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@PeteBrownBeer It's a lime and soda for me if that's what's in the fridge. @PeteBrownBeer Who actually likes Becks Blue, is the question I would ask @crischarliepaul I regret to inform you it's all downhill from thereJust spotted @RhiannaDhillon eating a banana while we're playing 212 by Azealia Banks, which feels wrong on a number of levels @CornershopHQ @shaunwkeaveny @TjinderSingh @BenAyres "Forcefield"This is a correct and proper use of a radio station's budget
@harveymccabe @thenewsbydes #OohIGetTheShivers @ChrisHawkinsUK waaay
@callummay There's a quiz in thisIDEA FOR KARAOKE: Just do the theme from Dad's Army
Can everyone please calm down are *this* close to The Athletic doing a longread on footballer's email addresses @NadiaShireen Still on edge from yesterday tbhWhere is the lie?
@conroy_bumpus GOAT remix album. If you like In The Night, enjoy the red alert breakdown in Opportunities about 3:40 @PeteBrownBeer @FivePointsBrew Agreed! I'd also add that Five Points on cask is very consistent, for whatever reaso…, yes news for great musicians, terrible news for bad ones - I'm judging the @GlastoFest Emerging Talent Competition…
@PastPostcard I thought this had been resolved. @sainsburyarch Yes please @mytvandme I think... success! @mytvandme What a decade. @515mm @Gethin76 @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne Everyone can, should and will buy me a drink eventually. @dotsmy Is it available via the licence fee? @dotsmy I don't want these. @515mm @Gethin76 @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne It was our first ever BOGOF! It's in the podcast. @515mm @Gethin76 @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne We did that a few weeks ago! It looms large
@BBC6Music R'lyehI should coco.'s a small selection of the things I've received #BlueMonday PR emails pushing this year.
Retweeted by Mark Higgins @gidcoe A powerful image.
@docnat It's no train horse but it'll have to do @iangeek Hard yes to Theme From Discotheque @iangeek We would like you to send this in. @ElleRobots @CharlieWaters Here to help @gillypops It's strong
Top takeaway from today: Daniel Radcliffe thinks the Black Midi album is a bit much to listen to in one go. @CharlieWaters Would you like me to pass a message on, Charlie @Margo1Gibbs @thomgibbs Would eat
@GRUBMCR @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Hi lads! Can you email us a bit of info about yourselves - what you're about, ho…
Now we're fucking talking @laurasnapes Laura @kerryjeanlister @laurenlaverne Up the Nelson @PastPostcard Would like to attend
@presentcorrect Outrageously tempting @itsalanevans @elle_hunt I'll pop over @elle_hunt I'm all for it, myself @Gethin76 @laurenlaverne Same number of syllables tbh @dotsmy Good prophecy though think about getting up in the hour of 5AM is Sky Sports inexplicably showing old play-off finals every morning…
@dotsmy What a year you're having so far @dotsmy What have we been legends at now?
@RipTide @erolalkan @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music I've just downloaded it and listened to Ah Has L and Ah Has R. Actually given me chills! @erolalkan @RipTide @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music A worthy cause. We'll have first play thanks! @neilsloan The usual shambles @erolalkan @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music I'll see what I can do @erolalkan @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Hi Erol, Lauren's producer here. I'd quite like to hear a twelve minute extend… @sharonlhanley Probably worth tuning to 6 Music for a bit nowIDEA FOR LUNCH: A buffet @alfiescruff @laurenlaverne I'm pretty good. @alfiescruff @laurenlaverne It was Ibrahim Ferrer - Ven Conmigo Guajira, taken from his Buenos Hermano Special Edit… @David_on_a_bike @BBCr4today @BBC6Music Put this tweet in the Tate
@feverttradio Good intel @UnofficialLiamB It can't hurt. @jonhillcock I was underwhelmed with the quantity, for one, but overall it was no more than 6/10. @UnofficialLiamB Ice pack? @karamccabe You'd have thought! @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music @beefheartzappa This is absolutely peak Shola @lostintheplot Had this Infinite Session IPA last night and it's the best one yet. Way better thank Punk AF. In Sai… the most Succession move possible, Sky have taken Succession off their on demand service while I'm halfway through watching it. @raveontoast @laurenlaverne This is probably my favourite tweet of all timeme working from home
Retweeted by Mark Higgins @karaleigh813 @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Kara can you drop us a line with a bit more info on how you got started, wh… regret to inform you I've got a hot ear again.
Big up Iranglesey @kleptonin That's the spirit @kleptonin Are you sure? Every cell in your body WILL be flooded with milk. @mytvandme I'd rather not incriminate anyone with the full detailsAccidentally bought a six pint bottle of milk and struggling to come to terms with it. It's like manoeuvring a tank round the kitchen. @mrdiscopop I'd give PEC a ring first @dotsmy I don't think I need to add anything to that @dotsmy Sadly it's the perfunctory "Southampton LGBT". Even the skates have added some levity with "Fratton Fever". @dotsmy I attended @NancyDurrant Eat that, hump day @BBC6Music It's not for me, Clive @BBC6Music 1. Under Pressure 2. I'm Afraid Of Americans 3. Little Wonder 4. The Laughing Gnome 5. N/A 6. N/A @dotsmy Jamie!
@PSBurton Saw him on the telly and my dickhead sensor went haywire. @poohugh I'd say it's maybe 1/20 that's absolutely appalling, but at 49p it's a risk worth running @CarpeZytha "Doesn't taste off to me" @docnat That makes me feel very unusualThis is every bit as sensational as you'd hope
@toypadlock FREE SKULLS is a superb band nameThe rumours are true - I have made a playlist of my favourite pop songs of the last decade. It's called Imperial Po… @toypadlock Might I suggest spending less money on skulls @dotsmy At 49p I'd be a fool not to. @keysrgood Who wouldn't? @samuelbailey Unacceptable @keysrgood Sure it's sensational!First Pret black filter of the year a resounding success. Depth, flavour and not inconsiderable heft. 8/10 would drink again.