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡BREAKING: We've lost 90,000 lives to Trump's incompetence. They can't vote. Will you? #VoteForYourLife
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @megveg shit
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡Cc @rhiannonnna
Right, listen up. This is Stevie the Wonder Dog, a 5-year-old lab with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He loves splashing in…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡We are faced with a unique opportunity to transform our global healthcare system; to better coordinate all partners…
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @DrJenGunter @xeni Don’t forget the AdderallWould make a great Father’s Day present... Cc @rhiannonnna @Adriennee_02 @Adriennee_02 @rhiannonnna #TrumpMorbidlyObese
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Wielding an assault rifle in public makes you an ‘Alpha’ the same way as throwing dollar bills at a stripper makes you a ‘ladies man.’
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡 @revmem At least that never happens in our software!Great ad:
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡4 of 5 stars to Ark by Veronica Roth
Can you do me a favor? Can you retweet this so we can get #TrumpHasNoPlan to trend this morning? Thank you so much!
Retweeted by Jonathan @🏡I just earned the 'Haze for Days' badge on @untappd! fruity - Drinking an One Hop Double Time: Nelson Sauvin by @nightshiftbeer @ Untappd at Home — just earned the 'Cheers to Independent U.S. Craft Breweries (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Untappd at Home (Level 2)' badge on @untappd! classic looking classic tasting kellerbier (lager) - Drinking a What Day Is It? by @nightshiftbeer @ Untappd at H… just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 19)' badge on @untappd!