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Jonathan @hieronymus Medford, MA USA

Liberal computer geek, hockey nut (and goalie), web 2.0 fanatic, dad of 2 and husband of 1. More

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@jreineron7 Yup! Looking forward to martinis by the fire bowl tonight @Noyes_Noise What a vastly underrated movie! "I want my two dollars!" @NancyChenNews Isn't it weird how dogs look away from the camera?I'm a bi-level coin-op garbage time omnisexual kook @rhiannonnna @Adriennee_02 Illuminator: Free Books For The Modern Reader
Retweeted by JonathanMy brother was on his way to Dulles this morning. A driver cut him off, acc to a witness, then left him in the stre…
Retweeted by JonathanDefinitely a "spike my iced macchiatto with Tia Maria" kinda day, don't you think?Anyone here in/near Western New York? Large Amiga/C= collection needs a new home fast - and it won't get parted out…
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this video of paul rudd demonstrating how he takes pictures of celebrities and makes his hand look like a butt is h…
Retweeted by Jonathan @jessiemihalik You know, painting may be the only home improvement project I actually enjoy doingYet more brilliance from the sensational @RandyRainbow #WhoCouldAskForAnythingMore
Retweeted by JonathanOn page 90 of 320 of Ain't Nobody Nobody, by Heather Harper Ellett: Fascinating funny an... hahahahaha Hahahaha!
Retweeted by JonathanCc @rhiannonnna @Adriennee_02
Power is back - yay! Thanks for the hard work left us when we need him most. My thoughts are with his family & those whose lives he touched. Also…
Retweeted by JonathanTell me about it! 7 hours and counting without power. Cc @nationalgridus, like here
@ManshipSchool @YatPundit @RTMannJr You should listen to the @RememberThisPod episode in the "Blacklist" series abo…‘You’ll Never Take Me Alive!’ Shouts Giuliani Jumping Onto Chandelier And Immediately Falling 3 Stories…
Retweeted by JonathanMaesie the Cat just loves to sleep on my Macbook for some reason. So I looked up how to disable the keyboard while… @revmem I *still* haven't seen it yet!Cc @revmem trying to take a picture of the sunrise and this plane Bruined it.
Retweeted by JonathanAre there any ladies living in Melbourne, Australia who are interested in taking my cloud security class? I’m going…
Retweeted by Jonathan4 of 5 stars to The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen
NBC's protestation that Farrow's Weinstein story 'lacked sufficient on the record sourcing' is nearly an exact echo…
Retweeted by JonathanEvidence of political polarization: an EMT just told me that his ambulance company no longer asks the concussion pr…
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#OTD in 1903 @RedSox won the first modern #WorldSeries against Pittsburgh Pirates at Huntington Ave Grounds. Both t…
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@Megintransition @nkjemisin The #audiobook of this is amazing too4 of 5 stars to The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen @NoOriginalArt That stinks. My daughters are always trying to get me to hold my phone "right" so I guess I'll give it a tryThis is a test of some two thumbs typing. They say it is faster than swiping but I'll have 5o get used to i5 for su… first aerial photography of any city on earth was taken of Boston on this day in 1860, from a hot-air balloon,…
Retweeted by Jonathan#EmptyThePews
Retweeted by JonathanPlayed #NotreDame10thAnniversary today #bggplayPlayed #Scythe today #bggplayWhoa! All the feels for this
It has been brought to my attention that @FatboySlim has mixed @GretaThunberg’s speech into “right here, right now”…
Retweeted by JonathanYou've seen the clip. Now watch the whole thing. So damned proud she's my Senator
Retweeted by JonathanHong Kong protest gear. How to fight in a technological dictatorship. Pay attention and learn. Coming to the US an…
Retweeted by JonathanCc @Adriennee_02 @rhiannonnna's #boardgames day! Have some mates coming over for an afternoon of games. I have #Scythe, #NotreDame and… in hell nazi cunt
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“Unless you’re proud and fearless in standing up against a bunch of ‘Straight Pride’ Nazis, in which case we’ll spe…
Retweeted by Jonathan @ingoodthyme @PreppyDude @ewarren It was the parting "If you can find one" that twisted the dagger nicely @ConorRyan_93 Another beautiful indirect pass
Trump is a fucking moron. But you knew that. The Kurds DID fight with the Allies in WWII!!!!!!!
