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Chris Higgins 🔚 @higgyC Birmingham, UK

Managing Editor @greenlitcontent. Former freelance for everyone. Esports journalist of the year ⁽ᶰᵒᵐᶦᶰᵃᵗᵉᵈ⁾. Half of @ScratchBros. Biker 🏍 Feminist apparently.

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@TheSteveBurnio Go ahead, throw your life awayAnyone seen any takes lately? Short on takes @GriddleOctopus washed and spun my man, but will continue to try a bunch of othersTrying to eat a salad to be healthy but I’m somehow allergic to uncooked spinach leaves lol @nostoppingepoch Ah fuck ah shit ah fuck4th most affected ward in the country for child poverty and our dipshit rep (who lives in Sutton or wherever) doesn… @AnnaHollinrake have you finally killed the moon? @Brendy_C The bit about never being able to forget the stuff you shorthand in coroners court really hit home. Dale…
@patrickashe Just did another one and got detective vision for secrets, I’m fumingEmbarrassed to admit how long I’ve played Paradise Killer without coughing up 5 bloods for a foot bath. Penny pinch… incredible, really @deanjrodgers Congrats on the funding, looking forward to even more adventures!#DominateTheDiningTableI just backed Spectre and Vox - A 3D Haunted House Escape Room which is about a grand away from funded and looks im…
It's HAPPENING! Get ready to enter the world of Spectre & Vox tomorrow as we go live with our Kickstarter campaign.…
Retweeted by Chris Higgins 🔚Out of context this is, objectively, very funny @NightmareModeGo It is actually worse than the headline as well do my bit against quote tweeting by only subtweeting anything I like from now on @APZonerunner Is it a good looking coat? @DanielCake hell ye
My neighbor’s “Skeleton Zoom” display rules.
Retweeted by Chris Higgins 🔚just used the new vacuum on a carpet I already spent 30mins cleaning last week and filled the entire tank up immedi… noise when you pick up the gold idol in this Spelunky prequel I was away I imagined a facemask with a poppy fabric design becoming the single most cursed and hated item on… @ChaosSmurf The second image won’t load for me which sort of makes the joke I think
A good weekend by a pond with a duck
@GameDesignDan let me know if the other Dan needs another spare ticket to the next impossibly small basement event @Neeto_Makar do another fishmanthis terminally on-line persona plus the tired character mechanics mean that somehow everyone hates the sadposting…
@mattpurslow Yeah, that’s exactly it, giving you plenty of early pulls for characters but then turning the screws o…, actually! Not great! Pretty shit and bad, in fact! Fucked country someone who played Honkai Impact 3rd: they haven’t made a mistake with the resin system. They aren’t going to “f… know how I got these cases?
@NightmareModeGo TheGamerBarber 🔪 Randythey got me right at the end with a half price deal on a good vacuum. I’m 47 years old.whoa guys don’t sleep on these amazing deals a country
Retweeted by Chris Higgins 🔚
@GameDesignDan filth has been 400 years but it was worth it🥟
@nickisnixed at least let people walk around them for fun??Just catching up on a Pinkerton agent shooting someone at a protest and somehow socialist organisers ending up with… sons of bitches
@tomsmizzle The one vote I cast that did make a change put nick clegg in no. 11 so fucking lol m8 good one kammy @johnshammasMEN It’s a hard drive made of gold @johnshammasMEN That’s where I hid my gold, that hill over there @dandouglas Just knew this was Babe Ruth pointing to the stands material the second I saw your first tweet earlier in the week🙃
Retweeted by Chris Higgins 🔚that timing though @sarahgrinch Haha, the nurse said the same, asked me which one I thought was more painful just after injection, and…
Went for my flu jab this morning and the nurse said I could also get a pneumonia one at the same time so I was like… @ybees3 I looked so much better at the start of this pandemicThe superfan is here (Steam remote play left it running instead of shutting down) @ybees3 How much you charging? @NightmareModeGo ah, so you got the 5 hours I didn’t, that’s fine then, hope you enjoyed them
Crushed it
Retweeted by Chris Higgins 🔚 @danthat Brightest minds in the country on that paper @danthat I think the publication (DM?) has got it wrong, maybe? The Sun’s graphic seems to suggest something more s… @jeremy_peel @MckKirk yeah but I got it for a fiver in early access and played the first level 3 times so I got the true experience @gavinmit Thinking about slicking back the hair on one side too, get a real Harvey Dent vibe going @johnshammasMEN clippers died while doing battle with my Mighty Beard
These rule’m glad that fleetwood mac vibe skater got his big truck full of ocean spray cranbo so now let’s stop learning any… @ybees3 The tracers cost extra, but each of them has a cute name @andihero is that a stand? Ah, sorry to hear about your upcoming liquidation @NightmareModeGoThrow that money baby @mattpurslow checking out the prices of silver on the metal exchangeNext CPU swap I do I’m breaking a thermometer on it. I shall no longer be a slave to “Arctic” “Silver”*stares in PC builder* we’re into “footy” season again, here’s the most I’ve engaged with the beautiful game since winning Best Defende… glad I never tried to tweet through corticomaniaLooking forward to getting interviews with the guy who designed the separator that keeps the power lead in place in… @GameDesignDan Congratulations on your new bumper stickers @tomsmizzle I couldn’t understand that entire post, it was like “you shouldn’t be using slurs-” ok, fine yes, basic… @SpittingImage @BritBox_UK haha this fucking sucks ass @umbranrealness Wet Ass Protection @Willeth @ultrabrilliant It has always been pretty instantly relaxing to me but YMMV @ultrabrilliant Hot tip: put the sleep timer on for 10 minutes otherwise you’ll be woken up by the national anthem…’ve you all been sleeping? I’ve been, well, y’know
drat @APZonerunner @PatrickDane @NoMagRyan Birmingham and Manchester are owned by the Dixy syndicate. Their battles with… @dandouglas How do they keep doing it after shkreli got fucked over it? @NightmareModeGo @cs87 @nostoppingepoch 2GB Live at the ApolloAn earlier tweet I made absolutely still stands @ChaosSmurf is halfway to completing his Obadiah Stane cosplay, got the unhinged laugh down pat @philippawarr The ragged edge of foil on a blister pack is somehow one of the sharpest surfaces known to man, I’m g… if he’d taken a single graphic design elective all his slogans wouldn’t look like they’d fallen out of the ar… can think of 364 of Rishi’s mates that should fuckin retrain and do 100000% more good for the country than losing the arts @gavinmit I’d say your odds just went up by 3.9%The thing about giving corticosteroids to people who aren’t in the medically required stage is that it can mask a w…
@dandouglas yeah but wonder what effect the covid’s had on him, too @pixiegigs I have just logged off for bed, but I can do tomorrow evening to give you more time to make it more terrible? @pixiegigs Only like 1 more actually @NightmareModeGo You can just see this entire life playing out in front of you @NightmareModeGo That is 10,950 hours of use, that’s outside testing standards for office furnitureAnyone got any gold they can send me in animal crossing? I want to make the King Tut mask for spooky month but these rocks hate me