Retweeted by JonathanI have been laughing way too hard at this
Retweeted by Jonathan @Bookgirl96 Slow morning for me - only 9.Whoa! 2018, we came together to make sure Susan Collins heard our voices. She ignored us. But we're not done yet.…
Retweeted by JonathanDoctor Just Uses Same Ultrasound Picture For Every Baby
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Proud to be a part of this exclusive club. All of RKK’s starting QBs in his 28 years of ownership pictured here. I…
Retweeted by Jonathan @scalzi Same here! Nowadays, I know it's time for a haircut when my damn eyebrows get too long. StupidMy eyebrow hairs haven't gone gray but starting about five years back they did start growing perpendicular to my fa…
Retweeted by JonathanReally enjoying the award winning first mystery novel, The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen. And don't sleep…! @Bookgirl96 Piker 😜 My startup is 8 tabs and then I usually open another window for music, which is another 6!Who remembers Susan McDougal? She served 18 months for ignoring a subpoena to testify in the Whitewater case agai…
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Cc @Adriennee_02 @rhiannonnna Senator Markey! Can't believe this is still up for debate but always good to hear your own Senator emphasize… @kelsapellet Have to admit, I love my iPad. Got it for work but it's a great tablet for anything, darn it all
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@NoOriginalArt Thanks! I always get sick when flying by luckily I was fine until the last day there. Still, it should be done with me by now @Bookgirl96 Hugs! Been battling something much lower grade myself for a couple weeks and I want it gone!Cc @Adriennee_02 @rhiannonnna @edgarwright If I had to pick just one, I would go with "Fox on the Rooftop" by @SteveMasonKBTI still haven't shaken this cruddy feeling and it's been 2 weeks since I flew back from London. My immune system is… enough, the technique talked about in this article is how I've been "winding down" in that period between lig… of 5 stars to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
5 of 5 stars to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court one year ago today—and his seat on the Court remains a national…
Retweeted by Jonathan @Natallini My dad always used to say the only good neighbor is no neighbor :)Hey @Judd_Sirott @985TheSportsHub - can you let the @NHLBruins know the martinis and fire are ready for puck drop a…
Next to Ridley, this is my favorite Daisy.
Retweeted by JonathanCalling all @veschwab fans! Want to attend her #NYCC signing at 5 pm today? Make sure to come by our booth (#2136)…
Retweeted by Jonathan @DirtyWater444 @HeidiWatney And getting grosser
THREAD. One thing not to overlook in understanding the significance of the texts is that in addition to soliciting…
Retweeted by JonathanCc @Adriennee_02 friends 1. Text you back 2. Make time for you 3. Delete all the UTM parameters and referrals before sending you a garbage URL
Retweeted by Jonathan @Judd_Sirott @985TheSportsHub Looking forward to listening while sipping an ice cold martini by the outdoor fire!1. First language: FORTRAN(!) 2. Had difficulties: JavaScript 3. Most used: C++ 4. Totally hate: JavaScript 5. Most… #Troyes on 2019-10-03 #bggplayThat was a crap call on Big Z. #Bruins @PUCKerUpBruins @nock4six It really is @nock4six Preach it, girl! I wore this record (!) out. My wheels were a dying old Toyota Corolla that I bought sol… Marchand meeting is classic about right, eh @rhiannonnna @Adriennee_02 ? harsh. But kinda true new NESN logo looks like a logo for a start up tech company in downtown Boston that was started by a guy name Seth.
Retweeted by Jonathan @PUCKerUpBruins's go, Bruuuuuuuuuiiiiinnnnnsss! #bruins #bostonbruins #hockeyisback @ Medford, Massachusetts, @RealJackEdwards, you've done it. I am now officially ready for puck drop! LFG!!!!! #Bruins #SeasonOpener @NHLBruins
It's always a good day to be reminded that I got where I am because a great education was available for $50 a semes…
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